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SPS 173: Growing Your Real Estate Empire & Raising Private Money Using A Book with Matt Faircloth

Self Publishing School : How To Write A Book That Grows Your Impact, Income, And Business

Matt Faircloth is the author of "Raising Private Money: Building Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People's Money". In this interview we talk about: -Why Matt decided to write a book as a Real Estate Investor -How Matt got a deal with Bigger Pockets for his book (and a behind the scenes of their business model) -The 2 book ideas Bigger Pockets rejected (and why) -How Matt sold 45,000 copies of his book (and why your book’s quality is important) -The secret to writing a better how-to book -The approach you should take with your book if you want to use it to grow your business ...and a lot more! If you're a real estate investor or an aspiring author, don't miss this episode!


31 Aug 2022

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Raising Private Capital: How To Build Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People's Money w/ Matt Faircloth

The Action Academy | Millionaire Mentorship For Your Life & Business

Matt Faircloth is the go-to resource on raising private capital for multifamily apartment investing. Today we discuss his outlook on the market, what deals to avoid, and what he would do if he had to start all over again.Matt Faircloth has been a full-time investor since 2005. In that time, he has successfully completed projects involving dozens of fix and flips, office buildings, single family homes, and apartment buildings. He controls thousands of units in multifamily in partnership with tens of millions of passive investor equity. He is a regular contributor and podcast guest on Bigger Pockets.com, has an active YouTube Channel dedicated to educating investors, and the author of the Amazon Best Seller, Raising Private Capital, how to Build your Real Estate Empire with Other People's Money.For Frameworks, Freedom Tips, and Millionaire Financial Breakdowns -Subscribe to our 5 Minute Weekly Newsletter (Thursday 10 AM EST)https://brianluebben.com/newsletter@brianluebben@actionacademypodcasthttps://brianluebben.comhttps://derosagroup.comResources:GoBundanceAre you an accredited investor and want to learn more about GoBundance?www.gobundance.comBook a call to learn more: https://calendly.com/brianluebben/gobundance


30 Aug 2022

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EP 96 | How to Make Profits While Building Strong Communities and Helping Families with Matt Faircloth (Encore)

The Passive Income Attorney Podcast

On this encore episode of the Passive Income Attorney Podcast, Seth is joined by best-selling Bigger Pockets author and real estate mogul, Matt Faircloth. You’ll learn how investing in real estate can not only change you and your financial future, but also how it transforms the lives of the residents who live in the communities. Matt stresses the importance of building quality homes for families, all while helping you achieve financial freedom through passive real estate investing. Enjoy! “It's always a good time to look at alternative investing. Don't sit on your hands and wait for the market to crash. It's always a good time to consider well-vetted investments. HIGHLIGHTS: Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: How to leave a great engineering career behind to invest full time in real estate Getting started in real estate investing through househacking The pros and cons of active and passive real estate investing What you need to know  as a passive investor when looking for in a sponsor How to maintain transparency with your real estate partners How value-add real estate investing transforms the lives of your tenants And so much more! ABOUT | MATT FAIRCLOTH: Matt Faircloth, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Engineering. After playing Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow game, Matt decided to quit his safe and secure job working as an engineer in a Fortune 500 company to become a full-time real estate investor. Under Matt’s leadership, DeRosa has completed over 30 million in real estate transactions involving private capital, including fix and flips, single-family home rentals, mixed-use buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings, and tax lien investments.  Matt has extensive expertise in connecting passive investors to lucrative investment opportunities through syndications, private loans, and joint ventures. Matt Faircloth is an active contributor to BiggerPockets.com through Facebook Live, teaching webinars, and blogging. He leads the Mentorship Mondays series on DeRosa’s YouTube channel, where he answers weekly real estate investing questions! On a personal side, he sits on the board of a local nonprofit, volunteers as a trainer for men’s leadership weekends, and enjoys making wine (especially red to please his Italian wife!) FIND | MATT FAIRCLOTH: Website: https://www.derosagroup.com/ Bigger Pockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/mfaircloth YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh1ZdYzX6vKfoAgBypdVo_w Book: https://www.amazon.com/Raising-Private-Capital-Building-Peoples/dp/1947200984 Audiobook: https://www.audible.com/pd/Raising-Private-Capital-Building-Your-Real-Estate-Empire-Using-Other-Peoples-Money-Audiobook/B07G4GXY7V LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mdfaircloth/ CONNECT | SETH BRADLEY: Snag | The Freedom Blueprint: http://www.attorneybydesign.com Subscribe and Leave a Rating and Review: Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-passive-income-attorney-podcast/id1543049208 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5a0Qp9G2x337nZCDWoVgoO?si=MKn01_t8Tfu0JBZCnagrCw Join EPIC | The Esquire Passive Investor Club: https://passiveincomeattorney.com/join-the-passive-income/ Join | The Passive Income Attorneys Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/passiveincomeattorneys Follow Us: Website:  https://passiveincomeattorney.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sethpaulbradley/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/passiveincomeattorney Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/passiveincomeattorney/


6 Jul 2022

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MFREE 005: How do you raise capital for multifamily real estate? with Matt Faircloth

