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Blewitt Blew It. From Lint to Mint. Jury Duty & Fidget Spinners. Glen's Story & Mayor Bill.

Tony & Dwight


25 Oct 2021

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Lyrical Spit™ Vol. 67 Love lock ep22 "Blast from the Past" w/ Diafullah Dobashi & Thunder Rosa. Emails & FIDGET SPINNERS!

Lyrical Spit™ w/ Diafullah Dobashi

Emails & FIDGET SPINNERS! Love lock ep22 w/ Diafullah Dobashi & Thunder Rosa. Lyrical Spit™ VOL. 67. "A Blast from the Past" & your Daily Spit. Diafullah Dobashi's "DAILY SPIT" 275. (Love Lock 06/16/2017) Lyrical Spit™ & Daily Spit hosted by Professional Wrestler Diafullah the Butcher Dobashi. "Daily" inspiring quotes, current topics, interviews, music & much more. Listen on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcast, iHeart Radio, Amazon and on most of your favorite podcast platforms. *For show links LyricalSpit.com *Email: LyricalSpit@gmail.com *Shop at ButcherSpit.com *Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum: PWHF.org *Lyrical Spit™ 24 hour Hotline *Report Human Sex Trafficking 1-888-373-7888 *National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (Originally aired 10/17/2021).--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/diafullah-dobashi/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/diafullah-dobashi/support


24 Oct 2021

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29 Sep 2021

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Lotgenoten Podcast

Ondernemer Laurence de Wilde is een social media marketing expert en samen met Jaro & Koen praten ze onder andere over de 'soft men' generatie, de Fidget Spinners hype en strooit Laurence met marketing en social media tips. Ontdek het in de 53ste aflevering van De Lotgenoten Podcast.

1hr 16mins

20 Apr 2021

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Furry Fidget Spinners with Hayden Kristal


