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Nina Teicholz on The BIG FAT Conversation LIVE! 🗣️🔴

UK Low Carb

Nina Teicholz on The BIG FAT Conversation LIVE! 🗣️🔴This panel included L. Amber O'Hearn Nina Teicholz Richard Morris Cynthia Thurlow This is Nina Teicholz's portion of the BIG FAT Conversation which we recorded over three continents and over four different time zones.Each of the panel presented a paper and here is the link to read all of them - https://deliciouslyguiltfree.com/pages/the-big-conversation-articles Nina presented - Saturated Fats and Health: A Reassessment and Proposal for Food-Based Recommendations JACC State-of-the-Art ReviewWould you like to hear the other speakers present their papers? You can listen to the whole show on all podcast apps or watch it here on YouTube If you'd like to join in the conversation then please join our Facebook groupIf you prefer video then we uploaded this show to YouTube - click here to view  Need keto cake? Then you know where to find us! - Deliciously Guilt Free


28 Oct 2021

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Catching up with Nina Teicholz

2 Keto Dudes

Carl and Richard welcome back Nina Teicholz to the show.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/2-keto-dudes/donations

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24 Oct 2021

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BEST OF: Lies About Saturated Fat with Nina Teicholz - Episode 1957

Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich

: Episode 1957 - BEST OF: On this Saturday show, we feature the esteemed Nina Teicholz's third appearance on the podcast from August, 2018. Nina joins Vinnie to talk her participation in the Fat Doc, the "come-from-behind" story, lies about saturated fat, and more. Https://www.vinnietortorich.com/2021/10/best-of-lies-about-saturated-fat-nina-teicholz-episode-1957 PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS NINA TEICHOLZ Nina is one of Vinnie's favorite people She is a top luminary in the field. Vinnie likes to say the male version of her is Gary Taubes. She's been interviewed for the Fat Doc. Nina kindly took time off of her family vacation to shoot her part in Vinnie's living room. Check out the Fat Doc 3 when Vinnie's done with it, too! Nina's an accomplished author. LIES ABOUT SATURATED FAT Nina wrote a book on this - https://www.amazon.com/Big-Fat-Surprise-Butter-Healthy/dp/1451624433/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1535678281&sr=8-1&keywords=nina+teicholz Since the 1960s, people have been following the advice not to eat sat fats. In the last 50 years, scientists have looked at this data. There have been tons of meta analyses that show that even this data is BS. Not linked to your risk of heart disease or heart attack. Yes, they may raise LDL but that's not inherently bad. Many Harvard studies funded by vegetable oil industry --> biased. Coconut oil is NOT BAD for you. In fact, it is good! Entered US market in the 50s. Soybean and other vegetable oil corporations were angry about this. A stunt to keep out foreign competition. Case to be made that the sat fat lies are due to a trade war. Good to use in manufacturing and don't cause inflammation like many others do! It's awful because this trade war has made so many unhealthy. Many who have decided these are bad for you find they can't go back on it because of the psychology of going against your life's work. Effort to shore Ancel Keys' work up in an effort to make themselves feel better. Studies also use too small a sample size for those who are low carb. If people are still fat after 60 years of following these dietary guidelines, maybe it's the guidelines that are the problem. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES and AMAZON Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the charts. We need it to get big for people to see it. Here's the (BLUERAY, DVD, PRIME) (MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE YET ACROSS THE POND). And the And the https://amzn.to/3rxHuB9 [the_ad id="17480"] PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW the film AFTER YOU WATCH!   FAT DOC 1 IS ALSO OUT Go watch it now! We need people to buy and review for it to stay at the top of iTunes pages. Available for both rental and purchase. You can also buy hardcopy or watch online at Amazon. YOU CAN NOW STREAM FOR FREE ON AMAZON PRIME IF YOU HAVE IT! RESOURCES Https://www.vinnietortorich.com Https://www.purevitaminclub.com Https://www.purevitaminclub.co.uk Https://www.purecoffeeclub.com Https://www.nsngfoods.com Https://www.bit.ly/fatdocumentary

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23 Oct 2021

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In Conversation With Nina Teicholz LIVE 🔴 - @ninateicholz | Ep. #071

