Our Story

We are devourers of information: be it blogs, magazine articles, newspapers, books, audiobooks or podcasts. Consuming information makes us happy :). 

Over the years we have found amazing content curators who help us find information we would never have otherwise found. Here are a few examples of curators we love: Benedict Evans, Maria Popova or Tim Ferriss. 

What we wished is that we could have the recommendations we get for books and articles but for podcasts. We wanted to be able to follow the podcast episode recommendations of content curators we respect. As no one was doing this we finally got fed up and decided to build it ourselves. Hopefully there are many people like us out there. 

OwlTail’s mission is to help people simply find the best episodes from their favourite podcasts. There’s too many podcasts and even more episodes out there. Let OwlTail, help you find the best.
— OwlTail