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Ep 285 - Chat: John Barrows on the Business of Poker


John Barrows is the tournament manager for Running Aces Casino, Racetrack, and Hotel, the official sponsor of the RecPoker Podcast. John opens up to give insight about how poker fits into the context of casino profitability, specifically considering how to balance tournament structure and rake. John can be reached at fbarrows@runaces.com with general feedback welcomed at info@runaces.com

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15 Jun 2021

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Focus on what you can control with John Barrows

K2 Sales Podcast

Working in a pandemic apathy has become an issue, continuing to focus on things out of ourcontrol decreases engagement and motivation.John and I discuss how sales people have to become mini marketers in the modern sellingenvironment. Producing content, creating our personal brand and meeting our buyers wherethey are.John shares how we can leverage video in various stages of the buyer’s journey to removefriction and create an experience. How we can use Challenger Sale to guide sophisticatedbuyers along the journey.[8:39] John’s 12 guiding principles[23:14] Being others focused when targeting your buyer persona[27:15] Reach out to existing clients to validate your messaging, confirm their currentchallenges/ goals. Avoid regurgitating a pitch, share a past customer conversation authentically and with curiosity[29:55] Soft skills produce hard results[37:47] why you should get a side hustle[40:13] Importance of your personal brand, become your own marketer[42:26] Where you can you use video throughout the buyer’s journey?1) Thank you email post meeting2) Acknowledge objections3) Delivering proposals4) Asynchronous video pre meeting5) Ensure your meeting has structure[47:29] Exchanging value for time, Executives will take over the meeting if there is no structure, they want value. If your meeting is missing structure, they will create it in order to deliver value. You can’t phone it in.[49:15] Challenger sale; sophisticated vs unsophisticated buyers[50:35] Buyer’s journey, meeting them where they are, showing them what they want to seewhen they want to see them. Don’t add friction to the process.[56:14] EAT: Effort, Attitude, How you treat others[58:13] Authenticity as a competitive advantageConnect with John:https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnbarrows/https://jbarrows.com/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3nWS_0BoF6mENXDdkQuZASubscribe, Leave a comment, and review of K2 Sales podcast by visiting:https://www.k2perform.com/resources/podcast Interested in learning more about our Virtual Sales training programs, visit us ashttps://k2perform.com

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4 May 2021

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I Want To Be In Sales When I Grow Up - John Barrows

For My Sons

Danny is joined by John Barrows, owner and CEO of JB Sales Training, podcaster, author, and father of one (age 10).  John discusses the book that he wrote for his daughter, I Want To Be In Sales When I Grow Up.  Some of the other topics discussed include Montessori School, teaching our kids about our profession, controlling the controllable, building a personal brand with authenticity on social media, and creating an environment where our kids feel comfortable to talk about what's happening in their lives.  


20 Apr 2021

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34: John Barrows- CEO of JB Sales Introduction To The Sales Segment

The 20% Podcast with Tyler Meckes

I am so excited to introduce the first Sales Segment of the 20% Podcast. For those who know me, you know I am incredibly passionate about the sales profession! Like many others, I really fell into sales after studying Exercise Physiology in college, but it has been the best fall that could have happened. Sales skills are life skills, and as everyone is in sales, I truly believe sales skills are the foundation to a successful career and LIFE. With that said, I am now in the early stages of writing my first book! In this book, I will be telling my story of getting into sales and the lessons I have learned so far, and intertwine stories, tips, and advice from the Top Sales Professionals In The World! As a first time author, I want to share these interviews with you all, and take you on this book writing journey with me!Today’s episode features John Barrows, who is the Founder and CEO of JB Sales. John is one of the leaders in the sales training space, having trained Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce to name a few! In this episode, we discussed:· Sales exposures you to all aspects of business· How Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm· Sales is an uneducated profession· Future of Sales· Skill development waiting tables at Friendly’sFuture episodes of the Sales Segment include:· Larry Levine· Heather Monahan· Lori Richardson· Cherilynn Castleman· Scott MacGregor· Kara Goldin· Larry Long Jr· Brynne Tillman· Victor Antonio,· Richard Harris· Andrea Waltz· Galem Girmay· The list goes on and on.Enjoy my conversation with John Barrows!Like the show? Subscribe to the email: https://mailchi.mp/a71e58dacffb/welcome-to-the-20-podcast-community I want your feedback!Reach out to 20percentpodcastquestions@gmail.com, or find me on LinkedIn (Tyler Meckes). If you know anyone who would benefit from this show, share it along!If you know of anyone who would be great to interview, please drop me a line! Enjoy the show!


