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Ep 327: Fit people change lives, with Tal Short

Fit Dad Fitness Podcast

Tal Short is a Senior Product Manager at Reebok designing and creating some of the most iconic and well-known footwear in the fitness space. Along with a beautiful family and a dedication to his own health and fitness, Tal's life sounds about as good as it gets. But not so long ago, Tal struggled with a lack of direction, alcoholism, and waning health. And in today's conversation, he and I discuss what it took to get back on track, including how his faith took the leading role in his comeback story. Connect with Tal at https://www.instagram.com/tal_short. Thank you for listening to the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast. Please leave a rating and review, and check out all things Fit Dad Fitness at https://www.fitdadfitness.com.


14 Oct 2020

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Confidence in Christ with Tal Short: Episode 8

Brothers of Merit

It is important in our walks with Christ to not confuse our identities with other external sources. No matter how hard this can be at times, Jesus should be our true identity. Listen as we interview Tal Short, Senior Product Manager for Reebok, about his walk and how he has no fear of displaying his identity in Jesus.InstagramYouTube Channel


3 May 2020

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The First Reebok Nano X Unboxing, With Tal Short

Ben Garves Podcast: Fitness, Nutrition, and Activism

We continue with more deep diving into the new and soon-to-be-legendary Reebok Nano X CrossFIt shoe. Then, recipes from CrossFit.


16 Apr 2020

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500 Burpees for Time with Tal Short of Reebok

Dad Bod WOD Podcast

#005 - Today we have Tal Short, a senior product manager at Reebok. Tal is the man behind the Reebok Nanos and tons of other training shoes at Reebok, including the Rich Froning series, the Legacy Lifters, the HIIT TRs, and the guy you want to stalk on Instagram if you want to see exactly how much testing he personally puts into each of his forthcoming shoes. You won’t be able to see any of the shoes because he does a good job of covering them up, but if you pause it just right, angle it towards the sun, you might just catch a glimpse! In this conversation, we discuss how Tal became the man behind the Reebok Nano, how he and his wife make time for fitness, and how he was able to overcome his struggle with alcohol through faith. You’ll want to stick around to the end of the show where we discuss how being a part of a community, whether faith-based or fitness-based can help broaden your perspective. As always, don't forget to subscribe, and for a FREE guide to fighting the dad bod, which includes 5 simple tips and 18 bonus workouts, hit the link below!http://dadbodwod.net


31 Mar 2020

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