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#057: The Performance Curve - Dr. Laura Watkins

The Jedburgh Podcast

What if we could have both high performance and well-being. What if we could look back having achieved our goals and having enjoyed the process. Host Fran Racioppi is joined by Dr. Laura Watkins, author of the recently released book The Performance Curve, Co-Founder at The Cognitas Group & Jumpstart Development, and former McKinsey consultant. Laura advises some of the world's most high-profile leaders in finding the balance between performance and well-being by living on The Performance Curve instead of the Boom-and-Bust Curve. Laura and Fran break down The Performance Curve along its three catalysts,  define the inner operating system, talk about vertical development and paradoxical thinking, and explain the benefits of living in Explore Mode instead of Protect Mode. Read the full episode transcription here and learn more on The Jedburgh Podcast Website.Highlights:-The performance curve is our ability to perform effectively while also maintaining our well-being.-The Boom-and-Bust curve is “crisis-triggered effectiveness.”-The inner operating system is composed of three catalysts: wisdom, fuel & communication.-Mindsets, emotions and habits form our default attitudes towards life and challenges.-Habits are the foundation of our actions in different situations; how we train and develop habits affect our effectiveness and performance. -Laura shares how the “iceberg” exercise helps identify behaviors, habits and hidden drivers.-Performance rests in our ability to remain in an ‘explore’ state instead of a ‘protect’ state.”-Mindset can be broken into ‘accountable, growth and big picture’ attitudes.-Laura’s five-step process to building a series of micro-habits which become long-lasting, life-changing behaviors.-Paradoxical thinking unlocks performance more than binary thinking.Quotes:-”We spend a lot of time pushing ourselves to perform, but often it comes at the cost of our well-being.” (4:40)-”How can I actually show up better or differently to this meeting to get a slightly different result?” (9:11)-”Emotion equals energy in motion.” (13:07)-”The key is that we are able to recognize an emotion.” (15:00)-”The performance curve is a way of being able to survive and thrive in the VUCA world.” (24:30)-“This isn't about having a feedback culture, it's about having a learning culture, a development culture, and those mindsets that go with it.” (40:51)-”We’re never going to get our habit 100% right. We’re always going to make mistakes.” (58:30)Laura’s Three Daily Foundations to Success:-Monitor balance between protect and explore state-Practice developmental relationships-Make sure those you care about know you care about themThis episode is brought to you by Jersey Mike’s, 18A Fitness, and Analytix Solutions.

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29 Apr 2022

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Getting Real About Depression with Laura Watkins

Ground and Gratitude

Lorilee sits down with Laura Watkins -- entrepreneur, licensed cosmetologist, mom, and owner of Pure Salon Spa in Louisville, Kentucky. Laura and Lorilee discuss their respective journeys with mental health and what it truly means to practice self care, especially when we’re struggling. Laura shares her personal experience with depression and the many treatments she tried to address her mental health. She emphasizes how essential it is to have a dialogue about mental illness with our friends, families, and loved ones so that everybody experiencing difficulty knows that they’re not alone.Highlights: On Laura’s playlist: The ChicksGiving ourselves grace and allowing our brains time and space to restHow do we know if we’re depressed?Rewriting the stigmas and negative narratives we’ve been taught about mental healthThe power of sharing our storiesWorking and parenting with depressionThe brain/gut connectionOne tool for our G&G toolboxMentioned in this episode:Mental Health LouNational Alliance on Mental IllnessBrain Stimulation Therapies (ECT, TMS)Sponsored by Her-Bank.com


13 Apr 2022

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E108: Laura Watkins and Vanessa Dietzel on Finding Your Purpose and Avoiding Burn Out

Life and Lessons by Sean Spooner

On this week's episode of Life and Lessons, you're going to hear a conversation I had with Laura Watkins and Vanessa Dietzel, authors of The Performance Curve. Laura is a neuroscientist and leadership and organisation specialist, whilst Vanessa brings unique insight from her blend of corporate experience, coaching, and teaching breathwork and yoga.Together, they’ve created a really interesting framework.In the next hour, you’re going to learn:- How to break the cycle of going through boom and bust in life, and ride the performance curve- What we can learn from listening to our emotions, and focusing on our feelings - The power of paradoxical thinking, and how it can help us uncover the truly best outcomes in challenging situations - A process to find what your true guiding purpose is in lifeAnd so much moreOrder 'The Performance Curve' here: https://www.performancecurvebook.com/--Sean SpoonerTwitter: https://twitter.com/spoonerseanInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/spoonersean/Life and Lessons PodcastSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7LF1Hao4i4CYeNNYiFaoix?si=9af4716caa534842.Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/life-and-lessons-by-sean-spooner/id1490711078 Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

