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Nischal Shetty - Founder and CEO, WazirX

The Great Indian Marketing Show

Nischal Shetty is the Founder and CEO of WazirX, India's largest cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2018, the company capitalized on the rising tide of retail traders investing in cryptocurrencies to power its growth. WazirX today boasts over 6.5 million users across its platform. Nischal joins us on this episode to talk about his journey and the secret behind WazirX's meteoric community-driven growth.


29 Aug 2021

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WazirX CEO: India’s crypto industry keeps “clean” for regulators (ft. Nischal Shetty)

Word on the Block | Forkast.News

In India, the legal status of crypto and cryptocurrency trading remains a hot and murky topic. India’s divisions, differences in opinion and all-out tug-of-war over the legality of crypto have been on full display in recent years. First there was a central bank ban on banks doing business with crypto firms. Then the Indian Supreme Court overturned that banking ban. Earlier this year, India’s Parliament upped the ante by drafting a bill that would ban crypto outright. That crypto ban bill hasn’t gone anywhere — yet. But with that threat in the shadows, what are India’s crypto holders and companies to do? As India’s crypto community awaits official clarification, many companies are now taking matters into their own hands through a voluntary and self-imposed code of conduct that would make them compliant with reasonable regulations, said Nishcal Shetty, founder of WazirX, in an interview with Forkast.News. WazirX, which launched just three weeks before the Reserve Bank of India’s issued its ban on crypto banking in 2018 and has since grown into one of the nation's biggest crypto exchanges, recently joined a new collaboration between India's Blockchain and Crypto Assets Council and India's Internet and Mobile Association to develop guidelines for self-regulation among India’s crypto exchanges. “The idea as an industry was, should we really just wait till the law comes in and just have anyone operate according to their own wishes? Or can we sort of try to build a template and sort of show the government that even on our own, we're still responsible and it's not the Wild West out here,” Shetty said. “I think with that objective, we decided we should all come together, exchanges in the country and adhere to some set of guidelines which we will all follow.” An entrepreneur at heart, Shetty took a hard look at India’s lagging position in the blockchain and cryptocurrency global ecosystem and realized that creating access was the first step to foster technological innovation and growth in the nation of 1.4 billion. Throughout his journey in the space, Shetty has discovered that among the oscillating government positions, that there are nuances in even hardline stances and a willingness by government officials to learn and understand the disruptive new technology. Shetty also believes the crypto industry can help the hundreds of millions of citizens who do not have access to mainstream financial services, such as having a bank savings account. “If you look at the whole equity space in India, we have probably 70 million people into it, that's about 4% and that's an industry that has existed for many, many years,” Shetty said. “Now, here you have an industry which sort of in India — I think it's been only four or five years since crypto really became a popular term — if you look at it in isolation, yes, it seems like just 1%. But if you think about it, it's already 25% of the whole equity space in a very short period of time. So that growth trajectory is something which is very, very visible.”


18 Jun 2021

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"If you have Cryptocurrency, this is why you'll become rich in future" - by Nischal Shetty.

Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

What exactly is happening in the crypto world? Why do prices fluctuate just because of someone's tweet or appearance in a live show? Where do Bitcoins come from? What is an NFT? If these questions bother you, we have a special guest today for you in this podcast. Nischal Shetty is the Founder & CEO of India's very own Crypto-asset exchange WazirX.  He's software engineer turned serial entrepreneur and has been already listed under Forbes 30 Under 30.In this podcast, he talks about All the developments the cryptocurrency up-till now and their causes.NFTBitcoin MiningDogeCoin and much more.   


10 May 2021

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#11: Nischal Shetty on Building India's First $1bn Crypto Exchange

CryptoNews Podcast

Nischal Shetty is the CEO and Founder of WazirX, India's largest crypto exchange. In this conversation, we discuss: - How WazirX became India's largest crypto exchange- Getting acquired by Binance - Creating the Indian Cryptocurrency Code of Conduct - Digital Rupee- Decentralized Notification Protocols - The future of crypto in India- NFTs, BTC, ETH - The crypto community raising money for Covid-19 in India WazirX- Twitter: @WazirXIndia- Website: wazirx.com- Telegram: @wazirxNischal- Twitter: @NischalShetty------------------------------------------------------------------------This episode is brought to you by CoinPoker.CoinPoker is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform that was developed by an ambitious team of poker lovers.CoinPoker uses USDT as the main in-game currency and CHP as in-game fuel, offering all benefits of the crypto world alongside. CoinPoker also features instant and secure transactions using USDT, ETH, BTC or CHP tokens and no KYC.CoinPoker users get huge promotions, as they give away thousands in fiat value each week. CHP is the currency of the CoinPoker economy providing players with exclusive benefits and supports future developments delivered to the CoinPoker community.Play some hands, collect wins, and cash out in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or CHP!Twitter: @CoinPoker_OFFWebsite: coinpoker.comTelegram: @officialcoinpoker


