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Using The Digital Space For Your Practice-An Interview with SoMeDocs Founder, Dr. Dana Corriel

The Private Medical Practice Academy

Trying to figure out how the digital world fits into your private practice can seem very overwhelming. Today, I had a great conversation with Dr. Dana Corriel, a board certified internist, entrepreneur, digital stratgeist and the founder of doctorsonsocialmedia.com to get her insights. Here are some of the key points we discussed: Social Media is Media. It's a form of advertising. Don't think about it as "Social"Whatever content you put into the digital space represents you and your brandYour priority is the prime real estate you own--your websiteMake your website uniqueProvide content geared to the audience you want to read itYou can re-purpose content from your website Post it on one of the social media channels--Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.Be consistentEstablish yourself as an expertPublish articles on doctorsonsocialmedia.com and other sites so that you are identified as an expert in your fieldYou never know who will see your content--patients, referral sources, others.Use social media to drive people back to your website.People may not find you on social media but your patients and referral sources will definitely check out your website before coming to see you or referring patients.Dana Corriel, MD, is a board certified internist, entrepreneur & digital stratgeist. She is the founder of DoctorsonSocialMedia.com, an online platform that functions as a mix of media outlet, marketplace, & talent agency for “medical brains”, serving both a physicians and public audience. Over the years, Dr. Corriel has learned how to create truly stand-out content online & has expanded her own career in just a few short years, using simple online tools. Her company has helped numerous physician influencers and innovative new healthcare businesses grow, thanks to its communities and networking power. Many of these experts now successfully occupy top healthcare positions, appear in influential outlets, and accomplish feats doctors never thought possible.If you'd like to hear more tips on how to start, run and grow your practice and related medical businesses, please sign up for my newsletter at https://www.thepracticebuildingmd.com.    And, be sure to join my FB group, The Private Medical Practice Academy. Enroll in my course,  How To Start Your Own Practice and get the step-by-step process for opening your doors. Or join The Private Medical Practice Academy Membership for live group coaching, expert guest speakers and everything you need to know to start, grow and leverage your private practice.


4 Jan 2022

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54. The Moderator: Dana Corriel, MD

Rx for Success Podcast

Dana Corriel, MD, is a board certified internist (with 14 years in practice), digital healthcare expert, and founder of SoMeDocs, or DoctorsonSocialMedia.com, an online platform with digital resources for empowering physicians and a public space where the public can find health experts to follow. Having personally experienced growth through her own online endeavors, Corriel now helps physician build thought leadership, through facilitating impactful online connections, providing services that help doctors stand out, and using clever marketing content. SoMeDocs has served as the spark for physician innovators, many of whom successfully occupy top healthcare positions, appear in influential outlets, and accomplish feats doctors never thought possible. Corriel has earned various recognitions, including Top Ten Internists to Follow on Twitter by Medical Economics and Top 20 Social Media Physician Influencers by Medscape. She has appeared in major outlets including LA Times, Gastro & Endo News, MDMagazine, The Boston Globe, Huff Post, Medscape, and EP News. Serving as guest faculty at conferences (including yearly at the Harvard’s Healthcare Writers’ Conference) has been especially meaningful for Corriel, who values opportunities to pass on her skills through large projects like these. She led her own successful Writer’s Summit in Feb 2021, and plans to help fuel many more impactful events in her future. Unlock Bonus content and get the shows early on our Patreon Follow us or Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | Amazon  | Spotify Michael L. Relvas, is a CFP professional and insurance agent committed to helping physicians nationwide with their term life and disability insurance needs. He provides an objective, transparent and education-focused process that aims to help physicians make prudent decisions and avoid over-complicating things. He exclusively offers Own-Occupation disability insurance policies for residents, fellows, and attending physicians. We really like Michael and know he’s got your best interest at heart when it comes to disability insurance. We know he’d be happy to help you with whatever your needs are. You can find Michael at doctorpodcastnetwork.com/mrinsurance or contact him at 800-817-4522. Show notes at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/54 Report-out with comments or feedback at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/report Music by Ryan Jones. Find Ryan on Instagram at _ryjones_, Contact Ryan at ryjonesofficial@gmail.com


