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289 IRONMAN: 7 Tips To Better Team Performance With Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP

A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Please Leave a Review! THIS EPISODE COUNTS FOR CE! - but read the disclaimers it might not count for your state. Go here to take the test and get your free CE Credit! It’s been a long time in the works, but Andrew and Michelle finally get to welcome someone to the show today that so many listeners have been requesting – the amazing Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP. With a remarkably successful corporate healthcare speaking career under marketing, sales, and education spanning 30 years, Lisa is a veritable fountain of information, experience, and advice. Her current focus is on the generational communication aspect of dentistry, a critical component in practices these days, and she shares her IRONMAN principles regarding this communication with listeners here today. In this episode, Lisa shares some of her background and experience, explains generational communication, and walks through her IRONMAN principles of business communication. She also discusses teledentistry, one of COVID’s silver linings, connecting communication and money, getting team members participating, and highlighting the positives about practices. She finishes up by promoting some ways to get IRONMAN started in practices and introducing her upcoming ‘Dental Teams Unite’ initiative. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Interview starts: 13:10 -   Lisa’s background -   Generational communication -   Lisa’s Iron Man experiences and training -   The Iron Man principles of business communication -   Teledentistry -   One silver lining of COVID -   Connecting communication and money -   Getting team members to participate in communication strategies -   Highlighting positives about your practice -   Getting IRONMAN started in your practice -   Dental Teams Unite QUOTES: “People are just little plague rats in my life, and I want to stay away from them.” “I put a really heavy, heavy emphasis on generational communication now, because there's so much friction with four or even five generations working in the workforce.” “The youngest generation coming to the workforce is Gen Z, and they are, you know, they've been bookended. They had the great recession, and now they're living through COVID.” “People evaluate 11 things about you, in seven seconds.” “Start just walking through your office as if you were a new patient coming into your practice.” “Relationships are the cornerstone of every business.” “If you're actively listening, you're listening with all of your senses, and you're really taking in what the person is trying to communicate to you, and not thinking about your answer immediately.” “It's all teachable to people but some people are just naturally good at it. And some people have to really work at it.” “We have to look at their wants first and then focus on their needs.” “I would love to say that our hygienists are really good at including whatever their main concern is, or whatever the thing that they want. But it ends up being just an item on a treatment plan rather than a relationship.” “Give people the opportunity to cross train, and also be leaders of different points.” “Give them a call to action so they know what's next, what's coming up, and what's, you know, in their future.” “You have to have processes and protocols in place for that seamless handoff and follow up.” “Teledentistry has really closed the gap in a lot of the communication gaps that have occurred.” “Are you telling me that we don't adopt research and evidence based practices in a timely manner?” “Once you get that team firing on all cylinders, it is such a beautiful thing.” “I don't think we use the reception area, the waiting area, enough for acknowledgement and patient education.” LINKS: A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast A Tale of Two Hygienists homepage AToTH on Facebook AToTH on Instagram AToTH on LinkedIn ATOTH's Linktree Page Michelle's Facebook Page Volunteering: An Unexpected Way to Market Your Dental Practice PDT Homepage Communicate With Influence Dental Teams Unite Text Lisa @ (206)465-1637


21 Jul 2021

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E 58 Lisa Copeland: Learn From Lisa

