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John Sparks: Is Jesus' Leadership Model Relevant TODAY?

Lead Like Jesus: Leadership Starts on the Inside

Is Jesus' leadership model relevant to us today? Can we apply His ways of leading, influencing, equipping, and empowering others in today's workplaces? We tackle this question and more with John Sparks, Senior Director of Shared Services at World Vision International. With vast experience in the military, corporate America, and faith-based nonprofit, John helps us consider this question from all of those angles.


13 May 2020

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John Sparks - Hope of the Glory to Come 8-4-19

Northbridge Church's Podcast


4 Aug 2019

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Episode 227: Take the word “I” out of your posts, with John Sparks.

Onward Nation

John Sparks has been recognized as one of the Top 100 SocialMedia Power Influencers of 2015…Ranked #66 on StatSocial.com List.He’s also been recognized as one of the Top 50 Most Valuable SocialMedia Influencers. He is the founder and CEO of the social mediacoaching and consulting company, Online ImageWorks, as well as anadjunct professor teaching courses at The University of NorthTexas. He teaches how to make money and building relationships onFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. In2015, Sparks released his first book, “365 Ideas To Go From Good ToGreat On TWITTER!” The Kindle version became a #1 bestseller in itscategory the first weekend. Sparks earned the distinction ofbecoming known as the “Go-To Guy For Twitter” because he grew hisaccount from less than 800 followers to almost 200,000 in just twoyears — and — he did not buy any of his followers.Secret – timesaving techniqueJohn only focuses on one thing at a time -- stop trying tomultitask and put firsts things first. ONWARD!Daily habit that contributes to successBe consistent -- John has identified his routine that works andhas stuck with it.Could have ruined your business – but now – an invaluablelearning experienceJohn finds his days filled with small setbacks -- and John tellsthe whole story here.Most critical skill you think business owners need to master tobe successful"Attitude and persistence are key."Most influential lesson learned from a mentor"You can get anything in life that you want if you just helpother people get what they want."  FinalRound – “Breaking Down the Recipe for Success”What strategy would you recommend new business owners focus onto best ensure success?Focus onthe people first and the product secondAskquestions, engage, and listenHow best to connect with John:Twitter: @IAmJohnSparks


3 May 2016

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Guest: John Sparks, Part II - author of "365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!”

The Business Power Hour with Deb Krier

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26 Oct 2015

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John Sparks - 365 Ideas for Twitter

The BRAND New You Show - A Personal Branding and Digital Branding podcast

John Sparks | Twitter | Social Media Today I welcome to the show John Sparks from IamJohnSparks.com. John is Top 100 Social Media Power Influencer and one of the Top 50 Most Valuable Social Media Influencer for 2015. He is Social Media Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach & Trainer. John teaches Online Journalism at The University of North Texas where he is Adjunct Professor. John is the author of the Best-selling book - “365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!”GETTING STARTED WITH TWITTERWhen getting started with John coaches his clients to pay attention to the following “Big 5” of Twitter branding. 1 - Name: Just like it sounds the name is your name or your company’s name. If you use your name make sure to use both your first and last name. 2 - Twitter Handle - This is your @ handle. When someone mentions you and uses your handle on Twitter it shows up in your notifications. And yes, WingDings are acceptable to use in your handle. 3 - Bio: You can use 160 characters in your bio. John recommends as a starting point using your headline on LinkedIn. Other suggestions are making sure to include keywords, think about how would you describe yourself, and finally consider how do you want to be found by others. 4 - Bio Picture John suggests the picture you use really depends on your purpose for using Twitter but he does advocate aligning your image across all your social media platforms. He even advocates using the same picture on your business cards. Another tip is to rename your images using your first and last name before uploading them to Twitter. Do not use the default name your camera assigns to your pictures such as DCS789543. 5 - Header Image The header image is not your bio picture rather it’s the large image at the top of your page. You can use this image to communicate the types of tweets follower can expect to see or to advertise your book or other body of work.WHAT ARE THE KEY ELEMENTS OF A GOOD TWEETOnce you’ve gotten your account set up you’ll want to start tweeting. You only get 140 characters in a tweet. This includes any hashtags (#) as well as the twitter handle of the person you may include in your tweet. In order to accommodate for re-tweets and mentions of other people John recommends keeping your tweets to 120 characters or less. John challenges that less is more so we need to be bold and be brief with our tweets. We need to include a Call to action in our tweets. John suggests using “Please Retweet” as the call to action for the tweet. WRAP The best way to get in touch with John or pick up a copy of his book are listed below. Twitter: @iamjohnsparks Web: IamJohnSparks.com LinkedIn: iamjohnsparks His Book on Amazon (Affiliate Link): 365 ideas to go from good to great on Twitter


15 Oct 2015

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Guest: John Sparks, Part I - author of "365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!”

