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Karen Smith

Germantown Voices

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with your craft? Maybe it was a sure fit or maybe it was something you had to eventually love? Karen Smith fell in love with an instrument that is the backbone of most bands. The drums. Produced by Nichole Currie


2 Sep 2021

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Rewire Your Brain for Success with Karen Smith, Founder of the Signature Business Revolution

Scale with Joy

Have you ever thought about what’s going on in your brain while you’re growing your business? My guest this week is Karen Smith, Founder of the Signature Business Revolution. And her insights are all about the neuroscience and brain mapping behind her signature framework.  Karen specifically shares: What you need to and what to stop doing right away Why the unknown equals fear to your brain The secret to new and successful ways of doing things Learn more about Karen here: www.signatureprogram.com/laura. If you’re interested in the science behind rewiring your brain- this episode is for you! Check out my new free new training on www.yournextmillion.me, where several of my seven figure clients and colleagues share what they're doing in the next year to scale their businesses to the multi-million dollar mark and beyond.


7 Jun 2021

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127 | Karen Smith - How Bodyweight Strength Improves Kettlebell Performance

Stacked with Joe DiStefano

Today, I talk kettlebells with my guest Karen Smith, a certified master instructor for the StrongFirst School of Strength founded by Pavel Tsatsouline. Karen teaches on StrongFirst’s kettlebell and bodyweight courses, and she is also about to release her own e-book on bodyweight training. As one of the first women to claim the Iron Maiden title (awarded on successful completion of a pistol squat, a press, and a pull-up with a 24kg kettlebell), Karen is an inspirational trainer who helps people train smarter and get stronger.We chat about some of the outdated and limiting beliefs that still persist about women and weight training, and Karen completely debunks the myth that lifting heavy weights makes women bulky. Instead, she explains that lifting heavy provides a full-body strength and conditioning workout that tones and shapes the body, improves health, and increases self-confidence.Support the show (https://www.coachjoedi.com/joe-recommends )

1hr 4mins

18 May 2021

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Ep. 77 Karen Smith from the Saskatchewan Better Business Bureau

Secret Life of Entrepreneurs with Barb McGrath, #GoogleGirl

Hold onto your seats folks, we've got an exciting episode for you.  Today's guest is Karen Smith, CEO at Better Business Bureau serving Saskatchewan, and woman of many hats.  Karen is a busy person indeed.  In addition to her role as CEO at BBB Sask, she currently serves as Board Member of the Regina Community Clinic, Access Communications Co-operative, is on the Saskatchewan Advisory Board of the Institute for Corporate Directors and on the board of the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program.   As if that wasn't enough, Karen is also a member of the Leaders Council at the Hill & Levene Schools of business, University of Regina. Tune in to learn more about this fascinating and inspiring leader!   Connect with Karen @ Better Business Bureau https://www.bbb.org/local-bbb/bbb-of-saskatchewanFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/BBBSask Twitter: https://twitter.com/BBBSask LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/better-business-bureau-of-saskatchewan-inc-


12 May 2021

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#36 From t-shirts to scaling purpose: Breaking down your internal barriers with Karen Smith

Going Conscious

Karen is a business strategist and course creator who helps six-, seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs scale their online brands. As part of her Signature Impact mentoring program, she uses techniques that blend neuroscience-based learning and her unique holistic marketing strategies to help coaches, thought-leaders and service providers package their genius into scalable programs. Her mission is to create positive global change by helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs build the impactful businesses they were born to lead. A natural entrepreneur, Karen started a six-figure fashion company in Trinidad at the age of 16. Three decades later, she’s launched businesses in five different industries, including three multi 7-figure businesses.  In this episode we talk about how Karen found her purpose early and how she helps other people break down their barriers. We talk about how to let go of the belief that you have to achieve to receive, how to stop doing and start being, how when Karen was told she had 6 months to live she said “no”, integrating neuroscience, the holistic science of marketing, the emergence of more conscious leaders, being an enneagram 8 woman (both of us!), how to tune your brain to hear your heart, and why success is what you feel like not what you look like. Discover show notes, Karen’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com. Connect with Karen:www.signaturesuccess.comInstagram: @signaturesuccess.officialClubhouse: @karensmith Connect with Nikki:Instagram & Clubhouse @nikkitrottwww.nikkitrott.com


5 May 2021

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Karen Smith: Master Instructor

