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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Angela Bell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Angela Bell, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Angela Bell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Angela Bell, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 1 with Angela Bell and Jenny Kruschel

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The first episode of The Quick Unpick Podcast series is in conversation with Angela Bell, National Manager of Ethical Clothing Australia and TCF Union National Secretary Jenny Kruschel from the Manufacturing Division of the CFMEU. We recorded this episode live in line with the inaugural Ethical Clothing Australia Week and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ECA's accreditation program.

Listen in to find out if Australian made is equal to ethically made, issues garment workers face in Australia, ECA and the Union's part in ensuring garment worker rights, and where to from here for the Australian fashion manufacturing industry. 

Oct 21 2020 · 49mins
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Angela Bell - Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) - "Valuing your makers, your suppliers and understanding your workforce and supply chain. It's incredibly imperative to the future"

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In this episode Elizabeth speaks with Angela Bell, the National Manager of Ethical Clothing Australia, an accreditation body commonly known as ECA.
At ECA, Angela reports to a committee of management that is made up of employer, business and union representations from the textile, clothing and footwear industry.
Angela spent the early years of her career working in media and communications before moving into corporate and environmental sustainability.Her various roles have included working as a media advisor for a Minister of the Crown;she has worked for the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, which was set up to oversee the sustainability elements of the London Olympic Games,she has worked at the Foundation for Young Australians, and for many years before joining ECA she worked for a national law firm overseeing their corporate communications and social responsibility work.While working at the firm Angela completed a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at Melbourne Business School.
During our dynamic conversation with Angela we covered some key topics including, supply chain opportunities and obligations, the local manufacturing landscape and the benefits of becoming ECA accredited
Key Takeaway’s: · Educate yourself about the local industry and how it works· Educate yourself about ethical and sustainable issues and practices in the industry· Fully understanding of the local process and legal obligations· Talk to other ECA brands to see how they work with to establish relationships with manufactures· Visit the ECA website and browse accredited manufacturers and brands· The Australian Fashion council has a local directory· Value your makers and suppliers and work toward establishing long tern relationships· Understand the workforce and what role they play· Reach out to advocates and connect with the industry and organisations and start conversations· Ask for independent certifications and accreditations, do your research and due diligence· Be active in the local industry and seek out opportunities to connect and collaborate
The episode was recorded in May 2020.
You can find the ECA at:Website www.ethicalclothingaustralia.org.auInstagram - @ethicalclothingaustralia
Want to join our ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ Programme & Community?If you would like to learn online, gain the support of mentors and join an engaged community, please head over to:www.fashionequipped.com.au/start-your-fashion-business-programme/
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Oct 07 2020 · 58mins

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Episode 018: The Stereotypes Slashed Me Harder Than the Actual Knives! Scream (1996) with Angela Bell

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Join Alex and guest host Dr. Angela Bell in a discussion of the psychological concepts in Scream (1996), Wes Craven's reimagining and spoofing of his own slasher films. Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, and lots more star in this movie that has so many gender stereotypes and aggression, our eyes rolled too far back in our heads and now we're permanently stuck like that. Also find out how Craven got his start in film--and how that relates to Randy's horror movie rules!

Check out recent articles on racial equality, equity, and justice current events that feature Dr. Bell!Forbes: You’re More Racist Than You Think: How Your Mental Biases Perpetuate Racism And How To Fix ThemCNN.com: 'Am I racist?' You may not like the answer

More show notes can be found here.

Aug 10 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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Les Leaders Canadiens - Angela Bell

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Agnes Macphail
Jul 12 2020 · 1min

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Discovering the Results Gap with Angela Bell

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Do you find yourself hitting a glass ceiling in life? Do you feel like you self-sabotage or get in your own way from the very thing you desire? Maybe you do everything they tell you and you still don't get the results you believe are yours to claim. 

It is possible that the only thing standing between you and what you want is discovering the results gap. Angela Bell- owner of results coaching is going to tell us what this secret ingredient is that will make all the difference in your business, health, relationships, and personal power. 

Feb 14 2019 · 36mins
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Episode 6: Angela Bell - Lot 48 Film Co.

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In this episode, Kerry Ramsay speaks with Angela Bell, co-owner of Lot 48 Film Co. Topics include creating brand-boosting business videos, getting comfortable in front of the camera, and the 2019 Downtown DocFest. Be sure to listen in! 

Feb 06 2019 · 29mins
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Oct 4th - Angela Bell

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Today we talk about the role astrology plays in our lives, Venus in Retrograde, and the signs occupying Angela Bell's birth chart.
Nov 22 2018 · 1hr 9mins
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Rewire anxiety, overwhelm, and procastination with Angela Bell

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Wouldn't it be amazing if we could rewire our brain so that we had less overwhelm, less procrastination, less anxiety, and replace it with more joy, peace, and fulfillment? 

Well- what if you could?? Angela Bell is a Neuro Life coach. She is going to talk about the three basics in life which is worth and power which equals safety. These principles will change everything in your life-relationships, financial abundance, and self acceptance. 

How did Angela discover these principles and how does she teach people how to reprogram their brains? You will discover it is through her own journey as a single mother, desperate to find answers for her own health journey and that of her children that lead her to discover these powerful tools. You simply do not want to miss it! 

Jun 13 2018 · 36mins
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42: Geographic Student Targeting at University System of Georgia w/ Angela Bell

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Dr. Angela Bell, Associate Vice Chancellor of Research and Policy Analysis at The University System of Georgia discusses how their Zillow-like research tool allows them to better geographically target untapped and underserved students.

May 28 2018 · 12mins