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Marketing For Real Estate Investors with Lyndsay Phillips

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

Content Marketing is a journey.  In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into them!  Lyndsay Phillips is the CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth.  She is a Content Marketing and Strategic Partner, a serial entrepreneur, and also proud owner of Smooth Business Podcasting in real estate investor’s marketing.  Her business has grown 60% each year consistently.  She loves helping entrepreneurs build their authority and increase visibility through the power of podcasting with her full-service podcasting and content marketing services.  [00:01 - 03:14] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know today’s guest, Lyndsay PhillipsLyndsay shares her vision and mission in businessLyndsay talks about podcasting and content creation[03:15 - 17:57] Marketing For Real Estate InvestorsWhat is My Message?Lyndsay shares her experience with a client How to Attract ProspectsWhere is Your Audience?Everything, Everywhere, All the TimeGolden Nuggets in Your ContentHow to Stand Out in Content MarketingLyndsay plugs her upcoming podcast show, Leverage Your Podcast[17:58 - 20:14] Final Four SegmentLyndsay’s advice to aspiring investors“Start in one place.”How Lyndsay stays on top of her gameTalking with other coaches, asking in Facebook groups for feedback and helpLyndsay’s way to make the world a better placeHelping entrepreneursReach out to our guest - see links below Final wordsTweetable Quotes“Don’t be afraid to niche down. ” - Lyndsay Phillips“Your journey and your mistakes are what makes you human.” - Lyndsay Phillips“Being your authentic self and telling your story is what is going to attract prospects.” - Lyndsay Phillips-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Lyndsay Phillips through: captain@smoothbusinessgrowth.com and LinkedIn.  Check out https://www.smoothbusinessgrowth.com and Smooth Business Podcasting and consult your marketing strategies!Connect with me:I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify a strategy and provide solid predictable returns.  FacebookLinkedInLike, subscribe, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or whatever platform you listen on.  Thank you for tuning in!Email me → sam@brickeninvestmentgroup.com


12 Jul 2021

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Lyndsay Phillips

The Business Power Hour with Deb Krier

Lyndsay Phillips, is the CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth. She is your content marketing strategic partner, a serial entrepreneur and also proud owner of Smooth Business Podcasting & Real Estate Investors Marketing.Growing a successful Content Marketing Agency, launching her own podcasts (and clients), she quickly learned the true power of podcasting. Skeptical at first and scared of putting herself out there, her ‘do it anyway attitude’ paid off and her business has grew 60% each year consistently.Lyndsay has been featured on MSN, NBC, Fox, published in Huffington Post, guesting on podcasts like John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneurs On Fire and Joe Fairless’ Best Podcast Ever, and has shared her expertise at events such as Dream Business Academy, Podfest (and included in the Guinness World Records!), and Service Business Edge (sharing the stage with Mike Michalowicz and Jay Abraham).She LOVES helping entrepreneurs build their authority and increase visibility through the power of podcasting with her full service podcasting and content marketing services. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


1 Jul 2021

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Content Marketing Is Not Just About Social! - with Lyndsay Phillips- EP 119

