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Perspective, Resilience, Fulfillment, and Entrepreneurship with Omar Zenhom

The Meaning Movement: Rediscover your Passion, Avoid Burnout, and Do Work You Love.

Omar Zenhom is a teacher at heart. I never really understood that until we had this interview. Omar has a daily business podcast. It's one of the top business podcasts. It's called the $100 MBA. It 's great. I've listened to it several times. I was always just so amazed at just the lift of having a daily podcast and doing it for years and years. He's been podcasting longer than I have. I've been podcasting for seven or eight years, and I just can't imagine podcasting every single day. But once we dug into some of Omar's story, we got into his background as a teacher, the work of preparing lessons every day for teaching, and how that trained him. It got him into the space where he could, without as much of a heavy lift, make podcasts every day. His experience put all of his work into context for me. I had a great conversation with Omar. We talked about everything from his childhood, growing up as a child of immigrants to the many entrepreneur pursuits that he has had along the way. It's just a really fun conversation. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. Let's get into it. In this episode you’ll learn: -How Omar ended up becoming a teacher -The reason why Omar left his successful career -How Omar got started in entrepreneurship -How accepting that things in life are going to be hard sometimes -How your perspective can influence your career path. -Building resilience through hard work and hardships -Omar's approach to being an entrepreneur -Omar's sense of fulfillment in his chosen pursuits -Burning out, fulfillment, and the importance of rest and breaks -How going through hardships is beneficial for improvement -Omar’s advice to people who are currently looking for their niche -How Failure is part of the process -Understanding where you add value -Synergizing interests and expertise -Gaining momentum through success -Omar’s advice for people stepping into entrepreneurship -How Omar took the leap to be a full-time entrepreneur -The value of reading -How your environment affects you a& Omar's chose to move to New York -Omar's early experience as a full-time entrepreneur -Omar's realizations when he took up MBA -How the $100 MBA started -How Omar’s multiple enterprises are interconnected (podcast, software, online courses, webinars, keynote speaking ) -How Omar started WebinarNinja -Omar’s thoughts about software -Omar’s ideas that are contrary to popular belief Show notes: https://themeaningmovement.com/omarzenhom


28 Oct 2022

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848: Catching Up with Omar Zenhom from the $100 MBA Podcast [The Solopreneur Hour Podcast – Nominated As Best New Business Podcast]

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal

Our old buddy Omar Zenhom from the (Top 200 in the universe) $100 MBA Podcast is on the show.  After catching up from a 5 year absence, we are all over the place with golden business gems!  This is a true “Solopreneur Hour” show with a great conversation and great life and biz advice all […]

1hr 19mins

12 Sep 2022

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Omar Zenhom on Preparing to Leap Into Entrepreneurship

Beyond the To-Do List

This week I was excited to welcome Omar Zenhom to the show. Omar is the host of the award-winning podcast The $100 MBA Show and the creator of the popular software tool Webinar Ninja. In this conversation, we cover a range of business and entrepreneurial topics including preparing to make the leap from a nine to five job to an entrepreneurial lifestyle and the challenges involved in that process. We also discuss Omar’s personal journey toward becoming a successful podcast host and content creator as he reflects upon how his early setbacks were actually preparing and teaching him the skills he would need when the right opportunity came along. We conclude by reflecting on both of our journeys and the importance that mentorship, friendships, and support had in shaping our careers.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


9 Aug 2022

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The Value of Failure (feat. Omar Zenhom)

The Enlightened Executive

As you rise through the ranks of leadership, experiencing setbacks and failure is inevitable. But as many successful leaders will share, what we often judge as failures are merely opportunities to grow and learn. How you respond to the tests you face will make the difference in your ability to lead successfully. Instead of looking to place blame, you have to look for your opportunity to gain insight from every experience. Take the responsibility of approaching the situation with neutrality. What actions caused you to get to this point? What angles could it have been approached from differently? By stepping back and collecting the facts without emotion, the shortcomings become evident, and you can then plan out how to make more strategic action. In the latest episode of The Enlightened Executive podcast, co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, and host of the $100 MBA show, Omar Zenhom, shares valuable lessons on what we can learn from undesirable outcomes to become better entrepreneurs.


19 Jul 2022

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#30 Secrets to successful webinars | Omar Zenhom from WebinarNinja

Bootstrapped Stories

Considering running webinars for your business but they’re a complete mystery to you? How often should you host them? How do you keep your audience engaged? Moreover, how do you make people actually convert using webinars? In this episode, Omar Zenhom, co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja talks to us about everything webinars. We understand why we should conduct webinars, and how to do it in a successful way. We also gather some tips on making them engaging, and increase the chances of people converting to customers at the end. Omar also shares his story of starting WebinarNinja and his views on hiring extremely efficient people. 📚 Resources Mentioned: • Book: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight • Podcast: The $100 MBA Show: https://100mba.net/show/ 🔗 Connect with Omar: 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheOmarZenhom 🖥 Website: https://omarzenhom.com/


