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How to Define Wealthy Regardless of the Circumstances of the Economy with Pat Hiban

Expert CRE Secrets Podcast

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17 May 2021

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Episode 132 - Pat Hiban

GoBundance Podcast

In this episode, you will learn:• Elder Pat Hiban’s brief bio• Pat’s transition to being a real estate agent • Pat’s thoughts on being the number one realtor in the world• How Pat started in the real estate investing business• Pat’s different lines of horizontal income• Acting on achieving what you want to achieve• Pat’s perspective and the things that Pat anticipates changing • What Pat’s daily diet looks like and his exercise regimen• Pat’s life happiness index score• What Pat does to give back• All about Pat’s GoPod• Some of Pat’s past and future greatest hits• Where to find Pat• Plus, so much more!Pat Hiban is a former real estate agent out of the Baltimore MD area, and is the owner of the Pat Hiban Group with Keller Williams. As a billion-dollar agent, Pat was awarded #1 REMAX Agent by gross commissions in the world in 2004 and #1 Keller Williams Realty Agent in units sold nationwide 2006. He was named a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, and has been quoted in Time Magazine, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, and various other real estate publications.Pat is also one of the founders of GoBundance, an adventure company for "healthy, wealthy, generous individuals who choose to lead epic lives". Notable members of GoBundance include fellow founders David Osborn and Tim Rhode.

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14 May 2021

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Building a Real Estate Legacy | Pat Hiban