The Multifamily Real Estate Experiment Podcast

Have we got a treat for you all! Join us this week as we sit down with Matt Faircloth at the Best Ever Conference 2020 in Keystone, CO and learn about raising money for buying multifamily properties.Matt, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Engineering. After playing Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Game, Matt decided to quit his safe and secure job working as an engineer in a Fortune 500 company to become a full time real estate investor. Under Matt’s leadership, DeRosa has completed over 30 million in real estate transactions involving private capital including fix and flips, single family home rentals, mixed use buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings, and tax lien investments.  Matt has an extensive expertise in connecting passive investors to lucrative investment opportunities through syndications, private loans and joint ventures.  Matt Faircloth is an active contributor to BiggerPockets.com through Facebook Live, teaching webinars, and blogging. He leads the Mentorship Mondays series on DeRosa’s YouTube channel where he answers weekly real estate investing questions!  On a personal side, he sits on the board of a local nonprofit, volunteers as a trainer for men’s leadership weekends, and enjoys making wine (especially red to please his Italian wife!) Website: DeRosa GroupLinkedIn: Matt FairclothFacebook: Matt FairclothBook: Raising Private Capital Released Mar 4, 2020.


6 Jul 2022

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BYL3 Matt Faircloth: Raising Capital, Co-GP's and Portfolio Deals

The Capital Raiser Show

Matt dropping bombs on the insights to running a scaling multifamily portfolio Co-GP business. Andy and I host this amazing syndicator in the presence of a great audience! https://derosagroup.com/


30 Jun 2022

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Building Your Syndication Brand - with Matt Faircloth | TLS201

The Lead Sponsor - Real Estate Investing Through Syndications and Funds

Matt Faircloth has been a full-time investor since 2005. In that time, he has successfully completed projects involving dozens of fix and flips, office buildings, single family homes, and apartment buildings. He controls thousands of units in multifamily in partnership with tens of millions of passive investor equity. He is a regular contributor and podcast guest on Bigger Pockets.com, has an active YouTube Channel dedicated to educating investors, and the author of the Amazon Best Seller, Raising Private Capital, how to Build your Real Estate Empire with Other People's Money.Join Our Passive Investor NetworkDownload Our Passive Investor Guide to Multifamily SyndicationsWE DISCUSS:How he scaled his business.What his business looks like today.His transition from being a single investor to doing larger deals.How to build a brand.Building a strategic team.The most critical piece to his business.His biggest challenge.What’s going really well with his business.KEY QUOTE:“I believe that brand is so important and a brand’s way more than like a logo and a cool name. A brand’s like what you stand for, your core values, what’s the impact you want your company to make on the world.”CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST:Website: www.derosagroup.comCONNECT WITH US! Visit our Website: https://www.canovocapital.com/podcastConnect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theleadsponsorFollow us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheLeadSponsorFollow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theleadsponsor/Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-lead-sponsor-podcast-real-estate-investing/id1464256464LOVE THE SHOW? PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE, REVIEW & SHARE


18 Apr 2022

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Raising private capital, kids, and generational wealth with Matt Faircloth

