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WILD Spotlight- FT. Elizabeth Murray, Kevin Gonzales, Jemaine Finlay & Liv Besson!

The WILDCast

Hey WILD Tribe! Welcome back to another episode of the WILD Cast! In this episode we interview some of the best thought leaders and coaches in the field of leadership and wellness! Let's understand the masterminds of Liv Besson, Elizabeth Murray, Kevin Gonzales and Jemaine Finlay, to better understand what really goes on behind the scenes and what it takes to be successful! Here's where you can find the coaches: Liv BessonInstagram and Facebook: livbessonyogaWebsite: http://www.livbessonyoga.com/ Elizabeth MurrayInstagram: @myalivenessFacebook: My Aliveness: Women's Wellness Kevin GonzalesFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.gonzales/ or coachedbykevin Jemaine FinlayInstagram: @jemainefinlaynaturopathWebsite: www.jemainefinlay.com Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review so you stay up to date on all things WILD! Our company, WILD Success, stands for: Wellness Income Love & Lifestyle Direction Who Is Calvin Coyles?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnq8p6HwSJwCheck Out Our Channel: https://youtube.com/calvincoylesSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


24 Mar 2021

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Guest Preacher - Rev. Elizabeth Murray

North Charleston UMC Audio Sermons

Ring in the new year with this exceptional message from Rev. Elizabeth Murray. 


3 Jan 2021

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She Boss - The Elizabeth Murray Story

Civics & Coffee

This week I am telling the story of a female shopkeeper - Elizabeth Murray Campbell Smith Inman. A Scot by birth, Murray would cross the Atlantic and set herself on a path of economic security not typical for the women of her time. Elizabeth's story is fascinating - from her multiple voyages across the ocean, to her multiple prenuptial agreements and her mentorship of other women - Murray's story is one of independence, fortitude and service. Sources Used This Episode: Elizabeth Murray: A Woman's Pursuit of Independence in Eighteenth-Century America by Patricia ClearySupport the show (http://www.buymeacoffee.com/civicscoffeepod)


3 Oct 2020

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Episode 93: Elizabeth Murray: Boundless Possibilities of Paint and the Canvas

Beyond the Paint with Bernadine

Neo-Expressionist artist Elizabeth Murray breaks away from the artistic traditions of creating illusionistic three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. Her artistic vocabulary has a "cartoony" flavor..Resources for this podcast episode include: Wadsworth Atheneum, Art Institute of Chicago, MOMA, Art News, PBS Art 21, and the writings of Robert Storr and Jonathan Fineberg. Image Credit: Wadsworth Atheneum..Are you a contemporary female artist who would like to be "exposed" on the podcast? :) Email me at bernadine@beyondthepaint.net


21 Sep 2020

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Funeral Mass of Elizabeth Murray on Saturday 1st August 2020

Saint Bride's Parish Podcasts

Funeral Mass of Elizabeth Murray on Saturday 1st August 2020


2 Aug 2020

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S2E3 - Mouse Cup by Elizabeth Murray

Three Minute Modernist

Episode Notes Another in our series of works from The Anderson Collection, Mouse Cup is a whimsical and wonderful work that explores the shaped canvas, as well as abstraction towards a representatioN! Find out more at https://three-minute-modernist.pinecast.co


14 Apr 2020

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Painted Cousins: Dido Elizabeth Belle & Lady Elizabeth Murray

Q-90.1's A Moment in Time

Paintings of wealthy women weren't unusual in the late 18th century, but paintings of wealthy black women with their white cousins were.


12 Feb 2020

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#030 Rachel Elizabeth Murray: Faith And Fitness

The Jill Monaco Show: Conversations that inspire you to love well

The post #030 Rachel Elizabeth Murray: Faith And Fitness appeared first on Jill Monaco | Christian Speaker, Author, Life Coach.


25 Sep 2018

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009: In Spite of Trauma, You Can Wake Up to Serve with Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Wake Up!