Lab Coat Agents Podcast

During this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff Pfitzer talks to Lyndsay Phillips. She is the founder and owner of a business called, Smooth Sailing Business Growth. She is a content marketing expert for real estate ambassadors. Tune in to hear about the powerful strategies you could implement to grow your business! Episode Highlights:   The real estate industry is expanding very fast; it has boomed over the past couple of years and now you have  to do things differently in order to differentiate yourself. Lyndsay started by helping those who were struggling with marketing to grow their authorities. Jeff inquires about Lyndsay’s work culture. He is also curious to know about her shift from VA to Content Marketing.   With the growth in competition, you do have to take steps to create more relationships. Lyndsay says all these things can be accomplished with social media and content marketing.  You have to stand out as serving and helping people, being the source of credibility and authority in a space so that people can trust you. Jeff stresses  the importance of using social media to its full advantage. Proper content marketing and branding efforts help any business owner to propel. Jeff explains how he has seen the fruits of his labor on the social media front.  Jeff and Lyndsay discuss how to consistently share content from their personal and professional lives on social media.  How do you convince realtors to share excerpts from their personal life on social media and how? When someone posts any incident from their personal life, people tend to resonate.  The 10 touch systems works; Lyndsay advises to pick out 10 ideal clients and find out more about them, especially their friend circle. You can also search for clients via hashtags. When you are talking to your real-estate investor, how do you quantify their avatar on social media? The point is you want to share your expertise whether through podcast, blog, vlogs or social, webinars or e-books; At the end of the day, you want to share your expertise. What ways can you share your knowledge to help others in an attractive way? When it comes to selecting the right platform to post content, you have to lean into your own strengths. How can podcasting help real-estate agents? Lyndsay explains how to launch, produce, promote, and leverage podcasts to help businesses gain more leads, increase visibility, boost authority, and grow. 3 Key Points: Lyndsay narrates her career journey and how she targeted clients who were real state ambassadors. Social media is for having conversations, building relationships, and generating sales. Lyndsay explains how to consistently use content marketing to grow your business. Jeff asks Lyndsay, “What advice would you give a realtor when they are struggling to even understand what it means to find an ideal audience?” Resources Mentioned:  Lab Coat Agents  | Website | Facebook | Facebook Group | Twitter | Instagram Jeff Pfitzer   | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter Lyndsay Phillips  LinkedIn | Website Real Estate Investors Marketing Content Distribution Platform Follow Up Boss (Sponsor) Chime (Sponsor)


22 Jun 2021

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How To Up Your Social Media Game To Grow Your Business With Lyndsay Phillips - Real Estate Women

Real Estate Investing For Women

There’s no denying that social media is here to stay, and billions of people are now active on socials, which is why businesses are stepping up their social media game. The growing number of people using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social platforms is why business owners invest in content marketing. Moneeka Sawyer is joined by Lyndsay Phillips, a content marketing expert and the Founder and Owner of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, to share how a business can attract and convert customers faster through social media. Lyndsay shares how she got into content marketing and talks about the importance of having an avatar, the difference between using a post, a story, or a live, and how to utilize those. She also explains how socials can be used to build better relationships.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Real Estate Investing for Women Community today:https://blissfulinvestor.com/LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram


1 Jun 2021

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EP 659 - Online Exposure: Expanding Your 2021 Marketing Roadmap With Lyndsay Phillips

The Note Closers Show Podcast

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, and now, Clubhouse. The list keeps on growing. As long as people are online, social media will continue to rule over the internet. However, if you're connecting for business-related things, which one should you focus on? Your guest today, Lyndsay Phillips, knows exactly where to focus on. Lyndsay is the President of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and the host of Smooth Business Podcasting. Join your host, Scott Carson, as he speaks to Lyndsay Phillips about the importance of building your brand online. Furthermore, they talk about online-content marketing, finding your clients, podcasting, and many more. Learn how to boost your credibility and authority online so that you can gain some exposure. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Note Closers Show community today:WeCloseNotes.comThe Note Closers Show FacebookThe Note Closers Show TwitterScott Carson LinkedInThe Note Closers Show YouTubeThe Note Closers Show VimeoThe Note Closers Show InstagramWe Close Notes Pinterest


1 Jun 2021

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Lead Generation and Becoming an Authority Online with Lyndsay Phillips

Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons

My guest in today’s episode is Lyndsay Phillips. Lyndsay is the CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth. She is your content marketing strategic partner, a serial entrepreneur, and also proud owner of Smooth Business Podcasting & Real Estate Investors Marketing. Lyndsay has been featured on MSN, NBC, Fox, published in Huffington Post, and has been a guest on John Lee Dumas’s “Entrepreneurs On Fire” and Joe Fairless’ “Best Real Estate Investing Podcast Ever.” She loves helping entrepreneurs build their authority and increase visibility through the power of podcasting with her full-service podcasting and content marketing services. We first talk about Lyndsay’s background story and how she got into marketing. As a mom who could work only part-time, Lyndsay started out as a virtual assistant to one of her friends. As her client list grew, she started getting more real-estate clients and decided to niche down her business and change her business model. She quickly realized that marketing agencies don’t really understand the perspective of real-estate investors and decided to focus more on content marketing.  We then moved on to talking about some of the practical things that you can do today to help you with your leads. Lyndsay shares that the first thing you should do is make sure that you are showing yourself authentically on your website and that your messaging is very clear on who you're speaking to and who your avatar is. This will help your potential clients connect with you in a way that will allow you to turn your leads into your clients.  Together we then dive into discussing whether or not social media is a good place to generate leads. Lyndsay explains that in today’s online world it is all about relationships. Engaging with people, commenting, being in various online groups, and simply offering value and being “on the ground” will get you much further than Facebook ads. There is a sea of that out there and it is overwhelming, so you need to set yourself apart as an authority, as a go-to person that people want to engage with.  Lastly, we discuss the type of marketing Lyndsay provides for her client and her specific superpower.  Lyndsay is an expert in helping people establish themselves as an authority. She believes that you need to have a consistent brand, a consistent message, and be consistent on social media if you want your business to grow. She explains different ways in which you can repurpose your content in order to uplevel your authority, and also why you need to have a simple sales funnel.  Don’t miss this episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast that is filled with invaluable nuggets from Lyndsay Phillips on how to build your authority online in order to drive attention to your business and drive leads into your funnel! Notable Quotes: “When it comes to real estate investing, there are two things that have always been needed desperately and that have never changed: money and leads.” Mike Simmons “I believe in just diving in, even if you're freaking out.” Lyndsay Phillips “I find that a lot of marketing companies are very focused on just online marketing or coaches. They're not quite understanding the perspective of a real estate investor.” Lyndsay Phillips “Real estate investors are like sharks in the water: if there is somebody who we think can help us get more leads, we flock to it like a shark to blood.” Mike Simmons “Really leaning into yourself and who you're attracting in your messaging - that to me is like half of the equation.” Lyndsay Phillips “If you're talking to everybody, you're talking to nobody.” Mike Simmons “Everyone's sort of struggling to figure out social media and how to apply that to lead generation.” Mike Simmons “To me, the secret sauce nowadays is really setting yourself apart as an authority.” Lyndsay Phillips “There are different ways to elevate your authority platform so that you're setting yourself apart as the go-to person, and you're not lost in the sea of everybody else.” Lyndsay Phillips “Talking to people is always going to be more valuable than blasting ads.” Mike Simmons “You need to have a consistent brand, a consistent message, and consistent social media.” Lyndsay Phillips “You're showing that you're everywhere and that you're giving information, and that's gonna uplevel your authority.” Lyndsay Phillips Links: Smooth Sailing Business Growth on Facebook Smooth Sailing Business Growth on Twitter Smooth Sailing Business Growth on Instagram Multifamily Live Event 7 Figure Flipping Return on Investments Just Start Real Estate JSRE on Facebook Mike on Facebook Mike on Instagram Mike on LinkedIn Mike on Twitter Level Jumping: How I Grew My Business to Over $1 Million in Profits in 12 Months


31 May 2021

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Grow Your Business with a Podcast – Lyndsay Phillips

Dream Business Radio

Dream Business Radio #445On this week’s Dream Business Radio Show, my special guest is Lyndsay Phillips. Lyndsay is the CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, your content marketing strategic partner. She is a serial entrepreneur and also proud owner of Smooth Business Podcasting & Real Estate Investors Marketing. Lyndsay has been a featured guest on several podcasts and for years she’s been the host of the Smooth Business Growth Podcast.Download MP3Connect to Lindsey on their website: smoothbusinessgrowth.com