The Massimo Show

On this episode of The Massimo Show Rod sits down with author, speaker, entrepreneur, corporate guru and so much more…Lisa Copeland  Lisa was a cheerleader and on the drill team in Arlington, Texas - where football and cheering are a way of life. But Lisa admits she didn’t have a lot of ambition in high school. “I wanted to chase boys and go to fashion college.” Lisa tells Rod  An accidental change of direction  While in fashion college, she did something that changed the course of her entire life: she wrecked her car. “My parents would send me money for insurance, and I did not pay my insurance. I had a totaled car and no job.” Lisa recalls. After the wreck she went to her dad and he said ‘I gave you a car, paid for college, your car Insurance - you screwed up; figure it out.’ There was no public transportation in Dallas so Lisa got creative. She got a job selling cars because they would give her a demo car off the lot.  But it wasn’t as easy as walking in for a job and walking out with a car. At first, the car dealership did not want to hire her at all. In fact. the managers were dead set against hiring her. Lisa called her parents to tell them she had figured it out, “I am going to sell cars and they will give you a car.” she told them. Her parents started to back peddle saying ‘no no we will get you a car’ but it was too late. Lisa’s first big sale was herself. “I talked my way into a job” she explains. Turns out she was really great at sales.  Lisa had never even been in a car dealership before applying for the job but like a lot of us, she learned that you can fake it until you make it. Despite not wanting to hire her and the general lack of support from the management there was one gentleman, Ernie Bays, who took Lisa under his wing and was her mentor. “He showed me the ropes and made sure the rest of the men were nice to me.”  After college, Lisa was doing really well at the car dealership and was promoted to finance for a few years. She then became the finance platform director. “I stayed in the car business for 12 years.” Lisa says.  After her second child the nights and weekends were too much. She was able to transition to the mortgage business because of her finance background. She did so well in the mortgage business that within 2 years she had started her own mortgage company that is still in business today. Car Buying, Her Way. Lisa travels the country speaking to small businesses, associations and large corporations teaching methods that got her to the top of her field and made her highly sought after. Lisa’s first book Crushing Mediocrity - 10 ways to rise above the status quo was co-authored with Rene Banglesdorf who is the CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation.  If you have a mediocre mind set you will fail as an entrepreneur. There are ten aspects that will help you rise above. The one I start with is: Do you believe what you do matters?  What is your purpose?  Taking her sales presence to the stage  Lisa’s speaking took off after her team broke the world sales record. In sales you must know how to push through mediocre days. If you get stuck the organization gets stuck. I get brought in to help sales organizations get unstuck. Listen in for all the details of Lisa’s inspiring story!


7 Jul 2021

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109: Hosting Effective Team Meetings w/ Lisa Copeland

Dental Student Vibes

On this episode of The Dental Student Vibes Podcast, Seth, Cole and Matt sit down with the one and only, Lisa Copeland. Lisa is a dental team consultant, speaker, CEO, Gen X, iron man and registered dental hygienist. Today, she explains all the facets you should implement into your daily team meetings to ensure your office is running as a tight knit unit. If you are not sure how long to make your meetings or the ways to discuss conflict, tune in to hear the high yield info that Lisa provides. Lisa explains how important team meetings are for the growth of practice culture so start implementing them today and watch your office flourish. Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or your podcast platform, we always read your feedback! Awesome merchandise & cool gifts: VIBES SHOP Be sure to check out our new Amazon E-Book:7 Hacks to Boost Your Dental School Application!  Youtube:Dental Student Vibes Instagram:@dental.student.vibes Facebook:Dental Student Vibes Twitter:@DSVpodcast Website: https://dentalstudentvibes.com


21 Jun 2021

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108: Communicate Using The Iron Man Method w/ Lisa Copeland

Dental Student Vibes

On this episode of The Dental Student Vibes Podcast, Seth, Cole and Matt sit down with the one and only, Lisa Copeland. Lisa is a dental team consultant, speaker, CEO, Gen X, iron man and registered dental hygienist. Today, she dives deep with the boys on communicating well with your staff and managing your patients. She uses her awesome Iron Man acronym to explain step by step how to communicate and leave that lasting impression for everyone that steps foot into your office. A large part about patient communication is understanding your patient and that starts with the nuances of your patient’s needs and comprehending how to fulfill these based on their age and generational values. Tune in to hear all of this high yield info from the very distinguished Lisa Copeland. Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or your podcast platform, we always read your feedback! Awesome merchandise & cool gifts: VIBES SHOP Be sure to check out our new Amazon E-Book:7 Hacks to Boost Your Dental School Application!  Youtube:Dental Student Vibes Instagram:@dental.student.vibes Facebook:Dental Student Vibes Twitter:@DSVpodcast Website: https://dentalstudentvibes.com


7 Jun 2021

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EP 455: Lisa Copeland - Understanding Men Over 50

