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The Ups and Downs of Being a Perfectionist: A Conversation with Martina Fink

1000 Days Sober Podcast

Perfectionism is not inherently wrong. It has its perks, but it can be addicting. You can be overworked as a perfectionist and still be productive. In this episode, Martina Fink joins us to share her thoughts on perfectionism. She relates this to addiction and what role perfectionism plays in it. Martina teaches us that labels are not necessary. They should not define who you are and who you want to be. Knowing your desire and working to achieve this will help you overcome your addiction. To download the show notes, pick up a special workbook to deepen your knowledge on this subject, and to find all of the links to Martina Fink's work, follow this link. Visit us: Website Facebook Community Support FB Page Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Sign up now! A FREE copy of my new guide and learn how to end alcohol cravings in six steps. Join the 5 Step Online Live Training FOR FREE! Strive Method for Addictions Group Coaching Program How You Can Become Someone That Doesn't Drink Alcohol: A Masterclass by Lee Davy

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4 Feb 2021

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Gottesdienst 08.11.2020 - Oliver & Martina Fink - Bericht aus Israel

Oikos International Church's Podcast

Gastredner: Oliver & Martina Fink - Bericht aus Israel

1hr 18mins

11 Nov 2020

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EP 07 | Martina Fink - Self-love & Healing for a Glowing Life

Fierce Female Radio

In this week's episode we dive deep into self-love, healing, self-care and how to live a truly glowing life. We interview the Glow Girl herself Martina Fink, holistic health and beauty coach. In this episode we specifically cover; how to create a glowing life, what does self-love really mean and how we can cultivate more of it in our life and how it flows on to impact all areas of of our life. We hear about Martina's journey from Store Manager at Apple to travelling all over the round the world running beautiful wellness retreats, hosting masterminds and building a beautiful community. Plus we dive deep into all things self-care (my fav!). This episode is holistic health goals guys!

1hr 3mins

14 Sep 2020

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Wie Dich Perfektionismus davon abhält, in Deine volle Power zu kommen mit Martina Fink

Feel Femtastic

Überwinde den Drang alles richtig zu machenLinks: Martina's Website: www.martinafink.com Instagram: @martinaglows Empowered Woman Visualization The Glow Life Podcast Im Podcast genannt: Glow Girl Shaking Playlist auf Spotify Marianne Williamson: A Return To Love Workshop Martina's Kurs Perfectionist Rehab startet am 1. Juni! Der 2-Wochen-Ernährungsplan „Hormon Food“ Hole Dir jetzt mein Buch Leben mit dem PCO-Syndrom Du willst keine Folge verpassen und wertvolle Tipps in Dein Postfach zum Nachlesen? Dann trage Dich hier in meinen Newsletter ein.Ich freue mich über Deine Gedanken zur Podcastfolge auf Instagram @juliaschultz.coaching Deine 5-Sterne Bewertung auf iTunes würde mit unglaublich viel bedeuten und dabei helfen, dass wir noch mehr Frauen mit diesem Podcast erreichen. Hast Du Fragen, Wünsche oder Kritik? - Schreibe mir sie mir gern an podcast@juliaschultz.net Fühle Dich umarmt, Deine Julia


21 May 2020

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Holistic Health & Beauty Coach Martina Fink

Best Of Ourself

Dein Podcast für ein erfülltes Leben - privat & beruflich! Heute im Interview habe ich Martina Fink aus Zürich zu Gast. Als zertifizierter Gesundheitscoach mit fast fünf Jahren Erfahrung & als Make-up Artist und Reiki-Praktizierende ist es ihre Mission, ehrgeizigen und perfektionistischen Frauen zu helfen, Überforderung hinter sich zu lassen, ihrer Intuition wieder zu vertrauen und sich in ihrem Körper wohl zu fühlen, damit sie sich selbst voll lieben und akzeptieren lernen und ein erfülltes Leben führen können. Trage dich im Newsletter ein um nicht nur das tolle Audio-Training zu bekommen, sondern um als erstes zu erfahren, was wir demnächst launchen! Willst du Coaching-Tipps, Journaling Ansätze & Mind-Set Inspiration um dein privates & berufliches Leben zu verbessern? Dann melde dich hier an: [https://www.bestofourself.com/getstarted] Best Of Ourself ist ein Programm für deine persönliche Weiterentwicklung und die Gestaltung deiner individuellen Lebensvision. Unsere Vision ist es eine Inspiration für ein zielgerichtetes und erfülltes Leben durch unsere Videos, Podcasts, Online-Kurse, Veranstaltungen und Produkte. Durch die Kombination aus Mind, Body, Spirit und Business erschaffen wir ein rundum ausgeglichenes Leben. Leben den höchsten & wahrsten Ausdruck deiner Selbst und gestalten dein Traumleben mit Best Of Ourself. Webseite: https://www.bestofourself.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MirjamUlbert