3 May 2021

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Evangelising Crypto in India | Nischal Shetty @ WazirX

Founder Thesis

Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it. Our guest in thisepisode is a problem solver at heart, who has used the art of coding to solve real-life problems.Brace for the resilient journey of Nischal Shetty, Founder and CEO, WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.In a candid conversation with Akshay Datt, Nischal talks about his fascination for computers and his coding journey. It was in the second year of engineering when he was bitten by the coding bug and since then there’s been no looking back. From building the Knightloader App for a college project (the App helped in downloading reading material from the Internet at night) to transforming his weekend passion project to Crowdfire which helped users to unfollow people on Twitter, Nischal has found logical solutions to problems via coding.He further talks about how a major setback with Crowdfire inspired him to build something that no one else can control. He found his calling in cryptocurrency and this is where the journey of WazirX began.Tune in to this episode to hear Nischal speak about how cryptocurrency has the power to disrupt the well-established and archaic BFSI sector, with WazirX being the torchbearer of this change.Key takeaways:● Cryptocurrency 101● India’s response to cryptocurrency● The association between WazirX and Binance (the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange).● Cryptocurrency as a means to diversify investments

1hr 11mins

8 Apr 2021

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Nischal Shetty, Founder of WazirX on Cryptocurrencies in India: The proposed ban, regulations and its future

Dare Do Speak: Startup & Founder Stories

In the very first episode of Dare Do Speak, the guest is Nischal Shetty, Founder and CEO of WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange (acquired by Binance).  In a conversation with Diksha Dutta, he speaks about what it takes to be a crypto entrepreneur in India;  the proposed ban on cryptocurrencies in the country; the future of NFTs and DeFi; and more.


21 Mar 2021

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Interview With Nischal Shetty Founder Of WazirX | DEFI में क्या नया लायेगा WazirX |

Crypto ke Chehre by Finstreet

It’s finally here! An exclusive one-on-one with the co-founder of WazirX and one of the notable faces in the fight for cryptocurrency in India, Nischal Shetty where he answers questions asked by the public and breaks myths surrounding cryptocurrency. Listen to the complete interview and let us know what you think in the comments below!


2 Feb 2021

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WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty

The Indianaut Podcast

Nischal Shetty is one of the biggest advocates and voices in the cryptocurrency ecosystem of India. A software developer turned entrepreneur, he is the Founder and CEO of WazirX (India's top-rated cryptocurrency exchange). In this episode, Nischal Shetty talks with The Indianaut Podcast host Gautam Marwah about the recent Bitcoin surge, WazirX's acquisition by Binance, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), his personal journey to becoming an #Indianaut, and how the Indian government and the crypto community can work together. Do follow us on Facebook (@indianaut.in), Instagram (@indianaut.in) & Twitter (@indianaut) for regular updates on our latest episodes.


27 Jan 2021

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Nischal Shetty on building and scaling products | Behind the Scenes

The Kalaari Podcast

Nischal Shetty, Co-Founder and CEO of WazirX, on how to take a product-first approach to build a startup 1. Get feedback from users early on- even at the idea stage 2. Understand the core problem deeply 3. Play to the strengths of the founding team  Getting founder-product-market fit right provides a real advantage for #success in the #future. #KalaariPodcastWhen it comes to #startups, there is no fast track to #success. Almost all startup teams go through a variety of crises and challenges Behind The Scenes. Having been a part of many startup journeys over the last decade at Kalaari, we believe that there are valuable lessons to be gained from the journeys of others. These episodes from Kalaari come from our continued commitment to empower and encourage #entrepreneurship.If you have any suggestions, please reach out to us, podcasts@kalaari.com. We would love to hear from you.For more podcasts, visit our website- https://www.kalaari.com/podcast


21 Nov 2020

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Ep.25: Nischal Shetty of Wazirx: How we used a simple formula called ETC to scale two startups to millions of users

Maharajas of Scale

An inventive young entrepreneur breaking the conventional myths of start-ups with his zealous attitude. On a journey to finding solutions and emerging trends, Nischal self-taught organic growth hack and founded start-ups that are today lashing definitions in the ecosystem. A passionate coder, realised his IT corporate job did not let him understand the impact he was making to the end-user.  This quickly lead to a career switch at BURRP - One of India's earliest restaurant discovery platforms. After learning the ropes of start-up Burrp, he launches CrowdFire which notches up millions of users. Using a simple formula called ETC, Nischal goes on to repeat his success of scaling at his next startup WazirX now owned by Binance, the world's most pre-eminent Crypto Organizations. What is ETC? What Growth Hacks did they apply? You definitely want to hear Nischal Shetty's insight and the start-up story that has an abundance of wisdom to offer.

1hr 5mins

18 Jul 2020