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Episode 227: Mark Borison And Patrick Seta Have Jelly Tunnel Sex

The Bastard Sermon Podcast

We have the incredibly handsome and multi-talented Mark Borison of the Jungle Jim's Podcast, comeback to the studio and he brought with him our long lost host from the great beyond, Patrick Seta of Dark Mountain Cult! With so many nerd boys in the studio we couldn't help but talk a bunch of geek shit. Books, Video games, VR porn. We then dive into all of the wild and crazed ideas that make Jungle Jim, Jungle Jim! Does he have a Jelly tunnel? You Can Follow Mark At: @themarkening Follow And Buy From Patrick At: @darkmountaincult and @thehoneymustardking

1hr 18mins

3 Jul 2022

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Mark Borison

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Grocery stores are the first place anyone thinks of when it comes to places bursting with creative energy right? That insane question has a positive answer at Jungle Jims International Market! When you walk in through the giraffe entrance you will be greeted with the amazing space that this episode was recorded in. The boys sit down with Mark Borison, the host of Jungle Jims Podcast and winner of best Cincinnati comic by CitiBeat. Or was it second best? Who cares?! This dude bathed in chili for his Team and his city and his job really. This episode was one that Luke and Loren talk about for years to come. Thanks for Listening.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/love-the-bomb/message

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4 Mar 2022

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Episode 51 Guitars in the Grocery Store with Mark Borison

What Ya Into?

Hey Listener, Mark Borison is here from the Jungle Jim’s International Market Podcast. Working at the Willy Wonka’s Disney World of grocery stores. Watching another man’s orb. Getting Lost in the Supermarket. Chilling in chili. Growing up on the Disney Channel and MTV. Van Halen, Pantera, and killer guitarists talk. Crapping on Clapton. Playing in bands. Is Coheed and Cambria a genre? We love concept albums. Cannibal Corpse is basically Jackson Pollock. The Iann Robinson 3 album theory. A collection that is also a hobby. Collecting vinyl. The self governor. Vic Mackey talk. Having a Spinal Tap guitar collection.

1hr 37mins

6 Feb 2022

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Episode 215 - Babe Vs Gordy (Featuring Mark Borison)

Keystone Copycats with Chris & Zach

Episode 215: Babe vs. GordyNo this isn't an old reused animation loop from the early 20th century (not that we don't appreciate the compliment)...it's another between season episode of Keystone Copycats With Chris and Zach! Here at KCWCZ, we ask the listeners (you!) the hard questions, such as: will a salesperson close more deals if they fake an injury? Did Johnny Rockets have shoestring fries? Is it a good idea to go 50/50 on a burger restaurant franchise with Chris? What about 50/50 with Zach after he has already gone 50/50 with Chris? Was 50/50 worth watching, or is Cancer not that funny? Oh, also, which movie about a pig is better, Babe or Gordy? I am afraid the answers to all of these questions is beyond me...so thank god our hosts are joined by Cincinnati hero Mark Borison- host of Jungle Jims Podcast. Maybe Mark knows the answers! Either way, hop on in this van, little doggy, so that my other dog can escape with you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @KeystoneCopycats and on twitter @KeystoneCopycat. You can also find us on Reddit at r/KeystoneCopycats You can direct your questions and comments to KeystoneCopycats@gmail.com OR you can leave us a voicemail at (513) 239-7682. www.KeystoneCopycats.com www.DinosaursPodcast.com https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ https://anti-asianviolenceresources.carrd.co/ https://actionnetwork.org/groups/west-fund https://actionnetwork.org/groups/sunrise https://actionnetwork.org/groups/imagine-water-works https://www.Sept21st.com 

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20 Oct 2021

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Episode 159: Neil Breen With The Big 'Ole Peen W/ Mark Borison

The Bastard Sermon Podcast

This week we have the incredibly handsome and talented Mark Borison rejoin us for another amazing episode! Mark is a content creator in just about every single field you can imagine, how the hell does he have the energy for all this?! Lets talk hustle, dork stuff, and more!

1hr 49mins

21 Mar 2021

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Episode 97: Is Baby Yoda a Kamino Clone?! W/ Mark Borison

The Bastard Sermon Podcast

This week on The Bastard Sermon we have on Actor, Director, and Producer, Mark Borison on to talk Star Wars and other jargon. Seriously guys we discuss a whole lot of Star Wars and if you think that's an issue then boo hoo for you! We also discuss Marks Films and shorts he's made and starred in and the amount of effort he puts into his Art. This is truly a classic folks. Star Wars Fan or not, tune in or face the fury of the dark side!

2hr 17mins

16 Dec 2019

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002 - Mark Borison


This week I talk to Cinci-lebrity Mark Borison (@TheMarkRants). We discuss pizza, paralysis, and the Pumpkins (Smashing).Track List:Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears for Fears1979 - The Smashing PumpkinsRomeo Delight - Van HalenThe Great Golden Baby - Circa Survive3005 - Childish GambinoOl' 55 - Tom WaitsIntro/Outro Music: Honey Stay in Your Own Back Yard - Grace Wilson (1927, Public Domain)https://archive.org/details/78_honey-stay-in-your-own-back-yard_grace-wilson_gbia0044734b

1hr 1min

19 Sep 2019

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Future Moguls 51 (ft. Mark Borison)

Future Moguls

On this episode, we get into CityBeat's Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, which are currently accepting nominations for the 22nd annual event. Cincinnati's hip hop community has been gaining presence in the CEAs, and last year they outright stole the show. Mark Borison, videographer, actor and CityBeat's "Best Filmmaker of 2019", stops by to look forward to this year's CEAs. But first, we get into gaming and all kinds of off-topic discussion.Follow Mark @themarkeningFollow Future Moguls @futuremogulspodFollow Hosts Matt Scheer @illlmatticFollow Graval Baehr @gravalbaehrFollow Timeless Recording Studio @timelessrstudioFollow and book our engineer Chris Turner @looney_turnerFuture Moguls Podcast is hosted by Matt Scheer and Graval Baehr, and is recorded by engineer Chris Turner at Timeless Recording Studios in Cincinnati, OH. All Content ©Future Moguls Podcast. All Rights Reserved.

1hr 3mins

16 Sep 2019

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Episode #2: Mark Borison & James Morelock of The Weekly Hookup

Creators in Cincy

For the second episode of Creators in Cincy, I got to sit down with my good friends Mark Borison & James Morelock, hosts of The Weekly Hookup podcast on Radio Artifact. 

1hr 8mins

18 Aug 2019

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Subject 6-Alpha Two | Alex Cogan and Mark Borison

Script Shop

Alex Cogan and Mark Borison talk shop about their short script, 'Subject 6-Alpha Two'. -Logline: "A couples' domestic dispute involves larger forces than they could have imagined." Learn more at ScriptShopShow.com/59


21 Nov 2018