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Interview with John Martinez

How to Flip New York

Go to www.howtoflipnewyork.com for more information. If you're thinking about getting coached visit coaching.howtoflipnewyork.com. If You're thinking about Flipping or Wholesaling in NY; The Seven Ways I Can Help you are: 1) My Course to teach how Flipping Houses in NY works is found at www.howtoflipnewyork.com/course, Use the code YT10OFF for 10% off the regular price. 2) I have VA's that make outbound calls with some available capacity, they charge $8-$9 per hour. Let me know if you need a caller or two 3) I can help you get a list to market to for a very inexpensive price go to www.listability.com/rpb to get my pricing 4) If you go to www.redatanow.com, you can get a free 7 day trial of Propstream and if you decide to pay for it, I will give you back 10% of what you pay 5) I can get probate leads in most counties near NYC for a very low price (about $2 per lead) 6) If you need a CRM, I use RESimpli.com. If you use code PINTER when you sign up, you get a discount (I think it's 10%) 7) I have amazing Tier 1 skiptraced data for 8 cents a hit. This data is so good, it even gives you carrier-level information on the best times of day to call or text the number. Join me at our next Virtual Meeting - More information at https://www.meetup.com/Nassau-County-REIA Michael Pinter - 516-209-2010 Website: www.howtoflipnewyork.com Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/howtoflipnewyork/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXJbGJpk1PFppqwkAeL8fHg LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-pinter-5b3a063


9 Aug 2021

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You Are Talking to Motivated Sellers Wrong with John Martinez #249

REI Mastermind Network | Real Estate Investing Strategies & Mindset

John Martinez has developed the REI Sales Program and is widely regarded as the most effective REI sales training program in the country by investors, acquisition agents, top mastermind groups, and educators.This isn't old-school, ineffective, pushy, and manipulative sales tactics... The REI Sales Academy promotes a simple & repeatable step-by-step sales process paired with incredibly effective and ethical sales tactics. If you want to close every closable lead, then you're in the right place.Connect with John!Website: https://midwestrev.com/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA9LI53eq0ddpHFhh3E1AuAFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/MidwestRevenueGroupAs you can already tell we have made some changes and a few more are on the way. If you are interested in what we have planned, head over to Patreon.com/REImastermind, and support the show today. Financial contributions are always appreciated along with a LIKE, SHARE, and REVIEW.  It really helps us grow and reach more people with this valuable information.  See you next time and tell a friend!LIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsitePatreonApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsYouTubeSpotifyStitcherDeezerFacebookTwitterInstagramSUPPORT THE SHOW!You can get RentRedi’s annual plan for only $54 when you use our special code MASTERMINDGet Exclusive Content on Patreon! • https://www.patreon.com/reimastermindGet $10 and Reduce Your Business Costs by Shopping at AppSumo • https://bit.ly/reiappsumoGet $10 Towards Your First Purchase at Drop • https://drop.com/?referer=3DC729"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - JD


8 Jul 2021

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EP 267: Negotiation Mastery #1: How to Deliver a No-brainer Offer & Close More Sales, Faster w/ John Martinez + FREE SCRIPTS!

CarrotCast Podcast - Real Estate Marketing for Investors & Agents

Carrot.com/close - BRAND NEW sales negotiation series!!! Having a foolproof negotiation strategy and knowing how to close more of your leads into deals is critical. In part one of our negotiation series, we sat down with returning CarrotCast guest, John Martinez, to discuss how to make the right offer, the magic questions to ask your sellers, and what hybrid agent/investors can do to position themselves as trustworthy and knowledgeable experts. Get the Negotiation playbook including Johns Magic message and 6 questions to ask sellers along with others from the series at Carrot.com/Close Full Show Notes & More Episodes at CarrotCast.com Follow John on Youtube - Follow John on LinkedIn: Follow John on Instagram: REI Sales Academy FB Group: EP 150: [Republish] Don’t Blow It! The Psychology of Negotiation: How To Talk With A House Seller to Close More Deals + Help More People w/ John Martinez - EP 178: Become a Negotiation Master | Top Techniques for Closing the Deal w/ John Martinez of REI Sales Academy -


6 Jul 2021

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John Martinez - Creating in the moment

Soulful Practices in Business

This is an organic conversation that flows. We talk simplicity, breath and being in the moment.John seeks to help chiropractic students connect with the true principles of chiropractic in spite of the heavily weighted medical curriculum, passionately striving for authenticity in the profession and adherence to the roots of this work. His vision is to empower humanity to live from within, and to become guided by their Innate inclinations.This conversation feels like an adjustment for me. You may feel like you got adjusted just by listening to it. Let me know if you get that too.Connect with John :Website : http://www.pneumachiropractic.com/Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/pneumachiropractic/Connect with ThereseFor more insights on growing your soulful practice and taking the anxiety out of businessEmail : therese@drtherese.com.auWebsite https://www.conscioushealthpractitioners.com/Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/conscioushealthpractitioner/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/concioushealthpractitioners/


27 Jun 2021

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John Martinez - Artist, Illustrator, Livestream Portraits

MFA Chronicles Podcast

On this episode of the MFA Chronicles Podcast we are talking with John Martinez. This episode is also available as livestream video on YouTube.com/thezimvideo. I discovered John on TikTok doing livestream portraits of people on Omegle. We start off the conversation talking about Star Wars and other things we enjoy from pop culture including a live chat question about the new Amazon Prime show Invincible. John tells us about his experience drawing portraits on livestream and what it's like using Omegle to do it. We also do a portrait reveal at the end of the podcast John drew one of me during the conversation and I made one of him before we started. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. If you would like to learn more about John please visit his Instagram and website: https://www.instagram.com/johnmartinezart/ http://www.johnmartinezart.com/ Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote Thank you to the current Patreon supporters please visit their links: Matthew B. http://www.mbacherart.com/ Rowan C. https://www.instagram.com/livelouderr/ Michael K. https://velvetjupiter.bandcamp.com/ Brenden S. https://www.facebook.com/ImmensityCrumb James S. youtube.com/channel/UC_TDTw0nuZKee7OIV8L6CIw

