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23 - Recognizing Good Opportunities with Sunrise Capital Investors' Kevin Bupp

Real Estate Syndication Spotlight

In this episode, your host, Ry Russell speaks with Sunrise Capital Investors' Kevin Bupp about recognizing good opportunities, finding the right mentor, following your own process, mobile home investing, and more. Check out Sunrise Capital Investors at https://sunrisecapitalinvestors.com/.


22 Jun 2021

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Ep. 82 | Interview With MHP Owner Kevin Bupp - Navigating MHP Operations In Today's Market

The Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast

On this episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer, Ferd interviews MHP owner/operator, syndicator, and podcaster Kevin Bupp. Ferd and Kevin discuss navigating MHP operations in today’s market, their opinions on rent increases, what we might see coming up with consolidation, and creating good reputations for MHPs.


23 Apr 2021

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Kevin Bupp Talks about Mobile Home Parks as an Investment

The Property Beat

Join host Cliff Perotti on The Property Beat as he talks about all aspects of real estate with industry influencers from around the globe and our listening audience. In this episode, Cliff talks with Kevin Bupp, Co-Founder of Mobile Home Park Academy, an online real estate academy that specializes in guiding investors who are interested in investing in mobile home parks. Kevin talks about his own experiences investing in the mobile home industry, along with what to look for and avoid when investing in mobile home parks. Listeners are also encouraged to join The Property Beat Investors Club to receive a free monthly update of opportunities and investment information. The Property Beat can be heard live on WCPT 820 AM in Chicago on Saturdays from 5-6 pm. We’re sponsored by The Perotti Group, a boutique real estate firm, helping private clients to buy and sell residential and investment properties in the Chicagoland area. 


20 Feb 2021

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Ep. 47 Investing In Mobile Home Parks And Parking Lots With Kevin Bupp

The Next-Level Income Show

The real estate investing industry is not without its ups and downs. In fact, the highs and lows are simply a part of the journey. Chris Larsen invites in this episode Kevin Bupp, a Florida-based real estate investor and serial entrepreneur. Here, Kevin shares his story of building a 120-home $30 million portfolio before the Great Recession and how losing it showed him that nothing in life is so bad that you can't overcome it. Today, he manages a $200 million portfolio of mobile homes and has recently entered an area of real estate that is new to many: parking lots. Listen as he shares his story and wisdom!


19 Jan 2021

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702: Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp - Episode 702

Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris | Investing for Beginners


7 Jan 2021

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GI69: Investing in Mobile Home Parks and Parking Lots with Kevin Bupp

Global Investors: Foreign Investing In US Real Estate with Charles Carillo

Kevin Bupp is the Founder & CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors, which invests in mobile home parks, parking lots, apartments, offices, and single-family homes all across the US. Learn More About Kevin Here: Website: www.KevinBupp.com Email: Kevin@kevinbupp.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealKevinBupp/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinbupp/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buppkevin/ What do you want to hear/see more of and less of? What question do you always wish I would ask but I never do? Connect with the Global Investors Show, Charles Carillo, and Harborside Partners: ◾ Setup a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Call with Charles: schedulecharles.com/ ◾ Global Investors Web Page: charleskcarillo.com/global-investors-podcast/ .◾ Join Our Email Newsletter: http://bit.ly/32pehL0 ◾ Foreign Investing in US Real Estate Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/ForeignInvestingInUSRealEstate/


14 Oct 2020

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RG 217 - The Importance of Becoming Vertically Integrated as YOU Scale YOUR Portfolio w/ Kevin Bupp

Investing In The U.S.

This week on the show I welcome back a great bloke, Kevin Bupp. I first had Kevin on the show 3.5 years ago and a lot has changed since then. We recorded this podcast LIVE at the BEC 2020 in Colorado back in February. Kevin shares with us his journey over the past 20 years and he gives us an update on the recent changes that he has being implementing in his business in order to help the portfolio scale. This is another cracking episode jammed packed with some incredible advice:- When is the right time to bring property management in-house? - The importance of being vertically integrated in order to attract new investors.- How does vertical integrated will help reduce overall costs to the portfolio?- What has been some of the lessons learned trying to implement a property management element to your business that is spread across the country? - And much, much more!So what are you waiting for? Learn from one of the top blokes in the business! Be Bold, Be Brave and Go Give Life a Crack!


1 Jul 2020

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CTW 141: Kevin Bupp - From Multifamily to Mobile Homes

The Commit to Wealth Podcast - Creating Generational Wealth through Real Estate Investing

Kevin is the co-founder of Sunrise Capital Investors through which he acquired and transacted on mobile home communities with a transaction value of over $100M. He is the host of not only 1 but 2 “Top-Rated” podcasts, Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow & The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast. He has been investing in real estate since the early age of 20 and has not looked back. -Advice for someone looking to get into MHP investing? Either passively or actively. Topics Covered: Starting out and hustling to learn Understanding mobile home parks What to look for when investing in mobile home communities Park owned v. tenant owned homes Ways to add value to mobile home communities Weathering COVID Getting into the parking lot space Nuggets of Wealth What is a good tool, source, or platform that you use almost daIly that can also help others? Slack Which book are you currently reading and which one has had the biggest impact on your life? RAD, Think and Grow Rich Do you have any rules for success that you live by? Find out what you really enjoy doing. 1,001 ways to make money in RE but find the path that aligns with you and your goals in life. How do you like to give back? (He’s the founder of several charitable organizations) Help others, charitable bike ride - donates $45k-$60k to charities At the end of your life, how do you want to be remembered? Someone that provided a positive impact on their lives. Gave back to society. Where can CTW Nation go to contact you or find out more about Sunrise Capital Investors? kevinbupp.com, sunrisecapitalinvestors.com, 72hourstokeywest.com, Contact@SunriseCapitalInvestors.com Get a FREE Ebook at www.parkinglotprofits.com


