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Being presented by V.I.B.E. We are joined by Mrs. Jessica Malone, Pro Bono Coordinator at LawNY

Reflections with Dr. Gary Harvey

She discusses the current housing situation, evictions, and possibly resources.


5 Aug 2021

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LIFT Your Story with Jessica Malone Lifestyle Design Coach about DeCluttering

LIFT Your Story

What a great story about Jessica moving into a Sprinter and travelling.She speaks to us about decluttering, not only with "material" belongings, also how it works with decluttering the mind.  She helps people with the letting go.  Whether it is "minimalism" or just removing things that don't serve people from their home.We spoke to phones kept both digitally and in boxes, and how to store them.Sweet and very informative young lady.  Thank you Jessica!Toreach out to Jessica go to https://www.nachoaveragefro.com and on Instagram @nachoaveragefroMore about Jessica:Jessica, is a lifestyle design coach and trainer who was recently featured in Forbes for her amazing results. Her passion is helping high-stress individuals lead the life they truly desire by removing mental clutter in their spaces, finances, and habits. She'd love to talk with you and your audience about how decluttering can be a valuable resource in lifestyle design. Jessica leveraged the power of decluttering to get back in touch with her gifts of resiliency, motivation, compassion, and strength. She then used these gifts to build a blog, an annual conference, and a work-from-anywhere coaching business. These endeavors opened the door for her to leave her six-figure job and travel full-time. #entrepreneurmind #succeeding #entrepreneurspirit #successminded #inspiration #change #education #lifelessons #buzzsprout #podcast #podcasting #Spotify #GooglePodcast #TuneIn #stitcher #ApplePodcast #iHeartRadio #Pandora #PodcastAddict #Podchaser #Deezer #Listennotes #Overcast #Pocketcast #Castro #CastPost #iamthatgal #liftyourstory #liftyourstorypodcast #thatgalwiththatguy #jessicamalone #nachoaveragefroFree Book with any $20+ Podcast Support Make Up Not Required - How to Brand the TRUE You by LaurieAnn & Contribution by Roy MillerBE A GUEST/FIND A GUEST Start for Free! PODMATCH is innovative, provides easy communication and dashboard scheduling! My pick of the month!Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show (https://paypal.me/iamthatgal)


27 May 2021

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Jessica Malone


We're going back to January 15, 2021 for a fun show featuring singer-songwriter Jessica Malone.  Between songs, Jessica discussed the secret recipe to her fusion of musical styles, and even got into a little debate with her violinist about their individual musical talents. During this episode, we were sipping on our winery exclusive, California Candy Dry Rosé, Napa Valley  . So grab a glass, sip back and get ready to JaM out and wind down. Cause this is JaMHappyHour, poured by JaM Cellars.Find Jessica Malone  online at www.jessicamalonemusic.comAnd on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.You can find her music on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other streaming platforms.Find your favorite JaM Cellars wines by visiting us online, at JaMCellars.comAnd on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.Tune into JaMHappyHour LIVE every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on Facebook and YouTube, starting at 4 PM Pacific.


5 May 2021

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Lifestyle Design and Decluttering for the Tiny Life with Jessica Malone

Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast

 The concept of Lifestyle Design certainly predates the tiny house movement, but I see the two as very linked. Enter today’s guest, Jessica Malone, a lifestyle design coach who lives tiny herself. In the interview, we’ll talk about the difference between Decluttering versus Downsizing, life hacks for easy minimalism, and the mindset required to succeed. I hope you Stick around! Full show notes and images at thetinyhouse.net.159In This Episode:Clutter is more than just 'stuff'Minimalism vs Decluttering: Are they the same?Tips for where to start and how to declutterFocusing more on what you do want and less on what you don'tShould you build your tiny house yourself or have it built for you?This Week's Sponsor: PrecisionTempPrecisionTemp is making one product to solve two issues that I know everyone deals with in a tiny house: running out of hot water and heating your tiny house. PrecisionTemp has made the amazing TwinTemp Junior propane tankless water heater, which provides unlimited hot water for your tiny house and hydronic heating. This means you get warm heated floors, so there are no cold spots. It's designed specifically for tiny houses and features whisper-quiet operation as well as high efficiency. If you want more information on how PrecisionTemp can help make living tiny easier and more comfortable visit precisiontemp.com. While you're there, use the coupon code THLP for $100 off the TwinTemp Junior plus free shipping. That website again is precisiontemp.com coupon code THLP for $100 off the TwinTemp Junior plus free shipping. Thank you so much to PrecisionTemp for sponsoring our show.


