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What are supplements and who needs them? With Morphogen Nutrition Founder & CEO, Ben Hartman

Conquer The Day

In This Episode, You Will Learn: What supplements are, how & where to get started, and what you should look for in a high quality product. How one company disrupted the supplement industry to make an impact. The shift towards educated consumerism versus aggressive, misleading marketing. Resources + Links: Connect with Ben on Instagram | @morphogen_ben Follow Morphogen Nutrition on Instagram | @ morphogen_nutrition Learn more at https://www.morphogennutrition.com/ Join us in our Facebook community | Conquer the Day Facebook Group  Listen to our FREE Meditation https://youtu.be/dMygIWwdWaY Take our FREE assessment to LEARN MORE about yourself and how to improve your habits: Download Curiosity Questioning Essentials HERE! …………………………… Tag us in an Instagram Story with your biggest takeaway  @conquerthedaypodcast Connect with Lindsey Rago Instagram | @raygobomb Facebook | @lindseyrago Connect with Brian Pickowicz  Instagram | @brianpickowicz Show Notes: Have you ever wondered what supplement is right for you? Today, we have the founder & CEO of Morphogen Nutrition, Ben Hartman, here to educate us on supplementation! We first begin with Ben’s story to follow his journey in the world of health & fitness. We’ll explore his business mission as we take a close look at the supplement industry and how Morphogen is working to create change within it. Then, we shift gears to focus on all things supplementation! How do you know when a product is high quality? What should you look for and where do you begin? How can you tell when a supplement is making an impact? If you’re looking for a product that can help support your body, then allow us to enlighten you! Are you ready to feel and function at your best? 0:02:05 Introducing the man who disrupted the supplement industry through quality products, Ben Hartman, CEO of Morphogen Nutrition! 0:07:05 What sparked your interest in fitness & wellness? 0:10:35 How did you manifest your focus and mindset? 0:13:20 When did you hone in on supplementation? 0:17:35 What led you to making a supplement company? 0:20:45 What aspect has been the most rewarding from the return? 0:24:45 What did you intend to change within the industry when you started Morphogen? 0:28:05 Disrupting the industry.  0:31:15 How has your company evolved? 0:32:35 Combating aggressive marketing from social media influencers with proper information. 0:35:05 How can we shift to educated consumerism? 0:37:35 What caused you to reach out to more consumers? 0:39:05 What is a supplement? 0:41:00 Natural versus unnatural supplements. 0:44:45 Where should someone start when looking for quality products? 0:47:55 What is the GMP label and why is it so important to look for? 0:49:00 What would you caution against? 0:50:40 What should consumers be aware of when buying from a brand? 0:53:10 For a complete beginner, what would you suggest they start with? 0:56:15 What product and/or ingredients would you suggest for stress management? 0:59:00 How can you tell when a supplement is making an impact? 1:02:45 What are the pros of using isolated compounds? Of using formulas? 1:04:50 What is your favorite movie? 1:07:15 What is your ideal day of paradise? 1:09:25 What is one habit you need to conquer your day?

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5 Jul 2022

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Episode 115: Morphogen Nutrition Rebrand Process, Proprietary vs Non-Proprietary Blends, and The State of the Supplement Industry with Ben Hartman!

Shots to the Dome

Round 2 with Morphogen Ben aka Ben Hartman talking about all the latest and greatest Morphogen Nutrition has to offer! Morphogen recently have undergone an entire rebrand from formulations to branding to increasing marketing efforts and Ben is here to discuss all of that with us today! We talk his favorite flavors and products coming out, why they are so near and dear to his heart and why they aren't just for performance and aesthetics enhancements, and we go nerd at the end discussing Marvel and DC. Time Stamps: (0:10) Round 2 with Ben Hartman (3:14) Morphogen Rebrand (14:00) Proprietary Blends in the Industry (20:22) New Products Ben is Excited About (28:40) Shoutout to Jordan Dugger (32:30) Morphogen Flavors Coming Soon (46:42) Going Nerd ---------------------------- Follow Us on Instagram! @morphogen_nutrition @morphogen_ben @fitnessshaman @dalalovesdumbbells @dldnation @shotstothedomepodcast ---------------------------- Order from the MorphogenNutrition Site! ---------------------------- Check Out Sean's Favorite Meditation Playlist! ---------------------------- Book a Life Coaching Session w/ Sean! ---------------------------- Apply for DLDNation's Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Specialization Course and Take the Next Step in Your Business Journey! ---------------------------- If You're Ready to Make an Even BIGGER Impact, Apply for the Next Level Coaching Academy! ---------------------------- We have helped over 4,000 people transform their lives through sustainable health! If you want to be the next, click here to apply for coaching! ---------------------------- Check out our website for freebies, amazing client results, and more! DLDNation.com

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24 May 2022

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#063: Ben Hartman #2 - Morphogen Nutrition Rebrand

