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432: Best Alfred Pennyworth Stories

Geek History Lesson

No other member of the Batman family is as loyal and dedicated to the Dark Knight's mission as his faithful father figure and butler, Alfred Pennyworth. To celebrate the return of Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler -- we bring you -- the best Alfred Pennyworth stories! Join the Geek History Lesson Patreon► https://www.patreon.com/JawiinGHL RECOMMENDED READING from this episode► http://geekhistorylesson.com/recommendedreading FOLLOW GHL►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geekhistorylessonTwitter: https://twitter.com/GHLPodcastFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/geekhistorylessonGet Your GHL Pin: https://etsy.me/3QEVtBl You can follow Ashley at https://twitter.com/Ashleyvrobinson or https://www.ashleyvictoriarobinson.com/Follow Jason at https://twitter.com/Jawiin or https://www.jasoninman.com/Thanks for showing up to class today. Class is dismissed!

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4 Oct 2022

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Hero or Zero: Alfred Pennyworth

Heroes for Hire

This week on Hero or Zero, we're talking about one of the most iconic characters in all of comics: Alfred the Butler! . . . If you want to support the show: https://www.patreon.com/heroesforhirepodcast To get Heroes for Hire merch: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/heroes-for-hire-podcast/ Follow us on Twitter: @Heroes4hirepod , @conlawler , @shaunmeighan Follow us on Facebook:  Det. Divilment's Discussion Group Follow us on Instagram: heroesforhirepodcast Email any questions or queries to: HeroesforHire_@outlook.com Big thanks to our Patrons: Reporter Waffles outstanding in his field Ciara Lawler David Clarke Ed Ball Joe Bernie Róisín The Wife Palmer Ryan Right Time Evanson Shaun Grow you Mo for a Bro Jamieson Dominic Jessiah Florida Gal Green Anna Hjelmroos Lil' Dicky the lads turned their stories into motion pictures and made millions McGrew Danny McLaughlin Ray I can't believe Wanda did this.... Sammy DeLucia Michelle wishing Ronan Browne a very happy 10th birthday!


18 Mar 2022

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Episode 10: Alfred Pennyworth

Not a Hoax! Not a Dream!

Not a hoax, not a dream...in this episode, a character dies! And...gets better. I've heard some people say that Batman wasn't really Batman until there was a Robin. That's how I feel about Alfred Pennyworth. The mythos isn't complete without him. Join us as we talk about his first appearance, death, and return to life in the Silver Age.  Music: Big Boi Pants by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com - used with Creative Commons license Sound clips from All-Star Superman (2011), Justice League Unlimited (2004 - 2006), Batman Beyond (1999 - 2001), X-Men: The Animated Series (1992 - 1997), The Dark Knight (2008), Spider-man (2002), Superman (1978), The Transformers: The Movie (1986), Justice League (2001 - 2004), and Doom Patrol (2019 - ). Episode Art by Alex Ross.  Clips and art used for purposes of research and criticism (Fair Use).


17 Mar 2022

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DC Comics Secret Origins Ep 4: Alfred Pennyworth - Batman #16 (1943) / Weird Science DC Comics

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast

It's another DC Comics Secret Origins and with Pennyworth #1 coming out from DC Comics this week, I figured we would go back to Batman #16 and talk about Alfred Pennyworth's first appearance!  If you want to hear a ton of podcast like this, head over to our Patreon  (patreon.com/weirdscience), and If you can, please leave us a review on iTunes! Also, Check out our Youtube Channel - Weird Science Comics and our Marvel Podcast - Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast and our Manga Podcast - Weird Science Manga Podcast Next Week's Secret Origins is Heatwave from The Flash #140 (1963)


12 Aug 2021

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#65 Pub Quiz Podcast - Alfred Pennyworth is the butler to which superhero?

Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz: Episode 65 If you love my Pub Quiz you can find more questions in my Alexa Skill, follow the link and enable the skill. Then say "Alexa, play pub quiz" Alexa Skill UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B084FSSLF5?ref=skillrw_dsk_res__9 Alexa Skill US: https://www.amazon.com/HUGO-FM-Pub-Quiz/dp/B084FSSLF5/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=pub+quiz&qid=1586871328&s=digital-skills&sr=1-1 Give me a follow on Twitter, I would love to hear from you https://twitter.com/PeteQuiz Cheers, Pete


4 Jun 2021

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Alfred Pennyworth the Game? | AGT Podcast | #7

Adamo Gaming Talks

Ant, Frankie and Tom talk about their favourite story-driven and arcade based games, before diving into a discussion on the representation of Alfred Pennyworth in video games.   Episode Premiered 3rd May 2021 Episode Sponsored by Apparel 5 and Strive2Work If you want you and your team to look the best, Apparel5 offer excellent designs to suit the needs of you and your company. Check them out at https://www.apparel5.com. Strive2Work is a government-approved training agency that ensures that people are given their best chance to work in their ideal sector. Find out more at https://www.strive2work.uk. Join our Discord! https://discord.com/invite/pqfGJJdcsJ Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdamoGamingOfficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamogg_/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adamogg_/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@adamogg_?lang=en

