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"Wild Rose" de Tom Harper na Netflix

Cinemax (Diário)


16 Apr 2021

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Shanlian on Batman episode 172: Tom Harper is back to talk ZSJL

Shanlian On Batman

Tom Harper Returns! The original band is back together to celebrate the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Justin, Kyle, and Tom give their thoughts on the most epic DC film yet.

1hr 16mins

27 Mar 2021

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#255 Tom Harper And Matt Pryor Talk About Soul Retreats Hosted By Further Still Ministries 10/24/20

Solid Steps Radio

How is your soul? Have you ever given yourself some space to give your soul the attention it and you deserve? On this weeks show we have Tom Harper and Matt Pryor on to talk about their experience with Further Still Ministries Soul Care retreats.


25 Oct 2020

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Episode 17: Tom Harper, CEO of Networld Media Group

10 Talent LeaderTalk on ForbesBooksRadio

The phrase “servant leader” has become almost a cliché. The current economic, social, health and political challenges we face call for an updated understanding of leadership and a new perspective on serving with strength as a leader. In this episode, Tom Harper will help you raise your leadership game.Tom is the co-founder and publisher of Networld Media Group, a B2B media company that publishes online industry news and produces executive summits in retail, banking, mobile payments, digital signage, restaurants, and Christian leadership.Networld currently operates 11 websites and four executive summits, and produces podcasts, webinars, custom video and virtual events. It’s first site, ATMmarketplace.com, came online in 1997 and led to the formation of Networld as a company and its templated online publishing model. Tom also serves on the board of the ATM Industry Association.


9 Sep 2020

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Servant Leadership in a Pandemic Storm with Tom Harper

Convene Podcast

Tom Harper is the CEO of Networld Media Group, an industry news media publisher in the banking, restaurant, retail, and tech industries. Tom has written several books on leadership and is also the publisher of https://biblicalleadership.com, a free site for Christian leaders in the marketplace and church.Tom's latest book, Servant Leader Strong: Uniting Biblical Wisdom and High-Performance Leadership, is the basis for his conversation with Greg today.Join Tom and Greg as they discuss Tom's pillars of the "new servant leadership", and learn how you can apply them to your business today as you weather the continued pandemic storm.


9 Jul 2020

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Ep #6 - McHarper Manor - Tabitha & Tom Harper @ Narrow Path Brewing Co.

Hustle & Brews

McHarper Manor is located in a beautiful historic building located in Milford, OH & is owned by Tabitha & Tom Harper, who are two amazing individuals who recently (& unexpectedly) found out what its like to “go viral” on a global scale! McHarper Manor offers in-person & online Arts & Crafts classes taught by owner, Tabitha Harper, & many other local artists eager & excited to share & teach their love of the arts.  They cover many mediums to engage & inspire people of all ages & from every corner of the globe with a passion for creativity. They provide the space & instruction for anyone & everyone to create something beautiful.  They initially caught my attention when I found out they are the creators of the locally legendary Cincy Brewery Map Shirts, but it was their recent viral explosion that catapulted them to the front of my list of guests!  They…blew…up, y’all!!!!  I’ve never seen anything like what they experienced & I wanted to sit down & talk about it over a few brews while it was still fresh.  A single post spawned from a compassionate & empathetic reaction for all of the kids & parents blindsided by the stay-at-home order, sent them on a journey of viral rock stars & completely changed their way of doing business. They are another truly local small business that just happened to capture the attention of people across the country & all over the world.  They have always been supportive of their fellow artists & other businesses in the city they call home.  Look them up…join a class or buy a shirt or something…just show them support because they absolutely deserve it.   Just make sure you tell them you heard about them here!  Podcast Production: John Bl@ze Theme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely Sponsor Music: "Strive" by Cory Christopher Beats Episode Sponsors: Maddie Rae Designs & OwnerLand Realty

1hr 58mins

16 Jun 2020

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RL 124: Servant Leader Strong with Tom Harper

The Reclaimed Leader Podcast: Helping You Lead Change Without Losing Your Roots

In today's episode, we interview Tom Harper, editor of BiblicalLeadership.com about his new book, "Servant Leader Strong."www.reclaimedleader.com/episode124


3 Mar 2020

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The Aeronauts Q&A - Tom Harper

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

Host Jeff Goldsmith interviews co-writer/director Tom Harper about The Aeronauts. Download my podcast hereCopyright © Unlikely Films, Inc. 2019. All rights reserved.

11 Dec 2019

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Patti Smith, Tom Harper, Doctor Sleep reviewed

Front Row

Patti Smith, legendary musician and poet, looks back at a troubled year, 2016, in a new memoir, Year of the Monkey. Director Tom Harper discusses his new film The Aeronauts set in 1862, starring Eddie Redmayne as a pioneering meteorologist and Felicity Jones as a balloon pilot, who attempt to advance knowledge of the weather and fly higher than anyone in history.As a horror film The Shining is a hard act to follow but Doctor Sleep attempts to do just that. Ewan McGregor stars as Danny, the psychic little boy from the 1980 film, now grown up. Kim Newman assesses the revisit to the hotel. Presenter: John WilsonProducer: Sarah Johnson


1 Nov 2019

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Episode 3 Tom Harper – circular asset management

Circular Economy Podcast

Tom Harper talks to Catherine Weetman about some of the circular economy projects he has introduced to Unusual Rigging Limited, including circular asset management. Fuelled by a drive to ‘be the change’, Tom has designed and implemented initiatives including asset management, reuse and refurbishment, new services, and new approaches to product design. These circular initiatives have brought wide-ranging benefits to the company, improving customer engagement, reducing costs and boosting its competitive edge.Unusual Rigging provides rigging and stage engineering solutions to the entertainment, exhibition and special event sectors across Europe.


31 May 2019