1hr 6mins

1 Jun 2021

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John Martinez @john_mdrums

30 and Under

John is a friend of mine from high school and the best drummer I know. John is one of the most positive and hardest working people, and it shows through his music. If you enjoyed this podcast and are curious to hear some of John's music be sure to checkout The Frets, Sentinel Rose and all the other bands that John shouts out at the end of this podcast.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/simon-glezer/support


9 Apr 2021

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141 REPORT: JOHN MARTINEZ, PRESIDENT OF LOCAL 1886 IN DENVER - Why its good to become an IAM member

IAM 141 Report

Mar 19, 2021 This week Dave travels to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, to speak with John Martinez, President of IAM Local Lodge 1886. A native New Yorker, John moved to Denver searching for job opportunities, and just a few years after he began working at United, his coworkers suggested his “vocal” style would make him a good union representative. Brother John Martinez has held positions as Shop Steward, Grievance Committee Rep, and also served as Local 1886 Trustee and Vice President before he was elected President in 2011. Now serving his third term as president, he has broadened his activism in the Colorado AFL-CIO and also as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Colorado State Council of Machinists. While DEN continues to expand air service and has mostly avoided furloughs, John shares the concerns that every airline worker felt at the height of the pandemic. Regardless of seniority, the pain was felt by everyone who worried about the future of their livelihoods, but John points out the important role union activism and solidarity play in protecting and supporting every worker. He lobbied elected officials to support the Payroll Support Program and took part in activities to help elect pro-labor representatives in Colorado. He said he plans to continue to be involved as a union activist “for the rest of my career.” John and the members of Local 1886 are looking forward to resuming in-person events, and have begun holding shop steward meetings following strict protocols. He is hoping they can begin holding retiree luncheons again soon and invites everyone to the Local 1886 Golf Tournament to benefit Guide Dogs of America, scheduled for June 25. This Local’s emphasis going into 2021, according to Martinez, is on removing barriers to activism and participation for the front-line members. Due to the pandemic, the Local was forced to cut back on several committee activities. Among these were the popular Retirees Committee, which was a hard blow for many members. Restoring these opportunities is going to be a major focus for the Local. If you are a member of Denver Local 1886 and would like to volunteer, please contact President Martinez at the Local 1886 Website by CLICKING HERE >>


19 Mar 2021

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#5 How To Scale Without Doing A Lot Of Work with John Martinez

Real Estate Masters Podcast

Welcome to the Real Estate Masters podcast, where we interview the top names in the Real Estate game. If you want to grow your Real Estate business, see more podcasts or give free resources - Go to www.REMCommunity.com. The only podcast that allows you to directly connect with the guests and many of the highest level names in the real estate game. You are in for a treat with our next guest. Do me a favor, subscribe to the podcast, leave us a review, and don't forget to go to REMCommunity.com to connect with some of the highest level Real Estate professionals in the United States through our community and through our high-level masterminds. Let's go. Today We have John Martinez with us. He is a real estate investor, a trainer and has coached and trained over 500 real estate teams. He's kinda like me. He likes to automate, he likes to scale without doing a lot of work with scaling. So I'm glad to have John Martinez on the line today. Thanks for listening. Now go to www.REMCommunity.com to connect with today's guest. See our high-level masterminds, and to get free resources. Don't forget to share this with a friend and leave us a five-star review. We'll see you in the next episode.


15 Sep 2020

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How To Become A Master Negotiator, With John Martinez

Life and Money Show

Today’s guest coaches business owners from all walks of life on achieving sales, marketing, and negotiation mastery. In this episode, he shares how he “accidentally” stumbled into the world of entrepreneurship to become one of the most sought-after trainers today.John Martinez is the owner of Midwest Revenue Group, The REI Sales Academy, 7-Figure Coach, and ioSelling. As a mentor to scores of entrepreneurs and investors, he emphasizes the importance of mastering the often-misunderstood skill that is sales. He stands by the idea that you don’t have to be a salesperson to do sales well. In fact, sales is simply communication—not manipulation or coercion—towards a win-win scenario. Listen in and learn how you can master your communication skills to take your business to the next level.--WHAT TO LISTEN FORJohn’s journey from being an employee in corporate America to owning multiple businessesHow to master sales as a “non-salesperson”The difference between sales and negotiation, and how to effectively utilize both in any dealJohn’s two cents on organic versus paid marketing--RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODEWebsite: Midwest Revenue--CONNECT WITH USTo connect with Annie and Julie, as well as with other Investing For Good listeners, and to get the latest scoop on new and upcoming episodes, join the Investing For Good Podcast Community on Facebook.To learn more about real estate syndication investment opportunities, join the Goodegg Investor Club.Be sure to also grab your free copy of the Investing For Good book (just pay S&H).--Thanks for listening, and until next time, keep investing for good!


8 Jun 2020

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S2E086 JOHN MARTINEZ talks mentoring as a tool to help men grow in their careers and personal lives.

Afternoons With Mike PODCAST

John Martinez makes his first appearance on “Afternoons With Mike” – he is Strategic Advisor for Crossman Career Builders in Orlando, and uses his training and experience in mentoring to help young men grow in their careers and personal lives. Host: Mike Gilland


29 May 2020