The Remote Real Estate Investor

Matt Faircloth is the co-founder and president of the DeRosa Group, a real estate investment company that specializes in buying and renovating residential and commercial properties. Matt and his wife, Liz, started investing in real estate in 2004 with a $30,000 loan. They founded DeRosa Group in 2005 and have since grown the company to managing more than 370 units throughout the east coast. DeRosa has completed more than $30M in real estate transactions involving private capital—including fix-and-flips, single-family home rentals, mixed-use buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings, and tax lien investments. He is the author of Raising Private Capital, has been featured on the BiggerPockets Podcast, and regularly contributes to BiggerPockets’ educational webinars. In this episode, Matt shares his background in real estate investing, and a roadmap for investors looking to raise more private capital to close more deals. Additionally, he talks about the reality of running a real estate business. Episode Links: https://derosagroup.com/ https://www.instagram.com/themattfaircloth/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/mdfaircloth/ https://www.biggerpockets.com/blog/contributors/mattfaircloth --- Before we jump into the episode, here's a quick disclaimer about our content. The Remote Real Estate Investor podcast is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as investment advice. The views, opinions and strategies of both the hosts and the guests are their own and should not be considered as guidance from Roofstock. Make sure to always run your own numbers, make your own independent decisions and seek investment advice from licensed professionals. Michael: What's going on everyone? Welcome to another episode of the Remote Real Estate Investor. I'm Michael Albaum and today with me I have Matt Faircloth, author, podcast speaker, co-founder, president, investor, syndicator. He does a lot and we're gonna hear a ton from Matt about what he's been doing in the real estate space, and what he's currently putting together and actually closing on today. So let's get into it. Matt Faircloth, thank you so much for coming on the show today. Really appreciate you taking the time to hang out with me. Matt: Michael, I appreciate your time and having me on your show, man. Thank you. Michael: Absolutely, absolutely. So I know a little bit about you but I would love if you could share with our listeners who maybe have never heard of you. They've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, who you are, where you come from, and what you're doing in real estate? Matt: Where did you come from… Um, it's cool that my company's called the DeRosa group and I just love saying this, that we're a company dedicated to transforming lads real estate through real estate transforming lives to real estate. We can get into that in the show if you like. I… where I came from, let's see, I grew up Baltimore, bopped around the East Coast for a minute. Before I landed in Philly, met the woman of my dreams because she put Rich Dad Poor Dad in my hand, and we were still dating, that got me to read that. And that that gave got me to drink the entrepreneur Kool Aid, which I guzzled and quit my job in 2005 to start a real estate company, bumped into a lot of walls, you know, did a lot of it, made a lot of mistakes, made some money and then and then just built it and grew over time and just learned how to run an effective real estate company through the school of hard knocks. And now I've been doing it for 16 years and just apply what I've learned over the years, you know, attracted more and more the right people who work with me and build what I think to be a phenomenal brand now. Michael: Oh, that's awesome, man. That's awesome. You said that once or twice before I can tell it just rolled off your tongue there so nicely. Matt: You know, this is not my first podcast. Sometimes people ask me, let's just get real, screw it, man. Let's get real right now… Michael: Let's do it. Matt: What I get I go on a lot of podcasts and when you go on a lot of podcasts, people tend to ask the same questions, Michael, right and so when they do, it's almost like I'm that guy, I'm the DJ sing in a DJ booth and then in the in the DJ booth of Matt's brain. And then people ask like, Hey, Matt, tell me about your first deal and I'm like, okay, let's get the first deal track pull the first track. Michael: Go, pull the file. Matt: You know, yeah, go pull the file, first deal, right. Tell us about the first time that you raise money, tell us about a mistake you made. Okay, let's go ahead skip, let's go pull up mistake file eight. Okay, let's write that file out, right. So it's more fun to go curveball. You know, like… Michael: Totally Matt: Yeah, that was a good curveball in the first five seconds of the show that you and I went down right and you into it, you can't help it you end up just going to a script a lot of times you know talking about things on podcast over and over and over again and I was it that a want to be plastic like that, but you end up like, if I've told that story six times the seventh time it starts to come off the same way over and over again, right. Michael: I totally get it, and I hope that today is not one of those repetitive podcasts. Matt: You're getting not to be that show already man, you are curve balling, I love it. Keep it up! Michael: Well as a follow up Matt, what's your favorite mammal, man? Matt: It's good one, I am, okay, growing up, I have an eight year old, right, so my eight year old is always: Daddy who would win… I wish he was here because you and me, we would have a ball right now… Daddy who would win when a colossal squid or a great white shark? And I'm like Simon, first of all like, but he'll even be like a gorilla or a colossal squid and like girl is gonna drown buddy battle… Give me more data, that would depth are we talking about the ocean? Are we talking about like 3000 gorillas... To you question, I probably go a gorilla, if I had to pick or, or maybe I don't know why, but growing up I loved Black Panthers. Michael: Mm hmm. Okay, pretty majestic animals. Matt: Yeah, I don't know, I don't know, the majestic, they are majestic animals. Yeah, so that would be my favorite, those are my two favorite man… Michael: I love it, well so real real quick change because we're already on this rabbit hole. You know that there was a show put on by I think NatGeo or discovery that answered your son's questions they would pit these two animals together in a simulation… like that exists… Matt: You can google and they would show cuz he would be like, daddy who would win a saltwater… It's just you can google saltwater crocodile versus great white shark… Michael: Great white shark, I saw that episode… Matt: It’s good, it’s good, right. Good job displaying well you see the saltwater croc would try and take the deathroll on this or do that... Oh, he was my son's itch was scratched with that, you know. I don't know, why he is up to the Komodo dragons. Komodo dragon versus anything you can name, that's what you want to talk about… Michael: That's a battle royale this century… Oh my god. I love it. Matt: Well, dragons are badasses man, these are like, there they are… Would you know that? Michael: Yeah, that’s the kiss of death, yeah… Matt: It is! Not only the monstrous lizards like little dinosaurs, but they also the venomous bite, you know… Michael: It's such a ridiculous concept like, oh, let's take two of like humans worst fears, like, long tailed long tongue lizards, and then give it venom, sounds awesome. Matt: Right! Give it nasty teeth. Yeah, like a really weird awful roar