Vital Metabolic: The Art and Science of Strength

On today’s episode of Vital Metabolic, hosts James Wheeler and John Parker talk to Coach Karen Smith about body weight training, how the pandemic has changed her working style, the most important components for strength training, and more.  Episode Highlights:  John and James begin by talking about how their exercise habits have changed over the last year, and how they appreciated being able to get outside and exercise.  They talk about how to get the correct amount of protein in your diet, and what a big difference it can make for people.  9:10 - John talks about the adjustment he’s making to his workouts as the seasons change.  10:50 - They talk about the importance of everyone having a balanced diet.  11:15  - They introduce their guest, Karen Smith, who is an iron maiden like Rebecca Rouse.  11:50 - Karen lives in Texas, and while she was lucky enough to not lose power during the snowstorm, she knows many people whose homes have sustained damage.  14:40 - Karen is used to intermittent fasting, so she wasn’t worried about running out of food during the snowstorm.  16:45 - Karen has been doing online training for many years, so it wasn’t a difficult transition for her when the pandemic started.  18:00 - Karen has been in fitness her whole life, and she was a cheerleader, a gymnast, and a runner as a kid.  19:45 - Karen talks about how she helped to rehab a friend of her daughter’s who also cheers and who had pulled a hamstring muscle right before try outs.  24:00 - Karen, John, and James discuss how it feels to train other trainers to improve what they do.  25:45 - James asks Karen about the start of Strength First Body Weight training, and what she did to assist with writing the manual.  28:19 - James talks about the need to be well-rounded in order to pass SFB training and get the certification.  29:42 - There is a strict progression in body weight training because you have to build a solid core of strength before you can up the difficulty.  31:30 - Karen talks about tactical pull ups and the strictness of the form, including the fact that you can’t use your thumbs because you can’t put your thumb through a solid wall.  35:00 - Karen travels so much that she often lives out of a suitcase everywhere, including in her own home. When the pandemic started in the US, she flew home in mid March and didn’t leave again until July, and it was the longest she’d been at home for 7 or 8 years.  37:32 - Karen gave herself tendonitis years ago from doing pull ups incorrectly, and she’s been working since then to get her body back to that point.  39:00 - They discuss how body fat percentage is vital in doing pull ups, especially in terms of the number of reps you can do.  42:15 - Karen loads people with external weight before they can do a single pull up because it makes getting to being able to do a pull up faster.  45:45 - Karen has done certification trainings where people come in after a day or two and think they’re getting sick because of the strain they put on their bodies.  47:00 - Karen talks about the power of visualization, especially when she was training for the Iron Maiden.  50:22 - Now that Karen has been training for over 20 years, she has started thinking about her retirement.  3 Key Points: There is a strict progression in body weight training because you have to build a solid core of strength before you can up the difficulty.  Karen has been doing online training for many years, so it wasn’t a difficult transition for her when the pandemic started.  Karen loads people with external weight before they can do a single pull up because it makes getting to being able to do a pull up faster.  Tweetable Quotes:  “The physical aspect is one thing, but the mental aspect is the greatest gift.” - John Parker “As soon as I was able to travel again, I was hustling.” - Karen Smith “I really got into visualization when I was training for the Iron Maiden...I would lay in bed and visualize the challenge. I didn’t want to just get up and try it, I knew I was going to wake up that day and do this.” - Karen Smith Resources Mentioned:  James Wheeler: Instagram John Parker: Instagram Email: questions@vitalmetabolic.com Karen Smith: Instagram


30 Mar 2021

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#10 - Karen Smith: Kettlebell and Bodyweight strength training

The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast

In this episode of The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast, Chris, Mike and our special guest Coach Karen Smith will reveal the power of Strength training. Discover why you shouldn’t underestimate bodyweight training.Join us in this insightful and captivating talk!In this chapter you will discover:(1:05) Introducing Karen Smith(1:30) How Mike met Karen(3:30) How did Karen get started in Strength?(5:40) Do women get bulky by training with Kettlebells? (6:00) What did Kettlebell training do for Karen in 5 weeks?(8:30) On Pavel Tsatsouline(13:35) Getting strong for life(14:17) On The Fighter Pullup Program by Pavel Tsatsouline https://www.strongfirst.com/the-fighter-pullup-program-revisited/ (20.30) The 4 levels of the Strength Mastery System and the Strength Mastery Challenge(25:55) “Being able to stand on one leg and balance for 10 seconds it’s a standard you should have until the day you die”(31:20) Bodyweight strength training vs kettlebell strength training(32:25) Karen story on bodyweight, Pavel and the pushup(34:40) Bodyweight is basically the Mastery of your muscles(36:20) What exercises do women mostly struggle with?(37.40) Benefits of bodyweight(38:36) “You can’t build fitness on top of a disfunction”(39:50) The setting up is as important as the exercise(42:10) Bodyweight is the basics(42:50) Do people underestimate bodyweight training?(44:10) On the One-arm pushup and the Single-leg deadlift(47:08) “People who have their health, they have 1000 wishes, people who don’t have their health, they have 1 wish”(48:30) Karen’s story about good and bad doctors(50:30) Mike’s story about good and bad doctors(52:50) Karen’s coaching before and after COVID(54:00) How to contact Karen’s Smith for her coaching https://coachkarensmith.com/ (54:20) What is next in Karen’s training(59:50) Who’s gonna be our next guests

1hr 2mins

18 Feb 2021

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Creating Wealth and Abundance with Karen Smith

Directly Different

Want to hear more from Karen?Check out her coaching services: https://www.purelightleadership.comCheck out what she has to offer with Lemongrass Spa: www.ourlemongrassspa.com/karensmithFollow her on IG: www.instagram.com/Natural_Living_Soul----------------Join the Directly Different Collaborative: www.facebook.com/groups/directlydifferentFollow me on IG: www.instagram.com/directlydifferentRate, review, and share the podcast! 

1hr 17mins

4 Feb 2021

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Karen Smith: We Wield the Hammer

Jewelry Artist

After a voice told artist Karen Smith she’d go to Senegal, she went. Apprenticing there with a master goldsmith, she was watched constantly but silently by a young girl. “She thinks you’re a ghost,” someone finally told Karen. “She’s never seen a woman do what you’re doing.” In response, in 2019 Karen launched We Wield the Hammer in Oakland, CA, determined to empower young women of African descent to wield all the tools and equipment in a good jewelry studio, and launch their own businesses, too. Join Karen and host Katie Hacker as they discuss the progress Karen has made on her startup in this especially tumultuous year, and the hurdles she still faces.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


14 Oct 2020

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Part 2: A Conversation about Relationships – Karen Smith & panel

KingsGate Community Church

Lessons from Lockdown


5 Jul 2020