Think Bigger Real Estate

Justin StoddartLadies and gentlemen, good morning, and welcome back to the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. I'm your host, Justin Stoddart and I'm thrilled today to bring someone to you who's going to help you create a real estate legacy. He's done it himself, he's helping others do it, he can help you do it as well. He's gonna lay out the blueprint of what that looks like.Justin StoddartBefore I fully introduce him, let me remind you that inside of the Think Bigger Real Estate Group on Facebook, we take these topics that you're hearing, and we invite you into the learning, we learn best when we engage in it. And that's what the group is for is to take the topics of this podcast this show, and drive them deep into your life so that you become the future self that you want to become.Justin StoddartBack to today's guest, his name is Pat Hiban. Many of you know him as the founder of the very popular podcast that was one of the very first things I listened to when I got into the industry, Real Estate Rockstars. He's also the author of Six Steps to Seven Figures, this book that I absolutely loved a more recent book, which is called Tribe of Millionaires where he talks about his path to surround himself with amazing people. He's done that through building the group Gobundance, many of you have heard about that.Justin StoddartThere's also an opportunity to talk about a new group that he's created Gobundance Emerge, which is for the up-and-coming millionaires.Justin StoddartToday's guests with no further ado, his name is Pat Hiban. Pat, thanks for coming on the show today, my friend.Pat HibanThanks, Justin, good to be here, buddy. Hopefully, it'll come through clear, I'm on my way to Charlotte, North Carolina in the car, so but I'm looking forward to digging deep with it.Justin StoddartI'm excited to have you here. And I know from someone who's pretty close to you, who'd said, Hey, Pat takes whatever he's doing at the moment, he takes it very seriously. And he's currently in a bit of a retirement mode, he's taken a kind of some time to really focus on that. And, you know, maybe you can speak to that a little bit, but I would imagine that part of your success, Pat, has been just this ability to focus on whatever it is that you're doing at that particular phase of life. Is that true?Pat HibanYeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, my goals, Justin was always to be able to work from anywhere, and it's cut the guy that checks his emails and, and counts his money, so to speak, know how to, like, look at different spreadsheets and talk to a player, property manager or an accountant, you're there, you know, that was kind of always my vision. And that's kind of my reality now on that, and of course, you know, go find it, some of their abundance with three other partners. And, you know, that's fastly growing up to 380 members suddenly COVID, just because to a whole new level, as for membership, and so, you know, that's, that's always fun to do and then meeting new people through that. So 10 to 20 hours a week nowadays of my time. So that's kind of where I'm at.Justin StoddartSo you've really taken I mean, after selling over a billion dollars in real estate, you've kind of taken and maybe retirement, is that the right term? It's more it's kind of a different phase, maybe more of a legacy phase of your career. Is that maybe a better way to put it?Pat HibanYeah, absolutely.Justin StoddartSo what I really want to get from you today, Pat, and again, I'm so appreciative of you being here, is if you were talking to an agent that had aspirations to not just build a great income, and a great business in this industry, but to really create a legacy to really create something that that, you know, stood the test of time that really impacted people in a much bigger way than just some zeros in their bank account. What's the blueprint that you would give to people? Like what are some of the key things that maybe people don't know about you? Or that maybe even those that are close to you know, that like, what, like what guidance? What advice would you give to those that really want to create that?Pat HibanYeah, that's a great question. I think that you know, if you ever want to create a legacy, I mean, here's the thing. There are millions of real estate agents, and unfortunately, most of them are the same. Right? Unfortunately, most of them are, you know, their career consists of a sphere of influence referrals. And working with clients and giving them the best possible service and, and having integrity, honesty, and knowledge of some cliches like that. And if you really want to have a legacy. I think you need to do something different. You have to do something for your markets. That's the fascinating thing that their agents are doing but you got to think outside the box.Justin StoddartOkay, very good. Yep, it's Yep, I think it just got a little bit better. So what I'm hearing you say is is don't just be a carbon copy of the agent down the hall, right? Don't just say, Oh, hey, they had success, or this is what all real estate agents do that I should do it too, but start to put some sort of thought into both your value proposition as well as kind of the unique life that you want to have that that said,Pat HibanAbsolutely.Justin StoddartNow, again, you produce at a very high level for a long time, right. And then you get into some ownership, how important is that you think for for agents to really take a look at it kind of starting to build equity, whether it be through real estate investments, whether it be through the franchise model, stock options, like what, how important is it you think, for people to really kind of take a look and say, like, I need to own not just rent, right? But own assets?Pat HibanVery important. Very important, like, your false prophet if you don't, if you sell real estate, but you don't invest in real estate yourself.Justin StoddartYeah, yeah, no, that's great. False Prophet. If you don't, if you just sell and don't invest in real estate, it's awesome.Pat HibanYeah, so you know, I remember when I first got a visit, it was an agent in, in my office who fizbo their house and they and broker buyer, and totally, so I'm like, Really? So I mean, he had agents running or, you know, you should always be an owner, if you're gonna do anything yourself should use yourself, right. So, so yeah, and of course, it's, the majority of the really wealthy people in the world are real estate owners. They got rich through real estate. So. So that's something that I recommend to everybody. And that's something that I did, I always bought houses. And then it just did the monopoly model where you sell your little green houses and turn them into a big red hotel.Justin StoddartI think there's massive credibility in someone's book when the foreword is written by Gary Keller. And there's a testimonial by Barbara Corcoran, looking here at your book. And, you know, one thing that Gary teaches is to only sell the homes you don't buy, right. And I think that's kind of what you're saying is like, it's really hard to be a great broker yourself of stuff that you don't actually believe in, or that you haven't situated your life, and prioritized your life in such a way that you're an owner as well. It's good stuff, Pat.Justin StoddartTalk to us a little bit about your group, Gobundance, and Gobundance Emerge. How much of a part have these masterminds, these groups, benefited your ongoing rise, right? Where you weren't just one of those agents who had a successful career and then kind of rode off into the sunset? Like, I feel like you're in a very robust chapter of your life. Now. 300 people are a part of, again, a paid mastermind, right? That's a serious business, in and of itself. How much do you how much stock do you put into that group forming your significant chapter, right? You've got your successful chapter where you wrote these impressive books, you produce at a high level, now you're into the significant chapter, right? Where it's really about, about building a legacy. How important is it for