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154: Started as a solution to a problem, now the world’s first barista standard reusable cup, a founding B Corp member with growing consumer demand in over 65 countries. From 2 to 55 FTEs with average revenue of 80% in 13 years. (Abigail Forsyth)

Grow A Small Business Podcast

In this episode, I interview Abigail Forsyth, the Co-founder and Managing Director at KeepCup based in Melbourne, Australia. KeepCup designed and manufactured the world’s first barista standard reusable cup with a mission to ensure the world no longer wants, needs, or uses single-use cups. While running cafes in the late 90s, Abigail saw a huge number of disposable cups be sent to the landfill which can cause damage to the environment. With her brother, they decided to make a solution to such a problem by designing a reusable cup. They sold their first products in 2009 and people responded very well to it making them the world’s first barista standard reusable cup with growing consumer demand in over 65 countries around the world. Abigail says one thing she'd recommend marketing a fast-growing business is making great products. She meant products that people need not a product you want to sell and also a product that won’t give extreme destruction to the environment.  This Cast Covers: Started as a solution to a problem and is now the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. While running cafes in the late 90s, saw the rise of the disposable cup that wasn't recyclable and thought they would do something about it. Got the opportunity to design a reusable cup and a mission to encourage the use of reusable cups. People responded very well to the idea and design, selling their first products in 2009. Started with only 2 people to the current 55 FTEs in 13 years. Despite no money allotted for marketing in the beginning, they were still able to sell 10,000 of their products before they even made the tool. A B Corp for such a long time and has been a great tool for recruiting great people. The biggest mindset shift in the small business growth journey is learning to let things go. Sold in 60 countries with 27 distributors and with annual average revenue of 80%. With a mission to ensure the world no longer wants, needs, or uses single-use cups. Helping to divert billions of disposable cups from landfills each year. Additional Resources: KeepCup Collapse By Jared Diamond Masters of Scale ………………………………………… Quotes:  “Make great products.” —Abigail Forsyth “When a certain stage happens such as an impediment, learn to let things go and know what you have to keep hanging on to.” —Abigail Forsyth “Continue to harness self-discipline.” —Abigail Forsyth “Build that culture of doing something that you believe in and what you are passionate about.” —Abigail Forsyth “Lead by example for others to do the same.” —Abigail Forsyth ………………………………………… Music from https://filmmusic.io “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.com. License: CC by http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0


3 Nov 2021

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132: KeepCup, B Corp and Scaling Sustainability with Abigail Forsyth

The Hospopreneurs Podcast

Bright, bold and instantly recognisable, KeepCup is servicing demand in over 76 countries with offices in LA and London but remains loyal to its roots in Melbourne, where Abigail and her brother, Jamie launched their first reusable cup, 10 years ago. A long way since the original search for a more sustainable way to serve food, Abigail joins the program with an international presence, B Corp certification and a commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2025. 


15 Jun 2021

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#145 - How Reuse (And a Coffee Cup!) Can Prevent Climate Change with Abigail Forsyth, Co-Founder of KeepCup [REPOST]

The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

📄 Full Show Notes & Episode Bonuses 🌍Better World Weekly Newsletter 🎬Subscribe on YouTube This episode originally aired in March 2020. You can find the full episode & show notes here:  https://growensemble.com/keepcup-abigail-forsyth/ We welcome the Managing Director and Co-founder of KeepCup, Abigail Forsyth. KeepCup is known worldwide for its bright, bold, and instantly recognizable reusable cups that have diverted billions of disposable cups from the landfill. Abigail is extremely passionate about saving our environment having dedicated her time and effort to many ventures bringing awareness to the cause.  In our episode with Abigail, we chat about: Her commitment to inspiring others to reduce and reuse KeepCup's 10 years in business milestone The current climate crisis, especially how it has impacted Australia with the recent bushfires Her dream of rehabilitating land affected by the fires The evolving role of KeepCup as they enter their second decade of business How success has impacted both her and the company Links from the Episode: Abigail on LinkedIn KeepCup on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn “Australia Bushfires: A Signal to Act” by Abigail Forsyth “Our Hopes and Ambitions for the Next Decade” by Abigail Forsyth B-Labs (B-Corps) 1% for the Planet Abigail’s interview in Business Insider Australia The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver  The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman War on Waste Full Show Notes & Episode Bonuses: https://growensemble.com/keepcup-abigail-forsyth Connect with Grow Ensemble on Social: YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Instagram


12 Jan 2021

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Designing KeepCup with Abigail Forsyth

Design Your Life with Vince Frost

In the fourth instalment of the exclusive Australian Made series, Vince chats to Abigail Forsyth, the co-founder, CEO and spokeswoman of KeepCup. At a time of so much uncertainty in the world, the Australian Made series will focus on brilliant people here in Australia, celebrating designing and making local. Once a lawyer in a boutique firm in Melbourne Abigail Forsyth decided to change career paths in the search for something different, something with more purpose. Alarmed by the amount of disposable packaging being wasted Abigail began her search for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way to serve food. In 2007 she took the bold step of designing and manufacturing her own reusable cup, two intensive years later the KeepCup brand was born. Since its inception in 2009 KeepCup has gone from strength to strength becoming the leading figure in sustainable reusable coffee cups Listen in as Vince and Abigail KeepCup's inception and who came up with its perfect name as well as why parameters drive the creative process.   The pair also delve into B-Corp certification, what Abigail and her family's sustainable practices are as well as the importance of dematerialisation and designing for long life and reuse.   Enjoy!  KeepCup Design Your Life Frost*collective x KeepCup See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


