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801: Marc Gelfo on the art of learning

Contrabass Conversations double bass life

Marc Gelfo is the founder of Modacity, which has transformed my practice habits during the three years that I’ve been using it. We dig into what Marc has been up to since our last podcast chat, the power of deliberate practice, new features coming for Modacity, the new iPad edition, and more. Enjoy, and check out this special lifetime offer that Marc has set up for Contrabass Conversations listeners! Subscribe to the podcast to get these interviews delivered to you automatically! Check out our Online Sheet Music Store with 100+ wide-ranging titles for bassists. Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle. Check out my Beginner's Classical Bass course, available exclusively from Discover Double Bass. Thank you to our sponsors! Dorico - Dorico helps you to write music notation, automatically producing printed results of exceptional quality — and plays it back with breathtaking realism. It is easy enough for anyone to learn, yet has hundreds of advanced notations, features, options and sounds to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.  With its streamlined, natural user interface, students and those with less experience in scoring can compose and arrange straight into Dorico, making learning the language of music notation much faster and more intuitive. Editing and making changes — such as instrument, time signature or key — are straightforward, with the notation instantly and correctly adapting to include them, reinforcing the learning outcome. Ear Trumpet Labs - They make hand-built mics out of Portland, OR and they have an excellent mic for upright bass called Nadine. The Nadine is a condenser mic with a clear natural sound and incredible feedback rejection. This mic is a completely new design -- the head mounts in between the strings above the tailpiece with a rubber grommet, and the body securely straps to the tailpiece with velcro elastic. A 14-inch Mogami cable connects the two parts making it easy to place on any bass. It’s durable and holds up to the demanding needs of the instrument while offering excellent sound quality. Ear Trumpet Labs is offering a free t-shirt just for Contrabass listeners with the purchase of a mic, just visit EarTrumpetLabs.com/contrabass to claim yours and check out the Nadine! Modacity - Are you a practice-savvy musician? Get Modacity – the music practice app that organizes, focuses, and tracks your progress.  Recorder… metronome… tone generator… timer… note taking… Do away with the random assortment of music practice apps in your arsenal. Modacity™ combines all the tools you need into one easy to use, music practice tool.  Organize, focus, and reflect on your practice – motivating you to increase retention in less time.  Modacity has a special offer for Contrabass Conversations listeners that includes lifetime access to the app. Contrabass Conversations production team: Jason Heath, host Michael Cooper and Steve Hinchey, audio editing Mitch Moehring, audio engineer Trevor Jones, publication and promotion theme music by Eric Hochberg


17 May 2021

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099 Marc Gelfo: The Masterful Practice Challenge