7 Jun 2021

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RX1: Dana Corriel, MD, Founder, SoMeDocs

Entrepreneur Rx

John's first guest is physician turned entrepreneur, Dr. Dana Corriel. Dana is a board-certified internist and founder of SoMeDocs, a platform that connects physicians across the globe, providing networking opportunities to help form successful online brands.  Dana discusses why she became disillusioned with healthcare, how she utilizes Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with doctors and what inspired her to found SoMeDocs.Find out more at SoMeDocs.com or DrCorriel.com.


28 Apr 2021

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Using Online Tools to Market What You Need! With Dana Corriel, MD

Talk2MeDoc with Andrew Tisser

Join your host Andrew Tisser and guest Dana Corriel, MD, as they talk about how healthcare service extends out to people and the space that physicians are not occupying in general. In this episode, Dana will share the platform she created that empowers physicians to build their personal brand for the relationships they build and the patients they serve. For Dana, a physician that builds a personal brand equips themselves more, in terms of service, the ability and freedom to take back what they own as healthcare providers.In this episode you will learn:·       Social media – for some, powerful but untapped.·       How to get rid of marketing’s bad image? How do you become a personal brand?·       “Physicians don’t need to be on social media, but…”·       SoMeDocs: Doctors on Social Media.·       On customizing a path that you’ll need for consulting.About Dana Corriel, MD:Dr. Dana Corriel is a board-certified internist and founder of SoMeDocs (Doctors on Social Media), online platforms where physicians can network, figure out how to build an effective online presence, and grow an audience to become thought leaders, build successful businesses, and accomplish feats doctors never have before.She has earned the title of Top Ten Internists to Follow on Twitter in 2018 by Medical Economics and Top 20 Social Media Physician Influencers by Medscape in 2019. Dr. Corriel has also been quoted in major publications, including the LA Times, Gastro & Endo News, MDMagazine, The Boston Globe, Huff Post, Medscape, and EP News. She has served as an expert/guest faculty at CME conferences of various medical schools and societies and has been on numerous podcasts. Dr. Corriel’s specialty is physician branding, online strategy, and unique content creation. Her dream is to inspire professionals to innovate by thinking outside the box and connecting the experts with a general public audience.She ultimately wants to see her peers become healthcare’s rightful influencers!Connect with Dana Corriel, MD on:Website:             https://doctorsonsocialmedia.com/Linkedin:            https://www.linkedin.com/company/somedocs/Twitter:               https://twitter.com/somedocsFacebook:          https://www.facebook.com/SoMeDocs/Pinterest:           https://www.pinterest.com/somedocs/_created/Instagram:         https://www.instagram.com/somedocs/ Check out this link for products:https://andrewtisserdo.com/somedocsConnect with Talk2Medoc on:Website:             https://www.andrewtisserdo.com/Linkedin:            https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewtisserdo/Instagram:         https://www.instagram.com/talk2medoc_llc/


14 Apr 2021

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Master these Secret Social Media Hacks to Grow Your Business - Dr. Dana Corriel

The Scope of Practice Podcast

Episode 44 (bonus) - How do we navigate a social media landscape that is confusing, scary, and overwhelming?  15 years ago, it was just Facebook, but now there are over a dozen platforms.  We can't just ignore it, either.  Business is increasingly going digital, and a lot of community-building happens digitally too.Fortunately, Dr. Dana Corriel has the answers.  She is the founder of Doctors on Social Media, also known as SoMeDocs.  In this episode, she walks us through the strategy to create a legendary social media presence.  You CAN take control of your digital footprint!  It should be enjoyable, fruitful, and advance your business and career.This is a great conversation, and you'll definitely learn things that you didn't know before.  This isn't coming from a self-styled "social media expert."  Dr. Corriel is ACTUALLY an expert when it comes to building amazing physician brands online.Free Resource: Creating a One-Liner that Will Kickstart Your Business' GrowthFree Resource: The Specialist SeriesJoin the Business and Personal Finance for Physicians and Dentists Facebook Group!Check out the Doctor Podcast Network!One-on-one personal finance and business coaching: Click here and email me to set up a free consultation today!Featured blog post: 5 Big Mistakes Physicians Make with Social Media