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3 May 2021

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The Superhero Show Show #356: Alfred Pennyworth vs. Apocalypse

The Superhero Show Show

The Superhero Show Show #356 Alfred Pennyworth vs. ApocalypseOn an all-new episode of The Superhero Show Show, The Taste Buds discuss this week's episodes of Pennyworth!It's a crazy one this week, folks, as there is two week's worth of fan-favorite Pennyworth to discuss! That's right, despite season 2 debuting just two weeks ago, Pennyworth is going to go away for a while, so Cassie and the Boys are going to talk about the whole season so far! Is it weird that there's a show about Batman's butler? Is it weird that it's dealing with a million things, including the launch of missiles and fascism?As if that wasn't enough, the Taste Buds also prep for the return of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and another dive back into X-Men: The Animated Series! Apocalypse is here to take over the world, and only the X-Men, and the Taste Buds, can stop them!EPISODES DISCUSSED:THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA #401Watch Sabrina on NetflixAs an all-consuming darkness trickles into town, Sabrina grapples with feeling like the odd witch out-- and makes a risky plan for a whirlwind trip.PENNYWORTH #203Watch Pennyworth on EpixThe Belt and Welt!PENNYWORTH #204Watch Pennyworth on EpixThe Hunted Fox!X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES #110Watch X-Men: The Animated Series on Disney+An ancient and immensely powerful mutant called Apocalypse plots to destroy the world to bring in a newer more world.Also, don’t forget to:Visit Us!Shop With Us On Amazon!Like Us!Follow Us!Write To Us! — contact@yourpopfilter.comListen to more of Cassie on Unnatural 20'sListen to more of Ryan on Movie of the YearListen to more of Mike on The OCD Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/yourpopfilter)

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4 Jan 2021

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Issue 74 - Alfred Pennyworth

Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

We tidy ourselves up for a look at Batman's butler ALFRED PENNYWORTH! Why does he keep working for a loner like Bruce? And how would he actually be like a Real Housewife? Listen now to find out! SHOW NOTES: Intro Review read – Rey - “Well worth listening for the entertainment value of comic book superheroes, but highly informative when it comes to mental health. Anthony & Doc Issues are on top of their game here… analyses and skits make for a perfect mix!” Plug of the week – Geek History Lesson – Jason & Ashley take an in-depth look at a pop culture character every week – Jason wrote a book about military superheroes, and they have a comic book called Jupiter Jet that just finished up a Kickstarter Background (03:54) Alfred created by Don Cameron & Bob Kane in Batman #16 (April 1943) Originally Alfred Beagle, later retconned to Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth Also originally overweight and clumsy, he was the comic relief of the story, as he attempted to act like a detective alongside Batman & Robin – later his physical appearance changed to match that of the actor who played him in the serial – since then, he’s been slim with a mustache Serves as butler for Batman/Bruce Wayne and Robin/Dick Grayson, one of the only people who knows their true identities Pre-Crisis, he was an actor and intelligence agent whose father served the Wayne family Post-Crisis, he has been a valet all his life, serving the Waynes after his father passed away New 52 – Alfred was a soldier, whose father served the Waynes – Jarvis attempted to resign, but was murdered by the Court of Owls Alfred had a daughter, Julia, who served in reconnaissance for the British Army – mother was Mademoiselle Marie, a French war heroine Loses his right hand in Batman: Endgame, but has it reattached after Bruce returns Issues (07:36) Surrogate father to Bruce – he carries the burden of his secrets Loneliness (14:54) Focus on helping others means he can lose himself (22:04) Break Plugs for Have Not Seen This and Parent Quest, plus Meredith Finch Treatment (30:17) In-universe – Alfred’s understudy Out of universe (33:57) Skit (39:09) Ending (46:06) Next episodes: Capes in Court 75th Issue Special, Kamala Khan, Secret Identities in Comics Apple Podcasts: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here iHeartRadio: here Spotify: here Twitter FacebookE-mailPatreonTeePublicDiscord


25 Mar 2020

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Whats wrong with Alfred Pennyworth

Ted and Tims Brain Fart

This week we discuss what is wrong with Alfred Pennyworth and his very real need to make superheros.  Sign up to our Facebook group here Want to get in contact with us? Email | Facebook| Twitter | Website Or individually at Ted | Tim Want to support the show? Merch | Patreon | Donate --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tedandtimsbrainfart/message


30 Nov 2018

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Level 76 - Alfred Pennyworth from Batman

Playable Characters Podcast

Come on in, take off your shoes, and have a spot of tea with us and our guest today, Alfred from the Batman: Arkham series! Such a treat to have a true legend of multiple mediums with us in the studio. We talk about Batman, the Batcave, and more Batstuff! Bat-joy! Starring Tom Nevin! @PlayablePodcast ***Check us out this weekend (9/15-16) in New Jersey at A Video Game Con. Stop by our booth and say hi!***


10 Sep 2018