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Just the Gist

We’ve got a special little treat for you, Gisteners! Jacob’s having a chat with our hero, Stuart Semple, about some of the hijinks he’s been up to in the last 18 months since we released our episode about his feud with Anish Kapoor. Revisit the original ep with us before the interview (from 4:07) or skip straight to the chat with Stuart at around 37:42 to hear us chat about his latest creations and projects, and of course, how he’s continued to punk Bean Boy. Here are the links we promised you:  If you missed the news about Jens Hanning “Take The Money and Run”, check this link out https://www.npr.org/2021/09/29/1041492941/jens-haaning-kunsten-take-the-money-and-run-art-denmark-blank Watch the video for Rubin’s song “Bean Boy” as many times as you can https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XOQ6DbXXOo (And stream it on your music streaming service as many times as you can) Read Stuart’s review of Anish Kapoor’s very grand exhibition https://www.artlyst.com/features/anish-kapoor-country-house-splendour-stuart-semple/ Just browse around the Culture Hustle website, and make sure you read every bit of text on the the Karen page https://culturehustle.com/collections/potions/products/karen-set-of-6-x-magnolia-acrylic-paints Check out the first exhibition at Giant Gallery https://fadmagazine.com/2021/02/25/stuart-semple-opens-new-gallery-giant-with-inaugural-exhibition-crash/ Listen to Stuart’s podcast, starting with his interview with Sarah Maple http://stuartsemple.com/social-works-shifting-the-social-dial-and-staying-humble-with-sarah-maple-visual-artist-1/ Be sure to look at Stuart’s Facebook post about his work “My Arse on the Line” https://www.facebook.com/MrStuartSemple/posts/my-arse-is-currently-on-show-diohoria-in-greece-my-arse-on-the-line-incredibly-k/357451459069903/ Check out Passions of Paradise for tours of the Great Barrier Reef https://passions.com.au Follow @stuartsemple@culturehustle@giantartgallery@justthegistpodcast@jacobwilliamstanley@rosiewaterland email us your sugGISTions justthegistpodcast@gmail.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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8 Oct 2021

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Ep.137 Stuart Semple - Ministry of Arts Podcast

Ministry of Arts Podcast

In this episode Gary Mansfield speaks to Stuart Semple (@stuartsemple) Stuart Semple is a multidisciplinary British artist working across painting, sculpture, happenings, technology and activism. He is well known for his sociologically engaged works that often discuss youth politics, accessibility and democracy. Although diverse in it’s presentation, Semple’s body of work orbits around a handful of recurring themes; anxiety, society, cultural history, technology, connection, community and freedom. Ultimately landing with a clear-minded sense of utility, that art itself should have a social function. At his Mum’s kitchen table Stuart started to produce high quality acrylic paints under the name CultureHustle.com, creating The Blackest Black and The Pinkest Pink, the sales of which boomed after being inadvertently indorsed by Anish Kapoor. For more information on the work of Stuart Semple go to http://stuartsemple.com/ For more information on the work of Culture Hustle go to https://culturehustle.com/ To Support this podcast from as little as £3 per month: www.patreon/ministryofarts For full line up of confirmed artists go to https://www.ministryofarts.org Email: ministryofartsorg@gmail.com Social Media: @ministryofartsorg


26 Aug 2021

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Paradise, John Boyne, Stuart Semple

Front Row

Paradise opens at the Olivier auditorium of the National Theatre tomorrow. It's a new version of a play that had its premiere, and was acclaimed, in 409BC - Philoctetes by Sophocles. Just before the final preview begins, writer Kae Tempest tells Kirsty Lang why this ancient story of a wounded soldier, in constant pain, abandoned on an island, grips them today.John Boyne’s new novel is a humorous and scathing takedown of the world of social media through the lens of a particularly grotesque family. He talks to Kirsty about how the Twitter backlash to one of his previous books inspired The Echo Chamber, and his new-found love of writing in a comic style.GIANT, the largest artist led-space in the UK has opened in Bournemouth. Its director Stuart Semple joins us to discuss the inaugural exhibition, Big Medicine, and his hopes for the future of art in his hometown.Presenter: Kirsty LangProducer: Hilary Dunn


10 Aug 2021

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Welcome to "The Stuart Semple Show"

The Stuart Semple Show

Hi guys, Stuart Semple here! I’m about to launch a brand new art podcast. I’ve been making work my whole life and I’ve been in the art world for 20 odd years and I’ve seen some amazing things and met some incredible people!I’m super excited to bring some of the most visionary and inspiring people on the planet on the show to help inspire you guys and take your art game a stage further. I really believe your creative voice and what you need and have to share with the world can make the world a better place. It’s going to be an awful lot of fun so join me every week.If you want to hear the episodes before anybody else, please subscribe on whatever your favourite platform is. I can’t wait to share this with you! Connect with me:WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookYouTubeSign up for my mailing list here! 


12 May 2021

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In Conversation with Stuart Semple

Dorset Carers Hub

Stuart, Marcus and I discuss the benefits of Art as a therapy and our various personal experiences of mental health.


