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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anne Perry. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anne Perry, often where they are interviewed.

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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anne Perry. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anne Perry, often where they are interviewed.

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Anne Perry

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Barbara Peters in conversation with Anne Perry

Sep 14 2020 · 44mins
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DEATH WITH A DOUBLE EDGE by Anne Perry, read by Christopher Bonwell - Audiobook extract

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Death with a Double Edge is the fourth thrilling instalment in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels, from the New York Times bestselling author and queen of Victorian crime, Anne Perry.

It is May 1911 when Daniel Pitt is summoned to a murder scene in the slums of London's East End. He fears the victim is his friend Toby Kitteridge, but relief is quickly followed by dismay when Daniel identifies the dead man as Jonah Drake, a distinguished senior barrister who has been killed with a double-edged sword. But what was Drake doing in Mile End? And does their head of chambers, Marcus fford Croft, know more than he is willing to admit . . . ?

With the police holding out little hope of finding Drake's killer, Daniel and Kitteridge rise to the challenge. Within days, they have leads that take them from the underbelly of the East End to the very highest echelons of society. Then Daniel's father, Thomas Pitt, receives a warning from Special Branch to cease the investigation. But Daniel and his father will not be deterred - despite the risks involved in the pursuit of justice . . .
Sep 03 2020 · 5mins

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T4x6: Anne Perry : de asesina adolescente a famosa escritora de novela negra/ Caso Hulme- Parker

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Si eres fan de la escritora de novela negra Anne Perry, puede que conozcas su historia o puede que este episodio te deje en estado de shock.
Por eso no te quiero anticipar nada en la descripción del episodio, solo quiero contar la historia de esta famosa escritora, con sus sombras y sus luces.
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Jul 04 2020 · 22mins
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Los pecados del lobo - Anne Perry

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¿Quieres escuchar el audiolibro completo? Visita http://www.penguinaudio.comLa enfermera Hester Latterly debe acompañar a una anciana señora durante una visita a Londres. El asunto se complica cuando la mujer muere durante la noche. Al practicarle la autopsia se descubre que ha sido envenenada y ¿quién si no Hester puede haber sido la asesina?El inspector William Monk deberá hallar las pruebas incriminatorias para demostrar la culpabilidad de la enfermera o encontrar un asesino entre los miembros del enigmático y cerrado clan de los Farraline.

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May 26 2020 · 4mins

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A QUESTION OF BETRAYAL by Anne Perry, read by Polly Edsell

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New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry brings us the second exciting instalment in her new thriller series, set in a time of increasing fear and violence across Europe in the 1930s and featuring British photographer and secret agent Elena Standish.

July, 1934. Following the assassination of Chancellor Dollfuss in Vienna, Elena Standish is enlisted by MI6 in London to travel to Trieste to rescue her former lover, Aiden Strother. Aiden left her broken-hearted several years ago and she vowed to have nothing more to do with him, but MI6 chief Peter Howard explains that Aiden was acting undercover at the time and is a loyal British double agent... She accepts the mission, despite the risk of danger and potential embarrassment, but it soon becomes clear that Aiden has triple-crossed them all. He has been a Nazi sympathiser all along and once again Elena's life is in jeopardy...
Apr 16 2020 · 4mins
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ONE FATAL FLAW by Anne Perry, read by Christopher Bonwell - Audiobook extract

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The third gripping instalment in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels, from the New York Times bestselling author and queen of Victorian crime, Anne Perry.

It is 1910 and a warehouse fire on the banks of the Thames has left one criminal dead and another charged with his murder. Convinced of his innocence, Jessie Beale begs barrister Daniel Pitt to defend the accused. It's a hopeless case - unless Daniel can find an expert witness, whose testimony on fire damage is so utterly convincing that any jury would believe him.

Daniel's friend Miriam fford Croft was taught by formidable forensic scientist Sir Barnabas Saltram, who has built his reputation on giving evidence of this kind. But when Saltram agrees to testify, thus saving an innocent man from the gallows, Daniel unwittingly starts a chain of events that has devastating consequences for all of them...
Mar 05 2020 · 4mins
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Una duda razonable - Anne Perry

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¿Quieres escuchar el audiolibro completo? Muy pronto en www.megustaescuchar.comEn el hospital londinense Royal Free cada día se combate con la muerte; no con el asesinato. Así que el hallazgo del cadáver de Prudence Barrymore, una amable enfermera de buena familia crea confusión y asombro. Pese a que la policía señala que Kristian Beck, un médico extranjero, es el culpable, la dirección del hospital encarga la investigación del caso a William Monk.Este, junto a la enfermera y amiga de la víctima Hester Latterly y el brillante abogado defensor Oliver Rathbone, desvelará los secretos intereses que en ocasiones empañan la imparcialidad de la justicia.

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Feb 14 2020 · 4mins
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Episode 101: Written in Blood: Anne Perry - Part 2

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We continue the story of one of the most infamous murders ever committed in New Zealand. Known as the Parker-Hulme Murder it was shocking because of it's brutality as well as because, it was soon discovered, it had been perpetrated by two teenaged girls.  In the conclusion, we'll discover that one of the convicted murderers would go on to an illustrious career as one of the world's most well known crime-fiction writers.  Her past would stay concealed for almost 40 years before her true identity was discovered. 

Today's episode also includes Patreon supporter shout outs and the winner of this month's prize drawing.  www.patreon.com/onceuponacrime


Book: Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century by Peter Graham

Movie: Heavenly Creatures (1994) directed by Peter Jackson

Aug 27 2018 · 32mins
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Episode 100: Written in Blood: Anne Perry - Part 1

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A brutal murder takes place in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1954.  Two teenage girls are quickly identified as the murderers.  The crime would become infamous in New Zealand and the girl exposed as a well-known writer decades later.  This is Part 1. 

#Parker-HulmeMurder #NewZealand #PaulineParker #JulietHulme #matricide 

Photo: Pauline Parker (left), Juliet Hulme (right) during their trial. 

Aug 20 2018 · 50mins
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Episode 85 - An interview with Anne Perry editor at Hodder and Stoughton

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This episode is a wide ranging interview with commissioning editor Anne Perry from Hodder and Stoughton. Anne draws on her experience to talk about how the commissioning process works, what an author should be prepared to do to help with the process, and what she wants to see in a manuscript. Anne also gives us some advice on writing action and romance scenes, and how to tackle the presentation of characters from diverse backgrounds. Enjoy!
Nov 27 2016 · 1hr 6mins