and give them venom, too… Michael: Oh my god, so good. Matt: They're nasty creatures, man. Good thing that'll make them in North America. Michael: I know, I'm stoked, I'm stoked. All right, well, if we bring it slightly back towards the real estate, you know. Do you want me to do a whole podcast on mammals like komodo dragons… So you started a company, your real estate company in 2005 and when people hear that, I think it might be ominous to some people, you know, what is a real estate company mean? And so what was the transition, like, I mean, like, what is the DeRosa group do first and foremost and then what was that transition, like going from just owning stuff on your own to now I have a business focusing on it? Matt: That's interesting, you know, that man, um, interesting concept, because a lot of people out there are running real estate investing, like it's a gig, you know, like, or it's like driving Uber, you know, you could just decide to not do it at some point, you know, I mean, it's not a gig, it's a real estate investing is a business because it's a marathon, unless you're wholesaling or just doing a deal here and there something like that. Not for nothing. This business… the business of real estate investing is a business and you should treat it as such. And we didn't always do that the first couple years, I treated it like a hobby and I bumped into walls and did a bunch of different things but like once I really got my legs underneath me, as a real estate investor and really found the calling found the purpose and got and got and got focused on real estate investing. I got clear that it's a business that is like a living animal it's a it's a living thing… Michael: It’s a living Komodo dragon?... Matt: Real estate investing is like a Komodo dragon, right, it needs food, you know… It can have a venom’s bite and can be nasty and shit and can get the fuck out of you. And a lot of people are scared of it, you know, right… Yeah. People read articles about it only exists in certain places we can keep going. But it is something that needs, you know, if you want to grow real estate investing business and sustain yourself in this, in this industry, and not just make it a hobby, you have to have a company that's got you know, clean books and has a purpose and has a mission and has roles and responsibilities and job descriptions and stuff like that, because there's sucky things in real estate you have to do and it's like, well, you know, and you could look on Instagram. And if you look on Instagram for real estate investing, people think that it either means you close deals every day, because it's the people every time people close stuff, they put it on Instagram, or they go to it's like, Instagram thinks that for real estate investors, all you do is close deals, go to conferences and go on vacation That's what you see people doing on Instagram, the real estate investing, right? But there's actually like, this sucky part of real estate investing, which is sitting on your desk and answering emails and you know, just corresponding and looking for deals and swinging and missing and dealing with knucklehead tenants and stuff like that that want to, you know, recently Michael, we had a tenant, had his girlfriend come in and he must have done something bad because she went, put all his clothes on his bed, dumped gasoline on the bed, lit it on fire, walked out. Michael: Mike dropped… Matt: This is what happens, that's real stuff, you know… That did not make on Instagram unfortunately, you know… Michael: No, that wasn't the highlight reel. Matt: Living my best life, look it’s amazing… Michael: Well, so you bring up a really great point that and that it should be treated like a business and I, I wholeheartedly agree. But so what about all the people out there that are just getting started that could never see themselves as a business owner as an entrepreneur but hear about real estate investing as a great side gig like you mentioned that what about what about all those folks? Where are they left? Matt: Okay, they need to decide if they want to do it full time or not, right…And there are people out there that have a day job that they love and it's, it's probably something that's very fulfilling to them, or maybe they went to school for a long time, like a doctor or an MD or whatever. I mean, Jesus, those folks go to school, God bless them for like another 12 years after they get out of college, right? So why would they change careers, right? They want, there are people that really in their heart of hearts probably ought to go passive for real estate investing, as a side gig and as a way to build wealth. And there are people that that are doing it because they want to build up the passive income and become a business owner out of it. So you got to choose if you want to be an investor or be, let's remember Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant book, right. Yes, ESBI, remember that thing? Michael: Mm hmm. Matt: Do you want to be a B or an I, B= business owner, I= investor. And if you're willing to put in your time and and you know, quit your day job eventually become a business owner and that's what you need to do. But unfortunately, people, a lot of people misunderstood Kiyosaki, to think that to be a real estate investor, you have to be an active operator, you have to do it full time. You can make the passive income all you want as an I-quadrate investor and just passively invest in things. And I think that that's, I think it's probably the most misunderstood function in a lot of his books, people that quit their job that really should have never done that they should have just passively invested their way to financial freedom. Michael: Yeah, okay. And let's talk about that for a minute because you wrote a book about raising capital and I think capital is so often the biggest obstacle for people, the biggest hurdle people overcome. So do you see the kind of this roadmap for people? Where if passivity, is it really time is the goal, right? That's what everybody is after and we get there by either usually being a B or an I, by being at B that sounds terrible, don't be a B. So if people are capital is their obstacle, using real estate as a active vehicle to then take a backseat and invest passively? Matt: Yeah, well, that's I mean, my book talks about that and then it goes back to like, let's just keep walking to the B and I road, right. So if you're a B quadrant business owner, we're rising D quadrant business owner for real estate, and you either want to do it full time, you already are doing it full time, then at some point, unless you win the lottery, or unless, like, you know, you just got a silver spoon in your mouth, and you got billions of dollars waiting on the sidelines, from your friends from your family or something like that. You're going to need capital, right? You're gonna run out man you are. And so on the other side of it, you've got I quadrate investors, and they have either retirement accounts, real estate equity, cash, any of those things that they want to put to work and not have to put in the time to make that money, you make that money, do what it's supposed to do, you know, then they can those two can marry up the B quadrant business owner of real estate versus the quadrate investor that wants to make a return on their money without trading money for time. Those two can have a really happy partnership. My book talks about all those things, how those two things can get structured together and how the why in my book are called the cash provider, as SI quadrant investor. Robert Kiyosaki is a good guy, but he probably sue the hell out of me if I use his terms of my books. I