Comedian / Deaf queer activist / public speaker Hayden Kristal joins Jenn to discuss animals, motivation, and being a memorable side character. EPISODE TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE BELOW FOLLOW HAYDEN: Insta | Twitter: @haydenkristal FOLLOW JENN: Insta | Twitter: @jennwelchnow FOLLOW LADYHD: Insta | Twitter | TikTok: @ladyhdpod PRODUCED BY LEFT HANDED RADIO: Insta | Twitter: @lefthandedradio * LOVE THE PODCAST? WANT TO HELP SUPPORT PRODUCTION COSTS? Join the LadyHD Patreon and get sweet perks / goodies or Leave a tip in the LadyHD tip jar TRANSCRIPT: Unknown 0:00 This is where the theme song should go. Bah bah, Unknown 0:02 bah, bah, Unknown 0:03 bah, bah, Unknown 0:05 ADHD. Jenn Welch 0:07 Let's just like get into this. Hi, everybody. This is Jenn Welch, your host of ADHD a podcast for distractible women, women and people with ADHD. And I am so excited for today's guest is one of the funniest people I've met. I caretaker to a menagerie of, of amazing animals. And I, public speaker extraordinaire and just all around cool person. Let's everybody is cheering and clapping for Hayden crystal. Yay. Hooray. Hayden Kristal 0:48 Thank you so much. That was such a nice intro. Thank you. Jenn Welch 0:51 Thank you. I just come up with it on the fly every time. Unknown 0:55 Really good. Unknown 0:59 podcast. Jenn Welch 1:02 I hope something comes out of my mouth. That is that is okay. Um, how are you? It's been so long since I've seen you. Hayden Kristal 1:10 I'm in Colorado with the critters. It's snowing today. Wow, that sucks. But I know I was really disappointed. I went out for a ride and then I was like out riding an athlete. Because this oh fuck that and I went home. Unknown 1:25 Not happy about it. Jenn Welch 1:26 Which which animal were you riding? Hayden Kristal 1:30 Squidward my baby. Jenn Welch 1:33 Oh, my goodness. Because there's a mule right? There's no mule, but there's five horses and three donkeys? Hayden Kristal 1:42 Oh, three donkeys. Okay, but a donkey. A donkey is a mix between a mule and a horse. Or is it? Okay, yeah, well, it's a mix between a donkey and a horse. So you have three donkeys? Five horses. Unknown 1:59 Yes. Jenn Welch 2:00 They don't make mules? Nope. And how do they get along with Bitsy and pinkman? Hayden Kristal 2:12 bethy doesn't like any of them. She just like leaves them alone. She won't go in the pasture. But pinky love to chase the donkeys and they love to chase her. Unknown 2:20 Yeah, have Hayden Kristal 2:22 have an ancient rescue donkey. He's 23 years old. He's a mini donkey. So he's like the size of a Great Dane. And his name is Nicola Ross. And he loves Pinkie and she'll bark and chase him back. It's really cute. Oh, Jenn Welch 2:37 that's so sweet. I like to imagine. So, for people who don't know, Hayden's dogs, pink Ben is I Deaf Border Collie, okay. Bitsy is a blind and deaf Aussie. Unknown 3:00 Yes. Hayden Kristal 3:00 And last night What? Yeah, I took this really cute video of her and my dad reuniting seeing each other for the first time since COVID started and it hit the front page of Reddit and then ABC ran it in a field good segment last night. Jenn Welch 3:19 Oh my God, that's amazing. Hayden Kristal 3:19 amazing. It's like sidebar as a comedian how annoyed I am that my dog has a TV credit before I do. Jenn Welch 3:30 Technically, I think it's your credit you filmed it you put it out there for the world. Hayden Kristal 3:35 I wasn't in it. My dad has a TV credit before I do oh my Jenn Welch 3:38 god content that you created. Hayden Kristal 3:41 It is content that I created. I don't think my name was mentioned at all. But my dog does have a network TV credit before I do. Jenn Welch 3:54 I love that I I was thinking earlier about Bitsy and pinkman. And I was thinking about how Bitsy is kind of like a little furry like metaphor. I mean, obviously for the experience of being blind and deaf, but also I think for like inattentive ADHD, because she's always just like in her own world. And then you just have to like tap her and be like, come on back. Like this is what's going on Hayden Kristal 4:28 every once in a while because I have an attentive ADHD but every once in a while she just gets this laser focus. Well, yeah, I was sitting by my mom's feet while my mom is eating dinner the other night and my mom was eating ribs. And Bitsy was just like, No, I'm eating ribs. And she just like, like, jumped up, grabbed the plate and ran like rat flip the whole plate was watching barbecue sauce off the dog for like an hour. But like she gets these moments of pure focus or shopping to accomplish Jenn Welch 4:58 or then maybe she's just inattentive ADHD everything because I was gonna say pinkman is like hyper focus, like pinkman like with a ball. Hayden Kristal 5:10 Yeah, there's something wrong with pinkman we're not sure what she's just like congealed amphetamines. She just is the world's first like meth based life form and that of carbon in my bed looking at me right now. Oh, Jenn Welch 5:30 oh my god, I just remember the one time my dog sat for