16 Apr 2021

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Ep. 13: Leave a Purposeful Legacy with John Barrows

What Is Your Legacy?

It's always a great time talking with John Barrows, and learning more about his thoughts around leaving a legacy, was fascinating.John is the CEO of JB Sales Training and on a mission to elevate the sales profession and to leave a positive impact. He wrote the book with his daughter: I Want to Be In Sales When I Grow Up. I am dedicating this episode to John's dad, who unexpectedly passed away a few weeks after we recorded this episode. He mentions his dad in this episode, and how alike they are in someways. John talks about the importance of understanding your core values and being clear on it (suggestion to read: Think & Grow Rich).Few other things I took away from this episode:What he would do with 48 hrs left on this earthWhy it's important to leave a positive impactHow caring is free of charge, and why you should do more of itJoin us in this incredible conversation next!I'm your host for the What Is Your Legacy podcast, Galem Girmay.Thank you for taking the time to listen, I'd love to see your rating and review of this podcast in Apple.


16 Feb 2021

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Modern Prospecting & Selling (feat. Becc Holland & John Barrows)

Growth Enablement Madness

It feels like it was only yesterday when we began to see the significant impact COVID-19 has had on the world. One year later, we are continuing to find ways for businesses to move forward and drive growth in a rather uncertain climate.Becc Holland, Founder of Flip the Script and former Head of Sales Development at Chorus.AI, and John Barrows, industry thought leader and CEO and Founder of JB Sales, recently participated in BrainSell’s Watercooler Series, where we talk shop and highlight how timely trends are impacting the way businesses go to market. The conversation revolved around this topic of selling in a “new normal,” and what companies can do to ensure their sales teams have what they need to succeed.In this episode of the Growth Enablement Madness Podcast, we look back at a conversation between our host Jim Ward, Becc, and John where they explored how to successfully prospect, make connections, and fill pipeline in today’s “new normal” business environment. Other talking points throughout the podcast include: Sales thought leaders you should be following. What it truly means to sell “smarter” in a volatile market. What process changes need to happen to sell better. The growing importance of relevance in the art of selling. RELATED LINKS Check out the full discussion with Becc and John in our recent Watercooler Series webcast! Connect with Becc Holland on LinkedIn. Connect with John Barrows on LinkedIn and Twitter. Check out BrainSell's blog for all things Growth Enablement! Intro and Outro music by Sam Ward.


9 Feb 2021

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#87 How To Prospect Through The Noise (And Land New Clients) 🛬 - John Barrows

Business Growth Show

How you can prospect through the noise in today's environment!John is CEO of 'JB Sales', and the author of 'The sales book for kids', 'I Want to be in Sales When I Grow Up', plus he’s the host of 'Make It Happen Monday’s' podcast. He’s provided sales training & consulting services for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies, such as; Salesforce.com, Google, LinkedIn, DropBox, and many others!👉 The best ways to prospect with digital/social.👉 Brand building as an entrepreneur.👉 Social selling.👉 How to be agile whilst selling today.👉 This is all invaluable help, with which to skyrocket your own sales & biz!


25 Oct 2020

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#01 - Sales Influence(r): John Barrows on Sales Success

Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

In this Sales Influencer Series, I interview John Barrows who drops some real nuggets on how selling has changed.


6 Oct 2020

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59) BONUS: John Barrows on the champion's mindset

Blissful Prospecting | B2B Outbound Sales with JBay

John Barrows is CEO and founder at JB Sales Training. This is an audio excerpt from his talk on the Think Outside the Script summer virtual tour. We dig into his 12 life principles for success and what he's learned about mindset from his experience of over 20 years in sales. Connect with John on LinkedIn here and check out JB Sales Training here. Resources mentioned in the episode: Think Outside the Script Summer Virtual Tour https://tour.blissfulprospecting.com/ --- Show Notes Page https://blissfulprospecting.com/podcast --- Reply Method Guide https://blissfulprospecting.com/reply-method/


1 Oct 2020

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Ep 30: How Sales Reps can Build their Personal Brand to Sell More Deals (with John Barrows, CEO at JBarrows Sales Training)

Limitless: A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Tune in for the replay of Limitless webinar featuring renowned sales trainer John Barrows. Your key takeaways would be: • The 2 different sides of social selling • The power of personal brand building • What could personal brand do for your career • How to build your brand in an authentic way • Actionable tips to integrate personal brand building into your routine John's LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnbarrows/ Know more about JBarrows sales training: https://jbarrows.com/ Learn more about Hippo Video: www.hippovideo.io Tweet us @thehippovideo


24 Aug 2020