7 Jul 2022

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World leader in Webinars- co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and host of $100 MBA with Omar Zenhom

Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

World leader in Webinars- co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and host of $100 MBA with Omar Zenhom His journey from the very beginning How he started his career The Struggles Secrets to his success What he has planned for the future


23 Jun 2021

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Omar Zenhom: Finding the hook that makes your business different

Organize Chaos

In this episode, I'm talking to Omar Zenhom, Co-Founder & CEO at WebinarNinja. This episode is incredible if you're looking to launch or scale a product. He's got a podcast called the $100 MBA that he started back in 2014 and has since had over 100 million downloads. He also has a thriving business called WebinarNinja, and over a million people have attended webinars through the platform. So how do you create two things? Not just one, but two things that at the same time scale so rapidly. Well, as you listened to this episode, you'll see that it's all about finding the hook in what makes you different and getting really connected with your customer. So he's got some great tips here whether you're starting or scaling a business. Find the show notes for this episode here! Watch this episode on Youtube here. Host: Chris Ronzio--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/processmakesperfect/message


16 Apr 2021

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The Effect of Networking and Excellent Customer Service on A SaaS Product's Success with Omar Zenhom

Business & Lifestyle LEGENDS Podcast

"One of the good signs that you’re on the right path is that when you’re doing it, it’s not so hard. It’s something that feels natural and easy or something that you’re comfortable with. You’re not moving the boulder uphill for miles."–Omar Zenhom, Co-Founder and CEO of WebinarNinjaJoin Ben Schneider and Omar Zenhom as they discuss how Omar Zenhom started his SaaS business, the challenges in creating WebinarNinja, the top two key factors to create a successful SaaS business, and how he, as a content creator, transitioned successfully to the SaaS industry.EPISODE NOTES:What are the key factors that make a SaaS product successful? Omar Zenhom was lucky. He created a SaaS product because he saw a need and fulfilled it. As a content creator, he wanted to create a product for virtual conferences that can be used with ease, is multi-faceted, user-friendly, and worry-free. And that’s exactly how he made WebinarNinja. As a content creator turned software developer, he shares how he realized the role of failure in every entrepreneur’s and creator’s success, and the top 2 key factors that every SaaS product should integrate into their service.CONNECT WITH OMAR ZENHOMLinks:To find out more about Omar Zenhom, click the following links:Website | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedInPODCAST>Listen to "The $100 MBA Show" podcast: https://100mba.net/show/>Full website & blog here: https://100mba.net/WebinarNinja>Website: https://webinarninja.com/>Workshop: https://webinarninja.com/webinarninja-webinar-software-demo/CONNECT WITH US>Ben Schneider: Instagram | Website>Follow us on Instagram @bllpodcastcom>For more information and to explore other episodes, click here. We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a rating and review below!BEN SCHNEIDER COACHING: Reach the next level with your company with the help of a professional marketing strategist, CLICK HERECalling ALL entrepreneurs and online talents! --check out the NEW job search platform Jobmofy.com to upgrade your business!For questions or inquiries, EMAIL: hello@bllpodcast.com


29 Mar 2021

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Episode 210: Leverage Your Personal Experience: A Conversation with Omar Zenhom

The Business Sphere

‘Leverage the value that you have/the personal experience that you have.’Omar Zenhom is the co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, an online Webinar platform named as one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in 2018. He also hosts the top business podcast The $100 MBA Show.‘How am I going to be something uniquely valuable?’Omar shares his unique business journey as an Egyptian-American entrepreneur coming from a family of immigrants. His story starts with stepping out of the box of what was expected of him and pivoting from his career in education to business.Listen for lessons on overcoming mistakes as an entrepreneur and finding your pillars on becoming an entrepreneur.Connect with Omar online:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/omarzenhom/Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheOmarZenhomThe $100 MBA Show: https://100mba.net/show/


18 Mar 2021

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Omar Zenhom & Nicole Baldinu on Proving the Concept and Crafting the Solution

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu both have a decade of education experience. As university educators they learned how to not only teach but how create and deliver lessons that actually foster learning and ensure comprehension and retention. They are the team behind The $100 MBA podcast and community, and co-founders of WebinarNinja. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. One way to find creativity is to change careers. 2. It is easy to run a business when you have the product-market fit. It makes it easy for you to focus on improving and serving your customers rather than trying to convince them. 3. Having a great team means everything and being a user of your product makes you an advocate. Ready to prove THE CONCEPT AND CRAFT THE SOLUTION? Pre-order The Common Path to Uncommon Success now and get amazing pre-order bonuses while they last! Sponsors: Qwantify: Rock a business that GUARANTEES success and revenue! Apply to become a Qwantify Partner today at Qwantify.com. Athletic Greens: Visit AthleticGreens.com/fire and join health experts, athletes and health conscious go-getters around the world who make a daily commitment to their health.


11 Mar 2021