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Jennifer Fulwiler

DeTalks with Allison

Jen Fulwiler is a stand-up comedian based in Austin, Texas...who also converted from being an atheist to a Catholic. Her special, “The Naughty Corner,” can be streamed on Amazon Prime and you can listen to her podcast, “This is Jen,” on all streaming platforms. She will be going on tour fall 2021, so keep an eye on her website at https://jenniferfulwiler.com to see where she’ll be next!   This show is produced by Big Laugh Comedy Network. https://www.blcomedy.com Thank you to our sponsors, MSW Vitamin Lounge in Austin, Texas and MSW Nutrition. Shop MSW Nutrition supplements for 15% off with the code DETALKS at checkout here: https://bit.ly/DeTalksWithAllison

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16 Jul 2021

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Standup Comedian and XM Radio Talk Show Host Jennifer Fulwiler | Finding Your Blue Flame: Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Come Alive

Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

How a mother of six became a full-time standup comedian, the importance of finding your life’s purpose and how to write great comedy.


2 Nov 2020

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Your Blue Flame, with Jennifer Fulwiler

Confessions of a SuperMom Wannabe

I’m on track to read 45 books by the end of this year, and Jennifer Fulwiler’s book, Your Blue Flame, is at the top of this list. I can’t talk about it enough, and I was honored to be able to chat with her about it. Jen is a standup comic and the mom of six kids. After being told that there wasn’t an audience for standup comedy done by a minivan-driving woman from the suburbs, she self-produced her own tour that sold out venues. How’s that for a “just watch me” moment?    Jen and I talk about finding your passion, how to figure out what gets you all lit up inside (outside of the roles you play), and that adding joy to your life is actually a FAVOR to your family and the world around you.   If you’re looking for an amazing read that doesn’t take hours and hours, please pick up Jen’s book. Whether you want more or you just want to drop the guilt and do something that makes you feel happy, Jen has such encouragement for all of us. I seriously can’t wait to read the book again…and again!


31 Aug 2020

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Lighten Up #123: Jennifer Fulwiler

Lighten Up with Melanie Dale

Today I'm kicking off a new series, "Lighten Up about Parenting," and let me tell you why I'm so excited. Not only do I have an awesome guest line-up for you throughout this 10-part series, but I'm putting myself in the hot seat and inviting 10 beta testers to share their honest thoughts about my upcoming book, Calm the H*ck Down. These beta testers hail from all over the country and they were given an assignment: read an early copy of my book, then come on the show and tell me what they thought. They volunteered to go first and kick the tires on this thing, you know, make sure the book works before you buy it. This is the most nervous I've ever been on my own show, because I had no idea what they'd say before they came on. So first up, today I'm chatting for a few minutes with Kelly from Minnesota about Calm the H*ck Down, and then stay tuned, because radio host and stand-up comedian Jennifer Fulwiler is joining me to talk about her new book, Your Blue Flame. She's funny! She's smart! I had a blast talking with her about parenting, following her dreams, and her new book Your Blue Flame. We talk about expectations she had going into parenting, the one thing she does every night to calm down, and how her kids are making her laugh. She decided to become a stand-up comedian and worked hard and made it happen, and she has fantastic advice for us as we pursue what makes us come alive. We chat about how can we identify our own blue flame, how do we find time to pursue our blue flame, and then she gives us a peek behind the curtain about how she developed her comedy routine and booking her first comedy tour by herself. Talking with Jennifer is fascinating and inspiring, as well as hilarious, so listen in and lighten up Free Pandemic Parenting ebook when you preorder Calm the H*ck Down! Calm the H*ck Down comes out December 8, and if you preorder it now, you'll immediately receive my ebook, Pandemic Parenting: How to Calm Down When the World's Messed Up, available exclusively to those who preorder. Links from the show: Check out Jen's book, Your Blue Flame Jen's new podcast Catch up with Jen on Instagram


4 Aug 2020

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Jennifer Fulwiler

The Primal Kitchen Podcast

Elle Russ chats with Jen Fulwiler - a mom of six, a standup comic, and the host of THIS IS JEN Podcast. She’s a best-selling author whose new book is Your Blue Flame: Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Come Alive. After being told that there wasn’t an audience for standup comedy done by a minivan-driving woman from the suburbs, she self-produced her own tour, which is selling out venues across the country. Jen's Website Connect with Show Host Elle Russ 


20 Jul 2020

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Pursue Your Passion with Jennifer Fulwiler | Ep. 67

