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Best of the Book Nook: Falling Angels Tracy Chevalier

Book Nook

Vick Mickunas' 2002 interview with Tracy Chevalier


9 Aug 2021

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"La joven de la perla", de Tracy Chevalier 040420cualestulibro

¿Cuál es tu libro?

"La joven de la perla" es una novela escrita en 1999 por Tracy Chevalier. Es el libro preferido de Marina García Delgado, profesora de Genética en la Universidad de Navarra.


2 Jun 2021

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(re-release) Writing Bestsellers, Life & Lipstick with Novelist Tracy Chevalier

ALSO in PINK with Alexandria Lawrence

This feels like the right time to re-release an old favourite: my interview with novelist Tracy Chevalier, recorded back when this podcast was still in single digits! And yes, I spoke with Tracy’s husband, Jonathan Drori, just last week in the episode about plants, sustainable living and being multi-passionate. Here’s hoping you enjoy this blast from the past. This is my original interview with Tracy, where we talk about things big and small: life and lipstick.Tracy’s LinksWebsite: tchevalier.comTwitter: @Tracy_ChevalierInstagram: @tracychevalierwriterFacebook: tracychevalierwriterTo find out more: Click here!And, wherever you get your podcasts: Rate & Review ALSO in PINKThank you for your support!


27 Apr 2021

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Novedades 05/21. "Las mujeres de Winchester" de Tracy Chevalier


Reseña descriptiva de la novela. Qué dicen en las redes sobre ella? Te lo ponemos en bandeja.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bibliotecadesalou/message


21 Apr 2021

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Prime Pagine tratte da STRANE CREATURE di Tracy Chevalier

Prime Pagine

Romanzo 286 pagine


14 Apr 2021

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The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

You're Making Me Read What?!

Enjoy this lively book discussion between Fairfax County Public Library Director Jessica Hudson and Deputy Director Christine Jones. They’re librarians who love a good book but almost never agree on what makes a book great. In this episode, Jessica and Christine discuss The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. Please note, this podcast discusses the entire book and contains spoilers. Then, pick up the next book on our list to join the next discussion about City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty.

26 Feb 2021

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Writing Bestsellers, Life & Lipstick with Novelist Tracy Chevalier

