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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kylie Davis. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kylie Davis, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kylie Davis. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kylie Davis, often where they are interviewed.

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"Talking all things PropTech all the way from Australia" | Episode with Kylie Davis ūüéô#7

iPPi Insider
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On this week's episode of iPPi Insider In this weeks episode of the iPPi Insider, we are being joined by guest Kylie Davis ūüéô| Episode #7 ¬†¬†


Kylie is a researcher, presenter, and marketing expert in the real estate and property industry whose insights help agents understand digital technologies and deliver excellent customer experiences.  Kyle was also a finalist in the thought leadership category of the 2019 REB Women in Real Estate Awards and is the host of The Proptech Podcast.  

The competitive landscape in Australia is something for us all to learn from.   For more information on any of the tech discussed on today's show contact


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Kenneth Kelly began his real estate career in London in one of the largest real estate technology companies in the world. Kenneth has always had a passion for property and has spent the last 5 years, working at the cutting edge of real estate and property technology in London, moving away from the traditional ‚Äė bricks and mortar‚Äô agency to providing virtual estate agency services to clients all over the world. After launching his own virtual agency in London, he then partnered with one of the largest property technology companies worldwide. Kenneth is hugely passionate about leveraging technology to enable property professionals. ¬†Read more about my story here: ¬†


What is iPPi?  The Independent Property Price Index iPPi is an all in one property price, market data and valuations platform. We centralize all available property data to create the cleanest most current and most comprehensive property transaction database to Property Professionals across Ireland. Your all-in-one property valuation platform.   


iPPi Dublin 4, Ireland

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May 31 2020



Kylie Davis ‚Äď How to embrace proptech

The Proptech Podcast with Kylie Davis
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In this episode,
instead of an interview, I talk about something close to my heart - the adoption of technology in the real estate industry. Why we need to do it better, how we should be looking at doing it, and how we need to step up to this challenge that's being thrown up to us right now through this global pandemic and look at how agents can become truly digital and mobile.


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Mar 17 2020



Ep 86 - Kylie Davis | Will AI take over the property industry or make it more efficient?

The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate
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Kylie Davis is back again combining her time at CoreLogic with the world of proptech & is one of the people behind Australia’s Proptech Summit, launched last year.

Having launched Home Prezzo a content marketing solution for real estate agents, she gives a glimpse into the proptech world.

Here’s what’s coming our way:

  • What happens when property & technology meets?
  • How will proptech change the way real estate is handled?
  • How to mitigate risks of implementing new technology into your business.
  • Ways to create liquidity in your property.
  • Where is innovation making the most difference?
  • Why making everything transparent in real estate builds trust.
  • Should the property industry be threatened by disruption?

This is a great episode & we hope you enjoy listening. 

WEBSITE LINKS:Ep 30 - Kylie DavisThe Future of Property Investing - Kylie DavisGUEST WEBSITE:Kylie Davis - HomePrezzo Australia

Work with Veronica? with Chris?

EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Please note that this has been transcribed by half-human-half-robot, so brace yourself for typos and the odd bit of weirdness… This episode was recorded on 22 August, 2019.

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Sep 22 2019

1hr 9mins


Property Pod Mini-Ep: Kylie Davis of HomePrezzo (Recorded Live @ Inman Connect)

The Property Pod
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The Property Pod Tidbits

Pat has taken the recorder with him to Inman Connect in Las Vegas & is grabbing some one-on-one chats with industry professionals.

In this quick chat, Pat catches up with fellow Australian, Kylie Davis (@KDavisreconnect) of HomePrezzo, and discusses data and its importance in the future of Real estate for agents, consumers and vendors.


Kylie Davis has had a 25-year career in media and marketing having worked for Australia’s largest media and data companies.

At News Corp, she held the role of National Real Estate editor, in charge of more than 100 newspapers with a real estate section and led the transition to data-driven journalism across both print and digital.

She then joined CoreLogic as head of Content Marketing and Real Estate, leading the ‚Äėjournobot‚Äô project that took CoreLogic‚Äôs data and turned it into automated client reports.

She’s now a co-founder in HomePrezzo, a content marketing startup that specialises in creating automated reports, video, social media posts, articles and websites for real estate agents using property data and testimonial feeds in just a few minutes rather than the normal days and weeks of traditional methods.

Kylie is a recognised thought leader in the Australian property industry whose research helps real estate agents understand their customers, their markets, future trends and themselves.

She is a passionate advocate of the power of content to connect real estate agents with buyers and sellers and create relationships that last a lifetime.

(Taken from the Inman Connect website-

Check out Kylie at
Twitter- @KDavisReConnect

Jul 24 2019



Episode 6: Kylie Davis - Lessons in reinventing your career path and the age of PropTech

Courageous Conversations
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Welcome to Episode 6 of our podcast, Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington.

In this episode, we hear from Kylie Davis, real estate marketing/journalism expert and Founder of Real Content. She talks about how her days in journalism led her into real estate, what she learned as a business owner and the considerations our industry needs to take to future-proof our businesses and our service.

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Jul 04 2019



Episode 31: The PropTech Project, with Kylie Davis from Real Content

The Smart Cities Chronicles
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In this episode of the PropTech Project series we talk with Kylie Davis (Head of Policy at Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, CEO at Real Content and Co-Founder at HomePrezzo), we track the PropTech journey from its early real estate days to its innovative and diverse agenda today.

May 05 2019



On the Couch with M&M | Kylie Davis

On The Couch with M & M
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On the Couch with M&M | Kylie Davis

Apr 13 2019




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Sep 02 2017