Water with Lemon

Jennifer Fulwiler, author of Your Blue Flame, joins me to talk about doing what makes you feel alive. After ending her steady career to pursue her passion of standup comedy, Jennifer encourages others that the energy is there and it’s worth the risk to pursue what you love. A little bit about the guest: Jennifer Fulwiler is a standup comic, the host of a daily talk show on SiriusXM, and the mom of six kids. She’s the author of the bestselling memoirs Something Other than God and One Beautiful Dream. After being told that there wasn’t an audience for standup comedy done by a minivan-driving woman from the suburbs, she self-produced her own tour, which is selling out venues across the country. Follow her on Instagram at @JenniferFulwiler. Support the podcast through Patreon Join our mailing list Check out our website Resources: Your Blue Flame: Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Feel Alive by Jennifer Fulweiler Jennifer is watching encouraging and positive videos. She is being refreshed by the creativity and joy found on Tik Tok. Noteworthy quotes: “Don’t ever doubt that you do have a purpose.” 10:41 “I wish I had felt more freedom to truly embrace who I really am.” 20:28 Questions for consideration: What areas of your life do your friends think would be really hard but you really enjoy? Can you identify “your blue flame”? How can you set aside time to pursue that more?


8 Jul 2020

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Your Blue Flame | Jennifer Fulwiler | Episode 34

St. Philip Institute Podcast

Jennifer Fulwiler is a mom of 6 as well as an author, podcaster, and stand-up comedian. She is also a convert to the Catholic Faith, a journey she chronicles in her award winning book, Something Other Than God. This week she joins Bishop Strickland and Institute staff members to discuss her latest book, Your Blue Flame, and the importance of pursuing the things that make you joyful.


30 Jun 2020

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Episode 222: Jennifer Fulwiler

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

I am such a huge fan of Jennifer Fulwiler and her work and this conversation is LONG overdue- she's one of the guests y'all keep requesting. Her book Your Blue Flame has been helping me put words to some things I'm feeling and handing me some next steps. She's so fun to talk with and you're going to love Jen and her new book! We also hop over to continue our chat on YouTube, so check that out and subscribe there so you don't miss any of these special additional conversations! YouTube.com/anniefdownstsf . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast Thank you to our partners! Brooklinen: You can get 10% off your first order and free shipping when you use promo code soundsfun only at Brooklinen.com! International Justice Misson: Visit IJM.org/ChangeLives to be a part of this movement for good. Your consistent support will impact the lives of individuals all over the world


14 May 2020

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Jennifer Fulwiler On Your Blue Flame

The Shepherd's Voice

Naumann interviews Jennifer Fulwiler about her recent comedy tour and her new book:  Your Blue Flame, Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Come Alive.


1 May 2020

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CTLP Episode 163 - Embracing Your Blue Flame with Jennifer Fulwiler

Live Well Anyway

On the Cultivating the Lovely podcast this week, MacKenzie Koppa talks with Jennifer Fulwiler about her new book Your Blue Flame. Jennifer is a wife, a mother of six, and also stays busy hosting a radio talk show, doing stand-up comedy and writing! Together MacKenzie and Jennifer talk about embracing your amazing gifts to bless those around you. This is an encouraging and fun conversation, so sit back, relax and enjoy! (Amazon affiliate links are used in this content.) Jennifer talks about what a “blue flame” even is and why she wrote this book How the concept of finding your blue flame is a blessing to others Each of us has a gift that we can use to brighten someone else’s day How using your blue flame can free your ego Be willing to take risks and embrace your failures Jennifer talks about what it is like doing stand-up comedy You have this God-given gift, and you have a duty to give it back to the world. Jennifer Fulwiler Your blue flame is not about you, and you have a duty to share it with the world How the Enemy tries to attack when you are using your gifts You weren’t meant to do this alone What Jennifer’s current typical day versus what is a normal day Current Lovelies- Jennifer: watching YouTube makeup tutorials and playing with new looks Resources Mentioned- Books: Your Blue Flame One Beautiful Dream Movies: Office Space Galaxy Quest Podcasts: Starting Greatness Find Jennifer- You can find Jennifer on her website JenniferFulwiler.com. You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Find MacKenzie- You can find MacKenzie Koppa on Instagram, Facebook, and the CTL Facebook Group, of course! Join us on Patreon at Patreon.com/CultivatingtheLovely. Thanks to Our Sponsors- Today’s episode of Cultivating the Lovely is sponsored by YogaSleep. Go to YogaSleep.com/LOVELY to get 20% OFF your next order of a sound machine for your family. This episode of Cultivating the Lovely is brought to you by Laurel Springs School. Cultivating the Lovely listeners, register your child today at laurelsprings.com/lovely to have the registration fee waived.


15 Apr 2020