them. And pinkman literally, I made the mistake of like throwing a ball indoors. And that was it. There was like, no peace. Hayden Kristal 5:45 That's her whole deal. Happy. Jenn Welch 5:47 Yay. Um, so how old? Were you? Cuz I don't think we've ever really talked about how old were you? were you when you were diagnosed with ADHD? And how did that because I do want to talk about like the intersectionality of like others sort of like disability and stuff like that. But like, how did that coincide with with when you like, I don't know, we've never talked about like the the death thing too much, either. Really? No, people usually have to pay for that. Did you only do that on your only fans? Hayden Kristal 6:24 My only I was gonna say because that's what I talked about as a public speaker. I'm sure that my agency would be thrilled. I started doing workshops on all my family. That's actually super funny. And I maybe should do. Like educational content. Oh, me fan. I kind of love that. And I definitely want to do it. I wasn't diagnosed until I was an adult. Yeah, 19 or 20. And I went, I got a diagnosis because I had been seeing a psychiatrist for a long time. And my girlfriend at the time was like, I can't take you anymore. I need you to go get help for your add. And I was like, No, I have a DD. And then I went into my psychiatrist. And I was like, so my girlfriend thinks I have ADHD. And she goes, Oh, do you? Not? And I was like, not that I'm aware of. And she was like, Oh my god, I'm so sorry. She was like, I don't know why I thought that you had it. I thought we had had this conversation. And you were just like cool with where you're like, Oh, that's not great. And I remember doing the like the test like the quiz they give you? Yeah, she was like, Do you often misplace important things. And I was like, I swear to God, I'm not doing a bit. I was like, I don't know where my keys are right now. Somewhere between here and my car, presumably. But that's as specific as I can be at this juncture. Oh Jenn Welch 7:56 my god. My mom keeps texting me every day saying Have you found her driver's license yet. And I I haven't told her that I also can't find my debit card. But um, so they're both missing in my apartment haven't left my apartment and months. I like the only reason I know it's missing is because I had to go get my vaccine. And I had to like, I just had to give up and go to the vaccine appointment without my license and like, like nudge, nudge my way into like getting a shot. I have no idea where it is. And they were like, We can't go back home and look for it. And I'm like, it's not gonna help. It's not gonna help. I have no idea. Hayden Kristal 8:39 No, and retrospect, I don't really understand why I wasn't diagnosed sooner. I had been going through debit cards roughly every six weeks. Jenn Welch 8:49 Yeah. Hayden Kristal 8:50 Like, that's how long I could keep one or like I would lose it at four weeks and just not replace it for two weeks. Like I was going through them so regularly with the lady at the bank, me. I don't really get why I wasn't diagnosed. I also went to like a tiny private high school for like, I need your podcast on air quotes. The most air for gifted students. And it was it was real circle jerky about like everybody learns differently. everybody's mind works differently. And now as an adult, I'm like, yeah, it's in the DSM. Like we just did nothing. But like, sit and congratulate ourselves about how special My mind was, for a long time. And then I started Adderall. And now I can be a person. But um, I think the question of the intersectionality of that, and that disability is really interesting, because I talked about on stage that I was they thought I had autism, some kind of autism when I was a kid, and which I've read that there's a lot of overlap between like a Add ADHD and autism diagnosis and especially those, but there's also a lot of overlap in autism and hearing loss diagnosis. They're both communication disorders. Right and so I think it's really interesting that we kind of circled it nothing I don't have hearing you That was a valid diagnosis. Jenn Welch 10:22 Well, I wonder I wonder too if like I'm like some of the stuff that was ADHD stuff was like well that's just because you know of the issues with hearing so that's why that's why he didn't miss that or that's why Hayden maybe Yeah, that's Hayden Kristal 10:39 a great way and I also wonder how much of that fed back into itself like I couldn't hear it so I just checked out like and like how much that got in trench but my mom and her whole side sure have add on ADHD? I don't really get how they missed it except that I was like not like running around like I wasn't what you picture is like a rampaging ADHD Okay, sure. You Jenn Welch 11:08 say that you're not rampaging ADHD child. But in the few years since I've known you I've never seen you without to unruly dogs. Unknown 11:20 of like, dogs are not Jenn Welch 11:22 here. By unruly by unruly I mean, I was one of them's deaf, and the other ones blind and deaf, and you have to be really