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The Benefits Of Using Essential Oils With Samantha Lee Wright

Aromatherapy in Action

We stay away from essential oils because they often are regarded as alternative medicines without any proper basis. However, we have not realized that these oils are just a simple way of how nature connects with us to provide healing and relaxation without synthetic ingredients. In this episode, Amy Galper talks with Samantha Lee Wright, who hosts the number one podcast about essential oils called Essential Oil Revolution. Together, they share their favorite essential oils and how they each started using them. Also, Samantha shares some simple tips on how you can clean up your homes without actually aiming to be 100% germ-free and stay healthy by using them.


2 Apr 2021

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#172 Misdiagnosis of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis with Samantha Lee Wright, Essential Oil Revolution Host

Less Stressed Life: Anti-inflammatory Functional Medicine

Returning guest, Samantha Lee Wright, host of the Essential Oil Revolution podcast, joins us again in this week's episode of the Less Stressed Life Podcast to share her daughter's journey with Lyme disease.Sam shares:Early signs and testing of Lyme diseaseBeing an advocate for yourself and loved onesThe link between mold and LymeSupplementation, nourishment, and herbal supportMentioned in this episode:Healing Lyme: Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and Its Coinfections Book by Stephen Harrod Buhner  #056 CBD Oil vs Copaiba Oil Showdown with Samantha Wright Host of the world's #1 essential oil podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution –– with over 3.5 Million downloads to date –– Samantha Lee Wright teaches others how to use the power of nature for better health and happiness. She’s a master at helping people clear the toxins from their lives and take control of their health. She’s a wife, mother, author, speaker, and a fierce advocate for living life on your own terms.Assess your Adrenals, Detox, or Get my Guidechristabiegler.com/linksJoin us on Instagraminstagram.com/anti.inflammatory.nutritionist/Shop our Favoriteschristabiegler.com/shopLoving the podcast? Leave us a review!reviewthispodcast.com/lessstressed


2 Apr 2021

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How To Start A Podcast On A Shoestring Budget With Samantha Lee Wright

Badass is the New Black

Anyone with a microphone and a computer can start a podcast. No kidding. You will never believe how common it is for some of the top podcasters to start on a shoestring budget and yet rock their niche enough to get them to the top. The Essential Oil Revolution is a perfect example of such a show. From humble beginnings, Samantha Lee Wright grew the show into the number one podcast in its category in just a few weeks. Joining Krissy Chin for a chat, Samantha gets you up to speed on the most fundamental things about podcasting. From deciding on a niche and getting found by your audience to creating efficient processes that save time and energy, Samantha covers all the basics to help you start with ease. If you have a podcast or are thinking of starting one, this episode is for YOU!

1hr 1min

31 Mar 2021

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Mastering your message using podcasting | Samantha Lee Wright

The Lindsey Elmore Show

Today we’re talking about why sharing your message on a podcast can bring your business dreams into a reality. Samantha Lee Wright is a master of her podcast platform and a passionate educator regarding the podcast medium in general. She hopes to lead the next generation into the future with clarity and confidence, knowing the kind of tool podcasting proves to be.With no connections, and a shoestring budget she started her own podcast “The Essential Oil Revolution” which quickly skyrocketed to success becoming the top podcast in its category in just weeks after launching.Her new book “Pineapple Podcasting” helps explore why health and wellness entrepreneurs may consider starting a podcast to get their story to wider audiences.


23 Feb 2021

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Essential Oils, Money, and Sex with Samantha Lee Wright

Thrive University

Get The Shrooms and Elixir For the Price of One hereFollow Jeremy on Instagram hereCheck Out Sam's website hereWith Love,Jeremy AbramsonWebsite: www.thejeremyabramson.comOn LinkedIn: click here to connectOn Instagram: @coachjeremy305 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 9mins

4 Sep 2020

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023 Mom Interrupted (Samantha Lee Wright)

Mom Interrupted

Ever wonder about essential oils? Today I sit down with Samantha Lee Wright host of the podcast Essential Oil Revolution. We talk natural health and how we can support our bodies and our children's bodies with essential oil. The website Samantha mentions is:www.freeoilcourse.comHer podcast is The Essential Oil Revolutionhttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/essential-oil-revolution-w-essential-oils-educator/id1064835727Please feel free to write your questions and comments to:peritorec@gmail.comfollow me on instagramwww.instagram.com/mammamanacourtneyJoin our Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/257466915424492/Looking for a health upgrade ....check out Purium!www.ishoppurium.com use code: elevate for 25%off your orderLookin for a passive income opportunity? Drop me a line so we can set you up right or check outwww.isharepurium.com


