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Interview with 'Tea With Tolkien' - Kaitlyn Facista

Seven Stars, Seven Siblings, and One White Tree

On a very special episode of Seven Stars, Seven Siblings and One White Tree, we get the chance to interview Kaitlyn Facista, better known on the internet as "Tea With Tolkien". Kaitlyn shares some insight on reading Tolkien's works from a Catholic perspective, gives some helpful tips for understanding The Silmarillion, chat about the upcoming Amazon series: "Rings of Power", and MUCH, MUCH more! You do not want to miss this amazing episode! You can find Kaitlyn at: https://www.teawithtolkien.com/  Links to her social media can also be found on her website. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com 


22 Jun 2022

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Talking Tolkien with Kaitlyn Facista

Old Books With Grace

This week, Grace welcomes Kaitlyn Facista, creator of the online community Tea with Tolkien.  Naturally, they drink tea and talk Tolkien! Topics of discussion include: the upcoming Amazon series (and Kaitlyn's sneak peek of it in London!), how to throw a Hobbit party, why the Silmarillion matters, and the ever controversial Tom Bombadil, among other things.  Kaitlyn Facista is a Catholic convert, wife, mother to four babies at home + two in heaven, and hobbit at heart. She lives with her family in the Midwest. Hobbies include thinking about Tolkien (obviously), making friends on twitter, and spending time with Our Lord in her parish Adoration chapel.  She is the author of To Middle-Earth and Back Again and Thirty Days in the Shire and contributor to Catholic Hipster: The Next Level: How Some Awesomely Obscure Stuff Helps Us Live Our Faith with Passion. She has also written for The Grotto Network and The Catholic Woman.


18 May 2022

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Chapter 3: Kaitlyn Facista - Talkin' Tolkien

Through the Keyhole

For Ch. 3 I was joined by Ms. Kaitlyn Facista, founder and proprietor of the Tea with Tolkien online community. As I am sure you can imagine, or focus for the episode was the life, works, and faith of the English author, J.R.R. Tolkien. In particular, Kaitlyn and I discussed: Why and how we each got into Tolkien A good reading order for newcomers to the Tolkien party Our favorite points and ideas of Tolkien's Legendarium Tolkien's Catholicism and our own Why it is too early to worry about the Lord of the Rings series on Amazon Prime This was such a fun conversation. I cannot wait to have Kaitlyn back on for more. We referenced a lot of different books in this one, so be sure to check out the works cited below. Please also consider leaving a review of the show and subscribing for more excellent regular interviews and other content coming in the future. -----Social Media----- Kaitlyn (twitter): @teawithtolkien www.teawithtolkien.com Jeremy (twitter): @thekeehole -- @jeremyakee Jeremy (email): throughthekeehole@gmail.com -----Works Cited----- Carpenter, H. - J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography Ordway, H. - Tolkien's Modern Reading: Middle-earth Beyond the Middle Ages Facista, K. - To Middle-earth and Back Again Birzer, B. - J.R.R. Tolkien's Sanctifying Myth: Understanding Middle-earth Pearce, J. - Bilbo's Journey: Discovering the Hidden Meaning of The Hobbit Pearce, J. - Frodo's Journey: Discover the Hidden Meaning of The Lord of the Rings Kreeft, P. - The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings Ryken, P. - The Messiah Comes to Middle-earth: Images of Christ's Threefold Office in The Lord of the Rings Rutledge, F. - The Battle for Middle-earth: Tolkien's Divine Design in The Lord of the Rings


27 Sep 2021

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BC0032 - Tea with Tolkien (Kaitlyn Facista)

Bellator Colloquium

On today's episode, we are joined by Kaitlyn Facista of Tea with Tolkien for a discussion of love stories in literature! Tea with Tolkien Podcast: https://www.teawithtolkien.com/ Kaitlyn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeawithTolkien We'd love to hear from you and continue the conversation! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, you can email us at BellatorSociety@gmail.com.


14 Feb 2020

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FoC 106: Lent With Tolkien: A Literary Look at the Journey of Lent with Kaitlyn Facista

The Fountains of Carrots Podcast

Lent is upon us! We have some great lenten episodes about the hows and whys of observing Lent in the archives, but we wanted to do something a little different for this year’s Lent episode. Then we had the brilliant idea to have Tolkien aficionado Kaitlyn Facista join us to to help us bring wisdom … Continue reading FoC 106: Lent With Tolkien: A Literary Look at the Journey of Lent with Kaitlyn Facista →


5 Mar 2019

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12 Days of Christmas Day 5 - Kaitlyn Facista

The Roman Circus Podcast

Day 5! 5 Golden Rings aka the the first 5 Books of the Old Testament. You know if we are gonna talk golden rings then we have to do it with #1 Lord of the Rings fan Kaitlyn Facista! Tweet us @romancircuspod, @heyitsmattbaker, @zacmabry Email us podcast@romancircusblog.com Find us on iTunes. Please rate and review us if you have a second. We are also on Podbean, Stitcher, Google Play


29 Dec 2018

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#33 - Spilling the Tea With Tolkien (with Kaitlyn Facista)

The Roman Circus Podcast

Ep. #33! Kaitlyn Facista of Tea With Tolkien graces us with her presence! We share a few laughs, talk about her conversion, and talk Tolkien obviously. Matt also makes a joke about Pope Francis and the Supreme Court and Zac tells him he is super lame. Tweet us @romancircuspod, @romancircusnews, @heyitsmattbaker, @zacmabry Email us podcast@romancircusblog.com Find us on itunes. Rate and review us if you want. You can also find us on podbean, stitcher, google play.

1hr 3mins

27 Sep 2018

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0113 - Tea With Tolkien: An Interview with Kaitlyn Facista

The Tolkien Road

Concerning Tea With Tolkien, from hobbitish hearts to travelogues for Tolkienites... On this episode we interview superfan Kaitlyn Facista of TeaWithTolkien.com about the various ways in which she is building community amongst Tolkienites. For more on this episode and The Tolkien Road podcast, please visit TolkienRoad.com or Facebook.com/TolkienRoad. Also, follow us on Twitter via @TolkienRoad.

1hr 7mins

10 Jul 2017