aware of what they're doing at all times. And they're big. I don't mean they like I mean, are there, you're not there. They're so well behaved. They're so well behaved, but you have to be engaged with them, right? The whole time? Not really, Hayden Kristal 11:47 I will accept that. Hey, is there something wrong with pinkman? No, I do, but I wasn't like, Unknown 11:54 I accept that. I'm Hayden Kristal 11:55 a weird person. Except that I'm definitely like, a, like a memorable side character. But I'm no I but I wasn't like bouncing around. I wasn't like jumping up and down on the couch. When you're on the classroom. I just was always, Jenn Welch 12:17 I always feel like when I bring Augie out with me places in public, like he's just a little dude. And he like makes me feel like I'm expending so much energy, like trying to kind of like, make sure he's not getting in somebody's soup or making sure he's not, you know, meeting a new stranger who is going to go home with or make sure he's stealing the microphone from the comedian. You know, or like, whatever. So I can't imagine having two of them, I guess is like, that's why I see it as like a high energy pursuit to have the dogs with you. Like, you know, yeah, I Hayden Kristal 12:57 understand what you're saying. I spent I did like, I went to like a professional facility and did like dog training and dog sports for a while. Yeah, they're pretty self sufficient in terms of just being good. But it's like, I do like having a constant distraction. Yeah. Or like, they're like, they're like furry fidget spinners. Like I think the pet Unknown 13:20 wide bar. Hayden Kristal 13:21 My mom got a fidget spinner for free. Like someone gave it I was gonna throw it away. Then she found me sitting at the table with it, like up against my face just wearing it. She's like, okay, and I was like, Can I have this? And she's like, yep, You sure can Unknown 13:38 have a $5 trinket? Unknown 13:43 Yeah, Hayden Kristal 13:43 I was just mesmerized. I was like, this thing's pretty good. I like this a lot. Unknown 13:48 Oh my god. Um, Unknown 13:50 I should have been diagnosed a lot sooner. Jenn Welch 13:53 Yeah, that fidget spinner man. I know they became like a joke but the first time I got my hands on one I like I was it felt like I was home. This is where my body is. Hayden Kristal 14:08 Yeah, I was like I lit so satisfying. Like bearings in it. Jenn Welch 14:14 Oh boy have like that weight to it. That spinny so good. It's so good. Um, we because we haven't talked about it too much. But I guess like your experience with like, you know, deafness and like communicating and ADHD and how it all kind of rolls together and how it all I just want I want to hear everything about it. Here everything about how like I communicating and like just, all all of the all of the things, all of them. extrapolate something from what I just from what just came Hayden Kristal 14:59 over. Using hearing aids and like, I went to private schools that I gave, only about 30% of spoken English can actually be like lip read the rest of it you get through context and guesswork. It's like a, just an never ending an unrelenting game of Wheel of Fortune all the time. So the processing power that it takes to have a conversation with someone, and lip read that conversation is a lot, particularly in like a classroom setting. And I really have to focus, because I'm only get 30%. So I need all the context clues that I can get. And then sometimes when I'm talking to people, there's a bit of a lag. Yeah, like, it's not very long. But there's a bit of a lag as I'm like, putting stuff together. And I think that, that burned me out. Like, I think that that and it still does, like I noticed when I'm signing my ability to focus as much more Jenn Welch 15:57 I can only speak to like, obviously, I don't have issues with hearing, but after I hit my head, I did have issues with like audio processing and stuff like that. And also hearing words wrong. Like I would hear multi like multi multisyllabic words as like, just almost like a classic like a Rebus puzzle like, so if a word is like a carburetor, I would hear it as like automobile cold eating her like carbery you don't like that's how I would? Oh, yeah, that's how my brain would hear it. So I'd have to like put it together. And yeah, it's exhausting. Like, kind of trying to communicate with something like that. And you can't respond as quickly and like, whatever. And so how does how does signing kind of like open things up more? Like I imagined that just the the experience of mental listening versus like whole body communication is like you have to be in your body like your I don't know, tell me tell me tell me Unknown 17:09 things? Um, Hayden Kristal 17:11 no, it's just, um, it's being able to receive the information without having to take the time to like, process it consciously. Like it just comes in streams, and I'm able to respond. And that's a lot less exhausting than it is to have to like work out that puzzle for everything that said, I will say My vision is not great. And so