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62. Living In Alignment + Getting To Know Your Inner Child (ft. Sirena Abalian)

The Fit To Be Fierce Podcast

Josh is joined on the show by Mindset Mentor, Sirena Abalian, where they discussed how to live life in alignment with your authentic self and the steps you can take to heal your inner child to live a more fulfilling life.Sirena shared how her own mental health journey led her to her career today, helping others heal from their past experiences.3 Key Takeaways:You can live life in complete alignment with your authentic self by simply finding clarity around what your most dream version of a day looks like and what your TRUE priorities are in life. And then, bridging the gaps. (How-to in the episode)Everything we’re triggered by is a mirror of something that needs to be healedHealing your inner child can be as simple as getting clear on who you were as a child, getting to know child self (0-7 years old), and finding out what it was that makes them tick, smile, feel safe, etc. And then, doing more of that in your life today. (How-to in the episode)Get your pen and paper (or Notes app) out for this one, as she shared several tactical steps and exercises you can take and apply today to start living the life you were meant to live.Sirena's IG: @sirenaabalianJosh's IG: @thejoshpierceFit To Be Fierce Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fittobefierce


28 Apr 2021

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The Brain, Your Most Important Muscle w/ Sirena Abalian

The Elevation Nation Podcast

Adulthood can be hectic. Careers, finances, relationships...the list goes on. Figuring out the real world is not easy. Sirena Abalian (@sirenaabalian ) believes in a society where we navigate life listening to the only unbiased voice we have... our inner child. The guys talk with Sirena about how she uses her inner child to tackle the challenges life throws at her! They also discuss how shifting your mindset is more important than any other workout you can do!InstagramLearn More

1hr 5mins

23 Mar 2021

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Heal Your Inner Child (feat. Sirena Abalian)

Breaking Butterfly | Confidence + Manifestation

In this episode, Sirena and I talk about inner child healing: who it's for, what it means, how we can do it successfully and what it can do for our life!  I hope you guys absolutely love this one!!  Sirena's Instagram ♡  Watch Breaking Butterfly on YouTube JOIN THE BREAKING BUTTERFLY COMMUNITY  Want to work with me? >> Check out my site here!  I want to connect with you! >> Follow me on Instagram at @madimaple ♡ 

1hr 1min

8 Mar 2021

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Episode 50: Stop C*ck Blocking Yourself and Be Your Own Cheerleader with Sirena Abalian!

Shots to the Dome

Our inner mini-me is dying to come out and show people who we truly are on the inside. However, we've been stifled by society, social media, and pressure to conform and "blend into the crowd". While being ostracized from the herd was once considered an evolutionary death sentence, most of us are lucky enough not to worry about day to day survival anymore and we've now put our focus on self-actualization. Our good friend and coach Sirena Abalian is here today to discuss this very topic! We discuss her early days as an actress and what she learned from performing on stage. We get very real and discuss the times she experienced panic attacks and now how she coaches her clients through those same attacks (and you can use these strategies as well!). Finally, we discuss Sirena's coaching and the value of mentorship and you know that's key here at Shots to the Dome and DLD Nation!  If you're ready to let your inner child out and start feeling the joy and spontaneity in your life again, this is a can't miss episode! Time Stamps: (0:45) Mindset RX Episode (1:55) Sirena’s Start (4:30) Masking Pain with Acting (9:30) The Need for Studies on Disassociation and Derealization (15:27) The Inner Child (19:31) Mentorship (31:01) Panic Attacks (41:00) Sirena’s Coaching (49:50) Where to Find Sirena (50:55) Please Share and Tag ---------------------------- Follow Us on Instagram! @sirenaabalian @fitnessshaman @dalalovesdumbbells @dldnation ---------------------------- We have helped over 2,000 people transform their lives through sustainable health! If you want to be the next, click here to apply for coaching! ---------------------------- Check out our website for freebies, amazing client results, and more! DLDNation.com


23 Feb 2021

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Ep44 - Being Okay with "IDK" with Mindset Coach, Sirena Abalian

The Purpose Project

Does saying “I don’t know” make you uncomfortable? It does for sure makes me feel a little weird. In today’s episode, I am joined by they #GaryVee Tinkerbell, Mindset Coach, and light worker Sirena Abalian. Sirena is such a positive light and provides immense value in today’s episode. Sirena teaches us about our inner child and how to get in touch with them, light work and it’s relation to purpose, and getting comfortable with answering the “What’s next?” question with “IDK.” We dive into how we should be redefining purpose (in relation to Disney’s new movie, Soul). This episode is absolutely wonderful (one of my favorites to date). Get ready to learn and grow, all within this 1 hour episode. - Sirena's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirenaabalian/ Mindset Rx: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mindset-rx/id1449338024 Sirena's Website: https://msha.ke/sirenaabalian/ - The Purpose Project Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepurposeprojectpod/ Other Resources: https://linktr.ee/thepurposeproject


29 Jan 2021

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Let’s Fucking Talk

On this week’s interview we have the wonderful Sirena Abalian. She is a mindset mentor and public speaker. We discuss the importance of loving and valuing our inner child as well as how Sirena stepped into her calling. You can find today’s wonderful guest on Instagram @sirenaabalian as well as her free course!

