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095: The Open Truth: Generating More Business When the Marketplace Shuts Down with Ira Zlotowitz

Wealth Matters By Alpesh Parmar

Ira Zlotowitz is an industry innovator who has helped to define the commercial real estate profession. He earned accolades as inclusion among Crain’s NY Business’ “Forty Under 40.” In this podcast, he will talk about generating business during COVID19. His career began at Meridian Capital, where Ira integrated mastery of the cold call into the company’s business model. He trained large teams of callers and helped launch offices nationwide. All of these helped trigger unprecedented growth for the company. One year prior to joining Meridian, the firm had closed $300 million in loans. By his final year there four years later, that figure would exceed $3 billion. In 2001, Mr. Zlotowitz joined Abraham Bergman in forming the Eastern Union. He continued to build his reputation for innovation, grit, and industry-wide disruption. Ira has aggressively integrated technology and market data into the company’s business model. In addition, he dramatically accelerated the loan submission process and developed relationships between the company and more than 200 lenders. Eastern Union’s new “Multi-Family Group” recently reset market pricing by introducing an unprecedented quarter-point fee. A “no back-end fees” for refinancing multifamily properties backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Transactions which is also known as “agency refinancings.” The firm’s groundbreaking eCALC app enables investors to fully value and underwrite deals instantaneously and in the palm of their hand. Eastern Union has grown from a four-person Brooklyn startup into a 100+ person firm that has achieved $5 billion in deal volume over the past year. (00:01-03:00) Opening Segment – Introduction of the guest, Ira Zlotowitz into the show – Ira shares something interesting about himself (03:01-20:44) The Journey to Real Estate Investing and Generating business during COVID19 – Ira tells how he got into real estate investing – How to generate business when the marketplace shuts down? – Role of technology and CRM in the business – The steps that Ira took to get to the business plan – Any changes in current processes in making a business plan work? – What happens when there are changes in the process? – Ira talks about his real estate boot camps – Ira shares how did he come up with the training ideas of generating business during COVID19 – How does online training works? What are the processes of remote learning? – Ira shares how he came up with virtual training and boot camps – Is there something Ira would do differently if COVID19 didn’t happen? (20:45-25:15) Real Estate Lessons – Ira’s advice to his younger self – Biggest failure and the lessons Ira learned from it – Importance of hiring an expert in the field – How to take negatives positively – Biggest success and its lessons (25:16-27:00) Talking About the Mortgage Industry – Where does Ira see the industry adding over the next 12 months? – What does Ira see will happen to the overall mortgages industry? (27:01-27:19) BREAK (27:20-27:28) Second Segment – Welcoming listeners back and re-introducing podcast guest, Ira (27:29-30:50) Fire Round – Will Ira change his business strategy after Coronavirus? – Favorite real estate finance or and personal development related book? – Website or tools that Ira recommends – How does Ira give back? – How can Wealth Matters Podcast listeners reach out to Ira? (30:51-31:14) Closing Segment Reach out to Ira via email at iraz@easternunion.com


24 Sep 2020

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In Spite of - Ira Zlotowitz

Dreamcatchers Hosted by Jerome Myers

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the youngest president of any Top 10 mortgage brokerage, Ira Zlotowitz, of Eastern Union.Let’s listen in together and learn from Ira on how moving towards your goals “in spite of” all the challenges can bring you success. Things you will learn in this episode:[00:01 - 05:12] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Ira ZlotowitzEmail Ira at iraz@easternunion.comIra’s business background and how he started getting into Real Estate[05:12 - 13:05] The Courage to Leave Ira talks about why he left his former brokerage firm and worked for himselfHow Ira left to start Eastern Union[13:20 -22:20] In Spite of the Challenges Ira talks about his challenges from the startYou have to keep goingBalancing between what is God and what is you[22:20 -29:30] In Spite of the FearIra talks about the fear of someone using the firm’s name dishonestly How Ira faced this fearIra talks about the time everything was on the lineThe biggest reward of this journey[29:30 - 38:53] Learning from the JourneyNot going back into old waysIra’s approach to life in this journeyMixing business and personalAvoiding anything that would cause regretsIra talks about the reward of giving back Talking about future goalsUnderstanding where pricing is going to go Ira talks about what he wants to build and how it checks his boxesUnderstanding the market’s direction [38:53 - 37:47] Closing SegmentWhat gift are you giving the world?Ira talks about showing the world you can reach high levels of success without giving up on morals. What to take away from this conversationTake an “In Spite of” attitude Never let people tell you that you can’t do somethingPartner with people who have strengths in your weaknessesFinal words from Ira and ITweetable Quotes:“Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. The mistake you made in life is when people say with that weakness you can’t go far with it and spend your whole life trying to fix or cover those weaknesses…” - Ira Zlotowitz“Everybody wants to make millions, not everybody wants to do the work it takes to get there.” - Ira ZlotowitzYou can connect with Ira on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Or learn more from his website easternunion.com. To tap into the knowledge of how to reach your goals without losing yourself in the process, email Ira at iraz@easternunion.com.LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at www.dreamsshouldbereal.com. Find out more about Jerome at www.d3v3loping.com or www.myersmethods.com.


