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The Evolution of Education Through Virtual Reality with Steven McCloskey, Founder of Nanome

What is Crypto w/ Michael Nye

Sign up for our newsletter at https://Evolvement.io.Evolvement is a podcast hosted by Nye that revolves around Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and how these play a role in the current financial models and economic systems of the world.In this episode, Matthew from Crypto 101 Podcast and I team up to interview Steven McCloskey, Founder of Nanome. We sit down to discuss the future of VR technology and the many ways it can be used for educational purposes. We also chat about quantum computer and other realms of technology that VR can affect. Finally, we discuss how VR can be tied in with blockchain technology. Learn more about Nanome at https://nanome.ai/. Thank you to Steven for his time. Also, thank you to our sponsor Unification. And thank you to all our listeners! You guys help make this possible.Timestamps:1:15 - Who are you and what are you building?1:50 - What is your background that supports this movement?2:40 - What is the goal of the company?3:40 - Will VR help us learn easier?8:00 - How do you think VR will be used for education?


27 May 2019

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The intersection of virtual reality and nanoengineering featuring Steven McCloskey


Hello and welcome to another episode of the Enter VR podcast featuring Steve McClosky from Nanome VR. Join us for a discussion on VR, nanoengineering and the limits of technology!Show Notes 30: What is Nanome? What is Steve working on?1:40 How did Steve reach the intersection between VR and Nanotechnology?5:00 What is the current nanotechnology industry landscape.11:00 What are the counterarguments of combining VR with nanotech? 15:00 What have been successful user acquisition strategies? 16:50 What is the grand vision for Nanome?25:40 How do you minimize bad actors in a population of people with the ability to design materials at a nanoscale?27:00 What are the limits of nanotechnology? 32:00 The most exciting trends in the vr industry for the next 6 months to 1 year.42:00 The hype behind Neural link.48:00 How to stay in touch with SteveMessage hello@nanome.ai for an enterVR podcast discount!49:40 Topics for the next conversation!Stay in touch with the links below:https://twitter.com/nanome_inc https://twitter.com/StevenMcCloskey https://nanome.ai/


13 Oct 2018

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