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Episode 4: "Operant Conditioning - Reinforcing for Tomorrow" with Steve Martin, President and CEO of Natural Encounters, Inc.

Animal Behavior Conversations: The Podcast of The ABMA

This episode Steve Martin, President and CEO of Natural Encounters, Inc. and a leader in the field of behavior management, starts our deep dive into the science of behavior change with the crux of it all: Operant Conditioning!  We discuss the importance of having the mindset of reinforcing for tomorrow and how the artful application of training includes a dialogue, with two-way communication, between the teacher and the learner. Tune in for some incredible animal training stories from Steve, ranging from "free-flight" orangutans all the way to some quick thinking with a volunteer and a Marabou stork .  For questions or suggestions about the podcast email abc@theabma.org and to reach Steve contact s.martin@naturalencounters.com.  Let's talk some training!


1 Mar 2023

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THE NEWSROUND: Steve Martin was only 42 in Father of the Bride!?' | Awful sports cliches

Off The Ball Daily

Mick McCarthy and Richie McCormack joined Joe Molloy for Tuesday's edition of The Newsround. #OTBNR with Gillette Labs | #EffortlessFlow


28 Feb 2023

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Woody Adjacent - Steve Martin, Sarah Jessica Parker - L.A. Story (1991)

The Woody Allen Retrospective Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of Woody Allen Adjacent! This month we are talking about one of the worlds most celebrated comedic actors who has some really interesting parallels to Woody Allen - this movie in particular seems to be a jokey-poke love letter to a city very close to his heart that, of course, we have a good ol' conversation about So.. lets talk about 1991's L.A. Story - which has a few surprising cameos! Thank you so much for listening - We are still hopeful in asking that you would please consider supporting our colleague and friend Carly in this trying time as she deals with medical treatment and could really use your support - please check out her Go Fund Me campaign below https://gofund.me/f82c5bf2 Don't forget to connect to us using ing the link below - which also contains details of James newly released book - Don Giovanni: A Novel https://linktr.ee/woodyretro


27 Feb 2023

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Steve Martin, Harry Bliss and Nick Hornby take different approaches to working hard

NPR's Book of the Day

Today's episode is all about professional longevity. First, actor Steve Martin and New Yorker cartoonist Harry Bliss sit down with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly to explain their new comic memoir, Number One Is Walking, focused on anecdotes from Martin's life in Hollywood. Then, NPR's Elissa Nadworny asks author Nick Hornby about his new book, Dickens and Prince, which finds similarities in how the literary and musical figures both managed to pump out an impressive amount of material throughout their careers.


13 Jan 2023

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044: Steve Martin on influence, persuasion and delivering the right message

A Load of BS: The Behavioural Science Podcast with Daniel Ross

Steve Martin is a behaviorial science practitioner and a leading member of Dr Robert Cialdini's consultancy Influence at Work, where he heads up the UK practice. Steve is a Royal Society nominated author and a co-author with Bob Cialdini on a number of books, including their most recent tome, alongside Dr Noah Goldstein, Messengers, Who We Listen to, Who We Don’t and Why. This is a timely exploration of why some people in society are listened to and why others are ignored regardless of the truth or wisdom of their message; a subject we address today. In all, Steve's books have sold in excess of 1.5 million copies.Show notesThe work and influence of Bob Cialdini over nearly 50 yearsWhat leads us to say “Yes” to a requestWhat came before Bob, codifying social psychology for everyone and making it accessibleImmunisation of influence techniquesHow a waiter/waitress can increase their tips through reciprocitySmall Bigs: creating big impacts with small changesWhat makes some people better communicators than others?Why are self-confident ignoramuses so often believed and why are thoughtful experts ignored?In an increasingly information overloaded world, the messenger has become the messageHard (perceived status and dominance) and soft (making connection with others) messengersHow truth and trust work together. How can you trust someone who lies to you?How do we use influence techniques for good in a world of disinformation?Influence and sports management: history is important, but recency keeps the scoreWhat Steve has learnt from co-authorshipSubscribe for more hereClick here to access rewards to power your brainFollow me on TwitterCheck out my partner BEworksSubscribe for more hereFollow me on TwitterPodcast music: Tamsin Waley-Cohen's Mendelssohn's violin concerto


30 Aug 2022

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Episode #437 - Serena “evolves”, Steve Martin quits, and Hooter’s is looking for success stories!

Ron and Don Radio

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18 Aug 2022

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Steve Martin/Biopic Stars/New Rollercoasters

Marilyn Denis & Jamar Podcast

Catch Marilyn Denis & Jamar every weekday on CHUM 104.5 from 5a-9a!


12 Aug 2022

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34. The Muppet Show - Steve Martin


It’s episode 34 of Muppetsational! The UK’s biggest Muppet Show podcast. This week, Steve Martin is a ramblin' guy on The Muppet Show! And on the podcast, Jade's on painkillers, Emma loves a first class cheese plate and Lewis is horny for grandpa! Find out more about the podcast at muppetspodcast.com Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook! And read all about us in The Guardian! Editor: Jade Turner Theme Music: Peppy Pepe by Kevin MacLeod Peppy Pepe License Artwork: Charlotte Rudge (Instagram: @Charlie_r_rudge)

1hr 29mins

8 Jun 2022

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Inside Ripple Training, with Steve Martin

This Week in Photo (TWiP)

Just two guys talking about video editing tools, VR, 360 video and the future.


8 Jun 2022

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14 | Steve Martin, Powerlink Queensland

The Utility Vegetation Management Podcast

In this episode we interview Steve Martin from Powerlink Queensland. Steve is the Senior Strategist for Land, Research and Development for Powerlink and works out of the greater Brisbane area of Australia.  During this lively down-under discussion, Steve and the podcast hosts discuss a wide array of issues ranging from animal grazing on transmission ROWs to managing our UVM workloads as an asset - not a liability. It is also another episode where “the tyranny of distance” plays a role in UVM and bushfire mitigation (note: you can listen to earlier episodes with our other Australian guests if you don’t understand the reference – it’s a term that would apply to all large IOU UVM programs).  During the conversation, Nick mentioned an article he wrote on harnessing the best elements of LIDAR (as-built surveys for ratings confirmation) with the best of satellite technology (monitoring vegetation to inform clearances, health and species). The article can be found here.We hope that you find this episode of The UVM Podcast insightful and entertaining. If you have any feedback on the episode or suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes, please feel free to get in contact at podcast@utilityvegetationmanagement.com.A big thank you to this episode's sponsor, LiveEO.


31 May 2022