I'm super nearsighted. So somebody is more than like, a couple of feet away from me. I do have to kind of actively process and squint to see what they're saying. But that's just more a personal not wearing glasses problem than it is like an actual processing issue. That's I don't like things on my face. Yeah, my fucking problem and not going to touch my eye like an idiot. Oh, contact lenses Unknown 17:57 are the worst. Jenn Welch 17:58 Yeah, you get the LASIK? Hayden Kristal 18:00 I could and I thought about it. But I also like that requires like taking the initiative to figure it out. Like, not learn how to do it myself. Like I'm just gonna get I'm gonna forge a laser vein and I are so busy. I could I've thought about it. I should probably go do that. I feel like I got a queue. My, my sense of smell is really good. So I felt like as long as I have that, like, I need to address the other issues. Okay, so you really identify with Bitsy, is what you're saying? i? I do. Yeah. But I'm a really good. I just learned that not everybody like I can totally smell like my family all smells like people smell different to me. And like I can tell which one of my dogs comes in the room by like, smell. Yeah, I just learned like, that's not a thing that people don't that translate. Well, you guys are missing out well develop sense of smell. Jenn Welch 19:03 So what how old were you when you learn to sign? Hayden Kristal 19:06 I started when I was 15 I think I must have been 16 cuz I I started college early. I think at the time. It was very out of character in retrospect, very unbranded and super funny but I got pissed at one person in high school and I dropped out and got my GED the same week. I went to college early. And I got scholarship money for my GED score. So I did not beat the system. I slam dunk the system. I still think that's one of the like, talk about committing to a bit I got that one person dropped out and got a GED. But then I started college and I was really struggling because I went from a tiny private school to a big public university and the Deaf Services Coordinator there recommended I started learning sign language and I had this kind of like internalized complex like that I didn't need to learn sign language because I was smart. And cuz that's what it's about. That's what it's about. And then when I started, I was like, oh, okay, and my grades shot up. And like, my social ability shot up, like and even with hearing people, I think just because I'm not so tired all the time. I'm still very awkward. Jenn Welch 20:31 I know we all are. But Hayden Kristal 20:33 yeah, we wouldn't become comedians if we had social skills. Right? But I feel like in terms of like confidence and self assuredness, I really bloomed because before I couldn't, it was hard for me to go do stuff because like, I couldn't go out to dinner with friends because it was dark in the restaurant. Like I'm just gonna sit there and that's like, even at comedy clubs, it's very early and all of it I'm like, having war flashbacks to pine box. Like when it's dark. And, like, there's a lot of background noise. Like there's no way for me to be able to, to lip read and communicate, which is a bummer, because I like hanging out with comics. But yeah, but being able to sign and having that outlet, I think gave me like more tolerance for those situations. Yeah, cuz I have outlet where it's not like that. Jenn Welch 21:28 Yeah. That's awesome. Very cool. So how, I guess the last thing I want to talk about is because we're getting close on time, but one thing that really impresses me about you is this career that you've forged that I going around and doing these speaking the speaking circuit and and finding these like connections like you have the awesome one about Bitsy and you have the awesome one about like gay SL which is like the intersectionality between like LGBTQ activism and, and disability, activism and everything. And how how, how did you? How did you follow through on all of this shit, because I keep wanting to put something together to do. Because we had talked about it in the past, like doing something on like, improv and PTSD or like doing something. Yeah, I have this podcast now. Like, I could talk about ADHD, like, whatever. Hayden Kristal 22:35 What? You know, 100% dude, by the way? Jenn Welch 22:39 Um, yeah, it's but it's, but it's like, doing it. It's like the actual doing it. Yeah, stops me, you know, Hayden Kristal 22:46 I find a fun way to convince myself to do stuff is to trap myself in obligations. And then you so Midwestern, that I can't back out of it. Jenn Welch 22:58 That is how I've done all of my solo shows. And my half hour is I just booked and and then I'm, and then I'm staying here. likeable foot. Hayden Kristal 23:06 Yeah. And then so I started. So if anybody I mean, why would anybody know. But my day job is doing well. Now, also comedy, but I work mostly with corporate gigs, and colleges. And I do stand up and also workshops about what I call intersectional accessibility, or how we can make our resources the most available