10 Feb 2021

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Episode 45: Dr Dana Corriel - Building an Online Presence and SoMe Docs

People of Pathology Podcast

My guest today is Dr Dana Corriel, founder of SoMe Docs. What we discuss with Dr Corriel: Her path into medicine and how she started SoMe Docs The importance of having an online presence Building an online brand as a way to regain control how to use social media to bring attention to the pathology field The SoMe Docs Series Links for this episode: Health Podcast Network Dress A Med scrubs St Mary's Hospital PA position email  Dr Corriel on Twitter Dr Corriel on YouTube SoMe Docs website SoMe Docs Series People of Pathology Podcast: Website Twitter


25 Jan 2021

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2.15 #MedBikini & DOs and DONTs of Social Media for Medical Students with Dana Corriel MD of SoMeDocs

Rounds to Residency (from MedSchoolCoach)

Dr. Dana Corriel, a physician, entrepreneur, and founder of SoMeDocs, discusses the changing paradigms regarding social media in the medical field. [02:04] How Dr. Corriel Got Into Social Media Branding & Marketing [04:09] Dana’s Most Outrageous Experience as a Physician [08:05] General Social Media Guidelines for Students [12:18] Factfulness in Advocacy on Social Media [16:06] The Importance of Branding and Marketing [20:19] Choosing Social Media Platforms to Use [26:25] How to Find Out More About SoMeDocs With social media playing such a big role in our lives, from politics to #MedBikini, it is important for medical students to consider the role of social media in their professional lives. Chase DiMarco talks to Dr. Dana Corriel, a physician, entrepreneur, and founder of SoMeDocs: Doctors On Social Media. We cover changing paradigms regarding social media in the medical field. General Social Media Guidelines for Medical Students Social media is a powerful tool of communication if leveraged in the right way. However, medical students should do this cautiously because we are steeped in cancel culture. This means that if a medical student says something unethical, everything that they say after that may be affected. Attendings have it a bit easier because they are already established. Just like magazines curate their content, medical students should curate the content that they post on social media to serve their personal and professional goals.  Factfulness in Advocacy on Social Media In an attempt to advocate for a cause or to express thoughts important to them, people tend to share posts that they have not fact-checked, or that they have not fully thought about. Social media can become toxic when we are forced to share posts on a topic, unless we are willing to risk our reputations being smeared. We must not succumb to the pressure of the herd, and be willing to think through topics for ourselves. Individualized takes on issues are very valuable. The Importance of Branding and Marketing Often, people who do not prioritize fact-checking end up as the most popular influencers. This is because they might be excellent at branding and marketing. Dr. Corriel  is passionate about enabling physicians and medical students— people who have the training to base their claims on facts and science — to in turn become excellent at branding and marketing. Whilst people do respect a medical degree, on social media, branding and marketing can hold more clout. Choosing Social Media Platforms to Use Different social media platforms — LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — can be suitable depending on a medical student or physician’s target audience, and what they themselves enjoy. For example, if a medical student or physician is excellent at making videos, YouTube can be a great option. If a medical student or physician is skilled at consistently writing short Twitter posts, and thrive in the often argumentative environment of Twitter, then they can choose Twitter! They should not choose a platform that increases their anxiety, or that they hate. If they are looking for some hand-holding to engage more in social media, then they should consider reaching out to Dr. Corriel , who takes guest moderators for the SoMeDocs Twitter chat every week, and provides lots of guidance. Learn more about Dr. Corriel  Corriel on her website and the SoMeDocs website. Check out her LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. Also, check out the SoMeDocs Facebook group. Be sure to check out SoMeDocs lecture series. Sign up for a Free Coaching session with Chase DiMarco, sponsored by Prospective Doctor! You can also join the Med Mnemonist Mastermind FB Group today and learn more about study methods, memory techniques, and MORE! Do check out Read This Before Medical School. Like our FreeMedEd Facebook page and find our Medical Micro Course, Blog posts, and Podcasts at FreeMedEd.org! Feel free to Email any Questions or Comments.