1hr 6mins

26 Jan 2021

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TP 014: Listening and Trusting Your Inner Voice with Sirena Abalian

The Pursuit

In this week’s episode of The Pursuit Podcast hosts Sam Tooley and Joe Rinaldi chat with Sirena Abalian. Sirena is a Mindset Mentor and Speaker whose philosophy of work is based on the concept of listening to your inner child in order to make progress in adult life. Here, Sirena talks about the importance of trusting and understanding your deep emotions and saying yes to your truth. “I can just imagine a world where the greatest leaders that are sitting at the greatest tables, if they were operating from a place of ‘soul-centered inner-childness’ and not a place of ego and not a place of a different agenda, how different the world would look.” – Sirena Abalian More than that, Sirena talks about her opinion on what it means to be a coach, a mentor and a teacher. She dives into her background with acting and the parallel between this activity and fitness as both require showing up consistently. Sirena also shares her own personal story with anxiety and mental health. Related Links Aligned Free Course Connect with us! Follow Sirena: @sirenaabalian | @mindsetrx Follow Sam: @coach.samtooley Follow Joe: @joerinaldi.dpt


13 Jan 2021

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Healing Your Inner Child with Sirena Abalian

Inspired by HERstory

Today on Inspired by HERstory is Sirena Abalian. Sirena is your ultimate mash-up of Gary Vee meets Tinkerbell. She is on a mission to disrupt the wellness industry through her work as a mindset coach to help fitness pros unlock their mindset blocks, connect deeper with their clients, and grow their business. During this episode, Sirena talks more about: Your inner child and how to interact with it Her mission to help the mindset of fitness coaches And how to start finding your purpose FOLLOW HER JOURNEY Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirenaabalian/ FOLLOW MY JOURNEY: Instagram Brand Photography: https://www.instagram.com/kaitlyncassocreations/ Travel Photography: https://www.instagram.com/kaitlyncasso/ Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/inspiredbyherstory/ Website https://www.kaitlyncasso.com/ HONEYBOOK (Save 50% your first year!): http://share.honeybook.com/kaitlyn42938 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kaitlyn-casso/support

1hr 17mins

25 Nov 2020

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E68 Healing Your Inner Child with Sirena Abalian, Mindset Coach and Speaker

Thrive On Life Podcast

Remember how much FUN life used to be as a kid?  This week’s guest, Sirena Abalian, knows that fun doesn't have to end just because we get older. That's why she spends her days helping others reconnect with their inner child so that they can THRIVE. She is a mindset coach and a speaker with a heart for helping others improve their mindset to live life to the fullest.  She is a mindset coach and a speaker with a heart for helping others improve their mindset to live life to the fullest. On this episode, we chat about an array of topics including confidence, overcoming rejection, defeating burnout, battling mental health struggles, and listening to your inner child. See below for the full list of topics and lessons covered in this chat with Sirena and tune in to learn more about how to get reconnected with your inner child. Lessons- Acting on your hunches - How to gain confidence - How to do something even if you don’t feel confident - Facing and overcoming rejection  - Viewing rejection as redirection  - How to manage and overcome burnout - How to look for “signs” in your life - How to answer when people ask you, “What do you do?”  - Battling mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression, etc.  - Listening and talking to your inner child - How to take responsibility to take care of yourself - The science behind your inner child  - Becoming the truest version of yourself - Celebrate the small wins  - Stepping into your limitless potential Resources Mentioned“Fake It Until You Become It” TED TalkConnect with GUESTSirena’s Instagram Sirena’s Website  Connect with CJ Finley:CJ's Instagram Thrive On Life Instagram Thrive On Life Website  “You were not put on this earth to play small.” -Sirena Abalian

1hr 10mins

22 Oct 2020

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Lessons In Working with Our Inner Child with Sirena Abalian

Seek The Joy Podcast

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! We're so excited to share the tenth episode in our new series, “Lessons In” with Sirena Abalian. Sirena Abalian joins us to share a lesson she’s learned about our inner child as our greatest guide and mentor, how we can begin to work with our inner child, the growth that she’s experienced as a result, and the joy she’s found. Sirena’s reflections, honesty, and vulnerability will leave you feeling inspired, and remind you that we’re closer to our joy and our truth than we think, once we reconnect to our inner knowing by reconnecting, loving, and forgiving your inner child. As Sirena shares, our inner child is always within us, they are easily tapped into, and they provide us this vast knowledge and guidance that helps us realign to our truest self and desires. Sirena Abalian is a mindset coach and public speaker who has helped clients quiet their ego and ditch their limiting beliefs to live their most aligned and high vibrational life. Basically she’s a mashup of Gary Vee + The Energizer Bunny in pint sized pixie human form. To learn more and connect with Sirena visit her Instagram @sirenaabalian where you can learn more about her 1:1 Mindset Coaching and Workshops. We'd like to thank today's sponsor, nOMad always at OM! nOMad was started by founder Phoebe Leona during a time of overcoming great loss in her life; the sudden passing of her father & an unexpected ending of her 15 year marriage in a span of three months. Through Phoebe's own healing journey & her 20 years of experience of being a yoga teacher/movement facilitator, she shares healthy resources to empower you on your own path. Her latest 6 week program, Who Are We Becoming? Our Healing Journey, gives you an opportunity to take a closer look at your life with a fresh perspective through the eyes of her very own somatic healing movement practice, mvt109 (movement109), and holds a safe space for you to share & celebrate your own story in the presence of an intimate group as a way of healing and celebrating your life.  Only a few spots are still available for this six weeks series. Join at www.nOMadalwaysatOM.com and save $50 when you used code SEEKTHEJOY2020 now through September 28th.  We'd love for you to check out this week's new episode and join the conversation ✨ Instagram instagram.com/seekthejoypodcast Facebook fb.me/seekthejoypodcast Twitter twitter.com/seekthejoypod E-mail sydney@seekthejoypodcast.com Show Notes: www.seekthejoypodcast.com/show-notes CELEBRATE WITH US: We are celebrating THREE YEARS of Seek The Joy Podcast on October 3rd! We’re celebrating this year on Zoom and I’d love for you to join! Save the date for Saturday October 3rd at 2pm PT and RSVP here!


15 Sep 2020