The PricePlow Podcast

Ben Hartman returns to talk about Morphogen Nutrition's rebrand, some new formulas, and more on his backstoryNearly two years after his introductory podcast in Episode #033 titled The Rise of Morphogen Nutrition, Ben Hartman re-joins the PricePlow Podcast to talk about his major re-launch and re-brand!We talk about the major changes since the last episode, dig further into the history of the brand, and show some of these interesting and semi-controversial labels below in our show notes.If you're interested in trying ten grams of L-tyrosine in a pre-workout supplement, then we have a treat for you!Ben Hartman #2 on PricePlowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36IQteIo7NkAudio VersionSubscribe to the PricePlow Podcast on Your Favorite ServiceiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsSoundCloudMorphogen has a tighter look!Ben is a big picture conceptualist who launched Morphogen on a desire to go all-in on formulas. He did that, but never went hard on label designs. With this next generation of formulas, that all changes, and it starts with the incredibly unique ALPHAGEN pre-workout supplement:With ten grams of L-tyrosine, this one is definitely going to hit harder. But how will it feel? Only one way to find out!! Ben also explains why he used citrulline malate when most are using L-citrulline.We also get into MORPHOCALM, which has a huge (and expensive) dose of phosphatidylserine combined with RhodioPrime 6X, a high-salidroside form of Rhodiola:Excellent conversation from a very like-minded individual who has an extreme amount of talent!!These show notes were posted at https://blog.priceplow.com/podcast/ben-hartman-2-morphogen-nutrition-063


21 Feb 2022

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187: The Morphogen Rebrand with Ben Hartman

Ace Of Spada:

As you all know, the podcast and myself have teamed up with Morphogen to give you the best supplements in the market. Well Ben went and made those supplements even better. Ben has returned to be a guest on the podcast and we chat about the new Morphogen and discuss the next evolution of the brand.If you liked this episode, take a screenshot and share it on your story and tag Ben and I.If you are interested in coaching and joining the Distryct, fill out the application with this link: https://www.honeybook.com/widget/ryanblakeley_157615/cf_id/60e366e627efd8002f575d27To find Anthony, his instagram is @spadafitness. If you have any questions or inquire about coaching, you can email him at spadafitness@gmail.comIf you want 10% off Morphogen Nutrition supplements, go to https://www.morphogennutrition.com/ and use code "SPADA"

1hr 5mins

10 Feb 2022

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Content Inspire EP 059 Ben Hartman

Content Inspire

On this episode of Content Inspire I interviewed supplement industry veteran Ben Hartman, he shared his why, we talked about the reason he started his own business, the amount of experience Ben shares not only with myself but with the community was incredible so thank you Ben for your time & letting me learn from you. Ben Hartman social media links Instagram https://instagram.com/morphogen_nutrition?utm_medium=copy_linkWebsite https://www.morphogennutrition.com/


10 Sep 2021

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Sports and Entertainment Marketing with Ben Hartman

Strategy & Sourdough

Ben Hartman is one of the pioneers of the Sports and Entertainment marketing industry. He is the Chief Client Officer at Octagon across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Octagon is a global creative agency that specialises in Sports and Entertainment, negotiating talent rights, sponsorship and partnership agreements, and creating campaigns and experiences for some of the largest brands in the world. Resources mentioned:Burger King Sponsorship Case Study


7 Jun 2021

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Off the Course 19: Ben Hartman

Superintendent Radio Network

For the last month or so, Ben Hartman has been the first head groundskeeper in the history of the Wichita Wind Surge. Back in 2018, he worked on the Houston Astros grounds crew *and* as the assistant superintendent at Magnolia Creek Golf Club ... at the same time.


11 May 2021

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169. Vulnerability + all in mentality with Jordan Dugger and Ben Hartman

Grow or Die Podcast

Honestly.... you are in for deeply insightful ride over the next 80 minutes. Buckle up and enjoy, this ones elite. This podcast is brought to you by Revive Supplements and RAW Nutrition. Use code Mihaly at checkout for Revive and RAW. Follow us on Instagram! Podcast: @growordie Justin: @jmihalyfit Brandon: @brandon_longtime

1hr 22mins

27 Apr 2021

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Groundhog Day ft. Ben Hartman

Que It Up Podcast

Please, welcome to the stage, Assistant Groundskeeper at Round Rock Express & Entertainment Assistant at the Houston Texans, Ben Hartman. Ben and I discuss his travels from Central America to Texas, where he met the love of his life, worked the MLB World Series, and used his opportunities to land his dream job in Austin, TX. Ben's obsession with turf and grass is just as passionate as Hank Hill with propane and propane accessories. "TEXAS BBQ IS BETTER THAN KC BBQ." --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/queituppodcast/support


27 Jan 2021

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Ben Hartman – President & Owner at MRT Laboratories

What Do You Do? with Rodolfo Cooper

Have you ever thought about buying a company and wanted to know how to go about it?  Listen to Ben Hartman, President & owner at MRT Laboratories discuss how his experiences as an engineer, investment banker and MBA student helped him to be able to buy and run the MRT Laboratories.www.mrtlaboratories.com


7 Jan 2021