people to kind of be around those kinds of people?Unknown SpeakerWell, no, it's everything. It's everything. Like if you read Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich, I remember an interview that he did one time where they asked him, he said, This book is awesome and everything you have in this book Think & Grow Rich exists. But if you had to pick one thing that boiled down to why people succeed, where others don't, what would that one thing be and Napoleon Hill said, I'm not going to give you the one I'm going to give you two. And he said, the first one is they quit too early, right, their feet from gold or whatever, and they stopped digging.Unknown SpeakerAnd the second thing is, they fail to create an effective mastermind. And what he meant by that is the first to surround themselves with people that are smarter than themselves better than themselves, or people that can offer them advice and that they take advice from. Napoleon Hill itself had a mastermind with Henry Firestone You know, Henry Ford, some, some of the biggest, smartest people in the world. And so that's, that's what happens. And that's what abundance is. It's a huge mastermind. We have 308 guys that mastermind together and learn from each other and Gobundance Emerge, which is basically the up and comers and people that want to go from zero to hero, people that want to become millionaires, we give tactical advice on specific things they need to do step by step to become a millionaire, so they can become a member of Gobundance. So we've had close to 10 people from Gobundance Emerge, which is on us, gobundanceemerge.com, who have become members of Gobundance, which means they became a millionaire, so they pass the litmus test to become a member of Gobundance.Justin StoddartI love it, you almost have this succession plan, right? Start off at go abundancy merge become a millionaire. And then at that point, you graduate up into the major leagues, up with the big boys.Pat HibanYes.Justin StoddartI love it. I want to talk about one other topic here. That's what's been on my mind recently, Pat. I would imagine that at some point during your career, you had had a coach. Right. And I separate this from the concept, of masterminds. Right. I do believe that those are kind of two separate purposes, even kind of two separate potential functions. Do you believe in coaching? And if so, like, what do you think is broken with the current coaching models that are out there? Not that I'm going to speak ill of it. But like, if you were to improve upon the current coaching models that are out there, what would you do differently?Unknown SpeakerWell, you know, there's a couple of aspects, coaching, some coaching things are simply accountability. Right? Did you make the number of calls? Did you do this many pop-bys? Did you, you know, did you do these things? And I think that that's great for people that need accountability. Certainly, there are people in life that don't, that are self-accountable, right? I mean, anybody that goes to the gym three days a week is accountable to himself, right? So I don't think everybody needs a coach, I think coaching is good when you want to take yourself to another level, I think it's important that you get advice from someone.Unknown SpeakerAgain, I'll use the word tactical, not strategy, like a cliche and thinking or reading a book that you buy on Amazon. But like, specifically, tell me what to do every day, that's going to take me and specifically tell me what to stop doing in a real estate agent, or CEO's job, what to stop doing and have someone else do that I get to that next level. I think coaches help with that. I think some agents are addicted to coaching, where they feel like they need a coach and they always have a coach. And that's fine. It's not right and wrong. It didn't mean to look bad, because it does become a large portion of your budget, the more expensive the coach has become. And certainly, masterminds can help take away from its need for coaching, right? If you go to, I don't care if you're with Keller, Williams, or REMAX or you just go to the NAR convention, you're going to meet other agents and other agents that happen to sell twice as many houses. And those other agents are going to be able to teach you and help you grow and get better and sell more houses. And they should latch on it.Justin StoddartYeah. It's good stuff. Yeah. No matter where you're at, be seeking out learn and be seeking people that can teach you something that can help take you to another level. Pat, I want to end with this question. It's our final question of the show, which is you are a big thinker. You've proven that over a masterful career. And now kind of phase two, chapter two, which is a significant portion of your career. What would you say would be kind of your secret to continuing to be a big thinker to continuing to expand Pat Hiban's possibilities.Unknown SpeakerWhat would I recommend to people? I think that here's the thing, most people, most people don't believe. They don't believe that they can be. I'm going to just use the world of real estate. So you have so many agents that sell, you know, 10 to 20 houses a year, right, and that they think that that's all they want to sell, and that's all they really can sell. Or maybe it's the opposite, it's all they believe that they can sell. So it's all that they actually do sell or will sell. And I think if you expand your mind by if you read my book Six Steps to Seven Figures that show how I explained, how basically, you can expand your mind, and you and you could see things bigger by surrounding yourself with people who are selling more houses and doing better than you. And also through affirmations and through goal setting and wanting to actually sell more. You got to want, then you believe that can do it. And then it's just a matter of the technical stuff of how to do it and just implementing that, it's really those are the three major types of wanted, you know, if you want to go bigger than you already are.Justin Stoddartman, I love it, Pat, you've really simplified it. Number one, you've got to want to actually do more, to think bigger, you've got to believe that you can and then from there, it gets easier, it's just a matter of finding the people that have done it finding the knowledge of the network to help you do it.Justin StoddartAnd I'll just put another plug in for GobundanceEmerge.com if anybody here that is an aspiring millionaire that wants to be in that group. That is the Gobundance group where you're in a tribe of millionaires, people who are thinking bigger at a really high level and continue to help you not build just success, but significance. So I'd encourage you to go take a look at that.Justin StoddartPat, it's been a total pleasure want to thank you for taking time out of your trip today, to pour into us here Think Bigger Real Estate Movement, appreciative of you and all that you've given for free into the industry. It's been phenomenal to learn from you over the years. I'm grateful for you grateful to be associated with you. And I appreciate it.Unknown SpeakerThank you, Justin, thanks for having me on. Thank you all despite the internet I appreciate you being flexible with that and yeah, it's gonna help, and anything you need just feel free to reach me out if you guys will find me. I sold all my stuff here a lot of my social media when I sold my podcast but you know I'm still around you could still it you go to goabundance.com website tribeofmillionaires.com if you want a free book we're giving the book tribe of millionaires away for free all you got to do is pay the shipping on that just go to tribeofbillionaires.com and through those organizations then you get to have more access to me and hopefully come to one of our events in the future and, and meet me and we can break some bread together.Justin StoddartSounds great, my friend. All right, thank you, everybody. My final request of everybody listening here today, three simple words and they are Go Think Bigger. Thank you, Pat, for helping us do that today. My friend.Pat HibanJustin, it's been a blast.