23 Apr 2021

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How to Charge Higher Prices in a Small Town with Jessica Malone

The Portrait System Podcast

In episode 68 of the Portrait System Podcast, host Nikki Closser interviews photographer Jessica Malone. Jessica lives in a small town an hour away from the closest big city. Despite that, and even during a worldwide pandemic, Jessica's business has been thriving. By shifting her beliefs and not being afraid the charge what her work is worth, Jessica has been able to reach her goals and achieve success. If you're looking for inspiration to start your own photography business, no matter where you are located, then this episode is for you!See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


19 Apr 2021

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Ep 26: How to Declutter for Self Care with Jessica Malone of Nacho Average Fro

The Efficient Mama Podcast

In today's episode I'm joined by special guest Jessica Malone CEO of Nacho Average Fro. Jessica and I talk about how she got started in decluttering and how that played a major role in self discovery and self care. Jessica also shares a few tips on decluttering while also making space for what you enjoy Reach out on IG: @the_efficientmamapodcast  | @nachoaveragefro (Jessica) Website: nachoaveragefro.comThe Big Pun Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/bigpun You can also Get your free Mama Mentality Step by Step Guide to Self Care here  Or Get more information on The Efficient Mama Program


23 Feb 2021

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Meet Jessica Malone

Across the Pond, a Premier League Podcast

Meet Jessica Malone, geologist and expert ground hopper to discuss her origin story, her life-changing soccer sabbatical (4:30), the trajectory of soccer (11:46), life as a geologist (15:53), and a rapid fire question round (19:54). Thanks for listening this season and if you rate us 5 stars and roast us in the comments, we'll be sure to read it on-air. Website: https://acrossthepond.co Twitter: https://twitter.com/acrossthepond IG: https://instagram.com/atpradio Twitch: https://twitch.tv/atpradio


11 Sep 2020

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Football, Travelling + Practical Travel Tips With Jessica Malone Aka Soccer Sabbatical

The Property Nomads Podcast

In this episode, Rob is with Jessica Malone who has travelled the world as an avid fan of the game of football. In this in-depth discussion, she shares both her experiences of watching football matches in various places around the world and some great tips on the best ways to plan football travel. It can be easy as a football fan to concentrate solely on your own country’s football league but there is so much out there and each country’s football is, as Jessica explains, very exciting and unique with much to offer any fan of the game. Sign Up For MSOPI Here: https://bit.ly/msopi-nomad KEY TAKEAWAYS The attraction of being able to watch football around the world was compelling. It was about going to countries I’d never been to and having new experiences and it was all driven by football. I’m motivated by wanting to see football. I travelled internationally for work and this allowed me to use my air miles to fund my travel for football. When I took a break from work I knew that on the other side of my travels I would be able to find work again. It can be challenging to get tickets but my love of the sport means I’m always prepared to put in the planning and work to get tickets. I want to, through sharing my stories, change the perception of women at football. South American football is really underrated, Brazil is a great environment to  watch football in. There’s a lot more to the world of football than just the premier league and anyone can get out there and find it through sports travel. BEST MOMENTS ‘I had never seen anything like it, it did have a different feel from the get-go’ ‘There’s a lot more to the world of football than just the premier league’ ‘A dream trip would be through Portugal and Morocco to catch some games there’ VALUABLE RESOURCES The Property Nomads Website https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-property-nomads-podcast/id1440016017 The Property Nomads - Stitcher Buy To Let: How To Get Started – By Rob Smallbone (Amazon) 101 Top Property Tips Rob Smallbone, Aaron Devoy Soccer Sabbatical Instagram HomeFans website ABOUT THE HOST Rob Smallbone the host of The Property Nomads Podcast, is on a global mission to guide your success. Success can happen in many ways, shapes and forms. Think about what success means to you. More properties? More clients? Financial freedom? Time freedom? Rob wants to make a huge difference to people around the world. He is here to guide your success in property, business and life and to inspire you to achieve your goals, dreams and visions. He's travelled, explored, and invested. And he's not planning on stopping these activities anytime soon. Buckle up, sit tight and enjoy the ride that is life. CONTACT METHOD  Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTubeSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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2 Aug 2020

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Ep. 30: De-cluttering Your Life with Jessica Malone

Tips with Te

Jessica give tips on how to de-clutter your life to make room for the things you to focus on.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tipswithte/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tipswithte/support


24 Jun 2020

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Soccer Sabbatical with Jessica Malone

Game Day Tourist

In episode 14 - Jessica Malone joins me to share stories from her football (soccer) travels, after leaving her job and watching 60 matches on three continents.  Jessica can be found in the following places; Twitter - @jessicamalone85 Instagram - soccersabbatical


12 Nov 2019