3 Aug 2020

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The Ultimate Partner with Ira Zlotowitz

Weiss Advice

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO and Founder of Eastern Union Funding, Ira ZlotowitzLet’s dive into Ira’s story of how your ultimate partner can bring you ultimate success!Things you will learn in this episode:[00:01 - 05:24] Opening SegmentIra talks about his journey of how he got into the commercial real estate industryWrote a business plan when he was in high schoolIra and I talked about his book, The Eastern Way.[05:25 - 17:14] The Ultimate PartnerIra shares his secret to successIt's all about GodIra talks about the importance of focusing on the business processDon't forget about your rootsIra talks about how Eastern Union dominates the market with their productBringing down the feesHaving 60% of the market available to themHe built his sales staff and hired 200 top-tier brokersStarted an internship program to teach about mortgages and real estateOnboarded 275 people in 4 daysMaking the right decisions by putting your trust in a higher power[17:15 - 25:46] The FINAL FOURQuick plug to my podcast producers, STREAMLINED PODCASTSUse Promo Code: Weiss for 20% OFF on your first monthWhat's the worst job that you ever had?Picking up the garbage and bringing it down to dumpstersWhat was the book that has given you a paradigm shift?Think Like AmazonWhat is a skill or talent that you would like to learn?I'd love to learn other languagesWhat does success mean to you?Being able to make a differenceIra shares a story about a kid outside a candy storeConnect with Ira online. See links belowFinal words from meTweetable Quotes: "The secret to success is all God if it comes back from God. Our job is to do what's accepted, follow the business plan and work ethic and the other side of the coin is pray and your charity." - Ira Zlotowitz"If you want to be successful, make a deal with God." - Ira ZlotowitzYou can connect with Ira on Linkedin, message him on Whatsapp +9175972197, or send him an email at Iraz@easterunion.com. Listen to his Podcast or visit https://easternunion.com/ to know more about the opportunities.WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE?Be sure to follow me on the below platforms:Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, or Stitcher.LinkedInYoutubeExclusive Facebook Groupwww.yonahweiss.com None of this could be possible without the awesome team atSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/weissadvice)


5 Jul 2020

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Peaking Your Interest with Ira Zlotowitz

The Power Entrepreneur's Podcast

The youngest president of any top 10 mortgage brokerage, he took the commercial real estate industry by storm at the age of 21. From then on he has continued to establish himself as an innovator who has defined the industry, earning numerous accolades such as Crain’s “Forty Under 40.” His story starts at Meridian Capital, where he directly helped the company from $300 million in loans closed to over $3 billion just four years later. In 2001, Ira Zlotowitz co-founded Eastern Union, which has grown from a four-person Brooklyn office into a 100-person firm closing roughly $5 billion in national loan volume last year. --------------- You can connect with Ira via; Email: iraz@easternunion.com Text/WhatsApp: 1-917-597-2197 Eastern Union: easternunion.com Peaking Your Interest podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/3WXDA3nwuxBQlEIkUsXODt?si=HrgsU6mYQAyUicsU4PLGrQ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


19 Mar 2020

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How to Build and Sustain a High-Performing Team—with Ira Zlotowitz

Let's Talk Business

We all know that a good team can make or break a business. But do you ever wish you could simply clone yourself and create a team of people just as motivated, knowledgeable, and passionate about your business as you are? Ira Zlotowitz, the founder and president of Eastern Union Funding, knows a thing or two about building and sustaining high-performing teams; he grew his own business from a four-person office to a company of over 100 people, closing roughly $5 billion in national loan volume in 2019 alone. In this practical, no-nonsense interview, we discuss how to cultivate a culture of excellence (starting from the very first interview); how to hire the right people; how to master the skill of delegation; and how to make your current employees more valuable to your company.


