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The Importance of Sales for Entrepreneurs Tips from the CEO of Sales Training Firm | John Barrows

Coffee with Closers

Here’s the hard truth founders often don’t want to hear. Whatever you’re building isn’t cool enough to sustain without sales. If you don’t build your entire organization around sales, you’ll fail eventually.    My today’s guest for Coffee with Closers has provided sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s fastest-growing companies like Google, Slack, Tableau, DropBox… And all those companies eventually got sales reps even though many of them would pride themselves on having a product-led growth model.   Meet John Barrows, the CEO of JB Sales and author of the sales book for kids, I Want to be in Sales When I Grow Up. As an inside sales rep, he would make 400 cold calls a week to eventually become the VP of Sales at his first startup, which was later sold to Staples.    ►Why is it important to start a business with a partner who has a different skill set than yours?   ►What is the minimum viable structure for someone trying to build a sales team?  ►How do you become a great sales leader and hire the right people for the organization?    ►How do you approach prospecting as an account executive?   ►How do you leverage content to create sales opportunities?   Enjoy!


13 Oct 2022

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Bridging the Gap Between Procurement and Sales with John Barrows, Ep #310

Negotiations Ninja Podcast

How do we begin to alter the animosity that can exist between procurement and sales? How do we begin to facilitate open dialogue? John Barrows believes that it’s time to address the elephant in the room. It’s time to change the conversation. Changing the narrative begins with having simple, genuine conversations. Learn what you can do to bridge the gap in this throwback episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast!


3 Oct 2022

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115: Selling the 20% (John Barrows, Founder @ Sell Better by JB Sales)

30 Minutes to President's Club | No-Nonsense Sales

FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS Quantify the number of qualification questions you are going to ask to avoid discovery fatigue. Don’t claim to be the best at everything. Sell the 20% of A - what is most important and B - what you’re best at. Once you’ve heard their priorities, add to them so you can establish credibility as an advisor. Summarize key points from the meeting (priorities, impact, and timeline) and ask for confirmation of email receipt. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Founder @ Sell Better by JB Sales Host of Make it Happen Mondays RESOURCES DISCUSSED: Time is running out to register for our upcoming 30MPC Live. Download our exclusive cold calling battlecard by signing up for the newsletter. Click this link for some extra goodies from 30MPC. HELP US OUT!What do you love about our podcast? Please consider leaving a rating and review for the show. We always enjoy reading your comments and feedback!


21 Sep 2022

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#127 - S5E7 - Here's what I learned in 25 years of selling with John Barrows!

The Bo & Luke Show™

John Barrows has been in the sales and leadership industry for over 25 years. As a result, he has held every role from making 400 dials per week to being VP of Sales at one company that sold out to Staples! These experiences have given him ample opportunity to learn what really works --and also some things you should avoid doing no matter how much time or money is on the line.John believes there's nothing more rewarding than success achieved by following sound principles rather then guesswork.  If done right, sales can be considered one amazing profession!Support the show


15 Sep 2022

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S3E39 - ROI is Dead and More with John Barrows

Surf and Sales

It's always fun chatting with our good friend John Barrows. This is a recording of the live Bonfire Session we did with him on the topic of ROI is dead, and we answered questions from the crowd as well. 


31 Aug 2022

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How to Maintain a Growth Mindset Even Through Difficult Times with John Barrows

Connection Loop with Ruben Dua

Being in the sales industry, you’ve probably had your fair share of rejections and difficulties. Inevitably, it becomes tough to maintain a positive attitude — let alone a positive mindset. And without the right mindset, performance and well-being can be negatively affected. In this episode of Connection Loop, hosted by Dubb founder Ruben Dua and Head of Partnerships Rob Botts, you will hear from John Barrows about maintaining a growth mindset even in the face of difficult times. John Barrows is the CEO of JB Sales, a coaching and consulting firm offering dynamic sales education for corporations and individuals. At JB Sales, they aim to elevate the sales profession so that it’s accessible for anyone willing to do the work in creating the freedom and opportunities they want most in life. The conversation also explores the importance of self-awareness, how curiosity can be a sales superpower, and best practices. This episode is jam-packed with value for every salesperson, whether old or new. Visit dubb.com/cl-podcast for more episodes. The story continues on dubb.com.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/connection-loop-dubb/message


4 Aug 2022

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157 - The Right Way to Sell with John Barrows