The Mind Over Finger Podcast

In this episode, Marc Gelfo from Modacity and Dr. Renée-Paule Gauthier from Mind Over Finger discuss elements of masterful instrumental practice and are excited to announce the Masterful Practice Challenge. JOIN THE 7-DAY MASTERFUL PRACTICE CHALLENGE TODAY! Learn skills & approaches that will forever elevate the quality of your learning. Join us May 2-8, 2021 for this rare opportunity that includes live Q&A! SIGN UP HERE! Over the course of 7 days, starting May 2nd, Marc and Renée will take you along on a journey to masterful practice.  During that week, we will cover: TIME MASTERY To practice well, you must simultaneously manage your time well, and live in the timeless present.  Day 1 you will get set up in Modacity app to take advantage of its time budgeting, tracking, & planning features. We will also cover important strategies like interleaving and timeboxing. In right relationship with time, anything becomes possible. INTENTION MASTERY By taking the time to set your intention, you bring awareness and direction to your practice. “Priming” is a key technique for getting what you most desire from your practice sessions. Learn the best principles for intention setting and “flexible rigor”. ATTENTION MASTERY The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention. On Day 3 you’ll receive a very special guided meditation download that will build your attentional capacity. In addition, we’ll go through the various focus points that are most constructive in the practice room, and talk about how misguided attention can derail you. BODY MASTERY The body is your primary instrument. Learn how to warm up and align your body for optimal practice results. Physiology influences mindset, emotions, ability to focus, and so much more. Get an overview the most effective movement modalities for music practice, and explore the role of tension in performance. EMOTIONAL MASTERY Your emotions can elevate you to greatness or completely destroy your day. Begin to master the emotional aspect of practicing. Challenging, strange, complex emotions can arise during practicing. Learn how to identify and regulate yourself so that a wave of frustration becomes an inspiration for change. This day will cover the roles of reward & punishment, as well as our favorite tools for emotional awareness and mastery. Impact/Output Mastery Your music practice impacts your body, mind, emotions, and life trajectory. Explore the inputs, outputs, and holistic impact of your music practice. This day will help you connect to a bigger picture for the role of music in your life and relationships. Specific journaling prompts and exercises from permaculture design will help you identify regenerative, energy positive ways to make the most of your practice. INTEGRATION MASTERY No matter what you’re learning, maximize your chances of remembering it and making it your own through a conscious integration practice. This final day offers the key to compounding lifelong learning: effective integration. We’ll discuss the role of reflection, planning, and testing. A final live Q&A session on Zoom will offer the chance to make sure you walk away from this challenge equipped to continue your path of practice mastery. THE MASTERFULL PRACTICE CHALLENGE A CLEAR PATH TO MASTERY Frustrated with your playing?  Unsatisfied with you career?  Ready for a change? Whatever your challenge, you don't have to go at it alone, and I can help.  Visit www. https://www.mindoverfinger.com/workwithme to learn more and book your call and let’s discuss how to get you from where you are to where you want to be. THE MUSIC MASTERY EXPERIENCE will be back in June 2021.  This is my LIFE CHANGING, highly personalized group coaching program where I show you how to implement mindful & effective practice techniques, how to make them habits, and how to get RESULTS. Save your spot at http://www.mindoverfinger.com/mme and get access to some really cool bonuses. Join the Mind Over Finger Tribe for access to my weekly live videos and to exchange with a community of like-minded musicians Visit www.mindoverfinger.com and sign up for my newsletter to get your free guide to an exceptionally productive practice using the metronome.  This guide is the perfect entry point to help you bring more mindfulness and efficiency into your practice and it’s filled with tips and tricks on how to use that wonderful tool to take your practicing and your playing to new heights. THANK YOU: A HUGE thank you to my fantastic producer, Bella Kelly, who works really hard to make this podcast as pleasant to listen to as possible for you. Most sincere thank you to composer Jim Stephenson who graciously provided the show’s musical theme.  Concerto #1 for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra – Movement 2: Allegro con Brio, performed by Jeffrey Work, trumpet, and the Lake Forest Symphony, conducted by Jim Stephenson. Thank you to Susan Blackwell for the introduction.  You can find out more about Susan, her fantastic podcast The Spark File, and her work helping creatives of all backgrounds expand their impact by visiting https://www.susanblackwell.com/home. MIND OVER FINGER: www.mindoverfinger.com https://www.facebook.com/mindoverfinger/ https://www.instagram.com/mindoverfinger/


27 Apr 2021

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Innovative Practice Strategies for Mind, Body, and Music (feat. Marc Gelfo)

Learn Jazz Standards Podcast

Welcome to episode 267 where today we have special guest, founder and CEO of Modactiy, Marc Gelfo, on to talk about practice strategy. In this episode, Marc digs beneath the surface and shares his thoughts on practicing effectively drawing from neuroscience, psychology, and his experience as an extraordinarily accomplished french hornist.Listen to episode 267When it comes to practicing, we often talk about what you should be practicing to improve your musicianship or your jazz skills. And often some tactics are prescribed. I know that I often prescribe certain practice regimens, different things that you can do to accelerate your progress.But we often don't talk about the deeper side, the brain side, the psychological side of practicing. How we can speed up our development by the way we think, by the way we feel physically.And all these things that are kind of meta and beneath the surface of what we normally talk about when we talk about practicing.So, on today's show, I have very special guest Marc Gelfo, the founder of the practicing app Modacity, to get inside of all this stuff with us, to talk about the mind, the body, and music and how we can apply some real strategies for improving our practicing and improving our progress.In this episode:1. Marc's background on how he came to effective practicing 2. Why practicing well matters (and the consequences of not) 3. Marc's emotional, mental, and technical practice hacks 4. The role of recording your practice 5. Modacity and how it can help you practice more effectively Important Links1. Modacity (Marc's Practice App)2. LJS Inner Circle Membership

1hr 9mins

26 Apr 2021

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#34: Marc Gelfo


In this episode, host Adam Wolf sits down with one of the most interesting people you'll ever meet. We talk about his career, his schooling, his app Modacity, and his beautiful outlook on life. Do enjoy! This episode is sponsored by Modacity.


