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The Jason Martin Show recaps the Poirier-McGregor fight and previews the NBA Finals!

Fox Sports Radio Weekends

Jason Martin is back, as Dustin Poirier wins his fight against Conor McGregor following a gruesome leg injury, resulting in a TKO. Jason wonders where McGregor goes from here, Jason gives his thoughts on the recent passage of Name, Image, Likeness laws, the crew names some songs you can’t help but picture the music video of when you hear, and a preview of the rest of the NBA Finals!  Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

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11 Jul 2021

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Jason Martin

Hellions Talks

On today's episode, Kevin sits down with Jason Martin. We discuss the current Kickstarter for Jason's new comic PRINCE-S STARthief. Jason tells all about the first issue, and what the second issue has in store. We go over Jason's comic book origins and all of the other great stories you can expect from Pulp Girls.PRINCE-S STARthief is an epic sexy sci-fi full of pop culture winks, nods, and satire. Large conglomerates rule the stars, the worst of which is the devious PEP-C co.  One woman knows what they're hiding. Something special, something personal, something she is tired of searching for so she's taking the action right to their door. There is still time to back the PRINCE-S STARthief Kickstarter. Check out Jason's site. Follow Jason on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Check out the Pulp Girls site.Follow Pulp Girls on Twitter and Facebook. As part of The Retro Network, this show is pleased to tell you all about the great deals at FUN.com.Subscribe to Hellions Talks in your favorite app.Follow Kevin Hellions aka MaskedLibrary on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.Support Kevin as a creator on Patreon and receive bonus content!Visit The Retro Network podcast page for every show on the network.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


8 Jul 2021

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The Best Version Of You Makes More Money- with Jason Martin- EP 120

Lab Coat Agents Podcast

During this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff Pfitzer talks to Jason Martin – a real-estate leader in the DMV market. Jason has recently released a book titled “This is your captain speaking.” Today’s episode is special because Jeff and Jason are not going to talk about business; instead, they are going to talk about life lessons. Episode Highlights:  After completing college, Jason was a sports anchor for a few years and then he got into real estate in 2003. He runs a team in Washington D.C. It’s always fine to talk about the numbers but there is more to the story that you can’t forget. On a daily basis, Jason focuses on being the best version of himself, as a father, husband, and business leader. Those close to him reap the benefit of his best behavior.  In your professional world, when do you think you are operating at a peak performance?  Jeff shares that he is in his prime when he gets the opportunity to talk about his passions, usually it involves coaching or helping someone. Passion is what excites you and links you to success in business.  Jason looks at businesses as an opportunity to continuously learn something new, apply new skills, build relations, etc.  How can someone find their niche?  What about your business excites you? Jeff and Jason discuss how you can draw energy from the work that you do. Jeff discusses his career journey as well,  the challenges he has faced, and what he learned from his mistakes. Documenting your  thoughts can give you a clear picture of your life and business. Seek deeply to understand the “squeeze” of what a new opportunity is going to cost you and what it is worth to you. Jason stresses the importance of self-awareness. He asks listeners, “How can you be a better version of yourself?”. Mental and physical exercise brings balance to life and business. What practical strategies can you use? In his book, Jason talks about legacy and what one leaves behind. He also talks about work ethics that one should follow and how to open up to real conversations.  Adversity is an opportunity. Jason inspires listeners to challenge themselves and be passionate about life and success. 3 Key Points: Jeff and Jason talk about life and how different choices that you make  reflect on your business.  Jeff talks about his passion in the business realm and how it helps him to grow his business. Jason gives a teaser of his upcoming book, “This is your captain speaking.” It is packed with life lessons that are applicable to business. Resources Mentioned:  Lab Coat Agents  | Website | Facebook | Facebook Group | Twitter | Instagram Jeff Pfitzer   | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter Follow Up Boss (Sponsor) JasonMartin  |Facebook | Today You Choose | jason@jasonmartingroup.com | Book Street Text (Sponsor)


29 Jun 2021

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06/27/2021 – The Jason Martin Show