The Business Power Hour with Deb Krier

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12 Oct 2015

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How to go from Good to Great on Twitter with John Sparks

Personal Branding Podcast

In this episode the Go-to-guy on Twitter, John sparks shares secrets from his bestselling book – 365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER! John Sparks is author of the exciting new book, “365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!”  (CreateSpace, 2015).  Sparks (@IAmJohnSparks) has earned the distinction of being the “Go-To Man For Twitter”. He grew his account from less than 800 followers to almost 200,000 followers in just two years. He did not buy any of his own followers! Sparks provides one on one & group Twitter consulting/coaching to celebrities, media personalities, corporations, businesses, and schools wanting to amplify their brand, develop better social media strategies & build quality connections. He is also available to speak to large/small groups, businesses, civic/community groups, and schools on everything you need to know about Twitter.  Contact John to speak with you about Twitter today! Recommended Books 365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER! Reputation Management: 99 Ways to Build and Boost Your Brand Visibility Rebrand: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding


10 Sep 2015

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030. Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers, John Sparks Shares How to Gain More Influence by using Twitter for Business

Success Hackers | Empowering Entrepreneurs to Play Bigger in Business and Life

John Sparks is a best-selling author who is also recognized as a top social media influencer. He also travels the country giving talks on how Twitter can benefit businesses.


2 Sep 2015

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Twitter: Get the Inside Scoop with John Sparks

Intuitive Transformations

Aired Sunday, 17 May 2015, 9:00 PM ETNo matter what your point of view on Social Media may be, the verdict is out … Social Media is definitely here to stay.Social Media impacts our lives in countless ways from how we engage with entertainment, to how we socialize, to how we market businesses and engage in commerce.With so many options available, ranging from Facebook to Twitter, for those “not in the know” it has become confusing and even overwhelming to effectively tap into the ever changing world of Social Media.Take Twitter for example which has become a powerhouse of information with unlimited potential for connection and engagement. Twitter’s ability to affect positive change in the world is often overlooked because of the complexity of Twitter’s inner workings which makes Twitter probably one of the most misunderstood among Social Media options.Join Sylvia and Social Media specialist John Sparks as they discuss John’s new book: 365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!John will clear up the confusion about what Twitter is and what Twitter isn’t. Get valuable insider tips and insights as John shares the inner workings of Twitter.Be sure to listen and discover why Twitter may be one of the most important tools you can use to enhance your life.About Guest John SparksJohn Sparks (@IAmJohnSparks) is the author of the exciting new book,“365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!” and is the founder and CEO of Online ImageWorks (@OIWmedia).John has earned the distinction of becoming known as the “Go-To Man For Twitter” and has been recognized as a Top 100 Social Media Power Influencer of 2015 by Statsocial.com.John grew his Twitter account from less than 800 followers to almost 200,000 followers in just two years time without buying any followers at all.John Sparks has an extensive media background and is a veteran newscast producer and has worked at a number of television stations in Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma. John lives in Dallas Texas and is an adjunct professor, teaching online journalism in The Mayborn School of Journalism at The University of North Texas.Would You Like To Contact Sylvia?Visit: www.IntuitiveTransformations.net Email: sylvia@IntuitiveTransformations.net Twitter: @NaturalNtuitive


18 May 2015

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Episode 81: Twitter and Relationship Building | John Sparks, Owner of Online ImageWorks

Defining Success Podcast

John Sparks owns his own social media company, an internet marketing business where he helps businesses expand their reach online. One of the things he prides himself on is his experience on Twitter and how he’s been able to use Twitter to build a massive following and build some word-of-mouth marketing. In this interview he has some great tips and advice on using Twitter. John Sparks is the Owner and CEO of Online ImageWorks. He has a passion for helping others learn about social media and technology and has become known as a nationally recognized social media coach.


12 May 2014