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Focus on one small change in the week: Nutritionist Daniel Davey

Off The Ball Daily

Performance Nutritionist Daniel Davey joins Shane and Kathleen on #OTBAM to discuss his latest book, 'Eat Up: The Next Level'.Catch OTB's sports breakfast show LIVE weekday mornings from 7:30am or just search for OTB AM and get the podcast on the OTB Sports app or wherever you listen to yours. SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW the OTB AM podcast. #OTBAM is live weekday mornings from 7:30am across Off The Ball, in association with Gillette | #EffortlessFlow


4 Nov 2022

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How to up your food game with Daniel Davey

Real Health with Karl Henry

You know the basics of a good diet, but how can you take your food game to the next level? This week Karl Henry is joined by performance nutritionist, Daniel Davey to tell us why prioritising food can help with our fitness goals, performance and injury prevention.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


3 Nov 2022

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#196 Daniel Davey - Founder of daveynutrition, performance nutritionist and best-selling author

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

Today we spoke with Daniel Davey, for the 2nd time - Founder of daveynutrition, performance nutritionist and best-selling author Daniel brings a wealth of experience at the highest level of performance nutrition, having worked with Leinster rugby and the Dublin footballers. He brings a plethora of practical, implementable and simple advice for people looking to build better nutrition and hydration habits. His first book, 'Eat Up, Raise Your Game' had massive success which we spoke about today (top-10 for 27 weeks!). His new book, 'Eat Up - the next level' promises the same success - we asked about the title, the dedication (thanks for sharing Daniel, and what you have learned from your dad!), and feelings around when a book is near completion and finished. Trust about what others share, cultures around high performance sport, mixed meals (and why they are important!), and the small things that make a big impact are great talking points - plus, nutrition in the corporate world. Daniel explains why the gut microbiome is involved in every aspect of our health, mood, skin, immunity, production of essential nutrients and wellbeing. We had a wonderful dialogue around eggs too! You can find out more about Daniels' work on his website at www.daveynutrition.com Key Moments 📖 How Daniel’s late father impacted so much of what he does 🥗Taking a mixed meal approach to food 🪧 Daniel’s vision for daveynutrition 😁 Why gut health should be a priority 🏉 Declan Darcy and his influence on Daniel Timestamps (1:39) - Moving on with team sport and writing a bestselling book (3:06) - Writing the book for his late father and his impact on Daniel (5:25) - Nature vs Nurture and learning from his family (7:37) - Trying to ignite and influence people who want to change and improve their health (9:52) - Building your team around you (12:51) - Declan Darcy and his influence on Daniel (13:22) - "Daniel you need to pay attention to this!" (14:05) - Why we need a  mixed meal breakfast ahead of work or personal performance (16:08) - When you eat food we will experience a certain amount of lethargy (19:35) - Think about an athlete skipping meals, it doesn't happen (21:01) - Adopting a vision type of approach to behaviours and achieving a goal (21:56) - Daniel's vision for daveynutrition (25:00) - Farm to fork and making cooking a priority (29:22) - Why our gut health is so important for our wellbeing physically and mentally (32:26) - Culture shock of alcohol after games in elite rugby (36:10) - Eating eggs and how much is the right amount (40:50) - What does the 'next level' mean to you?


31 Oct 2022

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#405: Performance Nutritionist Daniel Davey on Simplifying Nutrition, Avoiding Diet Over Complication and Learning To Eat Out Without Guilt! 

The Brian Keane Podcast

Daniel Davey is a performance nutritionist and author of the No1 best seller “Eat Up and Raise Your Game’ He received his BSc in Science from University College Dublin and holds an MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health from the University of Bristol. His best-selling book and Instagram page is based around simple recipes and meal plans and his new book Eat Up – The Next Level is also available now.  Daniel was on episode 292 in August 2020: Daniel Davey on Owning Your Nutrition, The Importance of Dietary Goals and Exploring Your Behaviour Around Food. I highly recommend listening to if you haven’t already.  The second podcast was a long time coming with one of my personal favourites. Enjoy.   Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast:  Simplifying nutrition with whole real food  Recipe solutions for meals through the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas) Building confidence around food choices  Healing your food relationship and surviving social exceptions with eating out  Lessons he learnt from the top pro athletes when it comes to nutrition and what can be taken for the average person  Nutrition around injury and the cutting edge science with it.  And much more  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daveynutrition/?hl=en Linktree: https://linktr.ee/daveynutrition Website: https://www.daveynutrition.com/ Previous episode: https://briankeanefitness.com/podcast/292-daniel-davey-on-owning-your-nutrition-the-importance-of-dietary-goals-and-exploring-your-behavior-around-food/


31 Oct 2022

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#103 Daniel Davey // Elite Athletes, Jim Gavin, Sustaining success and more