didn't use that, I did, I did the the deal provider and the cache provider. The deal provider is the D Quadra business owner, the cache provider is the I quadric investor. Michael: Okay, awesome and what is your book called? Matt: Raising private capital. So funny Michael you asked that it happens to be right here behind… They can get it on Amazon or they can get it on biggerpockets.com. Michael: I was just gonna ask. Alright, so it's called raising private capital and without giving the book away. What can people expect to find in it? Matt: Along with a lot of my personal story on on you know how I got from guy that quit his job in oh five to you know, running a company that runs that owns, you know, multi 1000 doors of multifamily real estate. It's got that journey in there. And and that but also it's it's got a lot of tools and lessons, it's a how to really on how do you look in your own personal network as an investor, I'm sorry, as a B quadrant designer, it's how to look in your personal network to find the money, you need to do deals because you don't have to go to private lender, or you don't have to go to hard money lenders, you know, if you go and go more corporate level, or sell your soul to get the money you need for the deal that you're trying to do. You can look in your own network to find that money and raising private capital talks about how to find the money you need for deals in your own personal network. Michael: Okay, all right, Matt can we do something kind of a silly exercise? Matt: Please. Michael: Can you because, I think a lot of people are really nervous to have that conversation and I think they feel slimy or gross. Can you pitch me on a deal that you're putting together as someone that would be in your your kind of sphere of influence? Let's let's see. Let's see what that sounds like and feels like. Matt: Well, it depends if you're accredited, or not, Michael, because if you're not accredited, we have substantial relationship. But if you're accredited, I can talk to you, I can do a Facebook ad that you notice, right? All joking aside, let's pretend you and I are friends. We already know each other you already like and trust me, because I'm me, right and my book recommends that those are your first targets. You know, and that so hey, Michael, how you doing today? Michael: I'm doing pretty good, what about you, man? Matt: I'm awesome, man. Hey, listen, I happen to remember you saying that you were working over a company XYZ. You did a great job, didn’t you. It’s good. But you better get an opportunity to come up with ABC Company. And I'm really grateful for that you were able to move over to that did take on that new job. How's it going? Michael: It's going really well. XYZ was terrible, ABC is infinitely better. Thank you so much for man, remembering you've got a killer memory. Matt: No, it's great, I swear to you… I also barely remember going further, Michael, is that XYZ day as much as you hated what they did, and you know, and I'm so grateful you got out of there. But XYZ had a great comp package they did as I remember, you told me they paid you a really great 401k program. Michael: Yes, yeah, it was pretty. Matt: Those markets been taken off lately, right. So no, it's maybe maybe hit a top here and is starting to get a little squirrely and everything like that. So I want to tell you that we did you happen to know, Michael, you can take your retirement account and invested in things not Wall Street, you know, in that retirement account you have with XYZ company because you don't work there anymore that retirement account could be put to work in real estate. Did you know that? Michael: I had heard that. But I didn't really know that I could do anything about it… Matt: Well, you can now that you've left XYZ company, right, you can take that retirement account that they have, and they probably were paying you and lots of company stock, take the chips, man, take the chips off the table cash in, sell that company stock and roll that and roll that retirement account, which is now by the way was a 401k. Now it was an IRA. And you can roll that IRA over to a third party IRA custodian and you can do all kinds of cool stuff you can buy, you know, shares of companies, you can buy your own your own real estate investments, you can lend that money out and you can also invest it in deals like we have, I, we are right now Michael buying 670 units in two states, five apartment buildings in two states. That's the deal, we're in the middle of right now, produces phenomenal returns, produces, we're going to fix these buildings up and we're going to refinance them over time and as we refinance them, we're going to give some of that money back to you to your retirement account. So you can then take it and parlayed invest in another stuff. It's a great return. I know a lot of people that we work with are really happy with work that we've done as a company. So you and I should talk further as a matter of fact, I have some Ira custodians that can handle this whole thing for you, if you'd like, I'd like to introduce you to a few of them that I love. You know, and then they we do a lot of work with them. So they give us white glove treatment. Can I introduce you to them for you? Michael: Yeah, that'd be great, man, thanks so much for doing that. I appreciate it. Matt: Yeah, and I'm going to mail you the offering. And if you don't, if you're not happy with my, if you don't like the returns, and you're you're nervous, whatever, it's okay, I get other things I can send you over to, I really want to help you build your wealth while I build my business. Because we're building a great real estate company and we're, our mission is to transform lives through real estate, I want you to help me do that. By me helping you earn money with your retirement account. Well, we do the work. So we can do that for you. And if it doesn't work out, that's okay. I have plenty of other friends for this awesome network called biggerpockets.com, you should check out and you can look on BiggerPockets to and find other things to invest in, like private loans and other cool things that can show you that are not real, like that real estate that I mentioned, even though that's a great deal. There's other things you can do to and I'll hold your hand the whole way. What do you think? Michael: Oh, sign me up, man, I'll be looking for your email. Matt: Cool, no problem. Michael: Man, that was awesome. That was so so so good. Matt: Thank you, thank you… Michael: So firstly, for first and first and foremost, you've now got to send me that email because I'm sold. But secondly, what I love about what you did is the conversation felt very much, let me help you, let me put provide value for you educate me around what I could do with my retirement funds, which I might have not even been aware of, and then to tell me how you're able to help me, before even the you being helped in the process, being able to your own deals be my financing was even mentioned. Matt: Yeah, well, so is a few facts, right, um, of the $10 trillion, that's currently in IRAs, right now, not 401k, it's just IRAs of the $10 trillion, it's out there. 