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#104 - Tina Muir on walking your talk

A Runner’s Life

In episode 104 I speak with Tina Muir who is the founder, host and CEO of Running For Real. Tina is a mother of two and former international runner for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Running For Real Podcast is a collective of conversations about running, the climate emergency, and social justice. This podcast has amassed over 4.5 million downloads, and is one of the most recognised running podcasts. I spoke with Tina on episode 248 of the  The Running For Real Podcast. Tina also hosts a second, highly rated podcast with Knox Robinson called Running Realized, noted as "The 'Invisibilia' of running" by Women's Running. In this conversation we spoke about: Navigating social media, how to create content that means more to what human beings need, even if it loses some of the audience. Looking at what does authenticity look like. Exploring how to let go of external validation. Transitioning after competing at an elite level back to running. Managing the competitive side and keeping the joy in the process. Lessons she has learned from her time working in media and podcasting. Plus much more… You can follow her on Instagram @tinamuir88 ————————————————————— This episode is supported by Tracksmith, a brand which actively represents and supports the development of a runner’s life in the running community. Some of my favourite items of training kit includes the track and field cap and the session speed shorts from the Session Collection which are both ideal for everyday training. They’ve also just released the cross country collection, one of my favourites items is the field jacket. ————————————————————— Thank you to my patreons your help pays for editing, equipment and much more. If you value the content I deliver, please consider becoming a supporter of my podcast by donating via my patreon page. This helps me provide quality content.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/marcus-brown9/support

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6 Sep 2021

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Running for Real Host Tina Muir on Creating Change Through Conversations (Ep 90)

Go Be More Podcast

“I genuinely believe that we should be learning our entire life. And there's a part of me that feels excited for when I'm 78 years old, and all the things I will have learned.”Difficult conversations can very often lead into areas of personal growth.Lifelong runner Tina Muir doesn’t shy away from these discussions as she builds her two successful running podcasts, Running for Real and Running Realized, and continues to challenge fixed mindsets.Timestamped Show Notes:(2:50) Growing up in a classically English town…(6:03) The difference between club sports and school sports…(8:13) “When I was coming up to my final year of college, people kept saying, ‘Are you going to go pro?’ And I was like, ‘What does that even mean?’” (11:12) A lifestyle component to pursuing sports…(14:24) “I can absolutely see why she said that I wasn't committed. I was just plodding along, not really trying. But I did manage to pull it together for the final few races. And once I got through that part, it was not a question—running was a part of me.”(16:52) When commitment goes too far…(19:00) And then there’s those who don’t commit…(20:40) Do you have a fixed mindset or growth mindset?(23:08) The mission of Go Be More…(25:21) “To ignore your dreams, in my opinion, is really to ignore the opportunity to fully understand who you are before it's all said and done.”—Jon(26:50) Does the influence of others impact your mindset?(30:04) A surprising decision…(33:50) “Once I decided I'm done then I felt a huge relief... but I just couldn't get myself to say it. And even when I stopped, I think that was such a dramatic, emotional moment that I didn't know it was for sure. But once I said it in a calm, rational manner, after thinking about it for a few days, then it felt like a huge relief.”(34:29) A couple of new distractions… (37:04) How much did you evolve as a podcaster?(39:40) Conversations that grew into a different platform…(41:21) Running For Real and Running Realized explained…(44:36) What does Go Be More mean to you...“Taking yourself beyond your comfort zone and stepping out to a place that feels like it's helping you to grow and evolve. And I genuinely believe that we should be learning our entire life. And there's a part of me that feels excited for when I'm 78 years old, all the things I will have learned. I'd say it's just what we've been talking about today. Like stretching yourself and taking that deep breath and then doing it anyway, whatever scares you, take a deep breath and go for it.”If you liked this episode, check out our interviews with Kara Goucher and Audra Bryant.Recorded April 30, 2021.References:Running for Real - websiteRunning Realized - websiteGuest:Tina Muir - website | Instagram | TwitterHosts:Bryan Green - bryan@gobemore.co, maketheleapbook.comJon Rankin - @chasejonrankin, Go Be MoreLinks:Go Be More Podcast - Episodes | Instagram | FacebookGo Be More websiteGo Be More YouTube ChannelProduction and EditingCreatives Collective MarketingImage Credit: Sandy Gutierrez


27 May 2021

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196. Injury Prevention Q&A with Cohost Tina Muir

