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Ep.11 Is a Woman the Sacrificial Lamb for her family with Rochelle Malone

Africana Woman with Chulu

Do you know as educated women we are still subject to abuse on different levels. Words like Narcissist and Gaslighting have become commonplace. However, do you really understand how it works? What emotional and psychological abuse looks like? This is a powerful story about a woman who lost her life as she knew it in the blink of an eye. Being wrongfully institutionalised in a mental hospital in a plot to make her get lost in the system. We also learn how she overcame such a traumatic series of events. Rochelle Malone is a certified executive coach, and minister, is the former co- pastor/co-founder of a faith-based organization in her native hometown of Memphis, TN in the United States of America where she faithfully served in full time ministry for over 17 years. She has combined her many years of ministry with the vehicle of coaching and founded Graced Solutions LLC., a platform from which she serves as an Executive Coach, empowering women leaders through transformational coaching to uncover the power of grace to design a life of meaning. “As black women, as women in leadership, sometimes we live in glasshouses. And we are not able to have safe places where we can talk or people who are informed to share knowledge with us.” “I sought counsel. And all of my counsel was, “Baby just pray about it. You know how black men are. Just pray about it” “This was a natural occurrence in the 1800s among men in leadership. If they wanted to get rid of their spouse, they put them in a mental hospital because no questions were asked.” “In 28 days I lost everything. I lost my marriage. I lost my kids. I lost my ministry. I lost my money. Everything.” “I realised, in order for me to function, I deadened my emotions.” “I had a bad situation, I picked a bad apple. But that doesn’t mean I throw God away.” “God said, “I don’t have to bring somebody down to bring you up.” “If you have to lose yourself to be with somebody, the price is too great.” “I was taught that the wife is the lamb. She is the sacrifice for the family. This old lady said to me, “No baby, there is only one lamb and he’s already been sacrificed. So what are you sacrificing yourself for … No you are just in a messed up marriage. That’s what that is.” KNOW your Roots, Grow your Purpose LINKS: www.instagram.com/chulu_bydesign www.facebook.com/chulubydesign Join the Africana Woman Visionaries: https://www.facebook.com/groups/708489836426989 Africana Woman Blog: https://www.africanawoman.com/ 


13 Feb 2021

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041 Gaslighting with Rochelle Malone

Hearts & Stripes

Lean in for this powerful heart to heart.  On this episode we are hearing the marriage story of Rochelle Malone, founder and executive leadership coach at Graced Solutions, LLC.  Her experience will educate you on gaslighting and the necessity for prayer and knowledge in every situation we may walk through.   From more on this episode head to  https://bcarrollevents.com/hearts-stripes/41 Connects with us on IG https://www.instagram.com/bcarrollevents/ Listen to our Heart Tracks

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12 Oct 2020

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2x8 Podcast feat. Rochelle Malone || Episode 82

Thinking Out Loud Network

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7 Apr 2020

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G-Wade Radio Show feat. Rochelle Malone

G-Wade Podcast

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19 Jan 2019

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