19 Aug 2019

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Ep #239: Learn How To Profit from the Debt Side of a Commercial Real Estate Investment -- with Ira Zlotowitz

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow podcast, Kevin welcomes commercial real estate and finance expert, Ira Zlotowitz. Ira is the founder and president of Eastern Union Funding, one of the largest national real estate firm with over a hundred real estate professionals and they have closed more than $2.5 billion in just the last twelve months. Ira talks about Eastern Union Funding as well as one of his more recent ventures, The Ira Group and shares how he built one of the largest brokerages in the country. He explains how lending can actually help in commercial real estate investment and clarifies the advantages of investing from the debt side of things in lieu of the usual syndicated equity investments. Kevin and Ira also discuss how one can be successful in commercial real estate. QUOTES: “Over time we grew into all other deals, but we don’t forget our roots and we start this way, we find our niche and we double down on that area.” “As Eastern Union as the broker, we’ll typically work through full transactions, some look at $5 million, $3million or $100 million, we’ll find a lender for that sorts. Through the Ira group, it’s when the lender is looking for participation in loans, primarily bridge loans..” “I’m gonna bring people that want to participate into loans and bring them to crowdfunding platforms or to individual lenders throughout the country.” “What I also tell people is that the best deal that you should probably start with, if you’re about to invest equity in the deal, if you’re starting a bit nervous then it might be overpriced, maybe you can sit on that same deal and go to the debt side of that deal.” “You only want to try to do deals that the initial term are officially only twelve months.” HIGHLIGHTS 8:02 Ira’s background and the Ira group 13:10 Ideal investor 19:01 Roadblocks in understanding debt in investment 24:04 Time span of bridge loans 27:26 Ira talks about staying focused, knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses Job Opportunities with my Team: Click Here Recommended Resources: Check out our company and our partnership opportunities by visiting SunriseCapitalInvestors.com Would you like to partner with us on future MHP deals, call 844-CASH-FLW to learn more or click here to schedule a time on our calendar. Grab a free copy of our book “The 21 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make When Purchasing their First Mobile Home Park…and how to avoid them click here www.easternunion.com Review and Subscribe


23 Jul 2019

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Episode 101: Ira Zlotowitz, President of Eastern Union Funding

710 WOR Mind Your Business


17 Jul 2017

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42: Interview with Ira Zlotowitz Founder and President of Eastern Union Funding

The Frum Entrepreneur

Ira Zlotowitz, Founder and President of Eastern Union Funding, to me personifies what a Frum Entrepreneur is. With 6 offices and employing more than 100 people (mostly frum yidden right out of Yeshivah) Ira tells us the real secrets to his success, how he handles firing a frum worker who has a family, how at least 12 employees earn more than a million dollars a year, and his latest project an app for anyone involved in commercial real estate and why he is giving it out for free even to his competitors! NAME: Ira Zlotowitz WEBSITE: Eastern Union Funding LEARN MORE: More About Ira TWITTER: @IraZlotowitz CONNECT: Ira on LinkedIn People & Companies Mentioned In This Episode Mir Yeshiva Brooklyn Yeshiva of Far Rockaway Lev Avraham R’ Yecheskel Weinfeld shlita Starbucks BMG Masmid Govoha Yeshiva Toras Emes Camp Munk Pirchei Agudas Yisroel Rabbi Josh Silvermintz, z”l Rabbi Dovid Newman ArtScroll Meir Zlotowitz Charidy Chinuch.org (Torah Umesorah) Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Avos Ubanim Meridian Capital PCS (Professional Career Services) The Go Giver By: Bob Burg and John David Mann Living Emunah by: Rabbi David Ashear Interview with Dmitriy Salita ——— CLICK THE AD BELOW! Are you enjoying this podcast? Please take 30 seconds and rate it on iTunes! Every 5 Stars helps us get more noticed! To learn more about me, please check out Nachum.co Thank you for listening!!

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25 Jul 2016

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Episode 4: Featuring Ira Zlotowitz, President of Eastern Union Funding

710 WOR Mind Your Business


24 Sep 2015