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Karen Porter - B Corps

Social Mission Revolution

How can businesses become more of an Authentic Influence in the world? On this episode I talk with Karen Porter about B-corp certification and how that is impacting the world of business.   Karen is the founder of Underground Communications, a B Corp certified communications agency that helps companies increase their impactful success by building community around their brand, and also the Founder of The Benefit Consultants, helping purpose-led organisations navigate the B Corp certification process and embed more impact into their organisation. B Impact Assessment: https://bimpactassessment.net/Connect with Karen at Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenporteraus/https://undergroundcomms.com.au/ https://www.thebenefitconsultants.com.au/ Support the show (http://socialmissionrevolution.com/community)


1 Jul 2021

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Karen Porter and Alli Mang

Finding Your Bliss

On this episode of Finding Your Bliss, we’re all about feeling good- physically, mentality and spiritually. Joining us is Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Karen Porter who talks all about how we can fuel our bodies to live our most radiant lives. She is also one of the contributing authors in the book: Ignite your Passion & Step into Your Purpose: 12 Incredible Stories of the Path to Purposeful Living. Visit Karen's website at https://karenporter.ca.Also on the program is four time best-selling author and entrepreneur Alli Mang. Alli joins us to talk about her diverse career in entertainment and shares her latest book, Finding The Light: How We Transformed Our Fears Into Renewed Hope During The Pandemic. She is also our Featured Artist this week and she sings one of the title songs from Jason Robert Brown’s off-Broadway work, ‘Songs for a New World’. Also be sure to watch Alli's live performance of Jason Rober Brown's off-broadway work, 'Song For A New World" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVAiFpH-7MY.For more information on our show, you can follow us @theblissminute on Instagram and Facebook. Also be sure to visit our online magazine at www.findingyourbliss.com


20 Feb 2021

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Social Impact and Purpose with Karen Porter a Strategic Communication Specialist at Underground Communication - Episode 120

Marketing Study Lab - Actionable Marketing Knowledge

Subscribe: Let us do the hard work and send the podcast to you: https://bit.ly/2NZjODA Review: Share the love and leave a 5* review from your phone: http://getpodcast.reviews/id/1375904962 (from anywhere else hit the ‘Write a Review’ button in the Apple Podcasts app or iTunes) Guest and Episode Links Karen Porter https://undergroundcomms.com.au B Corp Certified: https://bcorporation.net B Impact Assessment: https://bimpactassessment.net/ (B Corp Certification is a global certification so it's relevant for everyone). Enjoy the Episode - Happy Marketing! Website Thingy: www.marketingstudylab.co.uk The Professional Bit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petersumpton/ Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marketingstudylab/ Tweet Tweet: https://twitter.com/cousinp81 Intro What do these words mean to you? Sustainable, Ethical, Environmentally Friendly. Many use these as buzz words that are thrown about like used paper in the wrong bin! What if you want to make a real impact and not just pay lip service to these words? Taking it further than just corporate social responsibility and create real social impact and purpose. What does it take and how can we make sure its meaningful? Karen Porter is a strategic communications specialist who helps to deliver communication strategies with a positive social impact. But this doesn’t mean just saying how many paper cups you’ve recycled, this is about being true to your brand, actively making a difference and supporting what is important to you and your business! In this episode we uncover; - How do you develop a social purpose (I foolishly call this Corporate Social Responsibility which isn’t exactly correct)? - Being seen as credible - Getting internal buy-in - The pitfalls that companies usually fall foul to We also cover becoming a certified B Corporation (more about this in the episode). If you are interested in becoming a certified B Corporation, it’s a wise move to take the B Impact Assessment which will show you how far off you are, here's the link: https://bimpactassessment.net/ (link is in the show notes). With all this kindness floating around in need to know first off - Karen, what is your most memorable selfless act? Watch the episode video: https://youtu.be/gtFzlQSFiLg Top Tip If you are going to talk the talk, then you need to walk the walk. Taking the B Impact Assessment and subsequently striving to become B Corp Certified show you are doing exactly that and you are not just typing words onto recycled paper. Favourite Quote If you want buy-in from your team, they all need to contribute to how (as an organisation) you are going to show up in the world and you are going to do good. And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Tpisode Even if you are not looking to become B Corp Certified there are multiple other ways to establish you credentials within your own industry’s, through accreditations and partnerships. Just make sure that these are true to your brand and meaningful to what you believe in. Music Featured on this Podcast: Sleepy in the Garden Lobo Loco www.musikbrause.de Creative Commons License


