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Improving The Business Side Of Web Design With Laura Elizabeth

Seeking Satisfaction

Show Notes I met Laura Elizabeth at a business event back in 2018 and there were so many parallels between her experiences and mine as professional designers, that we just clicked and have stayed in touch ever since. Laura is a talented designer and businesswoman who has been a guest expert for my business training […]


21 Jun 2022

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AWW22 The Centred Victim - Jacqueline Bublitz and Laura Elizabeth Woollett

Adelaide Writers' Week

Chaired by Angela Savage. Turning the crime genre on its head, Jacqueline Bublitz’s Before You Knew My Name and Laura Elizabeth Woollett’s The Newcomer both centre the victim in their stories of violent death and the investigations that follow. The haunting, strangely joyous Before You Knew My Name tells of Alice Lee arriving in New York with just a camera and hope, destined to be a Jane Doe one month later. The Newcomer, which fictionalises an infamous 2002 murder on Norfolk Island, is a smart, provocative portrait of prejudice, violence and grief.


7 Mar 2022

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Laura Elizabeth: Holding womens' stories

Spiritually Fierce the Podcast

Laura Elizabeth has always worked to hold womens' stories and to help them move through their stories. First as an energy healer, and now as a publisher. Laura calls in women to share their stories as part of her publishing house, Maven Press, and is deeply aware of the power and catharsis of writing our stories through and out. This woman is deeply soulful and passionately connected to her service in the world. She generously shares her own insight into why so many feel called to write our stories. Biography: Laura Elizabeth is a trailblazing change maker and advocate for women’s empowerment. Author of Loving Herself Whole, Back Yourself! Wild Woman Rising, Rising Matriarch, Heartcentred Leadership and The Women Changing The World. Director at Maven Press, Creatress of Kuntea, and owner of Laura Elizabeth Wellness/Erotic Maven Medicine. Laura is dedicated to creating intimate experiences for conscious women ready to step into a deeper layer of understanding of themselves. Assisting them to embrace and embody their sensuality, reclaim their voices and own their personal power. A passionate solo mother of three, leading by example, smashing goals and living with purpose, Laura hopes to be a positive influence for her own children to reach their full potential and inspire others to do the same. Book: Heartcentred Leadership A multi-author collaboration that shares inspiring stories about women who have chosen to lead from their hearts and change the world. Heart centred Leadership is a collection of stories for women, by women focused on inspiring purpose, vision and everyday courage. Featuring real-life, relatable role models from all walks of life; these women are leaders in entrepreneurialism, education, conscious living, innovation and who had the courage to listen to the call to make a difference, and took action to make it happen. Having the confidence to take action as a heart-centred leader is one of the most important qualities you need to succeed in making a difference, and these women have bared all to share their wisdom. In this episode we discuss: how inspiration lands for her book projects the healing power of journaling the blessing in the pandemic for writers and readers how the 'turn on' guides her to her next book topic Episode resources: Website: https://www.mavenpress.com.au Social: Facebook | Instagram


6 Mar 2022

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Running a Sustainable & Ethical Small Business with Laura Elizabeth

Sustainable Motherhood

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Laura from Laura Elizabeth Jewelry! She is such a wealth of knowledge and extremely inspiring. Please show her some support! (links below) https://www.instagram.com/lauraelizabethjewelry/ https://www.lauraelizabethjewelry.com/ Morgan's Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/sustainable.motherhood/ Rate, Review & Subscribe if you enjoy the show!


14 Sep 2021

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8: Not enough NGOs consider paying story contributors - Laura Elizabeth Pohl, humanitarian photographer

