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MFREE 009: How do you underwrite multifamily real estate deals? with John Fortes

The Multifamily Real Estate Experiment Podcast

Given the state of where we are today, the need to underwrite deals conservatively is more crucial now than ever. But how do you know you're being conservative? Listen in as we talk with John Fortes about the metrics you should be evaluating and how to stress test your underwriting in order to move forward with a deal confidently. Our guest today co-founded the Community First Investment Group because he wanted to help others achieve financial freedom. He is passionate about investor relations, education, empowering individuals through self-development, consulting, and officiating basketball games. He has become one of the multifamily thought leaders as he stays current with market trends and continues to build on his expertise in the commercial multifamily space. He is an Advisor on Michael Blank’s Deal Maker Mastermind forum on the Slack app. He hosts the podcast, The Passive Investor Show, available on all your favorite podcasting platforms. You can find out more about him, his podcast, and how you can invest with him on his website:Published: Apr. 01, 2020


21 Jul 2022

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76. John Fortes | How He's Building an Investment Fund and Leveraging His Unique Ability

Make It Rain: Multifamily Real Estate Investing for Millennials

Founded The Fortes Company because of his passion for working with investors. Partnering with working professionals, John has helped families invest in over $70 million in acquired multifamily apartments. Helping families secure financial security through real estate passive opportunities in multifamily syndications has been a passion that compelled John to start the company.John’s experience in IT consulting has led teams to high efficiency output and cost cutting savings for company stakeholders. Leveraging his IT experience into multifamily real estate by leading operations with proven cost cutting strategies, serious awareness for security for private partnered investors & system implementations that don’t compromise the integrity of the asset’s operations.Through his consulting practice, he’s also helped strategize start up & established real estate investment firms with compliance standards, operational procedures and help harvest career capital. This is how John Fortes became known as The Passive Investor Consultant.John's website: johnfortes.com.For more info, check us out at makeitraincapital.com.Welcome to Make It Rain: Multifamily Real Estate Investing for Millennials!  We're Daisy and Luc, two millennials who love multifamily investing.  With every episode, whether we’re discussing a special topic or have on an amazing guest, the goal is to provide education and resources for anyone interested in investing in multifamily real estate, especially if you’re a millennial.  We’re excited to chat with you about the what’s, the why’s, the how’s, the who’s.  The best way to show support is to share it with anyone who might benefit from it and leave us an awesome review. Check out our website at makeitraincapital.com for more goodies.  Take action on your financial future TODAY!


5 Oct 2021

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What Happens When a Deal Goes South and Benefits of a Fund - John Fortes

The Real Estate Takeoff

John Fortes is the host of the Passive Investor Show and founder of The Fortes Company where he has helped families invest in over $70M in multifamily assets. In this episode we discuss John's 62 unit deal which didn't quite go as planned, going "bridge to bridge", biggest learning lessons, his recent fund, pros and cons of a fund versus a single asset syndication, his aspirations to become an NBA referee and much more!  Connect with John: www.johnfortes.com Follow John's podcast on Instagram: @passiveinvestorshow Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com Follow the show on Instagram: @themultifamilytakeoff


19 Jul 2021

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E77: John Fortes - He overcame early mistakes and a drop to 0% occupancy to make his property profitable!

True Multifamily

John Fortes, Managing Director & Founder of The Fortes Company, joins True Multifamily to share his experience about his early mistakes on his first deal. On his 62-unit, John learned the hard way when his occupancy dropped to zero. He mentions all the lessons he learned while facing the challenge of zero occupancy, sharing about staggered rents, effective communication, and rebranding. John also emphasizes the importance of getting educated and learning outside the courses, understanding the property and the partners that you’re going to be investing with. He also shares the investment tracker that he created. Follow, Share & Subscribe! True Multifamily: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Justin Fraser's Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Connect with John Fortes: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube


16 Jul 2021

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How to Combine Fatherhood, NCAA Basketball & Passive Investing - John Fortes

Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels

Want to avoid mistakes in Long Distance Investing?  Download your FREE document at billykeels.com/7mistakestoavoid Going Long Podcast Episode 124:  How to Combine Fatherhood, NCAA Basketball & Passive Investing In the conversation with today’s guest, John Fortes, you’ll learn the following: [00:34 - 03:13] John’s profile, in Billy’s guest introduction. [03:13 - 08:16] The backstory and decisions made that led John to this point in his journey. [08:16 - 15:04] Why John decided to invest long distance, and the reasons for investing out of state in Real Estate and other tangible assets, rather than just investing in his own backyard.  [15:04 - 23:00] John shares his website details so that you can find out how he can help you, and the ways that John helps his typical clients. [23:00 - 26:19] Some of the ways that the experience of  working as a basketball referee has helped in John’s career as a syndicator and operator in Real Estate investing. [26:19 - 32:09] Points that you can learn from in John’s experience of a particular 62 unit deal which didn’t go quite as planned - but could have been worse! [32:09  - 36:42] How John manages to successfully balance time and energy between his day job, being a syndicator, and also an operator.  [36:42  - 39:33] John tells us all about his Podcast, ‘The Passive Investor Show’. Here’s what John shared with us during today’s conversation: Where in the world John is based currently: Brockton, Massachusetts. The most positive thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Getting home late from his W2 job and being grateful for his wife being there taking care of everything!  Favourite European Country: Italy. A mistake that John would like you to learn from so that you don’t have to pay full price:  Start learning about investing and networking as early as possible, ideally when you’re young! Book Recommendation: Atomic Habits, by James Clear. Be sure to reach out and connect with John Fortes by using the info below: Website: https://johnfortes.com/ Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-passive-investor-show/id1475663867 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejohnfortes/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jb4tes?lang=en Start taking action TODAY so that you can gain more Education and Control over your financial life. To see the Video Version of today’s conversation just CLICK HERE. Do you want to have more control and avoid the mistakes that I made getting started in long distance investing?  Then you can DOWNLOAD the 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Long Distance Investing Guide by clicking HERE. Be sure to connect with Billy!  He’s made it easy for you to do…Just go to any of these sites: Website: www.billykeels.com Youtube: billykeels Facebook: Billy Keels Fan Page Instagram: @billykeels Twitter: @billykeels LinkedIn: Billy Keels


12 Jul 2021

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Episode 78 | Revolutionizing The Passive Investor Experience With John Fortes 

The Level Up REI Podcast

Many passive investors don't have the desire or time to own real estate and fully operate it. Lisa Hylton’s guest today is John Fortes, also known as The Passive Investor Consultant and the founder of The Fortes Company, which partners with working professionals seeking to invest in diversified commercial real estate funds. In this episode, John talks with Lisa about how he is revolutionizing the passive investor experience through real estate funds. One of the many perks of investing passively is still having tax benefits despite not actively participating in constructing properties. You’ll also learn the difference between investing in a real estate fund versus investing in a single asset syndicator. Join in the conversation to learn more! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The Level Up REI Podcast Community today: lisahylton.com Twitter Instagram Facebook LinkedIn YouTube


15 Jun 2021

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Passive investing with the Passive Consultant John Fortes

Ice Cream with Investors

Active working professionals often wonder how they can get involved in real estate passively. Join us on this week's show as we interview the Passive Investing Consultant John Fortes as he breaks down different ways for working professionals to get involved in real estate.Links:Icecreamwithinvestors.comBook Recommendations:The Third Door by Alex BanayanGuest Biography:John Fortes founded The Fortes Company because of his passion for working with investors. Partnering with working professionals, John has helped families invest in over $70 million in acquired multifamily apartments. Helping families secure financial security through real estate passive opportunities in multifamily syndications has been a passion that compelled John to start the company.Guest Links:John's Website: https://johnfortes.com/John Fortes LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbfortes/The Passive Investor Show: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-passive-investor-show/id1475663867Jake and Gino: https://jakeandgino.com/


17 May 2021

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Creating A Fund and Building A Sustainable Real Estate Business with John Fortes

Small Axe Podcast

Today’s guest is John Fortes, also known as The Passive Investor Consultant. He is the founder of The  Fortes Company, which partners with working professionals seeking to invest in the diversified commercial multifamily fund because they don’t have the desire or time to own real estate and fully operate it. By leveraging John’s experience, he has helped families invest over $70 million in multifamily investments. John is also the host of The Passive Investor Show podcast and showcases the value of investing in real estate funds to provide a true hands-off investing audio experience. Let’s listen to John to learn more about his inspiring life story and real estate journey that takes him to financial freedom at such an early age. [00:01 – 07:39] Opening Segment  Let’s get to know John Fortes. I talk about how we met. John shares the story about his background and how he got to where he is today. He has a background in IT and basketball official.  He talks about his urgency to create cash flow from passive income. John talks about how he started his career in real estate. Multifamily scaling  Involved in Jack and Gino Community  HE shares about his syndication journey. John shares some protip in real estate investing. Don't ever sell an asset for less than a year if you have investors in it; you don't want them to get hit with short-term capital gains. [07:40 – 15:00] The Elusive Deal John talks about his deals in Florida. The elusive deal He was refining his criteria and transforming his approach in Florida. 62 units in Johnson City Tennesee  41 units in Chattanooga 528 units in Urban Texas in Dallas. You don’t just get lucky, but you talk to the right people and put yourself in certain positions. John talks about his plan to focusing on deals in Florida and relocate there.  Look for the right fit, not the compensation.  John talks about his specific targeted asset class and size. [15:01 – 39:14] Creating Fund and Build A Sustainable Real Estate Business  John talks about the tenant-based of A, B, C, and D rate classes. A; Executive type of market B; Management type of market C; Employees type of market  D; blue-collar types  John explains what the capital gains tax is and how it works. Find the right time to flip. John talks about his funding and how people can get involved in it. Find the right people to partner with. Take that capital you have, go and create a fund, raise your investors’ capital, and start putting it into assets that work.  Build a sustainable real estate business vs. transactional business. If you are creating a fund, you are allowed to create a sustainable business.  John talks about ways to structure your fund. There are a lot of ways to be creative with the fund and leverage. Gives your investor a lot of diversification. John explains about ‘the schedule K1’ and its benefits. John talks about structuring the fund and identifying the assets from the investor standpoint. The various ways of creating a fund for your business. [39:15 – 43:26] Closing segment If your great-great grandkids are to write a book about you, how would you like it to be titled?  No Quit. Reach out and listen to The Passive Investor Show podcast Connect with John. See the links below.  Final words from me. Tweetable Quotes: “You don’t just get lucky, but you talk to the right people and put yourself in certain positions.” –  John Fortes. “Don't ever sell an asset for less than a year if you have investors in it; you don't want them to get hit with short-term capital gains.” –  John Fortes. “Take that capital you have, go and create a fund, raise your investors’ capital, and start putting it into assets that work..” –  John Fortes. You can connect with John on Facebook and email at john@fortesco.com. Or you can visit his website at https://johnfortes.com/, www.projectedreturns.com for his investment tracker, and www.passiveinvestorshow.com/ to listen to his podcast. LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode. I believe that you only need a small axe to build a lasting empire. Let’s start building yours! To know more about me and all the real estate opportunities you can find, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook or check out my website https://smallaxecommunities.com/ and book a call with me.