Fox Sports Radio Weekends

Jason Martin jumps on the airwaves to talk about the Suns moving within one win of their first NBA Finals appearance since 1993, and whether it represents a changing of the guard for the NBA! Could Aaron Rodgers have his golden ticket to sitting out the season and sticking it to the Packers? Plus, more on Chris Paul being on the cusp of his first Finals appearance ever! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

2hr 8mins

27 Jun 2021

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06/20/2021 – The Jason Martin Show

Fox Sports Radio Weekends

Jason Martin is back to kick off your sports Sunday, and he’s psyched up after Game 7 between the Bucks and the Nets comes down to literal inches! Jason wonders how Ben Simmons development became so stunted, Aaron Rodgers and the application of leverage, and Jason has some more for former Chiefs RB Le’Veon Bell and his comments towards Andy Reid! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

2hr 8mins

20 Jun 2021

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152: Writing a Book To Leave a Legacy with Jason Martin

Authors Who Lead - Learn about writing books from bestselling authors and leaders

Jason Martin is a former sports anchor who fulfilled his childhood dream of interviewing top athletes like Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. He now runs one of the most successful real estate teams, Jason Martin Group in Washington, DC. His firm has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top teams in the country. His book, “This Is Your Captain Speaking” is a collection of lessons and wisdom Jason has learned throughout his life and career. In his book, Jason shares the importance of discipline, hard work and chasing one’s dreams – told through the lens of a father and family man sharing his life and journey with his loved ones. What We Discuss with Jason Martin: Writing a book as a legacy to his family You don’t have to be a writer, just let it flow from the heart. Writing two books – one for the heart and one as a business professional The power of authenticity in writing your book Why your first time isn’t the time How to deal with self-sabotage to get your book done The divine intervention that comes from writing To view full show notes, Click Here! Like this show? Please leave us a review here -- even one sentence helps! Consider including your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!


6 May 2021

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Charlie Cole & Jason Martin Along For The Ride

Along For The Ride with Andrea Fappani

Jason Martin & Charlie Cole own Highpoint Performance Horses in Pilot Point, Texas. Highpoint Performance Horses specializes in training all around horses. They trail and compete in many events from western pleasure and trail to jumping and even barrel racing. At High Point they keep approximately 45 - 50 horses in training and travel between Florida and California, showing at the major shows each year. They have trained over 100 World AQHA Champions and 200 Congress Champions. Charlie Cole has been involved with horses for over 35 years and has trained more than 50 AQHA world champions. Jason Martin has won 34 AQHA World Championships. Jason has won the leading exhibitor at the AQHA World Show 5 times. Sponsors Cinch 20% off at www.cinchjeans.com  code FAPPANI20 QStallions at www.stallions.com Travis Stillson Custom Leather & Silver  FaceBook Travis Stillson 940-641-0495 Walla Walla Whiz www.arcesequarterhorses.com

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15 Mar 2021

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Ramon Foster & Jason Martin join Blaine and Mickey

Blaine and Mickey

Ramon Foster & Jason Martin join Blaine and Mickey to discuss their new show: JMart and Ramon, M-F 6a-9a on 1045 The Zone.


8 Sep 2020

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Cloud N Clear

This week is the first episode ever hosted by SADA COO, Dana Berg! He sits down with VP of Google Cloud PSO, Jason Martin, to discuss the world of Professional Services, why Google Cloud has built such a strong PSO organization, and how this fits into Google’s broader strategy for client innovation. Martin dives into the importance of partners with this strategy. Discussion also covers Professional Services in a global pandemic world along with the changes we’re seeing in the ecosystem. Host: Dana Berg Guest: Jason Martin Connect on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cloudnclear https://www.twitter.com/SADA https://twitter.com/DanaJasonBerg https://twitter.com/jaymonsf Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sada/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/bergdana/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaymonsf/ To learn more, visit SADA.com.


6 Jul 2020

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The Big 6 w Jason Martin

Zone Podcasts

Jason talked Titans, Vols and a little bit Tua!


23 Nov 2019