to the widest range of whole people. So I started doing that actually started public speaking before comedy, because I just, and then I made the switch because I was like, This is too much money in respect. But I I started by applying to conferences, which are kind of like comedy festivals. And I kept doing those. And I really liked doing those. I like going and interacting with people. And I like performing. So I just kept applying to those, like I would get in a little like zone and apply to like 50 of them. And then whichever ones would take me I'd be like, Fuck, now I gotta go to this. And then I just kept doing it. And I don't write anything out. One of my teachers in school is really impressed. She's like, you can give a whole presentation and you don't have to write anything down and like, I can't write something down. That's one of the things that I love hearing that, because that's one of the things that's been stopping me with this route is I feel like it was speaker gig, you have to be respectable. You have to have a script, you have to like whatever but I don't. I don't even write my jokes down. Like I did an hour long solo show and didn't write any of it down. Jenn Welch 24:37 Yeah, Hayden Kristal 24:38 but I think that that's an asset and I've gotten a lot of feedback, especially working with college students. I get a lot of feedback that I am fun, and it's personable and it's not threatening, and it's not like I'm not lecturing me and it's when now I've done particularly KSL I've done so many times that I think if I flatline and somebody like Like, electrified me, I'm not remembering what the English word for Unknown 25:05 different different, different. Unknown 25:07 Yeah, yes. Hayden Kristal 25:11 We were playing with that game like we try to guess the word. Now we're gonna get stuck on that we're gonna have to Jenn Welch 25:17 get now we have to guess the game of the word that game where you get hurt. Hayden Kristal 25:21 Um, but I've done that so many times if flatline and you shocked, I would just sit up and do that whole workshop word for word, and then I would just go back down. But it's not. I didn't start doing like, like big name conferences like I started doing little garbage conferences, and then worked my way up. And so I slowly felt my way through. And it becomes kind of like a comedy set, like you build the framework. And then as you go through, you can add more stuff and take out the stuff that doesn't work. And you kind of I, my method is I feel my way through it as it goes. Yeah, it's the same as comedy. It's like you don't start public speaking start small. I think people think of like getting paid $250,000 to go speak at Goldman Sachs or whatever. But you don't start doing that. It's the same as comedy. You build up your speaking as though you build up your program. And I've been doing that for, like seven years, I think. Eight I know, time is so relative, but I that's something I've been working on forever. And so my thing is that, when, especially when I was starting out was to just trap myself into commitments. And then I have to go do it. But you all you need is like an outline. And and the thing I tell people when I teach public speaking, is that you don't, you don't need to worry about it. You don't need to memorize a speech. If you know what you're talking about. If you know what the point you want to get across is that's the important thing. So like are gay ASL at the teach these signs and then talk about intersectional intersectionality, accessibility and intersectional accessibility with Bitsy, I want to explain who she is, why she is deaf and blind. How I trained her what that means for me, like I have those points. And so I know I know what the thesis is. And I just have to get up there and tell it to you. Like that's it. And it doesn't matter if the wording is exactly the same every time. It would be a nightmare for me. I would be so bored if the word is the same. Do you get laughs during your talks? Oh, yeah, big time. I have jokes that I can't do. I want to do ASL is like a one person show? Jenn Welch 27:34 Uh huh. Like as a great title. Hayden Kristal 27:37 Thank you. I have so many good jokes. I have a joke for every letter of the alphabet because I teach the alphabet. But it's like I can't do it on stage. There's just no context for it. Yeah, like it's just, but I think it's like a friend show. It would work really well. Yeah. Jenn Welch 27:55 I could definitely see that. Um, I, I am feeling pumped about this. I just need to book myself some dates and and then do them. And then Hayden Kristal 28:09 Dude, you should. Yeah, you should I think you would do really well. And it's I've had as many cool opportunities as I've gotten from comedy. Like I've gotten to do some cool ridiculous shit from Yeah. public speaking. Even just like doing because Jenn Welch 28:23 I would do improv trainings for for companies and for corporations. And that was just like ridiculous. Like, oh, I get to go in for an hour a day and teach improv to timeshare salesmen. To go to