11 Mar 2021

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MB 251: How True Success Is Built On Relationships – With Pat Hiban

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

They say that your network is your net worth. And Pat Hiban has proven this to be true over and over again. Making connections through networking and mastermind groups, he has established multiple business partnerships and created more than 30 passive income streams! So, how can we leverage what Pat has learned about building relationships to reach the next level of success in our own lives? Pat is the Cofounder of GoBundance, a business mastermind for healthy, wealthy, generous men who want to lead EPIC lives. A former top-performing real estate agent, Pat was the #1 RE/MAX agent in the world in 2004 and earned the same honor with Keller Williams in 2006, selling more than 4,000 homes worth over one billion dollars in the course of his career. Pat is also the former host of the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast and the author of 6 Steps to 7 Figures and Tribe of Millionaires. On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Pat joins cohost Garrett Lynch and I to discuss what inspired his initial goal to become a millionaire and share the key lessons from 6 Steps to 7 Figures. He explains how his definition of success has evolved to focus on relationships and describes the power of joining a mastermind community. Listen in for Pat’s insight around building on your successes and learn how networking with other high-performing entrepreneurs can take YOUR business to the next level! Key Takeaways What inspired Pat to become a millionaire Boost to self-esteem More money = less stress How Pat’s definition of success has changed Ego-driven to make money from 21 to 35 Relationships + time most valuable now Pat’s key lesson from 6 Steps to 7 Figures Build on successes (not from ground up) Go deep in one area rather than wide The key to Pat’s ongoing success Naïve enough to keep moving forward Believe in self and be coachable Pat’s insight around the value of relationships 30+ opportunities from mastermind One relationship away from next level The idea of horizontal income Things that pay you sideways Multifamily, businesses, etc. What Pat is investing in right now Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum) VC funds and private companies Single- and multifamily real estate Connect with Pat Hiban Tribe of Millionaires GoBundance Pat on LinkedIn Resources 6 Steps to 7 Figures: A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth and Creating Your Own Destiny by Pat Hiban Tribe of Millionaires: What If One Choice Could Change Everything? by David Osborn and Pat Hiban Real Estate Rockstars Podcast David Osborn Tim Rhode We Study Billionaires Real Vision Podcast Learn More About Michael’s Mentoring Program Join the Nighthawk Equity Investor Club Podcast Show Notes Michael’s Website Michael on Facebook Michael on Instagram Michael on YouTube Apartment Investor Network Facebook Group


1 Feb 2021

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Pat Hiban’s Guide to Memorable Marketing

Team Building Podcast

As real estate professionals, we hear a lot about marketing, but most of what we’ve heard is the same reworked, old advice. It’s 2021, so where are all the 21st-century ideas? What does the audience of today want to see, and what we can do to go above and beyond their expectations? Are there any marketing trends we should be taking note of? How should we go about incorporating them into our real estate businesses? In this episode, the founder of the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast and industry legend, Pat Hiban joins me to discuss how to approach marketing in today’s world. Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode How to get more creative with our marketingGo beyond verbal communication to show potential clients why we’re the obvious choice. Audiences may understand that a competitor charges 1% more than us, but visually demonstrating what that means helps them put the difference into perspective. How giving back can supersize our marketing resultsConvert the % increase of what competitors are charging into a dollar value, and use that same amount to give back to someone in need. By doing this and documenting it, we’re making a positive impact and a statement. Where we should be connecting with our audiencesGone are the days when TV was the most effective way to reach potential clients. Stick to social media instead, and prioritize visual platforms like Instagram. Guest Bio- Pat Hiban is a real estate veteran. Having started his career in the 1980s, Pat was the owner of the Pat Hiban Real Estate Group for over 2 decades and made a name for himself as the #1 Team Leader in all of REMAX in 2004, and #1 Keller Williams agent in units sold nationwide in 2006. He later went on to found the Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban podcast, serving as the show’s host for over 4 years. Pat is the author of 6 Steps to 7 Figures and Tribe of Millionaires, and is one of the founders of GoBundance. To find out more, go to:https://www.linkedin.com/in/pathibanhttps://www.gobundance.comhttps://www.tribeofmillionaires.com/checkout-page And to attend the events mentioned in this episode, go to www.growwithers.com.