The Strength Running Podcast

Tina Muir is a former pro runner and the host of the Running Realized Podcast and Running for Real Podcast. She’s an 11-time All-American athlete and elite athlete for Great Britain who has run in two British Olympic Trials. In this episode we talk about: Recognizing pain versus injury Importance of your body's physiology to help with injury prevention Can you be a bodybuilder and distance runner at the same time? How to manage pain Top factors in injury prevention (this one may surprise you!) How training journals can help Links & Resources from the Show: Connect with Tina on her website Follow her on Instagram Check out the Running Realized Podcast Learn more about human physiology from Brad Beer on Instagram or Twitter Other episodes with Tina: Tina Muir Takes Your Strength Training Questions Tina Muir Cohosts The Podcast To Answer Your Running Questions What If You Stop Loving Running? An Honest Conversation With Tina Muir Learn more about injury prevention Invest in Injury Prevention for Runners Thank you Precision Hydration! Thank you to our newest sponsor, Precision Hydration. If you've ever struggled with hydration or electrolyte issues, check them out. They offer tablets, packets, and other essentials to help you train in any environments. Precision Hydration knows that there isn't a one-size-fits all approach to hydration, which is why I love that they help athletes refine their hydration strategy for whatever event they're training for. If you can’t get a custom sweat test done, they have a free online test that will give you your own personalized hydration strategy. It’s heating up where I am and I’m ending my runs a lot sweatier than I was just a month ago. I know I’ll be paying a lot more attention to my hydration and electrolyte needs, especially with longer runs in the mountains here at altitude. You can learn much more about hydration in my conversation with the founder of Precision Hydration, Andy Blow. Check out Precision Hydration and get 15% off your first order of electrolytes that match how you sweat by using the code "STRENGTH15".

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20 May 2021

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Episode 305: Knox Robinson & Tina Muir – Running Realized

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

Knox Robinson and Tina Muir are the hosts of the brand new podcast “Running Realized.” I listened to the first episode and new I wanted to have them on this shoe to share about this new project. Running Realized is a podcast that tackles issues that directly affect the sport of running, It is a place to explore, discuss and provide insight to create meaningful change. Tina and Knox will tell stories, consult with experts and search for actionable ways that we can all be a part of the solution. Tina has been on this podcast once before- episode 5 and this is the first time Knox has been on the show. What we talked about: 4:35- Introduction to Knox 6:20- What Running Realized is and how it came about 12:50- Each of their biggest takeaways from 2020 23:10- The description of Running Realized 26:55- How they prepare themselves for the uncomfortable conversations and making mistakes 29:40- Recap of the first episode 33:25- People that are helping behind the scenes to help put this podcast together 35:30- The dreams and goals for the show 39:25- Advice to people about speaking up about topics that you care about even if it may not be popular or received well by everyone 44:20- Coming at these conversations with grace and kindness 48:30- End of podcast questions The Podcast: Running Realized Recommended Books:  Homie – Danez Smith Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man – Emmanual Acho Connect with Tina: Tina on Instagram Connect with Knox: Knox on Instagram Sponsor: Previnex Use code “another” for 15% off your order SandyBoy Productions Shows:  Why is Everyone Yelling? The Up and Running Podcast The Illuminate Podcast The post Episode 305: Knox Robinson & Tina Muir – Running Realized appeared first on Lindsey Hein.

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8 Mar 2021

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Evie Serventi and TIna Muir: Train Your Brain

Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

Tina Muir talks with Evie Serventi, a competitive runner and swimmer, the Deputy Editor of Running Fitness magazine in the UK and Sports Psychologist in this encore from 2017. In this episode, they talk about the importance of Mental Training and techniques for training our brains to help us run better and to not sabotage the effort we put into our physical conditioning. As you will hear, Evie and Tina have a wonderfully close relationship. and you will come away with actionable steps that will get your brain and body working more effectively together.

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10 Feb 2021

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Jay Dicharry and Tina Muir: Strength for Runners 2017/02/06 Encore Presentation

Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

Coach Tina interviews Jay Dicharry in 2017.  Jay is a renowned expert in biomechanics and physical therapy and is also the author of Anatomy for Runners. In this episode, he challenges us to reevaluate parts of our accepted, conventional training and running wisdom.  He does a great job of deconstructing clinically complex concepts into easily understandable ideas and examples. He breaks down things like Strength Training versus Power Training and the differences between joint limitation or blockage, shortened tissues, stiffness / sticky tissues, and dynamic mobility.  Our conversation covered a lot of ground and included many additional resources as noted by the links below. This may very well be an episode that you will want to listen to multiple times to explore these and evaluate what changes you may want to integrate into your own personal program. Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:  How biomechanic training can help Pre-Hab or prevent injuries. Biomechanics fact vs. fiction and the ongoing critical evaluation of prior assumptions. How to leverage strength training to improve your running while reducing your volume. How to evaluate a potential strength coach or options if you don’t have access to one. Risk / Reward balance of using different types of shoes for training / racing. Jay’s Mobility / soft-tissue work philosophy. The difference between ‘stretching’ and ‘dynamic mobility’ and which you should do before a run. Quotes by Jay: “There’s still the folks out there saying ‘Running is going to kill you and you need to stop’.” “I don’t like being the person paving the way; I like being the person helping people.” “ ‘What’s the ONE thing to do?” and the reality is that life isn’t that simple, right? If it was, then nobody would have problems.” “There is very good research out there to show that running does NOT make you strong. Running efficiency DOES improve when you improve the way that you carry yourself.” “At the end of the day, the runners who are serious find a way to get in the weight room. The runners I work with, the people I’ve introduced to this, I don’t know any of them who have STOPPED doing this at all even from a novice up to an elite level.” “The goal is to build a running-specific plan to RUN better, not just to lift more weight in the gym.” “If it’s not improving running economy and making your body more robust in terms of injury reduction, then you shouldn’t be doing it.” “If you’re a soccer player and you’re more accurate in shooting goal with your right foot, that’s fine, right? But, when you run both legs have to show up.” “I’m not looking to train a muscle; I’m looking to train a movement.” Take a Listen on Your Next Run Want more awesome interviews and advice? Subscribe to our iTunes channel Mentioned in this podcast: UVA Speed Clinic Run To The Top podcast with Max Prokopy The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Joe Friel's Blog Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD Christopher M. Powers, PhD, PT, FACSM, FAPTA Irene Davis, PhD, PT, FAPTA, FACSM, FASB Reed Ferber PH.D., CAT(C), ATC: Director - Running Injury Clinic 2017 UVA Running Medicine Conference PubMed Website MedLine Home Page Jack Daniels's Run Smart Project Book: Anatomy For Runners Run To The Top podcast with Dr. Santos Run To The Top podcast with Drew Watts Saucony Stride Lab app for iOS Saucony Freedom Shoes Steve Magness Amazon Author Page Runner's World Article: How to Use a Lacrosse Ball for Recovery Carrom Balance Board Hyperice Vibration Ball Rep Lab - Jay's lab blog Tina’s Dynamic Warm-up Drills We really hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Run to the Top. The best way you can show your support of the show is to share this podcast with your family and friends and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel you use. If more people who know about the podcast and download the episodes, it means I can reach out to and get through to the top running influencers, to bring them on and share their advice, which hopefully makes the show even more enjoyable for you!


27 Jan 2021

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123. Tina Muir: From Pro Runner to Pro Human

For The Long Run

Tina Muir is a mother, wife, podcaster, founder and someone who shares “probably too much” but feels that is the best way to connect with people. In this episode, we talked about: -her first years as a runner -“hiding” her running from her friends -wanting approval  -running competitively -turning pro and the challenges and changes it brought -what happened when the carrot she had been chasing was realized -losing her Why -amenorrhea and deciding to stop running professionally -sharing her story -podcasting in 2020 -white privilege, and white male privilege in particular -and so much more! Follow along with Tina’s journey at twitter.com/tinamuir and instagram.com/tinamuir88/, and her podcast, Running For Real! Thanks again to Janji for sponsoring this episode. Janji Collective Members will get an extra special discount over Black Friday, and as a reminder, you can join Janji Collective for $50 where 100% of your fee goes to supporting clean water initiatives worldwide. If you use the code FTLR, you’ll also get a free singlet!  UCAN, a sports nutrition product that I love is having their Cyber Week sale right now. Head over to UCAN at ucan.co to take advantage of UCAN’s biggest sale of the year… the code FTLR has been upgraded to 30% off site wide. Now’s the time to try something new! 

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24 Nov 2020

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Endurance Podcast Ep. 7 - Tina Muir And Relative Energy Deficiency In Sport

PodiumRunner Podcasts

The PodiumRunner Endurance Podcast is hosted by Ian Sharman, a professional ultra runner and coach with over 200 marathons or ultra finishes and more than 50 wins (www.sharmanultra.com, twitter.com/sharmanian). We discuss training and racing topics with leading sports scientists and how to practically apply research findings for marathoners and ultra runners.Episode 7: Tina Muir and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)Tina Muir who is a British International elite runner living in St Louis, Missouri, a keynote speaker, and host of the Running For Real Podcast, which has amassed three and a half million downloads. Tina founded Running For Real in 2017 as a support network and community for runners to have a place to share struggles and empower other runners.This show delves into Tina’s experience as an elite, 2:36 marathoner, in particular:- Not having a period for nine years, called amenorrhea, then realizing she had disordered eating.- The broader concept of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), plus the warning signs and what to do about it. This is especially relevant for female athletes, but the over-training and under-eating elements apply to everyone.- Life beyond competitive road running, including trails and adventure racing.- Her business, Running For Real, and her podcast.Tina’s on www.Twitter.com/tinamuir, www.Instagram.com/tinamuir88 and her Facebook group is very active, called Running for Real (like the podcast). We mention a couple of resources in our discussion: her podcast with Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani (https://tinamuir.com/jennifer-gaudiani/) and her nutrition page (https://tinamuir.com/running-podcast-nutrition/).