4% of us invested in anything else outside of Wall Street and so if you're looking to get your capital game going, the easiest low hanging fruit, and the thing that everybody has is a retirement account that has if they've got a job, and they used to work at one company, and they now work at another company, their retirement account, they had the first company is now eligible to get rolled over to an IRA. And with the big run up the stock markets had it that's what you should be talking to people about, is like, hey, you used to work over here. Now you work here, don't you are you got laid off, you quit whatever it is, they don't have you there them a job. Now they just have to use to have a job. It's such an easy, low hanging fruit conversation and it speaks to their needs too. Because everybody's get a little squirrely and where Wall Street's going, it's just been a great run. You know, it's had a great run over the last 12 years. But now it might be time to pull a few chips back. So I think that that's something that's probably the most underutilized conversation out there. For those looking to raise money, is to talk to anybody that's got a job about investing their retirement account with them with their real estate company. Michael: That's so good. I think so many people when when thinking about having that conversation, think, well, I don't know anyone who has money, because they might not be in cash assets or liquid assets on the you know, in a taxable account, but the retirement side of things brings into focus a whole another option. Matt: Yeah. Yeah. Well, you can and there's other ways you can go about it, too. You can kind of sniff out, my book talks about like how to sniff out people that are in your network that likely have a lot of cash. What does what are the signs that a lot of cash leaves, you know, my book talks about that, my book talks about, there's another vehicle that they can they can invest with you and as those are people with free and clear real estate. Last time I looked, Michael 30% of America owns their home, their primary residence free clear 30%. You know, but they don't. It's not it's not to get paid to ask a different color when it's paid off. It's hard to tell. Like all the purple houses in America are free and clear. Yeah, no, I don't know. So, but my book talks about the signs to look for free and clear real estate. And I also can tell you, here's the free clear real estate conversation. Here's the those with cash conversation and here's the retirement account conversation to have. I just pulled that into my playbook because it seemed like the most obvious one to go for is retirement account is probably the most, it's the most underutilized one. But I think it's the one that's most unnecessary right now, in today's world. Michael: That makes so much sense, that makes so much sense. Matt, you mentioned before we hit record here that you are actually in the midst of closing the biggest deal that you've ever done to date today. Can you talk to us a little bit about what that looks like? Matt: That was a by the way, Michael that was it bullshit. That was a real deal. I was pitching you on for your retirement account when you were working for XYZ comm your XYZ IRA could be invested in the deal that we're closing part of right now. Yeah, it's 670 units. It's in it's in two states. It is a five apartment buildings and we're closing two of those today. The other three close in a couple of weeks. Michael: Amazing, okay, and what attracted you to this deal? Matt: Um, that okay, so two of the buildings are in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and that is a company that is city we're already heavily invested in and it's a city that's showing phenomenal growth, 14% rent growth last year, RD on pace to do at least 12 this year percent rent growth and this owner hasn't increases rents in the last two. So he hasn't seen any of the rental upside that's been happening, the rent growth has been happening in that market has not been realized on those properties. So great opportunity, we already have property management in that town lined up and Lexington we own six other apartment buildings. So we are a niche down company. We're not going to just invest anywhere that is a good deal. We invest in super specific markets, so those are there were three markets Lexington, Kentucky, the Piedmont triad in North Carolina, and in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, of all places. Those are the three markets that we're in. That's it Michael: If it works, it works… Matt: So…I like about it. I also like that it's diverse meaning like it's it's different geographies, different management strategies, even different property conditions. I like all those things about it that it brings a lot of things to the table, that make it more of a stable asset. Michael: Okay, okay.. Matt: But it's stable investment, like stable here, but poised to go up. Michael: Okay and we've had a lot of folks on the show recently talking about passive investments. And you know how you're really evaluating the operator more so than the deal itself. But can you give folks listening some tips about how to evaluate maybe the deal? I mean, what, what details of the deal itself should people be looking at to feel comfortable? Matt: Yeah, um, you should look at…, I'll tell you why I'll tell you, what people will do to make their deal look better than earlier is, you have to look at what their exit criteria is. That meaning like, they might be saying, okay, we're going to buy the property for this number, and then we're going to invest this and then we're going to sell it for this, like that nine times you paid for it, then you investors aren't going to make any money till we sell it, or you're not going to make very much money until we sell it, if the majority of investor returns are projected to come through the sale and the end, the syndicator is assuming that the markets gonna stay very stagnant, that cap rates are gonna stay down and streets gonna stay down, yada, yada, then they're kind of making a lot of assumptions that may or may not come true. So that's one thing to be concerned over. So make sure that they're conservative that their crystal ball is is, you know, that they're looking into has some conservatism's as it in it, because that's one thing. That's one thing, as indeed a syndicator can do is they can predict that the markets going to be super favorable at some point in the future when they go to sell and that makes the deal look really good right now. Michael: Right, right… Matt: Yeah, make sure there's a lot of there's some experience on the team that have been it's okay to have new new and to work with new people, because we're all new at some point. But make sure somewhere on their team, there's some deep, there's a deep bench of experience. Michael: That's great, that's great. Yeah, no, I love those points, I love those points. I think I've seen that too and a bunch of syndication deals like oh yeah, we're gonna buy it at a six cap and we're gonna exit at a three cap and it's like, really look. Matt: Phenomenal… 22% IRR man, what's the cash flow? Oh, it's only gonna pay like 3% cash on cash. But you know, magic fairy dust, get sprinkled on the deal, and it's gonna get sold and you're gonna make you're gonna triple your money. You know, three right now when I sell it, and that's how it's gonna go, right… When the crypto rises, you know… Michael: No, that's a great point, those are great points, Matt. And I'm curious to know what do you you know, in your book, I'm sure talks about this but for anyone listening, that's thinking about starting to raise money but doesn't really have experience. They've you know, they've got the hustle, but they don't have the experience and they don't have the capital. You know, what should those people be doing right now? Matt: Okay, I'm getting smudge get as much exposure as you can. Some folks do that through investing some some people that I know, that are very successful, syndicators now got started investing in other people's deals to learn the ropes, right. And that's it, do that get some exposure, we know why you can to other people's deals, you know, network, do