14 Jul 2020

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Eden-Monaro By-Election on Independence Day @Dawn | Karen Porter | Independent Candidate


The Eden-Monaro By-Election will be held on July 4th.  For those who follow Australian politics, this Federal seat is currently held by the Labor Member of the House of Representatives, Mike Kelly, who resigned on April 30th, 2020 due to ill health. The margin of the Federal seat is .9% to Labor.  Eden-Monaro is known as a "bellwether seat", which means whichever Party wins the seat, determines the Government of the day. It has been that way from 1972 until 2016. But that didn't happy in 2016 when it swung to Labor but Labor didn't win Government.  It's often the two major parties in Australia - Labor and Liberals - who put up candidates to run in elections. This time it would be no different. However, in recent years, Australia has seen the emergence of Independent candidates running in elections. And as more and more people become cynical about the current system, they are turning away from the major parties and placing their vote on others who were more accessible and representative.  Can an independent like Karen Porter make a difference in this seat? July 4th is American Independence Day.  TIMESTAMPS  0:00 Introduction to Karen Porter  4:14 Campaigning against the big machinery  5:43 Eden-Monaro Electorate  8:42 Karen's unique selling points  10:04 Stories that are not heard by the major parties  11:46 How Karen will resonate with the different communities and electorates 12:53 Eden-Monaro roads  14:54 What inspired you to run as an independent?  17:22 How Karen is campaigning  18:08 The size of the Eden-Monaro electorate  21:08 What are Karen's chances?  22:04 Supporters and mentors  _____________________________________________________________  CONNECT WITH US!  DAWN is always eager to learn and share stories from different perspectives. If you have a story to share or know someone who is championing Inclusion & Diversity, please contact us!  OUR WEBSITE - https://dawn.org.au/ FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/dawnconnect/ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/yourdawn LINKEDIN - linkedin.com/company/dawn INSTAGRAM - @dawn_podcast  SOUNDCLOUD - https://soundcloud.com/dawnpodcast _____________________________________________________________  CONTACT US! What topics do you like to hear about? Do you have questions you like us to answer in our podcasts?  Let us know! info@dawn.org.au


2 Jul 2020

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E160 - How to go from startup to 7 figures with CEO, Karen Porter

Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

Divorced with 5 kids, and launching a startup, Karen Porter thinks that there are a lot easier things to do than run a business. Nine years later her business is worth 7 million plus, and she has a boatload of experience about what works and what doesn’t. She has very practical tips on what it takes to work through the tough bits of business.👉🏼 Want to share your experience? Ask a question? Share a resource? Jump on our podcast Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/zoerouthpodcastWhy you should listen:🎧 How sharing problems helps the team step up and buy in🎧 How to balance compassion for someone you fire and looking after the business🎧 Why getting to know your numbers is a game changerWe explore:• How business is a great game you can play • The moment Karen realised she was running a ‘real’ business• Putting her hand up to run in the next Federal election as a candidate for the New Liberal party in the Eden Monaro electorate***SHOWNOTES: https://www.zoerouth.com/podcast/karenporterLinks:Karen’s Eden Monaro candidate facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/karenporterEM/About Karen:Karen Porter had the opportunity to work for both Local and Federal Governments over a 22 year period and her 4th and 5th pregnancies led her to become a small business owner with her then husband in the construction industry.In 2011 their marriage broke down and Karen decided to pursue the double glazing side of her business on her own. The business grew from a virtual start up to a multi-million dollar business. Karen has been recognised for her achievements through both the Telstra Business and Women's Awards, had the honour of being named Canberra Business Woman of the Year and also the National Women in Construction Award as a Business Professional.In recent years, Karen has judged the awards that she has won and is currently a Board Director of the Master Builders Association and President of the Bredbo Progress Association where she lives. Three of Karen's five children work in her business and she is currently on the pathway to being a Candidate in the next Federal Election.***Related Episodes:E159 - How to build a successful business in a competitive market - with Co-Founder, Sarah Rajichttps://www.zoerouth.com/podcast/sarahrajicE157 - How to be a Measured Risk Taker with Stuart Althaushttps://www.zoerouth.com/podcast/stuartalthausE134 - My biggest failure was needing to be right - Marene Allison, CISO Johnson & Johnsonhttps://www.zoerouth.com/podcast/mareneallison***About your podcast host, Zoë Routh:Zoë Routh is one of Australia’s leading experts on people stuff - the stuff that gets in our way of producing results, and the stuff that lights us up. She works with the growers, makers, builders to make people stuff fun and practical.Zoë is the author of three books: 'Composure - How centered leaders make the biggest impact', 'Moments - Leadership when it matters most' and 'Loyalty - Stop unwanted staff turnover, boost engagement, and build lifelong advocates." Zoë is also the producer of the Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast.www.zoerouth.com