17 Jun 2020

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Mobile Home Park Investing with Kevin Bupp

Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons

In this episode, I am honored to interview Kevin Bupp, who is the Founder & CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors, which invests in mobile home parks, parking lots, apartments, offices, and single-family homes all across the US. He has 16 years of experience in educating investors to locate, acquire, and create “higher than average”  returns from the widely misunderstood niche of mobile home park investing. He shares his expertise through the Mobile Home Park Academy and also as the host of The Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow and The Mobile Home Park Investing podcasts, which have become two of the hottest real estate podcasts on iTunes. Kevin told us about his background and how he first came to real estate investing. He talked about his family’s humble beginnings and the various things he did to make money so he could buy the things he wanted. Kevin described the relationships that first lead him to real estate investing, going to his first boot camp, how he felt coming out of it, and how he made his first deal at the age of 20. I asked Kevin what he looks for in a good deal and he talked about the importance of sound economic fundamentals in a particular market. He also looks at the area’s policies concerning landlord and tenant laws to make sure they are win-win for both sides. His financial goals include the ability to hold each property and realize a certain level of return on investment initially and throughout the life of the investment. I wanted to get the details about investing in mobile homes, so I asked Kevin specific questions about this niche of the real estate market. He said they own properties all over the country and normally purchase the entire mobile home complex, but a small percentage of their overall portfolio are individual units, as well. Kevin discussed his history in real estate investing, starting with single-family and multi-family investments before the housing market crash in 2008. After his business was severely hit at this time, he took a couple of years to re-evaluate the type of property he wanted to invest in going forward. Kevin developed a relationship with a very successful mobile home investor and it really influenced the direction he decided to go next. Kevin then talked about the specific advantages and challenges of being in the mobile home space. The points he makes about the perception of mobile homes, the issues involved with communities building new communities, and the progression of surrounding developments are super compelling and informative. We discussed some of the details concerning new investors and this type of investment, too. Kevin described how mobile home parks are remotely managed, either from an office on the property itself or if the community is smaller, from a manager’s home office. These managers perform similar functions to managers of more standard types of properties - collecting rents, handing out late notices, and sometimes representing them in court, if necessary. They then have a district manager who the individual managers report to who regularly visits each property. Having invested in all different types of real estate, this episode with super successful and exciting investor Kevin Bupp provides a ton of actionable and practical wisdom and I hope you join us!  Notable Quotes: “Real estate found me - I didn’t find it. I am very blessed and grateful for that coming into my life because I don’t know what I would be doing otherwise.”  Kevin Bupp “A real paycheck gave me a taste of that freedom, of paving my own way..” Kevin Bupp “I did whatever I could to hustle and make a dollar.” Kevin Bupp “At my first boot camp, I met a lot of people that I didn’t feel were any smarter than me who were doing big things in the real estate space.” Kevin Bupp “The quickest way to get ignored is to ask for something without giving anything in return.” Mike Simmons “Learning by first giving.” Mike Simmons “We need to know we are comfortable with the worst-case scenario.” Kevin Bupp “If you want to scale a business, you have to be open to where the deals are.” Kevin Bupp “I went on a journey examining what went wrong, what don’t I want to do again, and how can I rebuild.” Kevin Bupp “I don’t have that big of a stomach - I would rather buy something that is more tried-and-true.” Kevin Bupp “It’s all about getting educated - you need to learn the intricacies of that investment vehicle.” Kevin Bupp “Go network, get to know others that are in your space.” Kevin Bupp  “The seller objections for a mobile home park purchase are not that dissimilar to any other type of real estate.” Mike Simmons “It’s a really weird transition where you say, ‘We need more people, but we can’t afford more people.’” Kevin Bupp  “I like to be proactive with my hiring.” Kevin Bupp “The companies that get smarter and leaner and stronger will come out of this pandemic better.” Mike Simmons Links: Level Jumping: How I Grew My Business to Over $1 Million in Profits in 12 Months Kevin Bupp's Website Mobile Home Park Academy Sunrise Capital Investors Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast with Kevin 7FF Video Vault Return on Investments Just Start Real Estate JSRE on Facebook Mike on Facebook Mike on Instagram Mike on LinkedIn Mike on Twitter Mike’s Email


15 Jun 2020

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#62 How To Pivot Your Business In A Crisis - with Kevin Bupp (Full Episode)

Real Life Leadership Podcast

This was recorded from the Grow and Scale Now Summit. Kevin is the chief executive officer at Sunrise Capital Investors. Proven success in several facets of real estate investing and entrepreneurship, Kevin has over $40mm of real estate transactions under his belt. This extensive investment experience makes Kevin proficient in marketing, underwriting, negotiating, structuring the deal, performing due diligence, and closing on commercial property. Kevin has become an industry leader in real estate investing education. Over half a million people seeking real estate advice download Kevin’s Podcasts on an annual basis. Websites: https://www.kevinbupp.com/ https://sunrisecapitalinvestors.com/ Claim Your Free Ticket For The Grow And Scale Now Summit! https://growandscalenow.com/ Register now for the Scale Now Retreat: http://chantelray.com/retreat Chantel: https://www.instagram.com/thechantelray/ This episode is brought to you by Simpronto! Get your podcast edited, launched, and produced SIMPLY PRONTO with their services: http://simpronto.com/ For more resources, visit http://www.reallifeleaders.com/podcast Have a leadership question you want answered? Email podcast@reallifeleaders.com and you might even be in an episode!


3 Jun 2020