18 Mar 2021

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Stuart Semple: The Story Behind the Worlds BLACKEST Paint?! Artist, Activist, and Art Supply Maker!

Spilling the Paint Water with Chloe Rose

In todays episode I spoke with Stuart Semple! Artist, Activist, Art Brand Business Owner, and more! You may know Stuart most recently as the man who made the worlds blackest paint - and he’s here to discuss the story behind it! A self made man, Stuart has an amazingly impressive history as a painter and sculptor, holding multiple solo and group exhibitions, in galleries across the world. He’s also presented and written for many huge companies, and is also an activist for mental health, helping other artists, and those in need throughout his lifetime. Stuart virally is known for making the worlds blackest paint, and not only does he discuss his experience with it during this podcast, but he also discusses his brand culture hustle where he creates fun and iconic paints like the pinkest pink, mirroriest mirror, and many more. You can find him online at stuartssemple.com, or @stuartsemple on Instagram and Twitter. Apostrophe - https://www.apostrophe.com/paintwater USE CODE: PAINTWATER for $15 off! Follow Spilling The Paint Water Podcast Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/spillingthepaintwater/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCucg8lYrL_vDR9FEpJCfzGg Follow Chloe Rose YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/artofchloerose Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/artofchloerose Twitter - https://twitter.com/artofchloerose Follow Amanda YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/amandarachlee Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/amandarachlee Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/amandarachlee --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/artofchloerose/message


31 Jan 2021

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Fun Fact Friday - The Feud Between Stuart Semple and Anish Kapoor

Who ARTed

For more information and resources you can visit www.WhoArtEdPodcast.com In this minisode, we learn about some of the petty behavior of "sophisticated" artists. Anish Kapoor has the exclusive rights to use vantablack, the world's blackest black, for artistic purposes. Many in the art world found it infuriating that someone in a creative field would stop others from accessing materials thus stifling innovation. Some were more bothered by the uninspired ways that Kapoor squandered this material. Stuart Semple fought back in was that are in some ways petty, but always amusing. Learn a bit about their feud in this episode, and if you want to learn more about Semple, purchase some of his pigments, or participate in #Pinktober visit his website Culture Hustle.


16 Oct 2020

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8. Anish Kapoor vs. Stuart Semple #ShareTheBlack


Join Kait and Diane as they go over the recent scandal involving artist Anish Kapoor who licensed the world's blackest material (VantaBlack) so that no other artist could ever use it in their works and Stuart Semple who opposed Kapoor's decision to license the material and started the #ShareTheBlack movement. If you're interested in purchasing Stuart Semple's blackest acrylic paint called Black 3.0, here is a link where you can do so: https://www.culturehustleusa.com/products/black-3-0-the-worlds-blackest-black-acrylic-paint-150ml And here is the video mentioned in the episode demonstrating the use of the new Black 3.0 on a mannequin head with the worlds brightest flashlight by The Action Lab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PSaGS5i1Yw


23 Sep 2020

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[Full episode] Lucy Liu, A. Harmony and Lisa Christiansen, David Bendeth and CVRE, Stuart Semple 11/09/2020

q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

Actress Lucy Liu fills us in on her return to the small screen with Why Women Kill, a dark comedy-drama that follows three couples who live in the same Pasadena mansion in three different eras. On this week's q This music panel, A. Harmony and Lisa Christiansen discuss the current state of rock and roll, and whether rappers are the new rockstars. Multi-platinum music producer David Bendeth and rising star CVRE explain how they used their common roots in north Toronto to jumpstart an unlikely musical collaboration. Artist Stuart Semple talks about making famous artworks accessible to all with VOMA, the world's first entirely virtual museum.


11 Sep 2020

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#22: STUART SEMPLE | Swapping Fear for Connection (alternately titled 'Kicking Sand Dollars Along the Beach of Desperation & Luxury")

NICE WORK! The Super Nice Club Podcast

Stuart Semple is an incredible artists ... one of the SNC's all-time favorites, in fact. If you don't know his name, odds are good that you'll recognize his work. About Stuart, Aidan Dune wrote: "There is a real intelligence at the heart of his art. On the one hand he clearly embraces the throwaway, famous-for-15-minutes soundbite culture of celebrity and distraction. On the other, he stops it in its tracks, recasting its giddy imagery in the slow, fixed medium of paint. He might seem to celebrate it, but he actually doesn't quite trust the world of mass production and communications. His work implies a conviction that there is, or perhaps there better be, something genuine, something real, beyond the glam facade of throwaway culture."Stuart is the nicest, sweetest guy. He's just so warm and with a mission to unite people, knock down class barriers and just make people HAPPIER through art. he’s just might be our Super Nicest guest yet. I know you’re going to love him. So turn off everything else, tune out the rest of the world and drop in to NICE WORK! with Stuart Semple. www.stuartsemple.com Some (But Not All) Topics: * The beautiful thing that is and will be VOMA* Art breaking down class divide* The beach of desperation and luxury* Why Denver, CO was once the happiest city in the world* How to increase empathy, reduce anxiety and conquer social isolation* The wacky paint made from Anish Kapoor’s heart* Free paint for BLM activists* Community-supported art!!


14 Jul 2020