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The Creator of Mind Map: Dax Moy

Unlocking Your Inner Strength

In today's episode, I sit down with Dax Moy, the creator of Mind Map. He has had more of an impact on my Coaching career than anyone out there.  Today's episode is pure gold and you'll need to have a notepad and pen ready to go.  Enjoy! 

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2 Jun 2020

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034 – Revive Yourself – Dax Moy On Why He’s Now A Coach NOT A Trainer, Neuroscience, Why The Thing Is Never The Thing & Much More

Revive Yourself Podcast With Ryan Martin

Dax Moy has been around the health & fitness industry for many years now, and through those years his perspective has shifted.First he was about lifting weights to change a person’s confidence, outlook and physique, then his focus was diet to do achieve the same outcome, then it was hormones and now it’s neuroscience which he believes is his most powerful finding yet.His focus on the brain lead him to getting long lasting results with his clients and eventually developing his signature program called Mind Map where his students learn all about how the brain operates and and how they can get their clients to remove obstacles for the long term that have been continually holding back their progress.In the interview we discuss: The true power behind what coaching REALLY is Why distinction between change and transformation Why most approaches will NEVER work to create sustained, long term transformation Why willpower dooms most When all’s been said and all’s been done Why he know operates under the term Coach instead of Personal Trainer, and the BIG differences between the twoThe brain is the most complex organ in the body and is made up of a complex network of billions of nerve cells called neurons, as well as other kinds of cells, all protected by the bones of the skull. It’s an area of study that most coaches don’t cover because they either don’t think it’s relevant or they don’t understand the power it holds over us.It’s an area that I have started to study more and more over the years and it’s a topic I want to share with you guys much more so you can start to understand just what’s going on and why you make some of the choices you do.And I’m pretty confident you’ll have as much fun listening to it as I did recording it.You can find Dax here:www.daxmoy.comEnjoy the show and as always don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, as well as writing a review on iTunes.To Your Health & HappinessRyan


23 Oct 2017

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StrongHer Radio Episode 8: The Simple Steps to Truly and Deeply Know and Love Yourself with Dax Moy

StrongHer Radio Podcast

Dax shares his story of amazing evolution from a £50 a week personal trainer to the one of the world's highest paid coaches. A story which included stabbing his dad through the heart and how MindMap helped him through his own battle with PTSD.  Dax shares the first step to always take to REALLY know who you are. The significance and power of beliefs from when you are a child in the experience you have in life. Then we chat about the difference between data and drama, the power of starting with the facts. How to approach life as an experiment and learn from ALL that happens to you AND not to take it personally.  This man has helped me change my life MORE than anyone and he's who I turn to when the wheels come off. So there are some HUGE lessons in here for you to take away and implement RIGHT now. We're going DEEP brain geek, but keep it simple and relevant.   Enjoy. Big love Nic x PS the sound is not perfect on this but it SOOO worth bearing with it.  Get in touch with Nic:  FREE 7 Day Self Love Challenge: www.strongheryou.com Feedback, guest nominations and share your thoughts: nicola@strongherformula.com FREE StrongHer Revolution FB Group The Art of Being Yourself, Caroline McHugh Get in touch with Dax:  Dax on Facebook Dax's Enlightened Coach Group on FB Dax's website


18 Sep 2017

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03: Dax Moy on Going From Attempted Murder Charges to Coaching Royalty & Hollywood Stars

Enlightened Entrepreneurial Badasses | Mindset | Brain Performance | Personal Development | Health | Personal Growth

After stabbing his alcoholic and abusive step-father through the heart, it could be said Dax Moy maybe wouldn't have been expected to go on and achieve the success he has. You may also expect a guy who went through what he did and then spent several years as a Royal Marine to portray somewhat of a 'tough' exterior. Yet he is a deeply spiritual and open guy who is one of the most genuine, authentic and generous people I have ever met. He's also a complete weirdo... so fits in well here ;) And he continues to use his story as a perfect example for debunking the myth that your past does not need to dictate your present or future. Dax is now, among other things, one of the UK's highest paid coaches, having worked with royalty, platinum selling artists, high flying CEOs and Hollywood A-listers. And it was fantastically splendiferous to speak with him for the first interview episode of this podcast.In The Episode, We Talk About... Dax's incredible story of going from looking at an attempted murder charge to a world leading coach. What Dax has learned (and what you can too) from his journey. The KEY difference between coaching and mentoring that most people haven't heard. Why your past does not dictate your future. A more actionable and useful approach to working out your story, message and 'who you are'. Why fun and enjoyment trumps taking the 'ideal route' every single time. Plus, Dax gets his package out ;)Links Dax's Facebook DaxMoy.com "The Enlightened Coach" Facebook Group Dax has played a large role in helping me figure my own shit out, so doing this interview was an honour and extremely enjoyable. You can listen via the player at the top of the page. Or head over to iTunes and subscribe there for Apple lovers, and over on Stitcher for non-Apple peeps. Love, Laughter & Light, Mike P.S. If you haven’t done so already, go here to join the EEB Facebook group >> http://bit.ly/1ZYMNoO

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4 Apr 2016

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44# Dax Moy - Awaken Your Guru

Awaken Your Alpha with Adam Lewis Walker

Dax is a poet, philosopher, best selling author, TV, radio and media expert, worldwide educator public speaker, serial blogger, entrepreneur, husband, father and lover of people and of life. On another note he is one of the Worlds Highest paid trainers. His clients include royalty, A-list celebrities, pop-stars, polar explorers and CEO’s.  In this Extended AYA Episode there is plently to learn from the former Special Forces "Daximus"


4 Aug 2014

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Dax Moy & John Spencer Ellis - Awaken Your Guru Within

The Entrepreneur Show hosted by John Spencer Ellis

Dax Moy & John Spencer Ellis - Awaken Your Guru WithinHow to become a guru without becoming a legend in your own mindThe Training and Coaching Lifestyle Podcast hosted by John Spencer Ellis. Topics include business, marketing, branding, PR, publicity, SEO, social media, lifestyle design, wealth creation, program design, education, certification and success for fitness, coaching, wellness, nutrition, personal training and personal development experts. Learn how to work less, earn more, and have more fun while you help your clients reach their goals.


20 May 2014