15 Mar 2021

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Financial Security through Multifamily Syndications with John Fortes

Micro Empires

The investing world has a lot of jargon and terms that may seem daunting for the first-timer, but in today’s episode of Micro Empires, John Fortes will walk us through the different processes in investing. As the founder of The Fortes Company, John has helped families find opportunities in passive wealth and financial security.He also hosts his podcast called “The Passive Investor Show” where he discusses the different areas and nuances of investing in real estate. Let’s jump right in and learn how to be financially secured! [00:01 - 14:26] Opening Segment Fill up my investor form for investing opportunities at the links below I introduce John Fortes to the show John’s money culture growing up Save everything you have for a rainy day Buy the best quality Evolution of John’s money mindset Raising money one time and buying real estate again and again [14:27 - 26:45] John’s Turning Point in Investing Joining a mastermind group and meeting people Investing in a bunch of assets Fund of fund vs. fund of real estate John’s ideal investors Minimum and maximum investment The steps in investing [26:46 - 33:14] Self-directed IRA vs. Cash Sharing tax benefits through depreciation and cost segregation studies Distributions go in as proceeds, not contributions Shoutout to my Podcast Producers: Streamlined Podcasts Use promo code: MICROEMPIRES and get a discount K1 as cost-segregation benefit from investment [33:15 - 40:58] Diversification and Deploying a 1031 Diversification as a safety mechanism when a deal goes ineffective Beating inflation at 1% at a time John talks about their focus on apartments John talks about how he realized coaching [40:59 - 48:47] Wealth as Time and Options Wealth as means to get you where you want to be Time as the most valuable asset Creating a criteria of deals The effect of money culture on John’s family [48:48 - 53:40] Closing Segment How to connect with John See links below Final words Join my giveaway of the book, “The Only Woman In the Room”   Follow Micro Empires on Instagram and put in a dollar sign emoji below the picture of this book Tweetable Quotes: “When you’re young, you don’t listen to what people say until you actually go through it.” - John Fortes “The investor doesn’t see what we invest. We just give them case studies from the previous opportunities that we had.” - John Fortes  “Time is the most valuable asset we all have, it’s not money.” - John fortes You can connect with John by visiting his website www.johnfortes.com, and you can download a free investment tracker at www.projectedreturns.com. Also check out John’s podcast, “The Passive Investor Show”. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I’m excited to hear more about you. I’m excited to know more about you. Also, feel free to shoot me an email at jennifer@micro-empires.com. You can call or text 213-973-7206 TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes. This podcast is about YOU.  We all have a story, whether your story is a lot like mine or totally different. Maybe you have a good job, but you know in your heart that you want more.  Let's Work Together   Are you ready to begin INVESTING in your future but you don't know where to start? Need more CONNECTIONS in the investing community? Sign up at https://micro-empires.com/investing-opportunities/ for investing opportunities! Subscribe to download my FREE eBook, "3 Steps to Pivot and Thrive: Using Micro-Risks to Build Your Micro Empire." Click https://micro-empires.com/coaching and I’ll see you there!


23 Feb 2021

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Trust is the Transaction, with John Fortes

Real Estate Risk Report

In this episode Lance chats with John Fortes of the Fortes Company, a kindred spirit as passionate about due diligence and risk mitigation as he is. John brings passive investors into multi-family deals, but only after spending up to a year getting to know the sponsor, and performing his own brand of nuanced underwriting. He and Lance dig into the benchmarks he uses to vet a sponsor, and how to avoid confirmation bias in a bull market where every sponsor looks like a genius.


15 Feb 2021