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Episode 001--Kristy Grant-Hart

The Ethics Experts


20 Mar 2020

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Leveling Up in the Compliance Field with Kristy Grant-Hart

Great Women in Compliance

Today on the show, we have Kristy Grant-Hart, one of the most well-known women in the industry. She became a Chief Compliance Officer at an early age, is the published author of several books, a board member of a nonprofit organization, and is now an entrepreneur with her own compliance consultancy company with its own publishing arm. She is undoubtedly a great woman in compliance, and she’s here to share with us her best advice for women who are ready to level up in this field. What traits do you attribute to your success? We already have good technical skills, but what sets truly successful practitioners apart is the ability to connect with people. It’s an underrated skill, but an absolutely necessary one. What advice do you have for women hoping to make a name for themselves in compliance? Start writing and speaking, even if you start small. When people see you stand in front of them or read what you have to say, you’re not only serving the profession and the community, but you’re doing so in a way that showcases your skills and abilities.What interested you in joining a board, and what has your experience been like so far? Kristy shares how much she respected and enjoyed her participation in the SPCE that running for board member was a natural next step. It wasn’t smooth sailing though — Kristy didn’t make it the first year she ran. It takes a lot of persistence, staying involved, and really being in front of leadership to position yourself to be accepted as a board member. What advice would you have for women who want to become board members?In some cities, there are organizations dedicated to helping people get on board, so that’s a good place to start. Kristy also shares that it’s true: once you get on one board, it’s much easier to get on others. So try to get on the board for any other organization that you like, because it’s a great way to build others’ confidence in your abilities. You want to show that you know what you’re doing when it comes to being a board member What was the experience like starting your own company? It was a multi-month process for Kristy, which involved a lot of research, networking, and pitching. If you really want to go into consulting or become an entrepreneur, it really is about meeting other entrepreneurs and honing your business skills, because while you probably already have technical skills, business skills are different.What has been your most significant learning moment in your compliance career?It’s a huge shift to go from big law, where people hang on to your every word, to in-house work, where people stop listening and don’t reply to emails. It became necessary for Kristy to figure out how to make herself more important and valuable to their business in a real way. What advice would you have for someone in the market for an in-house job? There needs to be a showing of commitment: get skilled in the other areas you need, get your qualifications and certifications, take classes, and network. You make a much stronger impression that you genuinely want this career, and that you’re in it for the long haul.Last wordsOnly three Fortune 500 Companies have an equal number of male and female board members. If Kristy inspired you today, get up and do something about it. The power is with us to turn these statistics around. Put your hand up, raise your voice, and be heard. Resources for KristyLinkedInWebsiteSpark Compliance Consulting


5 Dec 2018

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What is Your Spark Score? With Kristy Grant-Hart

Innovation in Compliance with Tom Fox

On today’s show, Tom chats with Kristy Grant-Hart, CEO of Spark Compliance Consulting. She and her team have developed a Spark Score Report, a tool to help you discover how your compliance program looks to the outside world. Kristy and Tom discuss the Spark Score report, what it means for your business and the industry, and how you can find out if your presence shows how truly committed your company is to compliance.What is the Spark Score Report? Is there a gap between how good your program is internally, and how it’s perceived externally? The Spark Score is a free report that gives you insights into just that. It’s a benchmarking tool that tells you what customers and outsiders see.Many underestimate just how important this information is. The public is looking at what you put out there. They’re searching for your presence — and this innovation solves this business need.This report that can be taken back to your company (e.g. your C-suite or managers) to help evaluate how your company is doing vis-à-vis others in the industry. Are you showing your commitment to compliance in a way that is quantifiable and benchmarkable? The report does that research for you. How is it measured?There are six different factors: Code of Conduct, Corporate Governance, Whistle-Blower Provisions, Anti-Bribery Commitments, Data Privacy, and Modern Slavery / Sustainability. These are weighted based on importance and how the factors work, so you can see where you fall out. Kristy shares examples of things the report evaluates, and underscores the point:  if you want to show people what is good about your program, there are ways to do it. Gathering a DatabaseAs Spark Consulting generates reports, they are also gathering a database of best practices. Which industries have the best approaches? And how can this affect — and help — other industries? The aim of the report is not solely to provide companies with information, it’s about raising everybody’s game to be better.Resources for KristyLinkedInWebsiteSpark Score ReportSpark Compliance Consulting Texas Tax rate at 80% of 8.25%


27 Nov 2018

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Top Minds in Compliance: Kristy Grant-Hart

Compliance Week Original Podcasts

Compliance practitioner and author Kristy Grant-Hart chats with Tom Fox about her three books and offers her advice to women of all ages in the compliance field.


11 Nov 2018

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How to be a Wildly Strategic and Effective Risky Woman: Kristy Grant-Hart

Risky Women Radio

An accomplished compliance professional and true expert in her field, Kristy Grant-Hart joins Kimberley Cole to provide a powerful guide on how to be a wildly strategic and wildly effective compliance officer! She is CEO of Spark Compliance Consulting, author, speaker, professor and a former CCO, with an innovative approach and inspiring perspective of the compliance field.


31 Oct 2018

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Cailie Currin's interview with Kristy Grant-Hart

Currin Compliance Podcast

This is a condensed version of an interview that Cailie Currin conducted with Kristy Grant-Hart, author of the book “How to be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer.” For the full interview and other webinars offered by Currin Compliance Services, visit http://www.currincompliance.com/webinars.


9 Apr 2017

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FCPA Compliance Report-Episode 316 Kristy Grant-Hart

FCPA Compliance Report

In this episode Kristy Grant-Hart, author of How to be a Wildly Successful Compliance Officer joins me to debate the merits of the ISO 37001 certification. I think the process is worse than useless while Kristy believes they are a step forward.  For our additional written commentary on this issues, see Kristy's post The top five myths about ISO 37001 exposed. For my views in opposition, see ENI Receives an ISO 37001 Certification and ENI CEO Charged with Corruption Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Mar 2017