The Sideline Live Podcast

On episode 103 I am delighted to be joined by performance nutritionist and founder of Davey nutrition Daniel Davey. We discuss all things performance, his time with Leinster and the dublin footballers, the impact of relationships, sustaining success, Jim Gavin and so much more. We also touch on drinking bans, the ups and downs of his own sporting career, attributes of elite athletes and how Daniel believes that anyone can be an elite athlete! Order Daniel’s latest release Eat Up The Next Level and previous best selling book 'Eat Up, Raise Your Game' from all good book stores (Try and support local!) Episode sponsored by RTP Physiotherapy. Founded by chartered physiotherapists Donie Fox and Thomas Divilly. Based in St.Judes GAA Chub Templeogue RTP specialise in Physiotherapy, Return to Play, Physical Health, Performance. Website https://www.rtp.physio/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/physio_rtp/ Episode quotes David Catz - “It’s not what we know it’s what we do with what we know” “Sustained success requires very clear standards in place for the to be achieve and it’s led from the top and then the bottom up”--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-sideline-live/message


8 Oct 2022

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Daniel Davey - Living Your Purpose, Finding Connection & Running a Value Driven Business

The TELOS Podcast

Daniel is a top level nutritionist with ten years of experience working with Leinster Rugby & Dublin GAA but this isn't your typical nutritional podcast episode. Myself & Daniel had an AMAZING converstion that went deep on purpose, values & even the loss of his father. If you are an entrepreneur, high performer or have a want to learn more about yourself. This is the perfect episode for you. Connect with Movement 101 Brian of Movement101 Instagram Rob of Movement101 Instagram Movement 101 TikTok Movement 101 YouTube Movement 101 Website Connect with Daniel Davey Daniel's Instagram Daniel’s Twitter

1hr 18mins

15 Aug 2022

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Behind the athlete - Daniel Davey - Winning the battle on and off the pitch.

The Higher Gear Podcast

In this weeks Higher Gear Podcast we catch up elite nutritionist Daniel Davey about his approach to working with athletes at all levels, how living with a international rugby player helped him evolve as a sports nutritionist, as well as the dedication and confidence athletes need every time they walk out onto the pitch.To discover more articles and podcasts from hexis visit out the Performance LabTo check out the app checkout hexis.live


11 Jul 2022

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Building a Community and Achieving Autonomy with Daniel Davey - Petey Performance Podcast #55

The Petey Performance Podcast

This episode of the podcast is with founder of Davey Nutrition, former Dublin GAA & Leinster Rugby Performance Nutritionist, Daniel Davey. Daniel and myself had an incredibly poignant conversation around the importance of having a purpose in your work and how he has built a community around his brand, Davey Nutrition. We also chatted about achieving autonomy in one's professional career and life in general, guiding his clients towards making real, meaningful changes and the importance of active listening. Daniel is releasing his second book quite soon, and he is currently in the process of transitioning his whole business online, vacating his roles with Leinster Rugby & Dublin GAA. So, these were two interesting talking points, amongst many more throughout our chat. This conversation left me feeling energised and motivated, whilst also feeling like I'd learned some valuable lessons from a deep-thinker and an intelligent practitioner.  I hope you guys enjoy it and hopefully see some great value in this educational piece of content. You can find out more about Davey Nutrition over at daveynutrition.com


23 Mar 2022

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#140 Daniel Davey - Founder of daveynutrition, and performance nutritionist for Leinster Rugby & Dublin Gaelic Football

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

Today we spoke with Daniel Davey - Founder of daveynutrition, and performance nutritionist for Leinster Rugby and Dublin Senior Footballers (GAA). This episode was brought to you by Hauora - a performance wellbeing growth partner. Hauora aims to educate and impact individual behavioural change and organisational culture to ignite health, wellbeing and performance. Find out more at www.HauoraLife.com Daniel has been the performance nutritionist for Leinster and Dublin since 2013. He brings a wealth of practical, implementable and simple advice for people looking to build better nutrition and hydration habits. His book 'Eat Up, Raise Your Game' unpacked recipes to help one perform better on exercise days and rest days. You can find out more about Daniels' work on his website at www.daveynutrition.com Sheep in Sligo, exposure to the countryside, caring for animals - and the correlation between stress and health is where we start this uplifting conversation. Fasting, behavioural changes and what makes the ideal breakfast is explored next. We discuss the big rocks of nutrition and hydration for the corporate and wellbeing sector... and what it is about elite performers that make them successful in this space, such as consistency, food prep and building awareness. Daniel mentions the what, when and how much to eat for better health and performance, a vision of lifestyle for effectiveness - in that everything is connected...sleep, recovery, food...how they all impact decision making...how what you did yesterday impacts today, and what you do today impacts tomorrow.


4 Oct 2021

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Daniel Davey

Ubuntu Performance Podcast

A fun and action-packed chat with Daniel Davey about all nutritional strategies for parents, not being too hard on yourself, the definition of nutrition, Daniel's inspiration for a career in nutrition and more! Check out Daniel's website at www.daveynutrition.com Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


31 Mar 2021