In this episode, Monika interviews Rachel Elizabeth Murray, a celebrity fitness personality, certified trainer and nutrition coach, speaker, author, professional sports model, and actor. She teaches people to live by the motto that fitness is more than just physical. She shares that through her brand. She's here to help people get confidence back, reach for their potential, and live fitter, healthier, more awake lives. Monika asks Rachel Elizabeth to rediscover her journey to wake up from the trauma  of rape, to a rebirth of faith and purpose. Monika and Rachel Elizabeth explore the steps taken, from running to escape her pain, to fitness training, starting a fitness lifestyle center, and leading others to heal. Rachel Elizabeth encourages all to dream bigger, and live healthy, fit lives, to get to the next level of their dream. Key Takeaways: [2:03] The only way Rachel Elizabeth could find to get out of her pain has been a combination of faith and fitness. Her relationship with God helped her heal from the inside out. [2:29] Monika observes that after traumas we would have never wished to go through, once on the other side of them, we start to awaken to who we are, what we're here for, or how we're meant to be. [3:20] Rachel Elizabeth talks about being sheltered early in life, and then being violently traumatized by rape. She attributes surviving the trauma to her faith in something larger than herself -- for her, it’s God. [7:22] Rachel Elizabeth started running for the immediate gratification of endorphins, to release her emotional pain. [8:23] Rachel Elizabeth speaks on how a friend introduced her to fitness training. [9:20] Monika notes that running gave Rachel Elizabeth an activity she could control, with a predictable outcome -- an important factor when she felt out of control. [10:10] Rachel Elizabeth recognizes that even though she got into the fitness industry to help people, she was not aware to what she needed personally in order to go forward, until recently. [10:38] Monika asks Rachel Elizabeth to tell what she needed to see, hear, or become aware of, for her to wake up. [10:50] Rachel Elizabeth recounts her own journey to discover God’s personal involvement in her life and business. [17:56] Rachel Elizabeth speaks on how she was led to rename her business Cause Fitness, and wake up to her purpose. [22:13] Monika cites Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, saying, sometimes we need a never-ending timeline to allow the milestones to reveal themselves. Mentioned in This Episode: Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization, by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright Causefitness.com


21 Feb 2017

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HOW TO LIVE A PASSION-FILLED, PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE! + Meditation! Elizabeth Murray | Health | Inspiration | Career | Self-Help

Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler

If you’ve ever wanted to find more purpose, meaning, or direction in your life, or to live a life in full bloom, then do we have the purposeful show for you! Today we’ll be talking with Elizabeth Murray, best know for her work tending Monet’s gardens for over 30 years and for the beautiful book Living Life in Full Bloom. Today we’ll be talking with her about Life Mapping the process of matching your passions with your skills and talents to help you get on track and make a difference in your life, your families life, and in the world! So today she’ll take you through the process, help you uncover your dreams, reignite your passions, and begin to see how you can get where you want to be! That plus we’ll talk about bird feeders, binoculars, feather collections (yup, I’ve got one) and how in the world you might make bird-watching, or any other feathery habit a colorful part of your life! Questions and Topics Include What is life-mapping? How do we live on purpose? Why working “hard” isn’t the answer What is life-mapping 101 What are supplies for life-mapping? How do we discover our passions – and our talents What are the benefits of looking back at your childhood. Why you want to look at your skills and talents How you want to see how you can contribute in the world. What are some tips for introverts How to begin making a life-map What is your north star or your heart compass? Can life-mapping be done with teens or kids coming out of college? How to literally listen to our dreams to live the lives of our dreams How the Achuar in the Amazonian Jungle are a ‘dream people’ Elizabeth Murray On How To Use Life-Mapping for a Passion-Filled Purpose Driven Life! + Guided Meditation! Health | Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire For More Info Visit: www.InspireNationShow.com

1hr 7mins

28 Oct 2016