12 Oct 2020

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Episode 30 - Keeping coffee cup waste at bay with Abigail Forsyth

The Ocean Impact Podcast

In 2007 Abigail Forsyth and her brother Jamie had an idea for a reusable coffee cup that could address the burgeoning cup waste they were witnessing from their Bluebag Cafe chain and the rapidly growing coffee culture in Melbourne, Australia. The KeepCup was born, and in the 11 years since launching the product has gone on to become the ‘category name’ for reusable coffee cups in Australia and around the world. With sales into 65 countries and offices in London and Los Angeles, KeepCup is a true Australian eco-enterprise success story. In this conversation Tim and Abi discuss the journey in establishing the business, how entrepreneurship runs through their family, the impact that covid-19 has had on the ‘Reuse Revolution’ and what needs to happen next if we are to create a sustainable future on Planet Ocean. For more information on KeepCup visit: www.keepcup.com To follow KeepCup on Instagram visit: www.instagram.com/keepcup


29 Sep 2020

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Abigail Forsyth of KeepCup

Seed To Cup

On the third episode of Seed To Cup, James Beard Award-winning journalist and Sprudge co-founder Jordan Michelman interviews Abigail Forsyth, the co-founder, and CEO of KeepCup, based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2007 by Forsyth and her brother, Jamie, KeepCup was designed to address an intrinsic issue in the specialty coffee industry: reliance on disposable cups. "Today, KeepCups are used in more than 65 countries around the world. KeepCup users divert millions of disposable cups from landfill every day, and through their actions inspire others to do the same," says the company. Abigail Forsyth continues to direct the brand from its new headquarters in Clifton Hill. 2020 has offered an unprecedented set of challenges to the reusable movement, as cafes around the world convert to takeaway-only and struggle to keep up with an ever-changing set of information about the transmission of COVID-19. This moment feels especially desperate from where we're sitting right now—Sprudge is published out of Portland, Oregon, currently engulfed in smoke from the largest wildfire event in modern history. But it's also an opportunity, a defining moment for the human race to address the reality of environmental destruction. "COVID-19 is a frightening glimpse of what is to come," Forsyth told Smart Company earlier this year. "Zoonotic diseases, which spread from animals to humans, climate change, loss of biodiversity, plastic oceans—they are all facets of how we co-exist with the natural system. This is a wakeup call to bring our economic and social systems back into line with earth's finite resources." All this and more is addressed in our interview with Abigal Forsyth. This season of Seed To Cup is sponsored by La Marzocco and Seattle Coffee Gear. 


11 Sep 2020

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S2E12: KeepCup's Abigail Forsyth | People Building Businesses S2E12

People Building Businesses

A conversation about reusable cups, circular economies and leading the fight for a sustainable future. KeepCup CEO Abigail Forsyth is the guest on this episode of People Building Businesses. Host Jason Lim and Abigail talk about founding KeepCup out of a Melbourne cafe, local production versus overseas, expanding the team to three countries, changing the culture of sustainability within businesses, not taking on investment, finding your voice, the future of coffee culture post-COVID and much more. The podcast was produced, shot and edited by Joe Harrington.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Sep 2020

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Abigail Forsyth of KeepCup

Plastics Revolution with Tammy Ven Dange

In this episode of Plastics Revolution, host Tammy Ven Dange chats with Abigail Forsyth, the co-founder and managing director of KeepCup. Abigail and her brother were running a number of cafes in the Melbourne area when they recognised the amount of disposable coffee cups going through their business and ending up in landfill.  Even worse, they couldn’t believe that there wasn’t already a reusable alternative on the market. Ten years later, the KeepCup brand has become the generic term for a reusable coffee cup in many places. We hope you enjoy this episode of Plastics Revolution with Abigail Forsyth of KeepCup. You can read the summary and see all of the links from this episode on Tammy’s blog. Credits Hosted by Tammy Ven Dange Produced by Jonny Puskas Theme Music by Joseph McDade All Rights Reserved 2020


27 Aug 2020

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Abigail Forsyth from KeepCup, The idea that changed the way we drink coffee

The Good Business Podcast

In today’s episode I’m talking with an impact entrepreneur whose product you may well have nearby or you use regularly because today I am talking with Abigail Forsyth who is the co-founder of KeepCup. Abigail first started developing KeepCup after she became frustrated with the amount of waste she saw being created from disposable coffee cups - unable to simply find a solution she developed her own. Little did she know she would start an international phenomenon, with people worldwide using and loving her products.  Today KeepCup is Australia’s leading reusable barista standard coffee cup helping its customers divert millions of disposable cups from landfill every day. In this episode you will hear about Abigail's journey from lawyer to cafe owner to creating a product that defines an entire product category as well as her views on the future.  Let’s get to my interview with Abigail Forsyth from KeepCup. Show notes available at www.bluetribe.co/podcast To learn more about KeepCup https://au.keepcup.com/


26 Aug 2020

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Abigail Forsyth, Managing Director of KeepCup

Astrology for Leaders Podcast

This week on Astrology for Leaders I speak with the inspiring Abigail Forsyth Managing Director of KeepCup, the Australian design and ecologically-sustainable company. She is an inspiring leader of her own vision and business. Join me as we explore her chart and how it shines a light on how she navigated success. If you would like to know more about what I do and how astrology leads my Holistic Career Coaching, then visit: www.josephinecorcoran.com


18 Aug 2020