20 May 2021

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Podcast Guesting with Lyndsay Phillips


On this episode of Money Savage BRAND, we talked about using podcasts to grow your authority, increase lead flow and get more clients, how to be a guest on more shows, and how to maximize and repurpose content with Lyndsay Phillips, CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth.  Listen to learn how to be a great podcast guest!   For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 18:50! You can learn more about Lyndsay at SmoothBusinessGrowth.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Check out the Strive Online Bootcamp We’re honored to have been named one of the top podcasts from investing! George is honored to be included on Investopedia's list of the Top 100 Financial Advisors for 2020! Have George speak to your organization. You can learn more about the show at GeorgeGrombacher.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook or contact George at Contact@GeorgeGrombacher.com.  Check out Money Alignment Academy as well!


14 Mar 2021

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Podcasting for Your Real Estate Investing Business - with Content Marketing Expert, Lyndsay Phillips

The Truth About Real Estate

On this episode, we’re talking content marketing strategies and podcasting for real estate professionals with content marketing expert, Lyndsay Phillips!Watch at YouTube.MatthewMa.com!Lyndsay Phillips is the CEO at Smooth Sailing Business Growth, a content marketing and consultation business. She is a serial entrepreneur and proud owner of Smooth Business Podcasting and Real Estate Investors Marketing. She's been featured on MSN, NBC, Fox and published in Home Service Max Magazine. She's been a podcast host for years on Smooth Business Growth Podcast and has spoken at events such as Dream Business Academy, Podfest, and Service Business Edge (sharing the stage with Mike Michalowicz and Jay Abraham). Reach out to Lyndsay Phillips at captain@smoothbusinessgrowth.comConnect:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lyndsayaphillipsInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/smoothbusinessgrowth/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyndsayphillips/Website: https://www.smoothbusinessgrowth.com/Leave a review on iTunes and let me know what you think !Host: Matthew MaMatthew Ma is an Investor, Syndicator, Founder, Coach, and Podcast Host. He’s a Broker Associate with eXp Realty and strives to help agents grow their business with proven, effective methods learned from experience. Through his podcast, The Truth About Real Estate, and Avant University, he educates buyers, sellers, investors, and real estate agents on the current state of the market, how to use innovations in technology, sales, and marketing to build a scalable business. As an investor and syndicator with Avant Asset Management, he’s dedicated to client success by building wealth through investments in apartment building syndications. Reach out to Matthew Ma at Matt@MatthewMa.com.


30 Jan 2021

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Lyndsay Phillips Talks About How To 10x Your Leads From Podcasting.

The Money Friends

In this episode, we have invited Lyndsay Phillips, the CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth. Lyndsay is a content marketing strategic partner, an entrepreneur, podcast host of Smooth Business Podcasting & Real Estate Investors Marketing Discusses How We Can 10x Our Leads On Podcasts By Following These Simple Steps.  Check Out The Whole Shownotes At The Money Friends.  Contact Lyndsay Phillips Get 14 Days Of Free Content, Done For You. References and Links Mentioned: Are You Ready To Create Boring Passive Income? Then Start Building Boring Passive Income We Use Streamyard To Stream Our Content Get Your Own Website Hosting If You Are Looking To Be A Guest On The Money Friends Podcast Check Out Our Interview Me Section Check Out These Free Amazing Tools For  Facebook, Instagram Or Linkedin Tools To Automate Your Business Subscribe & Review The Money Friends Podcast Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of the Money Friends Podcast! If the information in our weekly conversations and interviews have helped you in your business journey, please head over to iTunes, subscribe to the show, and leave us an honest review. Your reviews and feedback will not only help us continue to deliver great, helpful content, but it will also help us reach even more amazing entrepreneurs just like you --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/themoney/support


15 Nov 2020