UK Low Carb

In Conversation With Nina Teicholz LIVE 🔴 - @ninateicholz | Ep. #071On this week's episode of UK Low Carb we have a very special guest, the amazing Nina Teicholz! Nina is the author of the amazing book "The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet" which challenges the mainstream nutritional advice and has been a huge inspiration to my low carb journey.I really hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review so we can get the word out to more people about the amazing low carb way of eating!Connect with Us: • uklowcarb.com• Instagram @uklowcarbpod• Facebook @UKLowCarbPodcast• Email: admin@uklowcarb.comThis show is sponsored by my bushiness Deliciouslyguiltfree.comFancy some low carb cake? You know where to head 😉

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13 Aug 2021

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71. Fiat Nutrition with Nina Teicholz

The Bitcoin Standard Podcast

In this episode we host author Nina Teicholz to discuss healthy eating and the sorry state of fiat nutrition science. We begin with the corrupt scientific establishment’s treatment of Mary Enig, John Yudkin, and other great scholars who went against the dogma promoted by industrial food manufacturers. We further discuss dietary guidelines, why they came about, and how disastrously effective they have been at getting people the world over to abandon the foods of their ancestors in favor of the heavily-marketed highly-profitable industrial waste. We discuss the work of Ancel Keys, nutrition’s equivalent of John Maynard Keynes, who disfigured nutrition science for decades, popularized a fictitious Mediterranean diet, and strengthened the crusade against meat, eggs, animal fat, and cholesterol. As the nutrition science establishment has remained wedded to the nonsensical diet-heart hypothesis even after decades of contrary evidence, we discuss how fiat funding disfigures the scientific process and prevents it from self-correcting, and why bitcoin can fix this, too. We conclude with discussing Nina’s Nutrition Coalition and the commendable work they are doing to counter establishment nutrition science, and we convince her to start accepting bitcoin donations! THE BITCOIN STANDARD TOOLKIT The Bitcoin Standard Toolkit is a selection of the Bitcoin services I recommend to readers and learners on saifedean.com, as they upgrade from The Fiat Standard to The Bitcoin Standard. NYDIG NYDIG is a leading full-service financial services firm dedicated to Bitcoin, applying institutional wisdom and ingenuity to help clients access the unrealized potential of this emerging asset class. NYDIG offers the full suite of financial solutions needed for financial institutions to access Bitcoin, from custody, execution, financing, treasury solutions, integration partnerships, and more. Check their website here: https://nydig.com/ ================== Cyphersafe To secure your bitcoins, it is important to keep your seedphrase backed up safely, and for that, I highly recommend using the CypherWheel seed storage device, a gorgeous and brilliant sturdy piece of low time preference engineering from a fourth-generation machine shop in Maine. Check their website here: https://cyphersafe.io/ ================== OKCoin Whenever someone asks me how to invest in Bitcoin, my advice is to accumulate bitcoins periodically for the long run, or dollar-cost averaging. When you buy every day, week, or month, you play bitcoin’s volatility to your advantage. In the long run, this strategy will outperform every other bitcoin investment strategy, except for dumb luck, and lying about timing the market. For dollar-cost averaging, I strongly recommend OKCoin, the exchange with the lowest fees for recurring purchases worldwide. OKCoin is also the bitcoin exchange accessible in the most countries around the world. Check their website here: https://okcoin.com/ ================== Nodl I believe it is really important to run a node, but I don’t recommend running it on your work or personal computer, as it can compromise the performance of your computer and, more importantly, the security and privacy of your bitcoin node. A far better solution is to buy a dedicated hardware node, and for that, I highly recommend Nodl. Check their website here: https://www.nodl.it/ ================== Coldcard My hardware wallet of choice is the Coldcard. I strongly recommend only conducing bitcoin trades on computers that are dedicated to bitcoin and cannot connect to the internet. I like the Coldcard because it is a contained machine optimized for bitcoin and bitcoin only. Coldcard is basically a small computer that can only do bitcoin, which makes securing it more straight-forward. Use the code BITCOINSTANDARD on coldcardwallet.com to get a 5% discount.  Check their website here: https://coldcardwallet.com/

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15 Jul 2021

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The Atlas Society Asks Nina Teicholz

The Atlas Society Presents - The Atlas Society Asks

Nina Teicholz is an investigative science journalist and an adjunct professor at NYU. She is the author of the best-selling book, "The Big Fat Surprise", which challenges conventional thinking regarding dietary fat and government dietary policy. She is also Executive Director of The Nutrition Coalition, a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization with the primary goal of ensuring that U.S. nutrition policy is based on rigorous scientific evidence. Tune in for her thoughts on nutrition and health, particularly COVID.