what I did. But to start small, like we're on our 50 we're closing, this is our 15th syndication that we've done. But our first syndication was a guy my wife went to college with put in 50k into it into one into a deal that we did, we bought two single family homes with his 50k, right, that was our first syndication. So you can start small, find the one person that has some capital to work with in your in your network, and do a deal and then expand it out, do another deal, expand it out, do another deal, expand that out, do another deal. So for those that are looking to get started, it's okay to start small. It's not sexy to start small, but it's also okay and there's a lot further there's there's a lot smaller distance to fall and a lot easier to course correct on a small deal than it would be to correct on a behemoth issue first. Michael: Yep, I think that's such a good point, I think that's such a good point. I know I've spoken to people and I thought, well, my first deal would be a 10 year multifamily, because multifamily is the best everyone's talking about it. It's like yeah, okay, well, have you done a single family deal? Well, no… Matt: I'm telling you, I hear people like, oh, I'm gonna do 100 unit multifamily deal. You know, like, that's my first deal I want to do, I've never done a deal before my life. But I want to close 100 units is my first deal. I get it and I want that, too for you, you know. But you might have to bang your head against the wall a lot. Where you could just go and syndicate a duplex right or syndicate like get your Mama to go give you a couple give me a couple of dollars and you and your Mama would go buy a duplex right, you know… Michael: But then I can't post it on Instagram. No one wants to see me my mom and me doing deals… Matt: I can't fake it till I make it that right, you know, or pose next to the Lamborghini that I just bought because I've been, I've been investing in real estate for the last few months. Michael: So good. The last question I have for you before I let you out of here is, you were talking at the beginning of the show about how you did all these things and kind of rally different directions and then you really niche down and you got really focused. How did you do that? I mean, how did you, what did it take for you to get hyper focused? Because I think so many of us as they get started real estate like, oh, I could do long term buy and hold or I could do flipping or I could do wholesaling or I could do burr investing. And there's so many different ways to go. How do you know when you found the right one? Matt: Well, first of all, Michael, I just got I just get tired to get my ass kicked, you know… I'd like to wholesale deals going on at for fix and flips going, I was buying a bunch of rentals and everything like that, and it wasn't sleeping awake, you know and I was doing everything media doing a mediocre level, any of those three things that I was doing, I was involved in some other stuff, too. Any of those three things that I was doing could have gotten to me to my financial goals. But the mistake that I made with all this tribe was doing a bunch of things, mediocre lee versus doing one thing really well, right. And so I found that I was, you know, good at being a landlord, because with the landlord properties that we had raised very well. And it's also good at raising money and explaining what I do land lording in a very simple fashion to people and so I was like, okay, well, I'm awesome at those two things. Let me just focus on those. And the more I focused on those, guess what, Michael, the more money I made, like, money's good. I like making money. I do enjoy my family. You know, that's good. So how about anymore, though? Yeah, I'm not good at managing contractors, some too nice that I believe them when they tell me that their car broke down. And that's why they couldn't show up on the job site, but they still need me to give them 10 grand, you know, and I believe them. Okay, here you go. And that, so I just knew I didn't have people in my network to outsource that to at the time and so it made sense. I had tried partners to run that fix and flip division, my company didn't work out. So I needed to abandon the things that weren't working, and focus on the things that were and for those that are looking to niche down and focus. It doesn't have to it doesn't have to be apartment buildings, believe me, don't listen to Instagram does not have to be apartment buildings. It can be other things, I promise. But figure out what you were calling your core genius, right? Your God given talents, what are you gonna call it, figure that find out those and how you can best bring those to the real estate table and even better, how they are benefiting your business today. And then just easy, Michael, do more of that. How about that, there's two more of those things, if it's working, you do more of it, and less of the things that aren't, you know, it could be that simple and that's kind of how we grow in and I found people that were able to sit in the seats that I needed for me to focus more on raising money and more on the land lording , and I'd filled in those seats and I got it, you know, tight and I expand that up and I was like okay, land lording is amazing, but I could probably scale faster if I outsource that and hire third party management companies. So we did that I could focus on raising money and I could focus on building the team and enrolling and inspiring and being the leader of my team. Now that's really all I do is I lead my team and I raise money and I talk to you… Michael: I love it, I love it. That, this has been so much fun Matt, if people have questions for you want to reach out to you are interested in investing in some of your deals, what's the best way for people to get in touch with you? Matt: There's a ton of stuff on my LinkedIn bio. My LinkedIn is the Matt Faircloth, I'm sure there's plenty of other Matt Faircloth in the world but my Instagram handle… Michael: You stake your claim… Matt: I've claimed it, there also the Instagram I'm the only Matt Faircloth, @themattfaircloth and there's a there's a link in my bio on Instagram and there's a ton of stuff there you can go and invest in my and you can hear about investing in deals with us if you're an accredited investor you can join our mailing list because you do a non-accredited deal sometimes for those that are that we have a preexisting relationship with so you can join that list or you know hear more about that. You can buy a copy of my book there you can you know join all kinds of different cool things we have going on and Masterminds webinars, all that jazz is on the link in my bio on Instagram. Michael: Sweet, well Matt thank you again, man, from Komodo dragons to passive investing, this has been a blast. I'm sure we'll be chatting soon. Matt: My family and I play a game at dinner called: True two truths and a lie and I'm going to slay it right in two true and a lie there that I was on an interview and me and this guy talked about Komodo dragons. Nobody's gonna believe that. But I totally got my family, totally gonna crush them at true two truths and a lie tonight… Michael: I love it, I love it. Well, I am glad I could be a part of it. Matt: Thank you. Michael: Awesome, take care man. Alright everyone, that was our episode. A big thank you to Matt for coming on. It was super fun from Komodo dragons to real estate syndication. I didn't think we'd be able to get there but we kept it on the rails. As always, if you liked the episode, please feel free to leave us a rating or review wherever it is you get your podcasts and we look forward to seeing you on the next one. Happy investing!