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2 Nov 2020

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197: Tina Muir and Dina Griffin - Health and Performance for Active Women

C Tolle Run

Carrie chats with Tina Muir (Running For Real podcast, former elite athlete) and Dina Griffin (sports dietician, endurance athlete)! The trio discusses training, fueling, the comparison trap, life schedules, and so much more!


29 Oct 2020

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153: 2020 London Marathon Recap | Tina Muir

Inside Running Podcast

153: 2020 London Marathon Recap | Tina Muir This episode of Inside Running Podcast is proudly brought to you by Rundawear.  Visit www.runderwear.net.au Julian continues his comeback trail, joining in the Mooseathon and recruiting prospective elite runners.Brad covers the mat well and shares more tales from the gym.Brady cuts down in some 200s and gets in tune with his easy pace. It was the return of a very different London Marathon 2020, where over 19 2.2km laps around St James Park; Brigid Kosgei took out the women’s in cold, humid and torrid conditions taking honours in 2:18:58, with the run of the day going to Sara Hall in second in 2:22:01 in a sprint finish. Sinead Diver was the first Australian home in 2:27:07 for 8th place, with Ellie Pashley coming 12th 2:31:31 to mark a successful recovery from injury. Previous guest Molly Seidel ran a PB of 2:25:13 for 6th placehttps://www.runnerstribe.com/latest-news/brigid-kosgei-wins-womens-london-marathon/ Within the men’s race, there was drama even before the start line with Keninisa Bekele withdrawing with a calf injury. Shura Kitata won the London Marathon in a tight sprint finish against Vincent Kipchumba and Sisay Lemma, in a winning time of 2:05:41. Eluid Kipchoge in what was the upset of the race finished 8th in 2:06:49. Brett Robinson made an attempt on the Australian Marathon Record pace but unfortunately succumbed to a DNF around 36km, citing a stitch interfering with his breathing.https://www.runnerstribe.com/latest-news/kitata-wins-the-london-marathon-kipchoge-fades-to-8th/ Jetty 2 Jetty over north of Brisbane Tim Vincent over Jack Bruce in the half marathon while Katinka Von Elsner-Wellsteed took home honours in the women’s half marathon. Louis McAfee and Lana Hahn were the winners of the 10km.Jetty 2 Jetty ResultsListener question asks how do you know you’re at your mental and physical peak and Moose on the Loose calls out the poor form of the BBC commentators. The boys close with a little preview of some of the track races coming in Europe including Joshua Cheptegei’s 10K WR attempt and how Stewy McSweyn will close the season. Tina Muir, Great Britain representative and host of the popular Running For Real podcast joins Sophie Fitt to talk about growing up in England, getting into running and having a coach look after her long term before recounting how she got into the US college system through a gap year and running for Ferris State University in Michigan and the jump in intensity of the NCAA system coming from the UK club system. Tina shares the pressures that came with that environment and the missive to lose weight then having a better coaching experience in her second year.Tina then goes into how she pursued her life-long goal of representing Great Britain, driving force and the opportunity through a last-minute call up to the 2016 European Athletics Championship Half Marathon. After running her marathon PB of 2:36 at the 2016 California International Marathon, Tina’s plans for 2017 changed dramatically in the aftermath from that marathon and after meeting her niece while training high volume, the ongoing fight with the voice in her head and eventually the event that triggered her decision to step away from the sport. She openly shares her struggles with amenorrhea and dealing with constant symptoms throughout her life and finding her way back to fertility while Sophie provides insight and context to the condition. Tina then goes through the moment she fell pregnant with her first daughter Bailey, how and why her story went viral through all the media outlets before closing on what it’s like to be in America right now, some of the standout podcast guests she's hosted and her book recommendations.  You can listen to Running For Real and follow Tina on TinaMuir.com Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/insiderunningpodcast Opening and Closing Music is Undercover of my Skin by Benny Walker. www.bennywalkermusic.com For shoes or running apparel contact Julian at: https://www.facebook.com/therunningcompanyballarat/ Join the conversation at: https://www.facebook.com/insiderunningpodcast/ To donate and show your support for the show: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9K9WQCZNA2KAN

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6 Oct 2020