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5 May 2021

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EP 121 - Nina Teicholz

The Empowering Neurologist Podcast

How Are We to Interpret the New Dietary Guidelines for Americans? The United States government recently issued its Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This happens every five years so we are now going to have these guidelines in place until 2025. Unfortunately, as you will see, these guidelines are profoundly insufficient as they relate to nutrition. They are administered to all Americans and become the backbone of nutrition for schools and the military and the general population of our country. In fact, the diet that is recommended is designed only for healthy people, and ultimately that represents only about 12% of our population. This is a one-size-fits-all diet that does not reflect the diversity of our country in terms of race, culture, and importantly, variations in metabolic health. The diet recommends greater than 50% of calories coming from carbohydrates and includes three servings of refined grains per day and up to 10% of calories coming from pure sugar. And all this despite the fact that an expert committee provided incredibly robust science, accumulated over the past decade, showcasing the profoundly detrimental health effects of the very diet that was approved.  Today we will spend time with Nina Teicholz as we explore and deconstruct these new guidelines. We’ve had her on the program before, and let me tell you a little bit more about her.  Nina Teicholz, a science journalist, is author of the New York Times bestseller, The Big Fat Surprise, which upended the conventional wisdom on dietary fat–especially saturated fat—and spurred a new conversation about whether these fats in fact cause heart disease. Named a *Best Book* of the year by the Economist, Wall Street Journal and Mother Jones, among others, it continues to be called a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the amazing story of how we came to believe fat is bad for health—and what a better diet might look like. Nina is also the founder of the Nutrition Coalition, a non-profit working to ensure that government nutrition policy is transparent and evidence-based—work for which she’s been asked to testify before the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Canadian Senate. Teicholz is a graduate of Stanford and Oxford Universities and previously served as associate director of the Center for Globalization and Sustainable Development at Columbia University. I am hopeful that each of you will continue to explore what makes for good nutrition, especially as it relates to your individual needs.


26 Apr 2021

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Nina Teicholz chats about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Diet and Health Today

Nina Teicholz is a wonderful trail blazer in our real food world. She is a passionate advocate for nutrient-dense food and is working so hard to protect our rights to be able to consume it. In this episode, she chats with Zoë about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


23 Apr 2021

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Nina Teicholz - How the US Dietary Guidelines Are Harming Us

Keto Woman

This week is a replay from one of the really early episodes when I had the great pleasure of talking to Nina Teicholz. Nina talked about her international bestseller The Big Fat Surprise and how women and children in particular have been impacted by the US national dietary guidelines. You can find more information about this episode in the show notes at: https://ketowomanpodcast.com/nina-teicholz/ If you have enjoyed listening to this episode, please leave me a review on iTunes and the Keto Woman Podcast Facebook page. It really helps new people hear about the podcast. https://www.facebook.com/KetoWomanPodcast/ If you want to get in touch because you have an idea for a show, a topic you would like to hear about, an extraordinary woman to nominate - or maybe volunteer yourself - please email me at daisy@ketowomanpodcast.com. Please consider helping me make more episodes by making a monthly pledge at my Patreon page. There are some cool rewards up for grabs too! https://www.patreon.com/ketowoman.

1hr 49mins

2 Apr 2021

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Nina Teicholz: The Truth About Fat

The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise, and Mikhaila Peterson took a deep dive into the stigmas and actual realities of eating fat.  We covered topics including why we’re told fat is bad for us, saturated fats, vegetable oil substitutes, how fat got demonized in the first place, effects of high and low LDL cholesterol, the monetary incentive to use fat substitutes (hello conspiracies that are real), and more. Nina gives a wonderful history in the political, industrial, and pharmaceutical aspects of fat and fat substitutes in American diets. Find more about Nina Teicholz on her website https://www.NinaTeicholz.com/ For more on Nina’s group’s nutritional guidelines check https://www.nutritioncoalition.us/, and on she’s on Twitter @bigfatsurprise. If you'd like to stay updated in a more personal fashion, sign up for my newsletter at https://mikhailapeterson.com/newsletter For advertising inquiries, please email eric@jordanbpeterson.com


31 Jan 2021