28 Jan 2021

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Episode 2 - Pat Hiban: Ring the Bell

Elements of Stiles

Real Estate legend Pat Hiban joins Mark  on the show today! Author of one of the New York Times top-selling books, 6 Steps to 7 Figures, and host of the Real Estate Rockstars radio show, Pat has rung the bell in his firm not once, but twice. You won’t want to miss this. This episode was originally heard December 9, 2019, on the Core7 Business Podcast. Hear the original full episode here.


2 Jan 2021

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Going From Good To Great With Pat Hiban (Ep230)

F.I.R.E.D UP with Krista Mashore

Get ready to be F.I.R.E.D U.P! Today, we have one of the most successful agents in the Real Estate Industry, Pat Hiban. We will discuss what are the common traits, personality, and habits of the great minds that he has interviewed over his career. Always remember, it is good that you know, but implementation is everything! So sit back, relax and, enjoy the show!


19 Aug 2020

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SOTM 51: Home Sales Surge Thanks to Record-Low Rates with Pat Hiban

Real Estate Rockstars

While many businesses are struggling due to COVID-19 restrictions, the real estate sector is, for the most part, still running strong. On today’s State of the Market podcast with Pat Hiban, we discuss how record-low rates have sparked a surge in home sales and created wider margins for lenders. We also cover a class-action lawsuit brought against Matterport, the industry leader in 3D virtual tours. Plus, we share how asking for mortgage forbearance can negatively impact your credit report.Get Instant Access to Hundreds of Free Real Estate ToolsVisit hibandigital.com/toolboxClaim Real Estate Discounts, Free Trials, and MoreVisit hibandigital.com/resourcesSponsorsRebus University - Get Over $10,000 in Real Estate Training for as Little as $97Visit futureofrealestatetraining.comPadHawk - Find Your Market's Best Leads for FREE with a 7-Day TrialVisit padhawk.comRoddy's FLS - Discover Unbeatable Real Estate Deals with a FREE Foreclosure ListVisit 4closure.info Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


2 Jul 2020

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SOTM 49: Pat Hiban’s 6 Steps to 7 Figures and Coronavirus’ Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Rockstars

In 6 Steps to 7 Figures, Pat Hiban outlines the steps he took to secure financial freedom via real estate. On today’s State of the Market podcast, we discuss how agents can apply these same steps in today’s markets to bring in more business. Pat also describes how real estate investing helped him escape the 9-to-5 grind and what's included in his new Rebus University course. Plus, we offer predictions on coronavirus’ long-term effects on office and retail spaces, talk about REO listings, and more.Get Instant Access to Hundreds of Free Real Estate ToolsVisit hibandigital.com/toolboxClaim Real Estate Discounts, Free Trials, and MoreVisit hibandigital.com/resourcesSponsorsRebus University - Get Over $10,000 in Real Estate Training for as Little as $97Visit futureofrealestatetraining.comPadHawk - Find Your Market's Best Leads for FREE with a 7-Day TrialVisit padhawk.comRoddy's FLS - Discover Unbeatable Real Estate Deals with a FREE Foreclosure ListVisit 4closure.info Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


25 May 2020

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Pat Hiban: Tribe of Millionaires

Leadership and Loyalty™

Pat Hiban: Tribe of MillionairesWhat Millionaires DO instead of complaining ........Our guest on this episode is…Pat Hiban, he is the New York Times best selling author of "6 Steps to 7 figures" and co-author of "Tribe of Millionaires". He’s best known for becoming the #1 agent in the world with Re/Max Real Estate and then quitting to become an asset manager of his own investments.He is heavily invested in Real Estate and has had several successful angel investment exits. He's been down and he knows more than a little about coming back. morehttp://PatHiban.comhttp://TribeofMillionaires.com ..........Today more than ever it is time to upgrade your leadership! Find out how you can hire Dov Baron "The Dragonist" as a speaker or strategist for yourself or your organization: DovBaron.com Because Unified meaning is the one single monolithic difference between mediocrity and greatness for all individuals and companies!Get bonus content on Patreon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 3mins

21 May 2020