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Episode 118: Sit Down Edition Bill Schomburg

5 Minutes with Sean... Maybe 10

Episode 118:  Sit Down Edition Bill Schomburg  


17 Nov 2019

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Bill Schomburg - Your Online Inventory (New Tech)


WELCOME BACK! Season 3! Can you believe it? We’re very excited for this season and all the amazing people on the show, starting with the season opener.During this episode, we talk with Bill Schomburg about Lot Talk, a new approach to inventory listings. I am very excited to have this conversation because it is a topic I review often with my clients, and I think the industry is in need of a different approach. I personally believe that there is value in the conventional model because whether we like it or not, these sites do have an audience. If potential buyers are using these sites for information, then the dealer needs to be there. I also know that validation is key for consumers, so being listed almost becomes a necessity. Check out the episode where we break it down. We look at the current state and discuss Lot Talk’s approach to the listing game.Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode, and stay tuned for Chris Collins, the Bulldog, next Tuesday the 8th!Please, if you liked this episode, be sure to share it, and share this podcast with people that can benefit from the information so they can implement it in their day-to-day!Here is how you can connect with Bill:LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/bschomburg-lottalkWebsite: https://www.lottalk.com/Mobile: 217.306.2555Email: bill@lottalk.comAlso, don’t forget to check us out at our website and on the following  platforms:Website: www.dealertalk.bizFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dealertalk/Instagram : @dealertalkYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzze5QDo48HAS2K1kc83Tg?view_as=subscribertwitter: @talkdealerThank you for tuning in and as usual we will TALK later!


1 Oct 2019

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Bill Schomburg joins The Recruiter to talk about his passion for the retail automotive industry, in addition to sharing sage wisdom about leadership, coaching others, and the power that caring for others can have in life. 

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5 Jun 2019

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Bill Schomburg - Is Data Dead in Automotive?


In today's episode Bill Schomburg shares his background and how that has translated into opportunities to help the automotive industry. His unique perspective in business has some great lessons that are very impactful and applicable in the industry. Make sure to tune in for some amazing insights! Here is how you can reach Bill: LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bschomburg-lottalk Phone: 217.306.2555email: bill@lottalk.com Website: http://lottalk.com/consulting/Thank you for tuning in and as always we will TALK later...


1 Sep 2018

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