the devil's work, yeah, right. On top of two pyramid schemes, she stands. But I going to, you know, like a corporate retreat at the Jersey Shore to like, teach improv and like, whatever and having dinners and stuff. Um, but, but also just like, I, I feel like I'm being able to, like say something that's like, helpful in a way or like, you know, like, spreads good goodness. Although, I feel like I feel like Oh, that's so much responsibility, but it's also a lot of responsibility to like stand in front of an audience of people and be tasked with making them laugh like that's also a weirdly big responsibility you know, that they left their houses in Yeah. COVID days. Yeah. Hayden Kristal 29:31 Talk about this, I'm, I've been working on a new workshop about like activism in the digital age, and something that I've been talking about for a long time. But I feel like it's more relevant now is that it's not it's not my anybody's job to any educate anyone. I don't think that you have an obligation to be an activist just because of how you identify and the groups you're a part of. I think that your responsibilities to yourself and self care first, and that can be really rough. In and of itself. Yeah, I also think that if you put yourself in an educator context, it's your job. Like if you want to be an activist education is your job. But they think that if you put yourself in that context, I feel like there's a responsibility there. I feel a responsibility when I go, but I also feel like, it's not on me necessarily what people take away. Like, I know that there's going to be a couple people who really lash learn, and there's going to be other people who just are like, whatever, and forget that it happened two minutes later, but I think that I mean, also this is like very, maybe not helpful, but like, also let the market decide baby like, go do a workshop and people hate it, you'll know, right? Unknown 30:48 I know. Jenn Welch 30:50 But it has to be perfect before it happens. So we are we're at time, I want you to tell people all the places where they can find you, but I want you to do it as Bitsy and so where can people find you? Hayden Kristal 31:09 Okay, I feel like for context people should know that I do voice characters for my dogs and Bitsy my ex otherwise, I'm gonna be bluedart medicated by a robe not that that would help with this but I do voice characters for my dog Bitsy is like a like a trashy little pageant girl who is deaf and blind so people are really nice to her because she's disabled but she's also never experienced hardship. So she has a super awesome internalized sense of superiority. Yeah, Jenn Welch 31:41 I meant to ask you this earlier too. So in red fold into this giving of your of your places that people can find you also what Bitsy imagines a horse to be. Okay, Unknown 31:55 that's a lot. Hayden Kristal 31:58 Okay, so are you all sorts of places? Why number one, oh, the internet. Like also because my mother does social media survival social media is just an event. Mama's by Hayden crystal ha y d E and K our eyes ti l or like Instagram at peacock, and like, all those kind of things. But you can find me on pigment the dog that temblor calm. We're very color famous. And then also I sent you back. I don't like horses. They're overweight. They're very chubby because like, I don't wait for 100 pounds like only weigh 43 pounds. A year massive. He have a dog but like also you 1200 is much bigger than 43 and I don't fit that skirt. Jenn Welch 32:46 Amazing. I'm in heaven. I'm in heaven. I'm Cathy sweet, sweet Bitsy girl. Um, guys. I'm Jenn Welch. You can find me at Jenn Welch now. Jenn Welch w l ch now like right now. And at all the places and follow the podcast lady HD pod at lady HD pod. Also at all the places Patreon oh my gosh, I have a Patreon. It's patreon.com slash lady HD, sign up a small monthly little I become a Patreon patron of the podcast and and get perks and goodies. Like one of them is a is a is a zoom art party that is perhaps quarterly or maybe monthly. I don't remember what I put. So that would be fun, wouldn't it? And that's what you get if you're a patron of the podcast. So anyways, um Hayden Kristal 33:48 that Find me on my site haydenkristal.com that Jen actually made for me. Oh, Jenn Welch 33:54 yes, go to go to Hayden's website and see the beautiful illustrations that I did I Oh, what am I doing? The beautiful illustrations that I did have. We are beautiful. Hayden Kristal 34:08 I just got contacted by a very fancy law firm to do corporate diversity training. And they were like, We love your website. And I was like, your UC immigration law firm and my website is dope but it's also it's got like 80s pop art of my dogs. But this these eye socket are replaced. I was like, Okay, I can vibe with this. I can do a lecture there. That's amazing. Unknown 34:34 I love it. I love it. Unknown 34:35 Oh. Thank you for doing that. We're done. Now. We're done. Unknown 34:40 Yay. Hi. All right. Transcribed by https://otter.ai


14 Apr 2021

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