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25 Feb 2022

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58: Hidden Depression with Laura Watkins

The Wondering Mind

In today's episode I  chat with Pure Salon & Spa Louisville owner @mental_girl502 Laura Watkins. Laura opens up about her journey and struggle with depression and how it took over a year to get diagnosed. She also shares with us in detail, how she tried TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation)  and ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) in order to try and heal her mind. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thewonderingmind/message


20 Oct 2021

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The Pure Passions of Laura Watkins


How many of you have dreamed of walking away from your daily job and starting your own business? Meet Laura Watkins, a woman who did just that. Upon earning her bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration at the University of Louisville, she entered the corporate workforce. However, her true goal had always been to open her own business. When a co-worker asked her, "If you could do absolutely anything, what would it be?" the answer seemed to fall out of Laura's mouth: "I would quit my job, go to hair school and open an Aveda salon." And within a year, that's exactly what she did. At age 30 Laura resigned her corporate job and began the journey to get her cosmetology license. Fast forward to 2021 and Laura's salon, Pure Salon Spa, an Aveda salon and spa on Bardstown Road in Fern Creek, which will celebrate its 13th year in business and has been ranked among the top 200 salons in North America by Salon Today Magazine for the past 10 years. Married for 18 years with two daughters, her other passions include empowering women, garnering more respect for careers in the beauty industry, and very importantly for Laura from a personal standpoint, ending the stigma associated with mental illness. Her passion around ending the mental illness stigma comes from her own struggles with severe depression, with which she was first diagnosed in 2015 and continues to seek treatment to stay mentally well to this day. Laura had many misconceptions about mental illness until it happened to her, and she firmly believes there is still a long way to go with ending those preconceived notions, which means talking more and more about it to raise awareness. One in four people struggle with mental illness in her/his lifetime and that means there are a LOT of people out there struggling alone. Laura wants to change that!I recently had the opportunity to discuss all of her passions on this week’s Not So Darlin podcast. Please listen in on our conversation and visit the Pure Salon Spa website at puresalon-spa.com (link https://puresalon-spa.com/), on Instagram at @puresalonlou (link https://www.instagram.com/puresalonlou/) and Facebook at facebook.com/puresalonspalou (link https://www.facebook.com/puresalonspalou).


21 Jul 2021

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14. "Not Afraid of Feedback" - Staging new musicals - Laura Watkins, composer/keyboards

Life in the Pit

Like all of our previous guests, Laura Watkins has pit experience.  Unlike our previous guests, it is solely because she created the need.  Even though she is accomplished pianist, Laura's experience with theatre before composing and staging new musicals was through acting.  She took up music directing and organizing a pit with musicals such as Comic-Con:The Musical and Glass Ceilings, the latter which is an important story about forgotten women of history, and was about to enter its 2nd week at the Rockwell Table & Stage in Los Angeles. Laura shares her theatre story and talks about the creative process and development necessary to creating and staging a new musical.  You can find out more about Laura at https://www.laurawatkinscomposer.com/ Please follow Life in the Pit on Instagram or Twitter @LifeInThePitPod.


21 Aug 2020

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Episode 5 - New co-host!? - Laura Watkins

The Noiz Podcast

This is Laura's first but not last appearance on The Noiz Podcast! Join Meiz, Matt and Laura as we get to know Laura, as well as some slightly embarrassing stories from their childhood. We also talk about the tragedy of people giving spoilers, a discussion about whether DC or Marvel is best, and one of the best worst jokes you're likely to hear on the podcast. It's a good one!


15 May 2019

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E.L. Losada and Laura Watkins & Nicholas David Brandt


Laura Watkins & Nicholas David Brandt talk about how current events inspired their musical "Glass Ceilings." They also talk about their previous presentation at Musi-Cal, "Comi-Con: The Musical" and give us their "nerd credentials." Actor/Singer Eurimas Losada talks about coming of age doing theater in Miami and how his background as a Cuban-American immigrant informed his portrayal of one of the most iconic Cuban-Americans, Desi Arnaz.


9 Apr 2018

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Interview with Laura Watkins & Nicholas Brandt creator of Comic-Con The Musical

LA Theatre Bites - Podcast

www.latheatrebites.com Comic-Con The Musical is a comedy with original music that follows a trio of con-attendees on their path to friendship, artistry, and inner acceptance.


11 Jun 2017

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EP 002: Organization, A Professional Conversation with Veteran Educator and Master Organizer Laura Watkins

The Edvice Podcast

In this episode of The Edvice Podcast, I am chatting with Veteran Educator and master organizer, Laura Watkins.  She will be sharing some of her personal organization strategies with you!


9 Jun 2015