8 Oct 2020

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Episode 20 - Dana Corriel MD - Internist to Social Media Maven

The Changed Physician Podcast Episodes

This is Episode 20 of The Changed Physician Podcast. Dr. Kevin Cuccaro and Dr. Melissa Cady speak with Dr. Dana Corriel of SoMeDocs about her transition from internal medicine clinical work to Social Media & Marketing.For more on Dr. Corriel & her work go to: doctorsonsocialmedia.comLearn More About The Changed Physician Community at: 🌎 www.TheChangedPhysician.comSOCIAL MEDIA:📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thechangedphysician/🐥 Twitter: https://twitter.com/thechangedphys📩. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheChangedPhysician/💼 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thechangedphysicianABOUT THE HOSTS:Melissa Cady, DO (aka The Challenge Doctor) is board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine and is the author of PAINDEMIC (https://amzn.to/3aUY6Ju - affiliate link). She practices part-time as an independent anesthesiologist while pursuing her mission to inspire, challenge, and educate others online and offline about pain, wellness, fitness, personal development, entrepreneurship, and more.Dr. Kevin Cuccaro is an expert in the science of pain and stress. His particular interest lies in the application of science, education, marketing, and technology to answer the question of, “How can we disrupt traditional healthcare care models to deliver transformative care?” More at KevinCuccaro.com & StraightShotHealth.ComSubscribe to The Changed Physician Podcast on Soundwise


30 Aug 2020

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Social Media or Just Media? Amplifying Your Message with Dana Corriel MD

Talk2MeDoc with Andrew Tisser

Join Andrew Tisser with Dr. Dana Corriel as they talk about amplifying your message. She’s a board-certified Internist, who decided she was no longer happy after 10-15 years of clinical practice. Currently, she’s an entrepreneur, empowering physicians by giving them free networking spaces and teaching them social media effectively.  In this episode, you’ll learn:Why focus on social media? You can use it to drive change.Dana’s thought process of leaving her medical practice.Using social media to connect with other physicians and make a difference.Understanding the power that doctors and physicians wield.Using TikTok as a valuable tool to spread knowledge despite its silliness.  ~ About Dana Corriel:  I founded SoMeDocs - short for Doctors on Social Media - to positively impact healthcare through the online world. I create unique spaces in which professionals can network and learn tools outside of their immediate work space.  We currently have membership, masterclasses, and coming soon: incubators! ~ You can find Dana Corriel on…Website: https://drcorriel.com/ and https://doctorsonsocialmedia.com/Masterclass: https://doctorsonsocialmedia.com/somedocs-masterclass/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drcorriel/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drcorriel/Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrCorrielFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/drcorriel --- Connect with Andrew Tisser!Website: https://andrewtisserdo.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/talk2medocFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrew.tisserLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewtisserdo/Early Career Physicians: Taking Back Medicine: https://www.facebook.com/groups/earlycareerdocs/


19 Aug 2020

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126. How to Align Your Passion and Talent w/ Dana Corriel

Earn & Invest

How do you align your passion and talent?  Dana Corriel found that being a physician no longer filled her cup.  She describes how she decided to delve into social media and content creation.  Plus a short segment with The Vigilante about disagreeing on the internet.   

1hr 16mins

23 Jul 2020