Last First Date Radio

Lisa Copeland is a leading internationally recognized Love Coach and Dating Expert for women over 50. She's the Amazon Best-Selling Author of The Winning Dating Formula For Women Over 50. Has been seen in Huffington Post and has appeared on ABC and Fox. She inspires and teaches women how to feel confident, empowered and joyful dating after 50. In this episode of Last First Date Radio: Do older men really only date younger women? What men over 50 look for in a woman How women and men can improve their communication How women unconsciously emasculate men Why women need to ask men for help...and receive it graciously How to go on your last first date! Please subscribe/rate and review the podcast here. If you’re feeling stuck in dating and relationships and would like to find love this year, sign up for a complimentary 1/2 hour breakthrough session with Sandy https://lastfirstdate.com/breakthrough Join Your Last First Date on Facebook https://facebook.com/groups/yourlastfirstdate Get a copy of Sandy’s book, Becoming a Woman of Value; How to Thrive in Life and Love. This episode is brought to you by Amazon Music Unlimited. For a limited time, get it for FREE for 90 days. Just head on over to getamazonmusic.com/lastfirstdate to learn more and claim this offer. Want to be coached on the show? Fill out an application here. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sandy-weiner9/message


1 Jun 2021

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Dental Practice Solutions: Building Team and Client Loyalty with Lisa Copeland

Growth Driven

Building Team and Client Loyalty with Lisa CopelandA dental hygienist of 30 + years, Lisa knows the business of dentistry! By combining a professional speaking career with clinical practice expertise, Lisa brings a unique perspective to diverse business cultures around the world.  As a global speaker, business consultant, workshop facilitator, corporate coach/educator, speaking coach, and highly skilled dental hygienist, her dynamic presentation style motivates audiences to take action.She has presented a wide range of topics to audiences throughout the world. Her diverse career path focuses on:  Communicate With Influence consulting, dental practice team management, and corporate team education.


25 May 2021

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Unique Leader: Lisa Copeland

Unique Leaders Podcast

Lisa is a unique spirit and a true seeker of adventure. She started out in the fashion industry as a young adult. During this time in her life, she wrecked her car which led to her meeting the man that would later become her husband. She knew she needed a car - from there she began a career in the automotive industry. During her early years in her auto career, Lisa was different than the other salesmen because she was authentic. She was real with her clients which was a breath of fresh air for most.Something particularly important that she learned from the auto industry was to not depend on anyone else for your success. The only person who can make you successful is you! When you go through tough times on your own and you make it, you feel more accomplished and confident. “Fail Forward”Don’t miss her amazing story about her career in the auto industry.After leaving the auto industry she began speaking and consulting. Until the pandemic hit. As she has always done in her life, she pivoted to her new venture in Real Estate. In 2020 she created a team with eXp Realty. She educates her team about the Real Estate market and flipping houses. She also works to educate her clients on how to growth their wealth with their assets.Lisa is a master at creating strategies and a plan and executing them.Through she has had many failures she has not given up. During this segment of Unique Leaders, she shares the importance of continuing and never giving up.About the Guest: Lisa Copeland has “Reinvented The Art of Real Estate” with the start of the eXp Realty Group. She is a licensed agent and experienced mortgage industry professional with more than 25 years of experience. Before transitioning to real estate fulltime, Lisa founded Austin Mortgage Associates in 2000. As CEO of the company, she personally originated and funded over $150 million dollars in residential mortgages comprised of Conventional, FHA, VA, and construction loans.In addition to her mortgage and real estate industry experience, Lisa excelled in the automotive industry for many years as managing partner and general manager of the #1 FIAT/Alfa Romeo dealership in the U.S. This work along with her continued interest in the art of negotiation and deal-making inspired her to publish two books, “Crushing Mediocrity” (co-authored with Rene Banglesdorf) and “Car Buying Her Way.”When she is not attending to the needs of her clients, Lisa speaks at events and tradeshows all over the world on topics related to strategy and sales and negotiation tactics.www.sellingcentraltexas.comFacebook: @LisaCopelandAgent Facebook: @eXpRealtyhttps://lisacopeland.book.live/About the Host: Megan Di Martino is a New York girl deep in the heart of Texas! A lifelong creator of beauty with a serving, mentoring spirit. She has started, scaled, sustained and sold 2 seven figure businesses in the Skin Care-Spa Industry. Her purpose is to build teams that in turn build businesses. In January 2020, her book went to number one on Amazon. In April 2020, her award-winning skin care line, Novita Spa Clinicals, was nominated in the Product Innovation Category, for the Austin Women's Way Awards. Megan is now continuing to speak, write, coach and consult with businesses and individuals to help them reach their dreams, goals and desires. "Novita...New Birth...New Life...Always Something New...That's My Promise."Thanks for listening!Thanks so much for listening to our podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others could benefit from listening, please share it using the social media buttons on this page.Do you have some feedback or questions about this episode? Leave a comment in the section below!Subscribe to the podcastIf you would like to get automatic updates of new podcast episodes, you can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. You can also subscribe in your favorite podcast app.Leave us an Apple Podcasts reviewRatings and reviews from our listeners are extremely valuable to us and greatly appreciated. They help our podcast rank higher on Apple Podcasts, which exposes our show to more awesome listeners like you. If you have a minute, please leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts. 