Storytelling for Impact

“A lot of us get into this work with NGOs because we want to make a difference but there are times when NGOs are actually doing more harm and they’re not living up to their standard of being humanitarian.” This episode features Laura Elizabeth Pohl, a humanitarian photographer, filmmaker, writer and editor from the US living in Cape Town, South Africa. Laura prides herself on producing stories about issues like immigration, agriculture, healthcare access and economic and social justice in an ethical way with care and respect for the dignity of the people featured. Her work for international NGOs has taken her to more than 20 countries. Laura was previously an entertainment journalist and interviewed celebrities including Britney Spears, and Mary J. Blige, and also worked as a Dow Jones business reporter in Korea, before she transitioned into photojournalism. The founder and co-editor of NGO Storytelling, a website to inform and inspire humanitarian storytellers, Laura also hosts her own podcast, Creative + Moneywise, where she interviews other photographers about their real-life money stories and career paths.  In this episode, we consider this question: should the people featured in NGO stories be paid? We discuss the pros and cons of offering individuals compensation for sharing stories which are used by organisations to raise funds or advance their advocacy goals. We also hear Laura’s reflections on some of the unethical behaviour she’s witnessed when gathering stories in countries across the world, such as when she was sent to interview a struggling family in the DRC – who were receiving no support from the international nonprofit that selected them. This episode contains useful tips as to how NGOs and their storytellers can help the people featured in their communications to feel more valued. Useful links: Check out Laura’s website Check out Laura’s podcast, Creative + Moneywise Check out the NGO Storytelling blog Check out Laura’s Medium post, A call for ethical standards in nonprofit humanitarian photography Check out Oxfam's Ethical Content Guidelines Check out WaterAid's Ethical Image PolicyConnect with Storytelling for Impact: Visit the website: www.storytellingforimpact.net Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/storytellingforimpact/ Follow Susannah Birkwood on Twitter: @Susannahbirkwoo Email: storytellingforimpactpodcast@gmail.com


12 Sep 2021

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#10 Laura Elizabeth | Just go for it | Mindset & self care tips in lockdown

Let's Chat - With Beth Clare

Hey team, this was such an awesome ep with Laura, Laura is a Sydney/shire based makeup artist, I met Laura when she did my makeup last year, and I was so inspired by her absolutely killing it at such a young age and being a total good vibe! We chat about obstacles getting into business, how to unapologetically go after your passion, and have loads of word of wisdom for those in lockdown! https://www.instagram.com/makeupbylauraelizabeth/ https://www.lauraelizabethmakeupartist.com https://www.instagram.com/bethclarefitness/

1hr 4mins

23 Aug 2021

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Laura Elizabeth Woollett


In her third and latest novel ‘The Newcomer’, Laura Elizabeth Woollett intertwines fiction and reality. Deriving elements from a real murder in 2002, she brings us into a fictional Fairfolk island filled with unanswered questions. Out now through Scribe. With presenter Mel Cranenburgh.Website: https://www.rrr.org.au/explore/podcasts/backstory


28 Jul 2021

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Amy Suiter Clarke and Laura Elizabeth Woollett

Published...Or Not

Elle has a popular true-crime podcast, her investigation into a cold case serial killer has more murders happening in this thriller, ‘Girl, 11’ by Amy Suiter Clarke.‘The Newcomer’ plays on the murder mystery genre. Laura Elizabeth Woollett gives voice and agency to the victim who is a damaged individual but, none the less, deserving of the reader’s sympathy.

22 Jul 2021

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The journey of healing w/ Laura Elizabeth

Backroom Beauty Talks with Misty Jayne

Laura is a salon suite owner, stylist and business coach! You can find Laura on IG @Iamlauraelizabeth


12 Apr 2021

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#195: Moving Past Checking Boxes to Honesty and Intimacy With Men and Yourself - Client Story with Laura Elizabeth

CLAIMED — Feminine/Masculine Polarity. Femininity. Embodiment.

Every single woman who joins my group coaching program CLAIMED brings a new perspective, a new backstory, and ultimately a new success story! Here is an interview with one of these women, Laura Elizabeth. "I feel so much more like I stand strong in my decisions. Even if I look back and think, 'Oh, I could have done it differently,' I don't beat myself up for it." Here is what I discuss with Laura: How she moved on from her patterns of attracting feminine men Learning to let go of exhaustion and pressure through a feminine embodiment practice Working with her beliefs about achievement and self-worth Separating decisions from outcomes in dating Why she recommends signing up for a Discovery Call And a lot more... Links P.S. Sign up for the free, exclusive training from me on How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men By Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead  to find out: The #1 reason successful women are still single and can’t attract a committed masculine man (hint: it’s not what you think) How to break through the patterns of attracting unavailable or feminine men and find your blind spot so you start attracting the men you want How to master the art of feminine/masculine polarity so you start feeling taken care of, claimed and finally be able to let go of control How to get out of the “get the guy” mindset and instead move into your full feminine self and have the guy get you Uncover The Lie of Female Success that’s keeping you stuck, exhausted and unfulfilled (in masculine energy all the time) so you can start living in freedom & joy And much more… Sign up at girlskill.com/webinar


8 Apr 2021