2 Jul 2020

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3 Steps To Health For Entrepreneurs With Karen Porter

Author to Authority

One of the most unselfish things you can do in life is to take care of yourself cause when you do, then you can take care of others. Karen joins Kim on the podcast to share simple things you can do to take care of you both mentally and physically. After years of trying to heal herself through the traditional medical system, Karen started looking into alternative methods of healing.  She had suffered for 30 years with severe IBS and debilitating bouts of depression. She was finally able to find the much needed answers to gain control of her physical and mental health, and learn how to feel happy, focused, and radiant!  Using her own experience, combined certification as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Mindfulness Coaching, Karen has a wealth of knowledge to share.  As a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Karen works with women over 45, to show them how to nourish their body and their brain, so they can feel more vibrant, have better mental focus and mood, have more confidence, and feel attractive. She starts “hands on” in the kitchen, looking at food and lifestyle, but also works on the mindset to help make things easier to implement. Normally, Karen runs Wellness Retreats, Return to Food Experiences in her home or yours, and Personalized Coaching.  However, currently she’s offering Virtual Personalized Coaching (with a discounted quarantine price!), as well as a Tuesday Facebook Live (on all things wellness) and Friday Zoom Cooking Classes, both at 1pm!  Watch for Karen’s Online Course on Emotional Eating coming soon! https://karenporter.ca https://www.facebook.com/karenporter.ca/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


29 Apr 2020

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71, How to Work From Home (With Karen Porter, German Lust and Samuel Neves)

Institute of World Mission Podcast

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are forced to work from home, which probably means that we are dealing with unexpected and unusual changes and challenges. Working from home might feel unstructured, overwhelming, or lonely. It can be a struggle to get things done, and there are many reasons for this. This episode is a recording of a recent online meeting for Adventist missionaries with GC IPRS codirectors Karen Porter and German Lust, along with Samuel Neves, associate director of the GC Communication Department. In this conversation, they discuss the issue of working from home and give practical advice for Adventist missionaries. Show notes:Weekly podcast updates


29 Apr 2020

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YES YOU CAN with Karen Porter

The Forged Podcast

1hr 16mins

25 Mar 2019

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Accepting no limits with adaptive athlete Karen Porter (020)

Seasoned Athlete

This week, we talk to 42-year old Karen Porter, a Registered Dietitian and Adaptive Obstacle Racing Athlete and U.S. Army Veteran living in Atlanta, Georgia. This year, she qualified for the pro round of the U.S. OCR Championships, the Spartan Race World Championships as well as the OCR World Championships. She is the only known adaptive athlete to qualify pro for each of these events. She regularly competes against the best of the best in the elite or pro divisions of obstacle course races, and most of her fellow racers have no idea the challenges she faces to compete side by side with them. In this episode, we talk about how an adaptive athlete is defined and what that means for her as an obstacle racer, the role nutrition plays for endurance athletes, and how to live a life with limitations but no limits. SEASONED ATHLETE STATS - KAREN PORTER Age: 42 Sport: Obstacle racing, trail racing, road racing, bodybuilding competitor Quote: "Accept no limits." Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karenporteradaptiveathlete/Karen Porter - Adaptive Athlete Instagram: @karenporter.adaptiveathlete Website: http://roswellnutrition.com/ EVERYDAY SEASONED ATHLETE - SONYA ELIAS Each week, we start our show with our featured EVERYDAY SEASONED ATHLETE. In this segment, we shine the spotlight on athletes over age 40 from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels.. Our Everyday Seasoned Athletes will be sharing why they do what they do and what they’ve learned along the way – all in their own words. This week, we feature Calgary-based obstacle racer Sonya Elias. EVERYDAY SEASONED ATHLETE STATS - SONYA ELIAS Age: 42 Sport: Obstacle racing Quote: "Surround yourself with really badass women who don't accept no as an answer." Instagram: @sonyafeSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/seasoned-athlete/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


25 Oct 2017

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Ep. 49 - Karen Porter

Empower World: The Coaching and Leadership Podcast

Karen Porter is an experienced, passionate fitness trainer and coach working towards ICF certification. Based in Qatar, she created a highly reputable business working with individuals and organisations for 10 years and in recent years added to her toolkit by becoming a trained Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Karen shares how supporting her clients by working at the mindset level has enabled clients to achieve outstanding results. 


14 Mar 2016