ALSO in PINK with Alexandria Lawrence

Tracy Chevalier is best-known for her international bestseller Girl with a Pearl Earring. She has published 9 other novels, mainly historical fiction. Tracy grew up in Washington DC and moved to London many years ago, where she lives with her husband, son and cat. And Tracy has been an important part of Alexandria’s London life… So, this is a special extended episode. ⚡️ Hear how the pandemic has influenced the direction of Tracy’s current novel. We talk about things big and small, from storytelling essentials to life & lipstick.Special thanks to Tracy for writing a new scenario for the Ideal Lifestyle Vision Promo in the middle of this episode! ✨ If this isn’t hygge I don’t know what is!Tracy’s LinksWebsite: tchevalier.comTwitter: @Tracy_ChevalierInstagram: @tracychevalierwriterFacebook: tracychevalierwriterInspirationAvocado & Lemon Zest Spaghetti by Anna Jones. This is one of Tracy’s favourite recipes. “It’s delicious, simple to make and always wonderful”.Wallace & Sewell UK-based British design studio, specialising in bold and colourful textiles. Tracy’s favourite accessory in her current wardrobe is a Wallace & Sewell scarf. She wore it on a trip to Paris and said, “I just felt like I could stand amongst the Parisian women who all know how to wear scarves well, and hold my head high”.Tracy’s Immersive Writing WorldShe may not have done her KonMari Marathon yet, but Tracy has already embraced an important KonMari concept. She has surrounded herself with joy. Tracy’s home studio is the perfect example of this. In creating an immersive world for herself in which to write, she has built joy into her daily life and surroundings…"So I love looking up and going, ahh, you’re surrounded with your writing life and reminders of your writing life. And then beyond the cubby holes (on the walls on either side of me), I paste up quotes, photographs and drawings from whatever I’m working on at the time".Tracy has her very own cabinet of curiosities. Her study features cubby holes, where she curates memorabilia from her books. Yes, there’s even one corner that’s all Girl with a Pearl Earring “kitsch stuff”.Saying No (more often)The pandemic has given us all time to reflect and consider what we want more of (and less of) in our lives. How do we want to live… going forward? Tracy has realised that she really loves unstructured time and wants to actively create more of it by saying no more often.How could you say no more often? Next time you consider taking on a new project or are asked to do something, pause and think about why you would do it… Would you earn, learn or do good? Would you feel adequately compensated for your time and energy? If not, dare to say no.Style NotesJust because everyone else says you should do something, it doesn’t mean you need to follow their advice. Like Tracy, you can choose not to wear red lipstick. You can make your own style waves. 🎧 Listen to the full episode to hear more of Tracy’s personal “style rules” and thoughts about colour. 🎨Top Tip: RevitaLash is the way to go for fuller lashes. Perfect for women after menopause or anyone who would like to boost their lash game. Tracy swears by it and says it’s why she gets complimented for her amazing eyelashes. Just make sure you try it for at least three months. Tracy emphasises that you need to persevere… ⚡️Benefits of Personal Styling with AlexandriaIt’s great to have the confidence to make your own style waves. 🌊 But sometimes those waves get lost in a sea of uncertainty and self-doubt. 🐠 That’s where working with a personal stylist really helps. That outside perspective could be exactly what you need to break old habits and add some pizzazz to your style game.Book a Discovery Call with Alexandria to see how working with a personal stylist & seasonal colour specialist could benefit you.Full show notes for this episode: visit our official siteAnd, wherever you get your podcasts: Rate & Review ALSO in PINKThank you for your support!


20 Oct 2020

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"La ricamatrice di Winchester" di Tracy Chevalier

Il cacciatore di libri

Dal commissario Balistreri ad Aba Abate, nuovo personaggio creato dalla penna di Roberto Costantini diventato famoso con la trilogia del male. Aba è protagonista di "Una donna normale" (Longanesi). È spostata, ha due figli adolescenti e un lavoro al ministero degli interni. Aba è un agente dei servizi segreti che normalmente opera in ufficio, ma che è quasi costretta dalle circostanze ad operare sul campo, ossia Libia, Niger e Ciad. Aba si occupa degli infiltrati nelle moschee in Italia e tramite un suo informatore apprende che sta per sbarcare nel nostro Paese un terrorista islamico pronto a compiere un attentato. Fra un pranzo della domenica e una lite fra i figli, Aba deve affrontare un caso di sicurezza nazionale molto delicato. Ma Costantini è ora in libreria anche con un noir scritto durante il lockdown. Si intitola "Anche le pulci prendono la tosse" (Solferino) e racconta di quattro piccoli criminali che nel periodo fra il 19 febbraio e il 22 marzo 2020 cercano di mettere su un traffico di mascherine non certificate. I diritti d'autore di questo libro sono interamente devoluti all'Ospedale Spallanzani di Roma per le ricerche sul Coronavirus.

25 Aug 2020

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10. Trees of Hampstead Heath with Tracy Chevalier

Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast

With normal podcast recording hampered by lockdown, we visit the trees of Hampstead Heath with Tracy Chevalier, author of Girl With a Pearl Earring and other bestsellers. In this episode, Tracy describes how trees bring her comfort, considers how lockdown has changed our attitudes to nature, introduces us to two trees that are special to her and even climbs up into an old oak to show us a different perspective.


8 Jun 2020

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Recensioni di libri - 'La ricamatrice di Winchester' di Tracy Chevalier

culturaeculture.it - Il PODCAST

Dopo ‘La ragazza con l’orecchio di perla’ arriva ‘La ricamatrice di Winchester’. Qui il podcast recensione del libro di Tracy Chevalier. Trovi il libro qui: https://amzn.to/2SjGf7Q


5 Feb 2020