She Sells Radio

We have a true powerhouse on the show today who is all about doing sales the right way, which we’re all about here on the podcast as well. He’s built a mega-brand in the sales space with close to 500,000 followers looking to him for sales training and advice. He’s John Barrows and we can learn so much from his outlook on the sales industry in this interview. John Barrows is the CEO of JB Sales, an organization focused on elevating the profession of sales through training, content, and events. They train some of the world’s fastest growing sales teams like Salesforce.com, Zoom, and LinkedIn while supporting a thriving community of over 50,000 individual sellers. John’s goal is to change the negative perception of sales and help sales professionals achieve success by doing it the right way because he believes that when sales is done right, it’s one of the greatest professions in the world. But when it is done wrong, it’s one of the worst. To further support this goal and introduce sales as a career to the younger generations, he is also the proud author of an Amazon bestselling children’s book called I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up that he wrote with his daughter.   Show Notes: [2:44] - John explains the Anti-Launch Company and what they do differently.  [4:17] - As a children’s author, John inspires young readers and shares how fulfilling this experience was to write a book with his daughter. [5:47] - John’s daughter was selling Girl Scout Cookies and he helped her realize what sales is. [7:41] - The proceeds from book sales go to charity. [8:45] - John shares what he has learned from women in sales, specifically empathy and how many more women should be in sales. [10:58] - The bro culture is not inclusive or at all valuable to the sales industry. [12:19] - Most women in sales feel that if they bring up every situation of sexism in their career, they would be labeled a complainer. [13:05] - The sales teams that are the most diverse are the most successful. [15:31] - John explains his beginning in sales and his misconceptions at the start. [16:50] - The delineation for John applies only to those who care or don’t care. [17:57] - The goal of success is happiness. [19:20] - What industry is as flexible and recession-proof as sales? [21:09] - What can you do right now that a computer can’t do? [22:31] - You can’t beat the technology, you can leverage it. [24:33] - Marketing is content but sales is context. [26:50] - Take a step back and look at your values. Are you in a company that matches your value? [28:17] - In a recession, it may be hard to reassess your values because you don’t want to put your job on the line. John shares his tips on this situation. [30:38] - What if your side hustle is better than your primary source of income? [32:04] - Managers don’t like to be told about their opinion, but if you bring data in, leaders would be stupid not to listen. [33:19] - It’s important to lean in to authenticity and not focus so heavily on the numbers. [34:50] - If you live your values out loud, you will attract buyers with the same values. [36:49] - John shares the story of someone who was afraid to tell his authentic story, but it turned into an opportunity to reach the right people. [38:05] - If you start a business with the end in mind, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. [39:42] - It will take longer to find the followers you want on social media, but by being true to yourself, you will find the right people. [42:30] - Be very clear on your values.   Connect with John Barrows: JB Sales Website LinkedIn  |  Twitter I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up by John Barrows   Links and Resources: Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page


5 Jul 2022

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John Barrows CEO JB Sales

SaasHoles "Rev Ops with an edge"

John Barrows is the CEO of JB Sales and author of the sales book for kids, I Want to be in Sales When I Grow Up. He has provided sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s fastest-growing companies like Salesforce.com, Google, LinkedIn, DropBox, and many others. His previous experience spans all aspects of Sales and at every level, from making 400 cold calls a week as an inside sales rep to the VP of Sales at his first startup that was later sold to Staples. While John was fortunate enough to experience a fantastic sales education at every level throughout his career through the people he met and opportunities that arose, he noticed the incredibly limited amount of formal academic training available for the #1 global profession. He became passionate about improving the overall education and quality of Sales, and founded John Barrows Sales Training in 2013. To this day, John believes that in order for salespeople to advance their careers, they must continue to educate themselves. Sharing impactful tips and techniques from his own experience, and equipping salespeople with tools to succeed, are what motivate him to do this work. https://jbarrows.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnbarrows/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/jbarrows-sales-training/about/ https://www.youtube.com/JBarrowsSalesTraining https://twitter.com/JohnMBarrows https://www.tiktok.com/@jbsalestraining https://www.tiktok.com/@johnmbarrows https://www.instagram.com/johnmbarrows/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/120105888698526/  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/saasholes/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/saasholes/support


16 Jun 2022

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With John Barrows

Sales Talent Podcast: GROWTH. PROFIT. VALUE

Host Paul Owen meets John Barrows, Founder and CEO of JB Sales, specialists in sales training and consultancy services. John and his team have worked with the likes of Salesforce, Google and Dropbox as well as many other fast-growing names in the tech world. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, John has helped teams across the USA and around the world, clocking up 2 million air miles as he takes his message of 'Sell Better' to every continent. 3 key areas are discussed in each episode with an experienced business leader: 1. What makes a successful sales team? 2. How to motivate yourself and your teams when growing a business; 3. The role of leadership in company growth. Tune in to hear John's views on: The difference between leadership and management (and why he's terrible at one of them!); The advice he would give his 22-year-old self; Why 'How you sell' is more important than 'What you sell'; How most companies get sales team onboarding wrong (and how to fix that); and Why he wrote a book on sales with his daughter to help her sell cookies for the Girl Scouts! 


16 Jun 2022

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Ep 285 - Chat: John Barrows on the Business of Poker


John Barrows is the tournament manager for Running Aces Casino, Racetrack, and Hotel, the official sponsor of the RecPoker Podcast. John opens up to give insight about how poker fits into the context of casino profitability, specifically considering how to balance tournament structure and rake. John can be reached at fbarrows@runaces.com with general feedback welcomed at info@runaces.com

1hr 10mins

15 Jun 2021