5 Mar 2022

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Raising Private Capital: How to Leverage Other People’s Money to Build Your Real Estate Empire with Matt Faircloth

The Weekly Juice | Real Estate, Personal Finance, Investing

This week the Juice Boys are joined by Matt Faircloth (@themattfaircloth), a true expert of using other people's money in real estate. Matt has pioneered and mastered this aspect of the game, building a portfolio of nearly 2000 units today, and he makes a sincere effort to give back to the community by sharing his experiences, tips, and strategies so others can get to where he is in the most efficient way possible. His book, Raising Private Capital: Building Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People's Money, is one of our all-time favorites, and we recommend it to everyone who asks how to get started with OPM (link below to get your own copy 📙). Tune in to get the inside scoop from the master himself!-Matt's book: https://amzn.to/3nLKYQBMore from Matt: https://lnk.bio/mattfaircloth-🍊 SOCIAL MEDIA: @weeklyjuicepod▶️ SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube📸 FOLLOW us on Instagram🐥 TWEET with us on Twitter📚 EXPLORE our Book Recommendations🏠 PURCHASE your first Rental Property

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26 Jan 2022

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Mistakes & Best Strategies Learned From Scaling to 2,000+ Apartment Units - Matt Faircloth

The Real Estate Takeoff

Matt Faircloth, Co-founder & President of the DeRosa Group, is a seasoned real estate investor. The DeRosa Group, based in historic Trenton, New Jersey, is a developer and owner of commercial and residential property with a mission to “transform lives through real estate." DeRosa creates partnerships to finance select real estate investments and has a proven track record of providing safe, profitable investment opportunities to their clients. Matt, along with his wife Liz, started investing in real estate in 2004 with the purchase of a duplex outside of Philadelphia with a $30,000 private loan. They founded DeRosa Group in 2005 and has since grown the company to owning and managing 40 million of residential and commercial assets throughout the east coast. DeRosa has completed millions in real estate transactions involving private capital including fix and flips, single family home rentals, mixed use buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings, and tax lien investments.  Matt has an extensive expertise in connecting passive investors to lucrative investment opportunities through syndications, private loans and joint ventures. Matt Faircloth has been featured on the BiggerPockets Podcast three times (Show #88, #203, #289).  He also regularly contributes to BP's Facebook Live and teaches educational webinars.  Matt is the author of “Raising Private Capital – Building Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People’s Money” which is an Amazon bestseller ranked #25 in Venture Capital. In a nutshell, the book is a comprehensive road map for investors looking to inject more private capital into their real estate investing business. In this episode Matt talks about quitting his job at 29 years old to pursue real estate full-time, with just a single family house and a duplex to start. Matt now owns 2000+ units, with almost 700 units under contract. Matt talks about how his portfolio was not bought with a fund but individually in multiple states, from multiple buyers, which allows his investors to diversify. Matt shares some of his past mistakes. He also talks about strategies for buying and selling - especially a special tip for earnest money deposits.  Connect with Matt: Website: www.derosagroup.com Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com Follow the show on Instagram: @themultifamilytakeoff


24 Jan 2022

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Episode 333: Building Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People’s Money, with Matt Faircloth

The Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast|Real Estate Investing

Matt Faircloth has been a full-time investor for 16 years and has now completed over 40 million in real estate transactions. Matt began his real estate career as a mom & pop landlord, now he controls over 800 units in the multifamily space. In this episode of the Smart Real Estate Coach podcast, Matt shares how to pivot your business during a down time in the market, like the 2008 crash. He also explains what to focus on to be at your best each day, and how to balance family life and business. Resources: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mdfaircloth https://www.linkedin.com/company/derosagroup/ Website: https://derosagroup.com/ Book: https://www.amazon.com/Raising-Private-Capital-Building-Peoples/dp/1947200984 Additional resources: Follow Chris and Zach on Club House to learn even more about deal structures and how to get 3 paydays from your real estate investments. If you’re looking to secure some lines of credit for your business, check out Fund and Grow – Visit the Resource page at https://www.smartrealestatecoach.com/resources Schedule a FREE Strategy Call: SmartRealEstateCoach.com/action Register for our free masterclass: www.SmartRealEstateCoach.com/mastersclass Real Estate on Your Terms by Chris Prefontaine SmartRealEstateCoach.com/webinar SmartRealRstateCoach.com/ebook SmartRealEstateCoach.com/QLS Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast Sponsor: Paul G. Dion CPA, CTC


5 Jan 2022