1 Apr 2020

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The Executive Function of the Mind: Marc Gelfo (S2, E3)

Projects – The A440 Podcast

MARC GELFO is the founder and CEO of Modacity, a rehearsal environment for your mobile device. Marc has been practicing music for 30+ years. After applying cognitive science and computer science to French horn, Marc became an internationally touring symphony musician. His experience includes teaching and performing with thousands of musicians around the world, including the San Francisco Symphony. Modacity is a direct expression of Marc’s dedication to integrating science, music, wellness, and technology through meaningful and large scale collaborations. Listeners of The A440 Podcast can get a lifetime subscription to Modacity for the incredibly generous rate of $115! CLICK HERE! Artists mentioned in this episode include: Jimi Hendrix Hong Kong Philharmonic Led Zeppelin Silk Road Ensemble


30 Oct 2019

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Episode 134 - Interview With Marc Gelfo, Creator of the Modacity Practice App

The Music Ed Podcast

Join me as I interview Marc Gelfo, musician and creator of the Modacity Practice App - an all inclusive practice aid that also includes a recorder and drone. Find out more and download the app at www.modacity.co. Questions about the app? Contact the team at hello@modacity.co. Have you benefitted from this podcast? Would you consider supporting us on Patreon?


14 Aug 2019

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008 Marc Gelfo: Peak Performance & Peak Practice: Science, Tech, & Mindfulness (There's an app for this!)

The Mind Over Finger Podcast

This week on the podcast, I talk with neuro-symphonic hornist and creator of the practice app, Modacity.  Marc brings an incredible versatility to music making and has an inspiring holistic approach to practicing and living music. We discuss: Hi versatile background, developing skills and acquiring knowledge in many areas – music, neuroscience, coding, meditation, wisdom traditions What being a neuro-symphonic hornist means What do we define “success” as What is positive focus How he came up with Modacity The features of Modacity The importance of priming Join Marc and I for a month of mindful practice during the month of November! DETAILS INCLUDED AT THE END OF THE EPISODE AND BELOW HERE! ALL ABOUT MARC: Marc’s webiste: http://marcgelfo.com/ Modacity: https://www.modacity.co/ Challenge Participants: Download the Modacity app and visit https://www.modacity.co/mindful-music-upgrade/ for access to all the app’s premium features for FREE for the whole month of November! Marc’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/practicelivingmusic/ Marc on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marcgelfo/ Modacity’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ModacityApp/ Modacity on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modacityapp/ Why You Should Use Modacity to Practice Music How To: Deliberate Practice for Musicians & How to Use Modacity's Improvement Feature The art of breathing: http://www.jessicawolfartofbreathing.com/for-purchase/ Research on the advantages of recording practice - "When audience members were played recordings of both types of performance, a significant majority expressed a preference for the performances that were created in a mindful state."  http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0305735607086053 Contrabass Conversation episode #515: Practice better with Modacity – Jason Heath interviews Marc Jason Heath’s blog: How I’m practicing music better using Modacity and forScore Jason Heath’s video Modacity: my favorite new tool for better practicing Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery Second Edition by Eric N. Franklin The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful by Eric Ries MARC GELFO Marc Gelfo has been combining music and technology since he was 5 years old. After applying cognitive science & computer science degrees to French horn, Marc became an internationally touring symphony musician. His experience includes teaching and performing with thousands of musicians around the world, including San Francisco Symphony and Philadelphia Orchestra. Marc is Co-Founder & CEO at Modacity, building software to help create a world where everyone makes music. Visit https://modacity.co or email marc@modacity.co for more on this rapidly growing music learning platform.  MINDFUL PRACTICE MONTH Now, if you’re interested in taking your practice to the next level, join me for a month of Mindful Practice!  Here’s how it works! Hop on Facebook, and join The Mind Over Finger Tribe at https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindoverfingertribe/ Think of 1-3 practice goals you have for the month of November, put that in writing, and share it with us on the group. It could be anything from learning a piece, to working on a specific thing you want to fix in your technique.  I would be specific, like don’t say I want to improve my left hand, but rather say something along the lines of I want to improve my shifts. Download the Modacity app and visit https://www.modacity.co/mindful-music-upgrade/ for access to all the app’s premium features for FREE for the whole month of November! Starting November 1st, practice every day using Modacity and share a daily practice insight or "win" with us and on social media with the hashtag #mindfulpracticechallenge! I’m going share mine in the group and on Instagram using the hashtag #mindfulpracticechallenge THANK YOU: Most sincere thank you to composer Jim Stephenson who graciously provided the show’s musical theme!  Concerto #1 for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra – Movement 2: Allegro con Brio, performed by Jeffrey Work, trumpet, and the Lake Forest Symphony, conducted by Jim Stephenson. Also a huge thank you to recording engineer extraordinaire, Bella Kelly! If you enjoyed the show, please leave a review on iTunes!  I truly appreciate your support! MIND OVER FINGER: www.mindoverfinger.com https://www.facebook.com/mindoverfinger/