7 Apr 2020

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#17 MARTINA FINK: Perfectionism

The Sharing is Caring Podcast

"If you don't have five minutes, you don't have a life." - Martina Fink⁠ ⁠  Do you know the feeling of having too high expectations of yourself? That you are often not able to reach? And then you just stress yourself out because you can never get to this point - and even if you get there, it feels like "only" being 99% perfect - which is still "not enough" tho. And this feeling of not being enough can make your life so difficult in almost all areas ...⁠ This whole mechanism is always coming to the will of wanting to be loved from others .. who you are and what you're doing. ⁠ ⁠ But you will never be perfect tho, you will struggle for a lifetime looking for something that actually doesn't exist.⁠ ⁠ The question we have to ask ourselves is - what do I have to do to love MYSELF?⁠ ⁠  In this episode we will talk about:⁠  😞 Martinas story of being bullied in school⁠  🏔️ The iceberg⁠  ❤️ Healing - Forgiveness⁠  🍬 Sugarcoating⁠  👤 Shadows⁠  💪🏻 Chakra⁠  💦 Water - Emotions⁠  📝 Journaling⁠  🧘🏽 Yoga poses for releasing emotions⁠  😧 Love - Fear⁠ ⁠  Martina Fink is your GO-TO girl for all things Glow. As a certified Holistic Health Coach with almost five years of experience, a Makeup Artist, and Reiki practitioner, it is her mission to help ambitious and perfectionist women leave overwhelm behind, trust their intuition again, and feel great in their body, so they can work less, love themselves, and live a fulfilled life.⁠ ⁠Martina helps women live a glowing life through emotional healing, holistic health, self-acceptance, meditation, mindset work and mind-body connection.⁠ ⁠  Website: Martinafink.com ⁠Instagram: instagram.com/martinaglows⁠ Facebook: facebook.com/matinaglows⁠ Perfectionist Rehab: martinafink.com/rehab⁠ Bali Retreat: martinafink.com/bali-retreat-2020 ⁠ ⁠  💫Fun Facts about Martina: ⁠ As a perfectionist, I color code my wardrobe and my superfood jars all look in the same direction LOL⁠ 🤪⁠  💫Motto of life: Everything happens for a reason. Even when we can’t see it quite yet.⁠  💫Favorite motivational song: Vibration - Fireboy DML gets me in a really good mood ☺️⁠ ! Don't miss anything and sign-up to my Rahel J. Papis Therapy Newsletter !


5 Mar 2020

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#93 How To Drop Your High Expectations This Holiday Season with Martina Fink

The Glow Life Podcast

In this solo episode, Martina is going to share with you her best tips for a stressful, emotionally balanced, and joyful holiday season, where you learn: How to lower the super high expectations you have of yourself Why it is important to be emotionally balanced and how to release tension How to create space for quality time with your loved ones, so you don't just sleep, eat, work, and repeat this holiday season Why carving out time for yourself regularly is the key to shining from the inside out   You will get Martina's TOP 5 tips for a glowing holiday season that you can do in less than five minutes that help you lower your high expectations, be present in the moment (rather than stressing out about your to do list for next week already), and recharge, no matter how busy your schedule may be.   You can find the full show notes here: martinafink.com/podcast/93   Do you know your wellness archetype? Take the free quiz here: martinafink.com/quiz


3 Dec 2019

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EP 86: Living The Glow-Life! With Martina Fink

Spirit Girls with Jessica Reid

Ready to GLOW from the inside out? In this episode, I interview Martina Fink all about how we can become glowing with self-love, health and beauty! She also shares with us her Self Love & Beauty Archetypes that we can discover about ourselves (which I found super interesting!) And we discuss new fun ways to enhance our relationships with ourselves! This episode is perfect for the girly girls who really want to enhance the sparkle in their energy ✨ To take the quiz, click here: https://www.martinafink.com/quiz & remember to subscribe for more Spirit Girls Episodes!Love, Jessie x


30 Oct 2019

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#84 How To Stop Self-Sabotage with Martina Fink

The Glow Life Podcast

In this episode, I am answering all your questions about self-sabotage! After the poll I did on my IG stories, there were three areas of life that people seem to sabotage the most: Money, career, and relationships. IN TODAY’S EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT What self-sabotage is and how it works How to stop the ego from telling you BS stories all the time My best tips to stop self-sabotage around money The 3 things you can do to become aware of your sabotaging behaviour and turn it around And so much more!   You can find the full show notes here: martinafink.com/podcast/84   Do you know your wellness archetype? Take the free quiz here: martinafink.com/quiz


1 Oct 2019

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049 Eco Friendly Lifestyle Hacks With Martina Fink

Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast

Eco friendly lifestyle hacks for the modern spiritual girl - It isn't about perfectionism or necessarily going zero waste or getting overwhelmed! Links from this episode Sponsor the podcast Join Alchemy Of Affluence Academy


3 Jul 2019