3 Jun 2020

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#067: Stress Management and Self-care Made Easy with Samantha Lee Wright

Her Brilliant Health Revolution with Dr. Kyrin

When you hear about the word self-care, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Could it be the usual ‘pamper yourself’ day at the spa? Meditation? Journaling?In this day and age, these types of self-care does not come easy. Typically because of our busy lives who has time to go to the gym or the spa? But there’s a practical and easy way to do an act of self-care through essential oils.This episode, Samantha Lee Wright shares her knowledge and expertise about essential oils and how you can incorporate it to your daily routine to help with managing stress, giving yourself a boost for the day and even diet! Key Notes: How to use essential oils for efficacy and maximize its benefitsWhat essential oils to use for weight loss and dietLearn what practical tools or ways for self-care Quotes:“Stress is the number one killer”. – Samantha Lee Wright“Part of our health challenges is because we are so disconnected from nature.” – Dr. Kyrin “You can intentionally create your own triggers using essential oils in a positive way.” – Samantha Lee Wright“Her brilliant health means happiness.” – Samantha Lee Wright Links Mentioned:Samantha’s websiteGet Samantha's Free Essential Oils Quickstart GuideOrder Young Living OilsThe Essential Oil Revolution podcast See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


26 Nov 2019

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EP:021 The Essential Oil Revolution with Samantha Lee Wright

Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast

On this week's episode of Finding Her, Julia introduces Samantha Lee Wright. As host of the world's #1 essential oil podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution, Samantha Lee Wright teaches others how to use the tools and resources around them to take charge of their health. With over 2.5 million downloads to date, her podcast reaches a world-wide community of people looking for modern, practical, and expert tips on the topics of health, wellness, and essential oils. She is a doula, childbirth educator, writer, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two living in Boone, NC. Her upcoming summit, Essential Oils Transformation, is a free online event featuring 30+ essential oil experts and that's happening this October 14-20th. You can register for it for free at EssentialOilsTransformation.com.We briefly touch the surface on detoxing your home including safety with pets, cooking, internal use, medicine properties and more! Check out her podcast which whaaaatttt 2.5 million downloads and growing!  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/findingher/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/findingher/supportSupport the show (https://paypal.me/pools/c/8ycvBQZLqv)


9 Oct 2019

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STE: Secret to Everything with Kimberly McGeorge - Today's Guest: Samantha Lee Wright

Secret To Everything with Kimberly McGeorge

STE: Secret to Everything with Kimberly McGeorge - Today's Guest: Samantha Lee Wright


17 Jun 2019

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Essential Oils for Soothing & Healing with Samantha Lee Wright, Part One

Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Did you know stress can become an uncomfortable habit – until it becomes dangerously comfortable? That’s why this show is ALL about healing ourselves from that toxic mindset, whether with insights or essential oils. I began this episode by sharing some insights I wrote about in my book, Surrendering to Joy. Specifically, it’s about how often we feast on stress … and why we do it. Then we move on to the inherently healing world of essential oils. Wow. That’s all I can say after this fantastic interview with Samantha Lee Wright. Samantha is one of those rare people who lives with a passion, and is all in when it comes to sharing essential oils. I was so into it at the end or our chat, I went out and bought my own starter kit, which has been tremendously fun! Here’s what I learned about the wonderful world of essential oils: How aromatherapy works with the body’s limbic system The connection between anxiety and essential oils How to administer essential oils correctly on your skin … and when that’s a good idea What the difference is between aromatherapy and topical essential oils, and why that’s important The difference between commercial fragrances and essential oils, and why the latter helps while the former doesn’t Detrimental practices by the cosmetic industry most of us don’t even know about. (this blew me away) If you want to hear more, click here to tune in to Part 2 of my interview with Samantha Lee Wright. RESOURCES Samantha’s PTSD podcast episode Samantha’s Essential Oil Starter Kit from Young living (Cite referral number 1993230 if you decide to purchase) Samantha’s free 3-day online course for beginners to help them learn how to you their oils. MORE ABOUT SAMANTHA LEE Samantha Lee Wright believes that health is simple, wealth is doable, and happiness takes priority over both. She’s host of the world’s number one essential oils podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution where she makes healthy living approachable for all and demystifies the world of wellness. Her unwavering battle cry that “yes! you are worth it!” is a call to action for those ready to make a change. Most of her time is with family and pouring her heart and soul into work as a doula, a business mentor, and podcaster. She’s been featured in Paleo Magazine Radio, Basmati, and Side Hustle School.


7 May 2019