20 Jan 2021

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Spiritual and Practical Dating Tips for Women Over 50 with Lisa Copeland

Earth Love Spirit with Sarah Weiss

Today's episode is a re-release of one of our top episodes with Lisa Copeland. Lisa Copeland is a leading internationally recognized Love, Coach, and Dating Expert for women over 50. Through her program, Finding A Quality Man Over 50” Lisa inspires and teaches women how to feel confident, empowered, and able to enjoy dating. She has strategies for putting yourself “out there” in a way that is true to yourself and successful at the same time.  Lisa’s path to becoming a Love and Dating Coach is another example of Living Into Your Wisdom. Lisa is deeply spiritual and her approach to dating is rooted in spiritual wisdom. She starts with the basics! What vibes are you putting out and what are you getting back. Awareness is the key and Lisa helps you discover your dating comfort zone and clarify who you want to attract into your life.  Who would think a spiritual person would become a dating coach?! But Lisa followed her intuition, let it all unfold, step by step, overcoming many challenges along the way to reveal her life path. Listen as we share Lisa’s powerful story and her spiritual approach to dating and finding the right person for you! You can get a free copy of her eBook “The 5 Little Known Secrets to Finding a Quality Man” at www.findaqualityman.com  Topics How Lisa lived into her wisdom and found her true self and professional calling as a love and dating coach. Learning from two failed marriages Lisa shares that her greatest lesson was not letting expectations, sexual attraction, wealth, and illusions lead her into the wrong relationship. Don’t compare yourself to your 20’s identity and physical appearance. Appreciate how your life has made you who you are. Become present and treasure who you are. How empaths see the potential in partners when the partners don’t even recognize their own potential. Focus on your potential and let others tend to their potential. Even the most spiritual among us need to have a dating plan. Having a structure and guidelines ensures your path to finding a wonderful companion will stay on track. Keep the power centered within you. Do not let old programs cause you to give away your power. You have a choice, you know what you want. Expecting to meet your soul mate or twin soul can make you overlook the person right in front of you! Visit Lisa's website: www.findaqualityman.com Join Lisa's Facebook Group Follow Lisa on LinkedIn Download Lisa's FREE 5 Easy Steps for Attracting the Right Man Into Your Life After 50 MasterClass


1 Dec 2020

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E0044: Inside Divorce with Lisa Copeland

Inside Divorce

E0044: Inside Divorce with Lisa Copeland by Inside Divorce


16 Oct 2020

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Lisa Copeland – Women’s Empowerment, Dating Over 50, & Community Oriented vs. Hero Oriented

The Healing Place Podcast

Much thanks to Lisa Copeland, best-selling author and leading internationally recognized Love, Coach, and Dating Expert for women over 50, for sharing her purpose, passion, and insights with me on this episode. Please join us as we discuss: women’s empowerment her free e-book 5 Little Known Secrets for Finding a Quality Man what is community-oriented … Continue reading Lisa Copeland – Women’s Empowerment, Dating Over 50, & Community Oriented vs. Hero Oriented →


25 Sep 2020