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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Emily James. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Emily James, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Emily James. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Emily James, often where they are interviewed.

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6. Pet Ownership or Companionship feat. Otto and Emily James, Heartland Humane Society

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DJ Cole and MC Stoll are joined by Emily James, Interim Executive Director of Heartland Humane Society and Otto, her companion, a Double Dapple Dachshund.  We discuss pet policing, the beef between cat activists and bird activists, the pet savior complex, the economics of animal welfare, the exploitation of mission and value driven work, and how the human animal bond is a civil rights and equity issue.  

In the Remix, DJ Cole and MC Stoll explore Anthropecentricism, a funeral for a pet goldfish, animal factory farms and leaf blowers and roosters.   

Track 6 is set to the music of:

DJ Cole, but "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

References include:  Daniel Quinn's novel Ishmael, Fences for Fido, and the legendary George Carlin

Heartland Humane Society
Please support the Heartland Humane Society at, and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  You can volunteer, foster, adopt, sponsor an animal, among many other options. We strongly encourage you to check out heartland and/or your local shelter, give them a call and see how you can best help today.

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Intro/Outro Music produced by OJ The Producer

Interns to the Rescue
Lastly, a shout out to this weeks interns, Beans and Indy, two rescues who certainly put their paws into this project.

Aug 28 2020 · 1hr 12mins
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Emily James: Someone who had been there before and shares to support women strugging with emotional eating, body image and obsession wtih food.

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Today I share with you Emily James, a certified Eating Psychology coach, Integrative Nutrition Health coach who has a Masters in Public Health and training in postive psychology. She helps women struggling with emotional eating, body image and obsessino with food and weight to develop a healthy positive relationship with food and learn to love their bodies. She is one who has been where these women have been and works to share, guide, support and mentor others. Eating disorders come with much secrecy, shame , blame, guilt and more. As someone with a wonderful story of reovery, Emily shares her wisdom about what she has learned in her life and how she can develop a relationship with her clients to guide them through mindful and intuitive eating and learning to no longer feeling guilty about themselves, their body and their lives. We also talk about the power of meditation and Transcendental meditation Specifically ! And the secrecy of eating disorders and struggles . Good stuff You can find Emily at out with an email to Books mentioned in this episode are. 1. Eating by the light of the Moon by Anita Johnston 2. Breaking Free from Emotional Eating by Jeaneen Roth And she speaks of the Institute of Eating Psychology with Mark David. ----------------------------Like this episode, please write me a 5 Star Review. Join me on FB at my Podcast Tribe Page.     Juggling the Chaos of Recovery Podcast TribeInterested in Shaklee products? Learn more and purchase here!Over on Instagram as Green Gorski On Linked IN : Moyra Gorski  Want to be a guest on this podcast and share your story? Follow this link. look forward to connecting with you.
Aug 28 2020 · 53mins
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You can't have AWARE-NESS without HUMAN-NESS with Emily James

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In this episode, Emily is talking about a certain issue in the coaching industry. The bypassing, and the danger of allowing yourself to be brainwashed and conditioned into thinking that COVID-19 is fake & the Civil Rights movement is of low vibration. Couldn't be further from the truth.

If you want to be a coach, you have to be willing to explore discomfort and the shadows that come with this industry, this society, and this world as a whole.

Jul 03 2020 · 12mins
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This Conversation Can Change The World W/ Emily James (Anxious To Aligned Podcast)

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Join me and my dear friend Emily James as we dive into the aspect of DEEP health, and what the reality of HEALTH actually is. Hint, we aren't talking about exercise or eating right, because as that is an aspect of health, it is just ONE aspect of health. Open your mind and perspective on what it truly means to well, on every single level... So, how far does health really go? Tune in to find out.

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Listen to her podcast: "Anxious To Aligned"

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Jun 12 2020 · 1hr
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Anxious to Aligned w/ Emily James

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In today’s episode I talk with the radiant & magical Ms. Emily James! Emily is an energy strategist & spiritual business coach, helping others to create their internal & external worlds as they desire them to be

She shares so many valuable pieces of her own journey & experience with us & how she has created her own path of living an aligned AF life

Her energy is one of magnetism, wisdom, and no bull shit! We jam on all things & go deep into lots of places, an episode packed with authentic self expression

This episode is packed with activations & in the moment upgrades, grab ya pen & paper peeps because this one is 🔥

We talked all things✨

Celebrating yoself
The seasons of transformation
Religion & spirituality
Owning & Releasing shame, guilt, judgement, & other low vibe frequencies
Childhood trauma & Family triggers
Owning your truth
Spiritual Bypassing
Relationships & Divine Union
Collapsing time
Blaming others & projecting
Embodying gratitude

Intuitive Cards Pulled🔮

Creative Spark- Child
Empress- Kuan Yin
Crone Transmutation

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Real Raw

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Apr 30 2020 · 1hr 15mins
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From Anxious To Aligned With Emily James

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Join me and Spiritual Business Coach Emily James as we discuss the power of healing your anxiety, stress and chronic depression. We get down, and REAL about anxiety and depression, especially the way it is approached now in today's world. Emily has gone down the path of anxiety, and she was brave enough to dive into her emotions rather than suppress them like many do, and on her own journey she discovered what she calls "The 6 Avenues Of Healing." And you want to know the best thing about her process? There is no pills involved. Because as Emily states in this episode, "It didn't start with medicine, so it won't end there." Are you ready to face your heavy emotions and finally heal from them? If so, then this episode is for you.

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Apr 03 2020 · 1hr 11mins
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Let's Grab Coffee with Emily James

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Happy August, friends! 

Today, I get to talk to my dear friend, Emily James. We talk about big things like dreams, and small things like books jokes. 

I loved our conversation, and I know you will, too. Enjoy the rest of the lazy days of summer, and we will see you again in September!

Aug 12 2019 · 40mins
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Ep. 26 | Spiritual Awakening & Emotional Awareness with Emily James

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In today's episode we discussed spiritual awakening and emotional awareness with Emily James who is an energy healing coach who has developed her method The Six Avenues of Healing that has helped numerous of her clients awaken, heal and become free from the ties that have hindered them throughout their life. 

We had such an enlightening conversation about evolving in your life and business and how you can flowingly give yourself grace and time to move through each phase in your life.

To connect with Emily 


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Instagram: @lilynicolcoaching  and  @msaleciaharris

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Jun 13 2019 · 36mins
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60: Healing from your past, Contributing to your Success, & Following what lights you up with Emily James

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In today’s episode Emily James and I talk all the things entrepreneurship & healing from your past, contributing to your success rather than chasing significance, and following what lights you up.    Follow Em Here:    Mindset Mastery Podcast
Jun 04 2019 · 37mins
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79: Emily James// From Panic Attacks to Living Out Her Purpose

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Emily James shares her story of living with anxiety and panic and how she was able to overcome and now coach women who are dealing with debilitating anxiety that is holding them back from their true potential. Emily is a beautiful blend of I've been there and I get you and a dose of tough love.

You can follow her here: 

IG: Iamemsaramarie


Mar 04 2019 · 1hr 1min