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#13. Tonya Gilchrist: Professional Learning Equity

Inspiration, Influence and Impact

Our guest this episode, Tonya Gilchrist, shares her passion for working with schools to facilitate personalised professional learning that encompasses what we know about lasting learning for not only students, but also adult learners. She also talks about how the skill of translanguaging is a foundation of working in international schools, in addition to being a world skill. Tonya's mission is to provide opportunities for all teachers to connect and collaborate, and experience those joyful, energising opportunities. Tonya's Inspirational, Influential and Impactful recommendations. People - Laura Robb and Evan Robb; Cornelius Minor; Nawal Casiano; Adam Grant; Inspire Citizens; Globally Reconnect Books - Choice Words by Peter Johnston and Think Again by Adam Grant Podcast - Recess Duty with Levi Allison Cause - Direct Relief Dream Travel Destination - MaldivesConnect with Tonya. Twitter - @Mrs_Gilchrist Instagram - @tonyagilchrist Website / Blog - tonyagilchrist.com Facebook Page - Tonya Gilchrist Facebook Group - Tonya Gilchrist LinkedIn - Tonya GilchristTonya Gilchrist is an international learning strategist who specializes in helping schools around the world amplify inquiry and honor agency for deep learning and transfer across languages, literacies, and disciplines. From Readers'/Writers' Workshop to Reggio to UDL to IB, Tonya works with schools to tailor professional learning just for their specific contexts and their unique needs. Previously, she enjoyed many years as an educator, instructional coach, and curriculum specialist.


24 Mar 2022

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Recess Duty Episode 001 - Tonya Gilchrist

Recess Duty

Welcome to Recess Duty! Today, we are talking with Tonya Gilchrist!  She is an international learning strategist who specializes in helping schools around the world amplify inquiry and honor agency for deep learning and transfer across languages, literacies, and disciplines in PK-G12. She is also an internationally experienced educator, instructional coach, and curriculum specialist. Tonya earned her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Hong Kong University. She also holds an IB Certificate in Leadership Practice and an IB Advanced Certificate in Leadership Research. We will be talking about collaboration, agency, and meeting in the middle. How can we meet in the middle when collaborating and building new ideas that otherwise wouldn't exist.  Website: http://tonyagilchrist.com Twitter: @Mrs_Gilchrist Email: tonya@tonyagilchrist.com  Facebook: https://facebook.com/tonyagilchristcom If you'd like to support this podcast and subscribe to Canva Pro, please use this link to get access to all the amazing things Canva has to offer!  Don't forget to subscribe and review so you don't miss any future episodes of Recess Duty.  Continue learning everyone!  Levi Allison - https://linktr.ee/levi_allison --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/recessduty/message


3 Nov 2021

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Episode 4 - Edusation and Reflection with Tonya Gilchrist

Wins And Losses

Twitter: @Mrs_Gilchrist https://tonyagilchrist.com/ https://www.erinkentconsulting.com/

1hr 16mins

10 Aug 2020

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S3 Episode 96 - Tonya Gilchrist - The Traveling Teacher

Que sera Sarah?

Tonya is an International Literacy Consultant with #EKC who gets to travel the world and accompany students and teachers in their learning. We chatted in depth about a student centred approach, the importance of communication between colleagues and developing the “wonder” in our students. Tonya’s expertise is in Language and Literacy and also Inquiring based learning, so naturally we dove into how those two work together and how they lead us to developing students critical thinking skills!

1hr 5mins

4 Dec 2019

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P3 #80 Tonya Gilchrist

The Personal Playlist Podcast

This episode of the P3 explores many aspects of Tonya Gilcrest's professional and personal life, her traits, key memories, and positive outlook through unpacking her three song playlist. She and is an internationally experienced educator, consultant, instructional coach, and curriculum specialist. She has served as a teacher, learning leader, and coach in schools in the US, Thailand, and Japan. She now serves as a literacy and IB consultant and staff developer for Erin Kent Consulting. She specializes in helping schools around the world amplify inquiry and honour agency across Reading and Writing Workshops. Tonya also works with schools to support them in enhancing disciplinary literacy and in effectively utilizing the workshop model in host country languages.


19 Aug 2019

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Tonya Gilchrist

I Wish I Knew EDU with Ramona Meharg

7:11amRamonaMeharg's avatarRamona Meharg 🇨🇦 @RamonaMehargThis week on I Wish I Knew EDU, I’m talking to Tonya Gilchrist @Mrs_Gilchrist about the highs and lows of teaching in Japan and Internationally, being open to opportunities, knowing when change is right for you and releasing ourselves from the need to be perfect.


8 Aug 2019

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Episode #71: Amplifying Inquiry, Honoring Agency with Tonya Gilchrist

Rethinking Learning Podcast

Episode #71 is with Tonya Gilchrist Tonya Gilchrist who is an internationally experienced educator, presenter, consultant, instructional coach, and curriculum specialist. She specializes in amplifying inquiry across reading and writing workshops and effectively utilizing the workshop model in host country languages. The post Episode #71: Amplifying Inquiry, Honoring Agency with Tonya Gilchrist first appeared on Rethinking Learning.


5 Apr 2019

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Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast, Episode 30 with Tonya Gilchrist

Aspire to Lead

This week’s Aspire guest is Tonya Gilchrist. Tonya is a literacy leader, Instructional coach at an international school in Japan, consultant, presenter, and blogger. (Music by Ben Lundquist)


8 Dec 2018

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Inquiry-Based Learning on a Global Scale with Tonya Gilchrist

Prosign Design

Teacher, Blogger, Instructional Coach, and Literacy Consultant Tonya Gilchrist shares her passion for learner agency as she grows alongside students in Japan and schools around the world supporting Readers and Writers Workshop and Inquiry-Based Learning. Check out our sponsor: prosigndesignco.com


2 Oct 2018

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27 - Tonya Gilchrist: Language Teacher and Literacy Coach

Teachers on Fire

Tonya Gilchrist is a language teacher and literacy coach at Tokyo International School in Tokyo, Japan. An experienced speaker and presenter, Tonya advocates for learner agency, the inquiry mindset, and joyful leaders. Tonya knew she wanted to become a teacher since she was in third grade, but the daunting pressure and prescriptive directions to teach to standardized tests threatened to make her quit the profession altogether. It was after Googling “What else can I do with a teaching degree?” that she discovered the incredible opportunities in overseas education, and the rest is history. Today, you can hear the passion in Tonya’s voice as she talks about the influences of growth mindset, inquiry-based learning, translanguaging, and the importance of self-care. Follow Tonya Gilchrist @Mrs_Gilchrist, check out life at the Tokyo International School @TISLearns, and read Tonya’s latest thoughts on literacy and education at TonyaGilchrist.com.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/teachersonfire/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/teachersonfire/support


23 Jun 2018