26 Oct 2018

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110: Emotion and Efficiency, with Marc Gelfo (Modacity)

Musicality Now

Today we're joined by Marc Gelfo, a self-described “Neuro-symphonic Hornist” who has played French Horn in some of the top symphony orchestras and is the creator of the Modacity app which helps you practice music more effectively and enjoyably. When we first came across the Modacity app, we were impressed. But quite often the research and literature around music practice seems to end up being quite divorced from the actual expressive and creative nature of music itself, so since it’s quite a scientific and sophisticated app, our first assumption was that the creator was probably quite a technical guy. In fact, we discovered that nothing could be further from the truth! Marc’s a fascinating guy and in this conversation we talk about: • What an epic road trip taught him about what his French Horn could do • How you can start connecting with the more expressive side of music-making, even if you don’t consider yourself creative or artistic • The principles that can transform the effectiveness of your music practice and get you better results faster, and in a more enjoyable way. Subscribe For Future Episodes! Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | RSS Full Show Notes and Transcript: Episode 110 Links and Resources • Marc Gelfo’s website • Modacity • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck • About Deliberate Practice in Music • Interview with Prof. Anders Ericsson Enjoying the show? Please consider rating and reviewing it! Click here to rate and review


25 Sep 2018

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The Neuroscience Behind Radical Musical Improvement (Feat. Marc Gelfo)

Learn Jazz Standards Podcast

Welcome to episode 131 of the LJS Podcast where today we have on special guest Marc Gelfo to talk about neuroscience and the music learning process. Marc calls himself a neuro-symphonic french hornist, and he's the CEO of the Modacity practice platform. He talks all about the power of neuroscience and music. Listen in!


3 Sep 2018

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TEM150: How to 10x your progress and moving on quickly from your bad ideas - A conversation with Modacity's Marc Gelfo

The Entrepreneurial Musician with Andrew Hitz

TEM150: How to 10x your progress and moving on quickly from your bad ideas - A conversation with Modacity's Marc Gelfo Marc Gelfo is the CEO and co-founder of Modacity, I can't believe we made it to 150 episodes together! Thank you to each and every one of you for listening and for giving TEM your attention. I wouldn't have made it past the 10th episode without you! Next stop: 200! What You'll Learn: How Marc used his experiences with cognitive science to approach practicing his horn more efficiently The need for an embouchure change after Marc was already making a living as a professional horn player that inspired him to create software to help himself and others practice more efficiently How different his first idea in this space was compared to what Modacity is today The startup accelerator he joined in Silicon Valley that really forced him to question whether his ideas were viable business ideas Why you need to kill your bad ideas as fast as you possibly can (and how to go about starting that process if you're not good at it) The difference between visionaries and integrators and why those two types of people work so well together (and why partnering with someone is frequently a better idea than trying to change your type) How any musician can up their progress up to 10x The two different kinds of expectations and the four reactions we can have to them (really good stuff!) How Marc discovered the importance of team as he developed Modacity Why bringing on advisers as teammates can compliment your weaknesses (and how to pitch them) How he achieves balance in his life (this was a different answer than I’ve ever heard to this question) Where Marc sees software for musicians going in the future  Links: Modacity app marcgelfo.com Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark Winters Marc's Interval Meditation Video Want to help the show? Here's a couple of ways you can do that! 1. Help me get to my next goal of $100 per episode on Patreon by pledging as little as $1 per episode to support the show: https://www.patreon.com/tempodcast. 2. My next iTunes goal is 100 ratings and 75 reviews. Take just a minute to leave a rating and review on iTunes to help me get there. Thank you! And finally, a huge thank you to Parker Mouthpieces for providing the hosting for TEM. Produced by Andrew Hitz Show notes for all episodes of TEM including topics discussed, links to all books and websites referenced can be found at: http://www.andrewhitz.com/shownotes


30 Jul 2018